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Chapter 1

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Harry Potter & the Order of the Midnight Phoenix by VINcredable

Harry Potter & the Order of the Midnight Phoenix by VINcredable


After the death of his godfather, something wonderful happens to Harry and now his eyes are open to Dumbledore’s manipulations. Watch as Harry takes the fight to Voldemort on his own terms with the knowledge of the founders to help him
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Story Notes:

For scene breaks i have used a…
‘V V V V V V V V V’ pattern, hopefully it should make reading the story easier.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter One – The Repository of Hogwarts by VINcredable

Harry Potter & The Order of the Midnight Phoenix

Chapter One – The Repository of Hogwarts

Hogwarts was silent. Exams were over, classes were cancelled and everybody just drifted through the halls with nothing to do. There were still five days until the term ended and everyone would be going home on the Hogwarts express. Everyone was in a bad mood thanks to yesterday’s edition of the Daily Prophet.
Those two words made up the headline of the prophet. It had detailed what happened at the Ministry of Magic the previous evening, how Harry Potter and several of his friends fought defeated and captured several Death Eaters and how Harry & Dumbledore duelled Voldemort himself and forced him to retreat after being discovered by several dozen ministry workers, Aurors and the Minister himself. Under the headline was a picture of a dishevelled Harry Potter, his hair a mess and matted with grime, his face dirty and covered with small cuts.
Since that night Deloris Umbridge has been removed as Headmistress of Hogwarts and Dumbledore reinstated.
Groups of students had different reactions to the news of Voldemort’s return, some groups became quite and withdrawn not wanting to voice an opinion. Some started crying silently to themselves, these students were the ones who had lost family during the last war. Others felt ashamed of themselves for calling Harry a liar when he tried to tell them that Voldemort had returned. Several Slytherin students walked smugly up and down the halls with smirks on theirs faces, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle among them.
However, out of all the students of Hogwarts, one was different, Harry Potter remained isolated from the rest of the students, locked away in Griffindor tower behind the curtains of the four poster bed, for two days he cried, he wept, he punched his pillow in anger. But while everyone else’s reaction was to Voldemort’s return, Harry’s grief was for the loss of his Godfather. The moment kept replaying through his mind over and over, Sirius’ smiling face a moment before a flash of red light impacted against his chest and sent him hurtling through the Veil. If that moment wasn’t enough, less than half an hour later he had been ushered into Dumbledore’s office where the weight of the world had been placed on him, he was the only one who could beat Voldemort, all thanks to a damn prophecy.
The other five friends who went with Harry to the Ministry that night had to spend the first night in the Hospital wing, everyone had been released the following morning apart from Hermione who had been hurt badly by Dolohov. Ron, Ginny and Neville had all tried to talk to Harry but he just wanted to be alone right now.
At midday on the second day after the incident at the Department of Mysteries. Harry heard a soft hooting outside his curtain, he pulled the curtain back and saw a brown owl perched on the windowsill with a brown package tied to it’s leg. Harry reached over and untied the package, he picked up a small note from the package as the owl took flight and disappeared out the window.

Harry dear,

No one blames you for what happened, try to cheer up. – Molly Weasley.

