Fanfic: Harry Potter: The Black New World Order by Zam999 (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Hermione is a marry bored stay at home wife who discorver the pleasure of BBC one faithful night.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Blaise Zabini Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley Harry Potter/Ginny WeasleyRon WeasleyCuckolding Humiliation Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot Porn BBC Interracial Relationship Cheating Pegging Dom/sub Public Sex Small Penis Creampie Blow Jobs Cock Slut Cock Slut Harry Potter Chastity Device sissy Chastity Belt sph small penis humiliation Blacked

Summary: Summary:

Hermione is a marry bored stay at home wife who discorver the pleasure of BBC one faithful night.Commission Open, I’ll write ur weird fic.More Tag as chapters realease.


Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Hermione Weasley barely grace her husband erect penis when he proceeds to moan and jerk his leg and ejaculate on himself. They had just began to have intercourse and her husband has already cum. They remain in silent with the background noise of the air conditioner. Bedroom sheet feels cold to the touch. Ron has always been very timid; when they began to date, they took things very slow and would not participated in any sexual activity until the last year of school. Sixteen year later with two kids on the mix and her marriage was falling apart. Ron lacked a lot of confidence, and it was on their honeymoon she discovers why. Ron had not been bless when it came to the male organ. He was below average at best. His penis while erect is two inches and three centimeters. It¡¯s a symptom call micro-penis. Hermione¡¯s hand wraps his small wand and completely cover it. She didn¡¯t mind the size of his penis, she loved him all the same. But Ron anxiety and stress cause sexual dysfunction. Over the years, sex as slowly deteriorated but in the last three month have been hellish. There was no sex life, had completely die and Hermione pull the trigger. She begins to slowly stroke her husband penis. Bottle of love juice is use before Ron¡¯s hand job. Every jerk made the squishy lube noise. They always made love with the lights off. Only nightlight use is the natural light of the moon, leaving the curtain open. Not much of a to see when surrounded by building. Ron was relocated to New Jersey; a death eater has appear around the area, yet no accident has occurred. Hermione decided to leave her job and follow her husband but after sixteen year, feelings of resentment began to fill her mind.She keeps stroking his member slowly but pick up the pace because she felt Ron penis still going soft. It would disappear in her hand and momentarily appear just to be cover once more. She gathers a ball of saliva in her mouth and position her face on top of his almost complete soft penis and spit on his dick. She eyes her husband, but Ron switch side, like if he¡¯s avoiding her gaze. Hermione began to talk in her most feminine voice to tell him all the things she wants him to do, raw and rough. Ron shakes his head and begins to stand up ¡°Stop, is starting to hurt¡±. Hermione didn¡¯t notice her husband penis had gone red and look kind of sore, but it definitely did not look hard. Ron attempts to speak but stutters and remains quite when his voice betrays him. Hermione offer half smile in support, but Ron sits on the side of the bed, turning his back towards her. It¡¯s been 3 months without intercourse and tonight was supposed to be the night. It¡¯s the weekend, the two kids have been out of the house all day and she wore her new pink lingerie. Hermione didn¡¯t want good dick, she needed good dick tonight. She hasn¡¯t touch herself because she never has alone time. Either Ron or her younger son are always on the house and there¡¯s always some choir on the house to take care off. It has come to a point that she would daydream her sexual fantasies. Like been roughly grab by the back of the head and make her choke on a dick. Hermione has try intercourse with Ron, but it has never work, she simple couldn¡¯t feel him. She mostly felt his belly and sore tight from his hip. He would frequently use his mouth, but he no longer felt uncomfortable, and Hermione understood why. She would frequently would usually return the favor because normal sex didn¡¯t work. It easily fit on her mouth and effortless swallow his penis. Her head push down until she hit his pelvis. Ron¡¯s penis felt like a finger but smaller because it was difficult to gag on his member. Her lips wrap his small white penis and perform fellatio; mix with the sweet salty taste. Hermione tongue swirl his under skin. She remembers how Ron used to swarm under her spell. Her check suction as she pulls her head up; keeping eye contact with Ron until he finally felt the pressure on his balls and fill her mouth with his seed. Hermione would touch in between her leg and felt the wet spot in her panty. The simple memories of all the fun they used to have made her aggro, creating an aura of sexual energy. Sometimes she would initiate sex on random occasions, but Ron always shut her down.She had hopes that her sexy pink lingering would put her husband on the right mood, but Ron just couldn¡¯t get an erecting. There were so many question that fill Hermione¡¯s mind. Her face twisted as she let out a whimper. This was becoming a routine. It was either a fight or they just ignore each other. Hermione just wanted to speak with her husband, but he has completely cut her off. In front of the kids, Ron was very respectful but in private, he would turn cold. Ron did jerk himself, but he was dishearten when his dick went completely limp. Hermione sigh and wrap her bed sheet to cover herself when Ron got up and storm the bathroom, looking the door. He struggles at first because her husband has gain a lot of weight, he wasn¡¯t fat it¡¯s a beer gut. Everyone is still on quarantine, and we just lay around the house like old couple and watch television all day. Things are starting to normalize like the kids are attending university once more, but they didn¡¯t know how much turmoil there is on the marriage. