Fanfic: Harry’s Christmas Carol by gnarf (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


It’s just before another lonely, miserable Christmas, and all Harry wants to do is sleep. Pity the ghosts of his past won’t leave him alone.


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It’s just before another lonely, miserable Christmas, and all Harry wants to do is sleep. Pity the ghosts of his past won’t leave him alone.


Thank you to my two wonderful and amazing friends ladderofyears and iero0 who once again did me the favour of beta reading my fic. You two are the greatest gift to fandom (and for me)
This fic will be posted for ’25 days of Harry and Draco’. I signed up for the early bird access so I have the entire thing written and ready to be posted. That said:
Welcome to my little Advent adventure. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is my favourite Christmas story, so I just had to write something for it. You’ll see, as the story unfolds, that I didn’t entirely stick to the actual story and got a bit creative.
The single chapters will be rather short, between 400 and 1k words. You can find the image descriptions for the prompts in my end notes at each chapter

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Image description:Prompt Q – Westminster Bridge and the Elizabeth TowerA picture taken mid-way along the Westminster bridge in London, looking toward the Palace of Westminster, specifically the Elizabeth Tower that houses Big Ben. The street lamps on the bridge are twinkling brightly, and the sky behind the tower is a cool grey. The pedestrian footpath and the road are covered in a thick layer of undisturbed snow, as is the thick masonry railing of the bridge. The time displayed on the clock face is twenty minutes to eight.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Harry hated it. He hated the entire idea of Christmas, but especially, and with passion, he hated the idea of organising Christmas presents. Every year, Christmas’ arrival took him by surprise. It was like the years were rushing past him, like sand running through his fingers, and he had no intention of stopping it or even slowing it down.He was sick of it. The way people expected things of him, always, without fail, and without ever asking what he wanted from his life. They all had grand plans with a future so bright and open for everything. But not him, because he never got to sit down and plan for himself. Everyone had made plans for him, through the whole of his life. Not even dying had stopped the infernal planning. Everyone had just come up with new plans the minute he won the war. The Headmistress, the Ministry, hell, even Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys. They all had plans for him and his life. Until he had snapped and left. This wasn’t what he had come back for, why he had decided to return to the living. He couldn’t even remember what made him come back, all those years ago.Now, he only left his house hidden behind a strong Notice-Me-Not and doubled up by Polyjuice Potion. Like today. When he became one of many faces rushing in and out of various shops to get Christmas presents.Gift cards to be precise.Harry couldn’t be bothered investing time into well thought-out presents for everyone who was expecting to receive one. It’d be the wrong thing anyway. So he sent gift cards and spared everyone the disappointment of getting some shit they didn’t need.By the time he had pushed his way into every store on his mental list, Harry’s nerves were well and truly shot. The Muggles on the streets behaved like animals. Shoving at each other, screaming at the top of their lungs, grabbing random things on the shelves and going as far as fighting over the last ugly plastic doll available.Shaking his head, Harry turned his back at the noise and the stuffed, crowded streets as he walked back to the secluded point that allowed him to Disapparate unseen.He didn’t know why they couldn’t just ignore his existence like every other day of the year. They knew he wouldn’t come out and wasn’t interested in all this hypocrisy that came with the most peaceful time of the year.But they invited him, nevertheless. The Weasleys and Teddy and Andromeda. So he got them gift cards and sent them his thanks for the invitation along with a note that he wouldn’t be able to make it. Again.In the beginning, he had felt bad about it but not anymore. Harry was, as per definition, a recluse. He worked from his home, if one could call what he did work, he had elves who cooked and cleaned for him, so he never had to go out, not even to bring the rubbish to the bin. And Harry wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.The only reason he couldn’t send his elves to get the bloody gift cards was because they all were exclusively Muggle.Harry let out a content sigh the second he closed his door behind him, shutting out the world for another year. Getting rid of his boots and coat, Harry walked to his study where he sat down at his desk to write the letters excusing his absence. He didn’t need to explain the ‘why’ anymore, they all knew his reasons after twenty years of him doing so, so he spared himself having to think of a good reason and just sealed them before wrapping everything together with a nice looking ribbon. Then he called for his elf Mink to deliver them right away.Finally satisfied, Harry was able to return to the work he had planned to do all day long.There were multiple piles of sealed envelopes waiting for his attention. Most of them contained documents even more boring than the last one, but proofing them was good money and gave him something to do.Harry’s customers appreciated his discretion. They didn’t even know who he really was, only that nothing anyone ever sent to him found its way to the permanently listening ears of others. So he got everything, from actual drafts of new laws the Ministry plans to put in place to terrible love letters written by very desperate people.He didn’t mind, as long as the payment was right.Pulling the small pile labelled ‘Time Sensitive’ towards him, Harry dipped his quill in red ink and opened the first page of a last will and testament with the names blacked out. Shaking his head about all this ridiculousness, Harry started to jot down his corrections. By the time the holidays were over he should be done with most of the things awaiting his attention. And he could ask for bonus payments for the time-sensitive ones, as he worked on them while everyone else was lazing around. Not that Harry really needed the money, but it was only fair. It was his time after all. Even if he had no plans on spending it with anything else.

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