In the package was a box of chocolates. A small smile graced Harry’s face as he picked up one of the chocolates, Mrs Weasley had always treated him like one of her own. He was about to pop it into his mouth when he recoiled from it, it smelled strange, a flowery smell mixed with what smelled like polish. Something must have happened to the chocolates mid-flight.
Harry sighed as he tossed the chocolate back into the box and shoved the box under his pillow.
“Seems nothing can go right for me lately¡­” Harry murmured as he started falling back into his depression. After a few minutes he decided he needed to go for a walk and get some air.
After dressing in fresh clothes he stepped out into the Gryffindor common room. As soon as everybody saw him everybody fell silent and simply stared at him. Harry tried to ignore the stares as he made his way through the portrait hole and into the grand staircase.
For the next twenty minutes Harry walked aimlessly around the school, trying to clear his head and trying to ignore the stares the other students were giving him, the reason why everyone was staring at him became clear when he passed one student sitting on a bench reading the Daily Prophet with the today’s headline. ‘THE CHOSEN ONE?’
Harry sighed and shook his head at the ridiculous title, now he wished he had brought his Invisibility cloak with him. Trying to get away from the stares Harry climbed higher and higher to the higher floors of the castle all the while the Prophesy repeating over and over again in his head, trying to find some way out of it, some way it could be wrong.
“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.”
Harry went through the Prophesy at least half a dozen times before he finally stopped and fell to his knees with tears falling from his eyes. There was no way out, he would becomes a murderer or be murdered, he must kill or be killed.
“I¡­ need a way to beat him¡­” Harry whispered to himself as he pictured everybody who had died so far, his parents, Cedric, Sirius.
“I can’t afford to lose¡­ everyone’s counting on me¡­” Harry pictured his friends being hurt at the Department of Mysteries, Ginny breaking her ankle, Hermione hitting the ground after being struck in the chest by the curse from Dolohov.
“I need a way to beat him¡­ I need to protect the people I care about¡­ I need to fight¡­ I need to win¡­” Harry repeated over and over again.
Harry stopped his murmuring when he heard a sound coming from his left, Harry turned in time to see a door emerging from the wall, Harry looked around trying to figure out where he was and spotted the tapestry of Barnamus the Barmy on the opposite wall and realised where he was.
“The room of requirement¡­” Harry said as he stood up and approached the door.
His heart skipped a beat when he realised that the door had appeared while he was thinking that he needed a way to beat Voldemort. He dared to hope that whatever was in the room might be able to help him.
Opening the door he stepped in and closed the door behind him, almost immediately the door sunk back into the wall and disappeared leaving Harry no way to get out.
Harry cautiously looked around the room while fingering his wand in his pocket. He was in a round room, one the opposite wall were four portraits and in the centre of the room was a familiar object, Harry has seen one like it in Dumbledore’s office, a Pensive. A silvery liquid floated in the pensive behind a panel of glass blocking anyone from accessing the memories within.
“Come forward lad¡­” in a second Harry pulled his wand from his pocket and pointed it at the source of the voice, the Portrait on the far left of the wall, in the portrait was a man with long shiny black hair, he wore tight red robes covered with plates of golden armour and had a sword sheathed at his side.
“There’s no need for that my dear” a new female voice filled the room.
Harry’s sight shifted to the portrait to the right of the first man’s, where a beautiful woman stood dressed in a royal blue dress, her brown hair tied up and adorned with a tiara.
“Who are you?” Harry asked urgently as he shifted pointing his wand from the two portraits.
“Thought you would have figured that out already mate¡­” Harry’s attention was drawn to the third painting where a slender woman dressed in ripped shorts and a tight yellow top ripped off at the navel to show off her belly button, she had blond hair pulled back in two spiky pigtails.
“Of course if you want to send a flame curse at Godric I won’t complain¡­ in fact I’ll cheer for you¡­” the new voice came from the fourth painting which held a picture of a man wearing a long black cloak, he had greasy black hair to his shoulders and a black shaggy beard that looked to be a mix of both Dumbledore’s and Hagrid’s beards.
Harry processed what the fourth portrait had said.
“¡­ Godric?¡­” Harry’s eyes widened in shock and his wand dropped to the floor with a clatter when he realised who he was face to face with.
“Godric Griffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin.” Harry said in realisation.
“Ding ding ding¡­. Give the boy a prize! He got it in one” Helga cheered as she raised a mug of something into the air.
“I¡­ I don’t understand, what is this place?” Harry asked as he looked around the room for anything he missed, but the room only held the four portraits and the Pensive.
Godric stepped forward to answer Harry’s question.
“This is a very special room lad, usually this room gives it’s user whatever they require but that’s just a cover for the true purpose of the room¡­ this room only appears when somebody is in real desperate need for it¡­ somebody who deserves it¡­ somebody who’ll use it’s power to do the right thing¡­” Godric explained very vaguely.
“First things first, what is your name child?” Rowena asked kindly.
“H-Harry ma’am¡­ Harry Potter” Harry answered
“Well then Harry Potter, tell us, what is happening in our world? What made you so desperate that you would have need of this room?” Rowena asked.