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to fix the marriage or was the damage unrepairable. Hermione try her best to compose herself, but her voice still cracks while she apologizes. She got up and lean on the door, putting her ear on the door. It was all her fault; she truly saw herself as an awful person. Hermione didn¡¯t receive a respond and repeated her apologize which is meet with Ron¡¯s grunt. Hermione didn¡¯t know what else to do. She had run out of idea long ago, more so, she¡¯s just emotionally drain. Trust was broken on a wild drunken night. At first, she tries her beat to sweep the problem under the rug, but it was like a gray cloud that follow them every day, every hour, minute and every second while it gets bigger. It was the elephant on the center of the room, and no one pointed at it. Yes, Hermione cheated on a drunken night but quickly regretted. But quickly regretted it and ran home spill the beans. Her heart hurt terribly because she didn¡¯t know how much she could hurt her husband, her best friendThe first month was the hardest but eventually everything turn back to normal, like nothing ever. But knew this day was coming. Ron couldn¡¯t be keep at dark and ask for the detail on the night of the deed. He previously asks what happened and she did explain what when down but left out some sour aspect. It was like someone punch her on the gut when Ron finally asks. Hermione took a deep breath as the memories came flooding back. The night was a haze, but she decided to be truthful. Hermione went to the school reunion with Ginny Potter. Ron decided to stay the night in the house, but he did encourage her wife to go to the school reunion. Hermione guess that nothing could go wrong because Ron¡¯s sister, Hermione¡¯s closes girlfriend was also going. What Ron failed to realize it that the Weasleys are all heavy drinkers. Ginny visits Hermione and they apparat to the address of the party. She remembers that there was more liquor than food. Both women were approach by a tall dark handsome man, he emerges from the swarm of crowd. It turns out to be Blaise Zabini. Ginny and Blaise used to date back on school, but it didn¡¯t take long. Ginny never spoke about it and Hermione didn¡¯t impose and so, it remain a mystery. Both women were invited to join Blaise group which they happily accepted. The Gryffindor joining the slithering for drinks. She would of never imagine yet they weren¡¯t kids anymore. Hermione is a light weight when it came to consuming alcohol, yet she took shoot with her new friends. All the laughs and smile while music play on the background fuel the night. Liquor on an empty stomach took its toll on the group after a couple hours. Ginny out right passed out on the booth and most of the group scatter. Some went to dance while other left to pick up food. Hemione stare Ginny one last time before getting up and walk to the bathroom. Her steps were unsteady, and her eyes were weary. They were too many people and not enough room. Coming out of the restroom, she meets with Blaise, he was heading towards the bathroom but stop and chat with Hermione. She was inebriated and feeling flirty, even found herself giggling like a schoolgirl. At some point, he leans towards Hermione and compliments her. He would say things like how she looks good and how she hasn¡¯t aged one second. One thing led to another, and she just found herself sneaking to an office room on the building. The couple would hide on a random person office room not too far off from the party. The music could still be heard from the walls. Hermione lock the door behind her and face Blaise. He displays a huge grin while he reaches for his crotch. Blaise would trace his erect penis through his jeans. Hermione watch in awe as he It unzip his trouser and show off his big beautiful black cock. Hermione heard that black men are bigger, but it was ridiculous. She followed her feminine instinct and got on her knee. Mouth opened with a huge smile plaster on her face. Never breaking eye contact with Blaise. Excitement, mystery and thrilling emotions ooze from the stay-at-home wife. Feeling only a confident well build man could provide. Blaise had his pick from the onslaught of attention he must receive from woman, and he choose her. They were many beautiful and young female on the party but hooking up with Blaise is the boost of confidence she never knew she wanted. Blaise ask Hermione if she has ever been with a black man, true was that she has never been with another man other than Ron. The man smiles and jerks his already rock-hard cock before putting it on top of her face. It was bigger than her face, heavy and very veiny. She loved the way sight of his huge black juicy cock. How it stands up straight and how long his manly balls hang. Hermione open her and pull her tongue out. Blaise grace his hard penis on her tongue up and down while throwing derogatory word. She loved the sound of his deep masculine voice every time he would say anything. No longer it was Mr. Blaise, he prefers master and Hermione address him properly. The head of his big black cock look like a hammer, and she was ready to be nail. Blaise grip the back of Hermione¡¯s head and pull her head and roughly choke Hermione with just his big black cock.Hermione hands lay on her knee as she waited for Blaise satisfied himself. She watches his big black veiny cock go in and out of her mouth, the same one she uses to kiss Ron every morning. She didn¡¯t mind the salty taste and did began to suck this man like with enthusiasm, that no other man has receive from her. She forces herself to stick her tongue out and attempt to deepthroat his huge black meat. It was in vain, not even halfway in and she began to gag once