Harry still didn’t know what this room was for, but he decided to indulge the portraits for now, he started explaining everything, Voldemort’s first reign, the murder of his parents, his status as the boy who lived, Voldemort’s resurrection and the year since, then ending with the revelation of the prophesy.
When Harry came to the end of his story Helga let out a low whistle.
“Woo¡­ man your life sucks¡­”
“It seems that my lineage has fallen far from what I had hoped it would become” Salazar said with sadness in his eyes.
“I thought you’d support what Tom’s doing, don’t you hate Muggleborns?” Harry asked with confusion and suspicion.
“If I did I’d be a bit of a hypocrite seeing as my mother was a Muggleborn and my wife was a halfblood¡­” Salazar said with a smile.
Harry’s jaw almost hit the ground with that statement.
“B-B-But¡­ in all of my history books and every teacher has taught me that you hated Muggles¡­ that you wanted Hogwarts to only teach magic to Purebloods” Harry argued.
“Don’t believe everything you read in books Potter¡­ I believed that Muggleborns should have waited to attend Hogwarts until they learned more about our world, our traditions, our customs, without learning those things Muggleborns have no idea what they’re walking into and it’s an easy way to get them killed, you were raised as a Muggle and then was thrust into our world with next to no knowledge about Magic, now how many times have you almost been killed because you simply didn’t understand something about our world?” Salazar asked.
Harry didn’t have an answer, he had lost count of how many times he had almost been killed for those reasons.
“Well now that we’re past that I think it’s about time we explained what this room is and what it is here for” Rowena cut in to stop the argument.
“Indeed, Harry, years ago we predicted that one day something may happen, something that would plunge our world into darkness, we wanted to leave something behind to help fight against that darkness¡­ we came up with the device behind you” Godric said while pointing at the stone basin behind Harry.
Harry turned around and saw the Pensive.
“You mean the Pensive? I thought all it could do was show memories” Harry pondered.
“Is that what they call it these days? Well when we invented it we named it, the Repository of Hogwarts” Godric explained.
“Repository? Of what?” Harry asked
“Knowledge Harry, our knowledge¡­” Rowena answered
“Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in existence, we set up this room and hid the repository inside so that in a time of darkness Hogwarts could choose somebody worthy to take that knowledge and use it to defend our world” Salazar explained
“Blah, blah, blah, my god a thousand years and you three still love to hear the sound of your own voices¡­” Helga drawled “¡­ look Harry, bottom line is, you stick your head in the bowl and you learn how to do pretty much anything with magic” Helga said with finality.
“So y-you’re letting me have this knowledge?” Harry asked with hope, this was it, this was his way to win, to take the fight back to Voldemort.
“Hogwarts herself was tasked with choosing who would receive our knowledge, we have faith in her decision Harry¡­ but first I’m sure each of us would like a word with you, starting with me¡­” Godric said as he took a seat.
“Harry, I value courage but there is a very thin line between courage and stupidity¡­” Godric started.
Salazar snorted at this “¡­ and you tripped over that line every day of your life”
“CRAM IT SALLY! Now where was I? Damn it I lost my place¡­ screw it, just think before you act ok? Be courageous but don’t go running directly into obvious danger without a plan, doing so can put not only you but your loved ones at risk” Godric finished irritably.
Rowena was next to speak.
“Harry, I value Knowledge and intelligence greatly¡­ it was my idea to leave behind our knowledge in the repository¡­ Godric wanted to leave a sword and Salazar wanted to leave behind a damn Basilisk but in the end I managed to dissuade them of those ridiculous ideas¡­” Rowena said while shaking her head.
Harry noticed that both Godric and Salazar became nervous and started shifting slightly while looking at their feet.
“The point is Harry, please, don’t let me down, and make me regret having the idea, ok?” Rowena pleaded.
Harry nodded before turning to Helga who was finishing off whatever was in her mug.
“Ok, let me get this straight, I value loyalty first and foremost but I don’t simply give it blindly to everybody I meet, they have to earn it, if they lose my trust or betray that loyalty then I say fuck ’em! Don’t forgive betrayal so quickly Harry, cos it just lets them think they can get away with it again, if I was you I would have ripped this dumb-as-a-door guy’s head of his fuckin’ shoulders for how he treated you over the year! As for that prophesy, ‘Neither can live while the other survives?’ fuck that, don’t put your life on hold for that tosser, get out there, live life, go to partys, get pissed and for the love of god get laid! You’re a celebrity right? Well go out, find two or three birds take ’em back to your room and fuck their brains out” Helga shouted with a flourish making Harry’s face go beet red.
“Helga! For goodness sake calm down and keep the vulgar language to a minimum and as for¡­ ‘getting laid’ don’t you think he’s a little young for that?” Rowena asked with disdain.
“Normally yes¡­ but he’s in a war, everyday might be your last and nobody wants to die a fucking virgin¡­ besides nothing gets you more relaxed or relieves stress better than a good long hard shag! Ain’t that right Godric?” Helga asked while wiggling her eyebrows.
“Ahh good times¡­ remember that night in the forbidden forest?” Godric said with a smile while leaning against his sword.
“Before that night it wasn’t forbidden, it was just ‘The Forest’¡­ Or that night in the astronomy tower?” Helga said with an equally devious grin
“Or that night right here in this room?” Godric suggested.
“Yeah, ever since that night the house elves called this room the ‘Come’ and go room haha” Helga burst into laughter whilst slapping here knee.
“Well I still remember when we hit all four common rooms in one night¡­” Godric continued.
“Hey remember the night in your office with Selene Tugwood?” Helga asked “That crazy slut gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘Head Girl’, hahaha”
“OK ENOUGH! This is nonsense and has nothing to do with why we are here!” Rowena shouted to stop them.
“Nonsense eh?” Helga asked with a sly smile. “You didn’t think it was nonsense that night with me in the herbology greenhouse”
“H-Helga shut up!” Rowena stuttered as he face grew red.
“Just you me and a slither of devils snare” Helga said with wiggling eyebrows.
“HELGA!” Rowena screamed in embarrassment.
“Hot damn, how did I miss that night?” Godric asked with a disappointed tone.
“Can we please get on with this?” Salazar asked with his arms crossed “besides I think our little saviours head is about to explode”
Godric, Rowena and Helga all looked at Harry as saw that his face was indeed bright red.
“Now, listen up Potter, I value Cunning and Ambition, and I dare say you’ll need both for what is to come but don’t think for a second that just because Hogwarts chose you I think you’re worthy to have my knowledge so you have to complete a task for me¡­” Salazar finished with a Snape like smirk.
“Oh Salazar you tosser, just give him your blessing and be done with it!” Helga snorted.
“Shut it Hufflepuff, it is my right to challenge him¡­ now boy listen up¡­” at this point the room dimmed, the other three portraits faded from view and only Salazar was visible now.
“¡­ deep with this castle is a chamber and within it lies a monster¡­ a monster so deadly it can kill you with but a glance¡­ a monster whose venom is so deadly it can kill within a minute¡­ your challenge is¡­ find the chamber and slay the beast within¡­ do you accept the challenge?” Salazar asked with a cruel smile.
“Done” Harry answered quickly.
Salazar smiled “Not bad Potter, I was expecting you to at least hesitate for a moment, don’t worry you don’t really have to slay the monster, it was simply a test of your dedication and¡­”
“No¡­ when I say done, I mean it’s already done¡­” Harry clarified
“W-What? What are you talking about?” Salazar stuttered.
“The monster in the chamber, I already killed it when I was twelve” Harry explained.
“WHAT!” Salazar screamed. Suddenly the room was re-illuminated and it showed the very amused faced of the other three founders.
“The entrance is in the girls bathroom on the third floor, the monster was a Basilisk and I killed it by stabbing it through the roof of its mouth with his sword” Harry said with a smile while pointing at Godric, even he was finding the situation hilarious.
At this point Salazar started stuttering indignantly while Helga had fallen off her chair howling with laughter and Godric was laughing so hard that he had fallen to his knees holding his sword for support. Even Rowena had trouble hiding her giggling.
“¡­ Fine¡­ you pass my bloody test” Salazar said grumpily.
After Godric finally stopped laughing he started speaking to Harry.
“Ok¡­ time to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting¡­ you’ll get my knowledge of Transfiguration, Offensive duelling Spells and a few tips on how to properly use a blade¡­”
“You shall receive my knowledge of Charms, Wards and a multitude of Languages” Rowena said with a smile
“You’ll get what I know about Herbology, Defensive duelling spells and Magical creatures” Helga explained “By the way, thanks, I haven’t laughed like that in centuries, I like a bloke who can make me laugh, if I was still alive I’d shag you in a second”
“Helga!” Rowena warned.
“What? Oh¡­ you wanted first dibbs?” Helga asked with a grin
Salazar ignored the ladies exchange and spoke to Harry.
“You’ll gain my knowledge of Legilimency, Occulumency and Potion brewing” Salazar said without making eye contact, he was obviously still pissed about the whole chamber of secrets thing.
With the explanations done the glass panel on the Repository glowed and disappeared. Harry slowly walked around to the front of the basin nervously. He slowly lowered his face to the silvery substance.
“Oh by the way¡­” Godric’s voice stopped him. “¡­ this is really going to hurt”
Suddenly two stone hands shot out of the basin and wrapped around Harry’s head, before he could even try to pull away the hands pulled his face into the bowl. All at once knowledge began flooding into Harry’s mind and he was suddenly struck with the worst headache of his life, it was like somebody was casting a Cruciatus curse from the inside of his skull. Harry screamed into the liquid as darkness enveloped him.
As Harry writhed in pain with his head in the Repository the founders were having a short conversation.
“So, what do you think?” Godric asked
“I think the kid’s really gonna rock the boat when he recovers” Helga said with a smile.
“Indeed, I just hope he isn’t corrupted by the power we have given him” Rowena said worriedly.
“Don’t worry, he may become darker but we all know there is a big difference between dark and evil” Salazar explained
“Yeah¡­ by the way now might be a good time to mention that I may have added a little extra stuff to the repository” Helga said with a sly grin.
“Great minds think alike, so did I” Godric said with a equally sly grin.
“Your minds may be alike but they’re more perverted than great, what did you do?” Rowena asked with a suspicious glare.
“Well, I may have added a few tips on what Women like in the bedroom” Helga admitted with a smile.
“¡­ and I added a few things about how to give them what they like in the bedroom” Godric admitted while chuckling under his breath.
“Merlin help us” Rowena said with a sigh as she shook her head.