more. Her eyes turn red along tear that trace her cheeks. Hermione reach up to hold his big black cock and the weight felt just right on her hand, but her fingers barely wrap around his girth. He would tell Hermione to spit on his dick, which she did. He was ready for the main course and Hermione oblige. She got up and bend over the desk and stare at the blue wall, patiently waiting for her bull. Hermione got in position and lifted the back of her dress, exposing her perky white ass. Blaise loves white bitches, especially Hermione. He always had a bit of a crush on Hermione, that¡¯s why things with Ginny never work out. Hermione yelp when she felt Blaise hand smack her hard, it left fingerprint. It felt so humiliating to be put in such a submissive position, but it just felt right. The tip of his big back cock made contact with her slit. Blaise wiggle his dick in on Hermione tight pussy. For a second, she felt like her vagina was going to split in two from the size. It took a minute for Blaise to finally insert half his meat before he began to slowly move his hips. Each thrust made Hermione tighten her fist and clench her teeth. Admittedly, it hurt at the beginning but eventually, it feels so good; And for the first time in her life, someone hit her g-spot. Hermione¡¯s moans escape her lips much to her embarrassment. Blaise hears his partner beg to be blacked and held her waist while thrusting his hard cock. The office tablet scraps the floor with each thrust, but Hermione didn¡¯t care who saw or heard true be told. Blaise fuck her right; Hermione would yelp and moan his name. She let him fuck raw because she wanted to reactive his love inside her. Her voice became louder with every poke. Blaise nail Hermione like a jackhammer. He wasn¡¯t just hung like a horse but had the same stamina. Hermione felt like she could passed out at any moment as Blaise fuck her like a toy. She tries to push hum off with one hand, but this didn¡¯t work she was hold on place. Bend over with her need giving out. She held each side of the desk and pray she didn¡¯t go unconscious. Hermione make a strange face and her legs began to shake as she makes strange noises. Blaise thrust a couple more time until he stops and grunt. He came deep inside Hermione pussy; she felt his warm seed. Blaise slips out his big black cock and semen just fell out of her vagina and right to the floor. She was sure that Blaise has stretch her pussy. Never to be the same again she thought. It was the feeling of euphoria. All she remembers after that was waking on desk with cum dripping on her. She was naked and her face was cover in cum. They did have sex two or three more time after the first time. Blaise must of spurt his seed on her face before leaving. There was also dry cum inside her mouth. Feeling of guilt and suddenly hit her alongside the hangover. Blaise empty his balls all over her when she had a husband waiting for her at home. Her phone was blasting with calls and messages. The sun came in through the window, but it was early morning. She didn¡¯t know how long she has gone unconscious, but Hermione stop by a friend¡¯s house before arriving home around noon. They sit down and she admitted that on the night of the party, she cheated on him. It was an emotion time, but they said that time heals all wound.That¡¯s how she they ended up on this mess. She didn¡¯t know how she could even begin to fix the relationship. They have two kids going to university and only one paycheck at the moment. They couldn¡¯t afford to move out even if they wanted to split. Hermione just needed to talk to Ron, but he remains silent through the story. Hermione gave him every single little detail. She didn¡¯t want to hide anything from him. If only Hermione knew that Ron had carefully listen to the story and hallway through, he pulled down his underwear and began to masturbate. Ron felt aroused and manage to get an erection, but it was from hearing his beautiful wife be ravish by another man. It hurt his pride, that another man please her in ways he never could. Ron is sure he wasn¡¯t gay but admittedly he masturbated to the story of her wife been blacked. He couldn¡¯t stop thinking of his white wife enjoy black cock. The image of a big black cock going in on Hermione was horrible but exited at the same time. Ron is just jealous that another man could please his wife when he just couldn¡¯t do the same. He didn¡¯t know what was wrong with him. He just couldn¡¯t stop thinking of Hermione been pleasure by BBC. The thought of a big black cock pounding his beautiful white wife is a bitter pill to swallow. How could Ron compete with someone who is not even average, he¡¯s bigger than average.Hermione knock on the door and calls her husband. Ron responded that he would take a shower and be out. Hermione understand and let him take his time. She¡¯s always going to be there for Ron and because he¡¯s not just her partner, he¡¯s her best friend. Hermione truly wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and the kids, but this ordeal has been like a hammer hitting a mirror. Was there even a way to fix this marriage or is this the end. She felt truly hopeless and none of her ideas have pan out. From the corner of Hermione¡¯s eyes, her phone bright up and she receive a notification. The cellphone buzz as the message pop up and she quickly fetch her phone. She¡¯s presented with an image attach with a message. As soon as she saw the name of the person, the room began to spin. Her head hurt and her leg almost gave out. Hermione held the drawer if not she truly felt like she would have fallen back. It took a minute for Hermione to collect her bearing and see the message from Blaise. It¡¯s a selfie of Hermione on her knees with a face cover in cum. Hermione¡¯s stomach twisted watching her face in the picture with a big grin, showing her pearly white teeth. The message read; did you miss me?

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