Harry’s eyes inched open and he found himself staring up at a familiar ceiling as a sterile smell stung his nose.
‘God I hate this place’ Harry thought as he sat up slowly trying not to aggravate his throbbing head.
“Harry!” a voice shrieked from the next bed.
Harry turned to see Hermione looking at him worriedly while sitting up in her own bed looking at him worriedly.
“Hermione? What’s going on?” Harry asked while rubbing his temple.
“I don’t know, the teachers found you unconscious on the Seventh floor the day before yesterday¡­ it scared me half to death when they brought you in, you were bleeding from the eyes and nose” Hermione said frantically as tears started to appear in her eyes.
“The seventh floor¡­” Harry wondered, a second later his eyes went wide when he remembered.
‘The Room of Requirement¡­ the Repository¡­ the Founders¡­’ Harry remembered everything.
“What’s happened while I was out?” Harry asked.
“Dumbledore came in first, he thinks somebody attacked you in the halls because you were showing signs of the Cruciatus curse, everyone’s blaming the Slytherins¡­” Hermione stuttered out as tears started falling from her eyes, this sight made Harry’s heart twinge.
“Hermione don’t worry, I’m fine now I really am¡­ I’m sorry I worried you” Harry apologised. Hermione couldn’t stop herself, she pulled back the covers of her bed and launched towards him wrapping him up in a hug. It all happened so fast, the end result was Hermione sat on Harry’s lap with her arms around his neck as she cried into his shoulder, Harry’s arms had instinctively gone around her waist to hold her steady. As Harry stroked her back he realised that she was dressed in only a white nightgown that came down to her upper thighs, as he realised that new information popped into his head, information about pressure points on Hermione’s back which when massaged could give her a lot of pleasure.
Harry shook his head slightly.
‘Where the hell did that come from!’ Harry wondered, he suddenly started noticing things about Hermione, her curves, her soft skin, her long slender legs. It was then that Harry suspected that there were a few things in the repository that the Founders neglected to mention.
Harry looked around the room trying to concentrate on anything other than Hermione’s suddenly attractive body. That’s when he noticed a small pile of colourful packages on the table next to his bed.
“What’re those?” Harry asked.
Hermione pulled her head up from Harry’s shoulder and looked followed his eyesight to his bedside table.
“Ron, Ginny, Neville & Luna all came to visit you while you were sleeping they brought you a few things” Hermione said while nodding towards the gifts. There’s a few chocolate frogs, every flavour beans, liquorish wands and some chocolates from Mrs Weasley I got some too.” she explained.
Harry turned to Hermione was about to say something when he noticed something about her. Hermione’s nightgown’s left shoulder had drooped down enough for Harry to see a dark red mark running from her shoulder and going down under her nightgown. Harry’s guilt from three days ago returned full force as he pictured Dolohov’s curse hitting her.
“Hermione¡­ are you?¡­ is it?¡­” Harry stuttered
Hermione followed his eyesight and saw that her scar was in plain sight, she quickly scrambled to cover it up but the damage was done.
“It¡­ its healing, but there’ll be a scar¡­” Hermione said as fresh tears started to fall from her eyes.
Harry was about to start apologising and telling her it was his fault when something popped into his head, a spell he didn’t know, an advance healing spell.
Harry’s right hand left Hermione’s waist and travelled up to her left shoulder, he gripped the nightgown and pulled it down to exposed the scar again.
Hermione stuttered at Harry’s action as her face turned bright red.
“H-Harry what’re you doing?”
Harry didn’t answer, he simply reached over and placed his middle and pointing finger at the top of the scar.
“Bakudo #3 : Keikatsu” Harry whispered, suddenly a soft glow emanated from Harry’s fingers and the scar under the fingers started sizzling.
Hermione let out a gasp as an incredible feeling shot through her. Harry slowly dragged his finger down across the scar, as he did the scar started disappearing leaving unblemished skin behind. Hermione’s back arched and her head lolled backwards as she shuddered in pleasure as Harry continued to drag his finger down, when he reached the night gown his finger went over it but continued dragging across her chest, his finger ran down her chest, between he breasts to her stomach. As the spell came to an end Hermione let out a long gasp of breath as her body shook and her head snapped forward again.
“H-Harry¡­ how did you¡­ when did you¡­” Hermione tried to speak through her gasps but couldn’t get the question out.
“It’s a really long story ‘Mione” Harry muttered as he too took deep breaths. They both sat there holding each other breathing heavily and trying to get their hormones under control.
Involuntarily Hermione’s face started inching towards Harry’s. Harry noticed this and started to panic but at the same time his own face started moving towards hers.
‘This is wrong, this is so wrong¡­ Hermione’s my friend but I don’t feel that way about her¡­ do I?’ Harry thought as he started to feel her breath on his lips.
Harry tried to distract himself from the girl in front of him with anything he could think of and for some reason his thoughts shifted to the sweets on the table, the liquorish wands, chocolate frogs, the chocolates that Mrs. Weasley¡­
Harry froze. He remembered the chocolates that Mrs Weasley had sent him a few days ago, how they had smelled strange. Harry’s sight snapped to the new box, he gently shifted Hermione off his lap and moved towards the chocolates. Hermione felt disappointed for a moment before she realised what she had almost done.
‘I almost kissed him¡­ why? Do I l-like him like that?’ Hermione wondered as she watched Harry unwrap a box of chocolates, take one ot and gave it an experimental sniff.
‘¡­ the same as the last batch, a flowery smell mixed with polish¡­’ Harry thought with a bad feeling creping up in her gut.
“Hermione, what does this smell like to you?” Harry said as he passed her the chocolate.
Hermione took it, gave it a smell and frowned.
“Weird¡­ it smells like a book, a new book¡­ and ink” Hermione said as she put the chocolate down.
Harry’s suspicions were almost completely confirmed.
“‘Mione, I need to check out a few things, I’ll be back soon” Harry said as he got up from the bed, picked up the box of chocolates and rushed out of the hospital wing leaving behind a confused Hermione.
Hermione sat up and prepared to get back into her own bed trying to sort out her feelings for her best friend, however as she moved her eyes widened when she felt a wetness between her legs. With a furious blush she quickly went about changing her underwear.
As Harry rushed down the hall his mind was reeling.
‘No, its impossible, they wouldn’t do that to me!’ Harry thought in denial as he made his way towards the nearest potion storeroom, he knew the exact potion that could prove or disprove his suspicions. He reached the storeroom and got to work he grabbed potion ingredients off the shelves and started throwing them into a nearby pot he had already placed on a fire.
As he worked paranoid he thought about the ramifications if what he suspected was true.
Half an hour later the potion was ready and Harry hesitated for a moment, almost afraid of the results¡­ Harry held one of the chocolates over the bubbling broth and dropped it. When the chocolate hit the potion his breath caught in his throat as almost immediately the potion turned a bright pink.
“Amortentia¡­ the most powerful love potion in the world¡­” Harry muttered.


A few hours later Hermione was released from the Hospital wing and was looking for Harry, she felt they should talk about what happened¡­ or what almost happened.
As she was walking down the hallway away from the Hospital wing somebody grabbed her shoulder and pulled her to the side she almost screamed before she realised who it was.
“Harry what are you doing?” she asked him
“‘Mione I need your help¡­ come with me”
Harry quickly dragged her down the hall towards the potions storeroom.


“No¡­ this can’t be happening” Hermione said as she shook her head in denial.
“It is Hermione¡­ I checked it twice¡­ Mrs Weasley’s been sending me chocolates with love potion in them” Harry said with conviction.
“Harry¡­ are you sure? Are you absolutely sure?” Hermione asked.
“‘Mione, remember when I asked you to smell that chocolate?” Harry asked.
“Yeah, it smelled like a new book and¡­” Hermione’s eyes widened as she remembered something she read in an advanced potions book.
“Exactly¡­ Amortentia smells

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