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Eight years have passed since the war ended. Harry Potter is an Auror and yet he cannot put all that he has experienced behind him. Soon he finds out that he is not the only one who feels this way. DRARRY


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Eight years have passed since the war ended. Harry Potter is an Auror and yet he cannot put all that he has experienced behind him. Soon he finds out that he is not the only one who feels this way. DRARRY


Dear ones,something short for in between. This story really doesn’t get very long and is actually based on a series on TikTok. The very talented “SoftSirius” has an extraordinary talent for telling stories in short videos. Often they are about Drarry, like this one. Somehow it fascinated me so much that I asked him to make a fan fiction out of it, and he agreed, which made me very happy. So here is the beginning.So that have to wait until I finished, here is the link to the whole story in a video. I hope you’ll still read it here, even if you can already see how it ends. It should be said that there will be a second season.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Draco Malfoy’s quill scratched across the parchment. His shift at St. Mungos’s had just begun and he still had to finish several reports from the day before. The previous day had been exhausting and the patients not always easy. The older Draco got, the more he resembled his father and the more he did, the more rejection he met with. He also wore his hair long, as his father still did, but not to please him, but because he liked it and he could style it better that way than when it was as short as it had been when he was at school. The last eight years had not been easy, but Draco accepted this as punishment. He had realised that he had made mistakes and had let his father influence him too much. Lucius Malfoy was still under house arrest and would certainly be for a few more years. The fact that Draco himself did not have to do this, that he was even allowed to become a healer and work, was only thanks to the fact that he had chosen the right side at the last moment. But he still had to go to regular hearings. He was under observation, was not allowed to leave England and could also be put under house arrest at any time. It weighed on him and so he hardly allowed any friendships, because these too would inevitably be included in his punishment, in that he always had to report with whom he met, when and where, and above all for what purpose. Only with Blaise Zabini did he still have contact now and then, everything else he had left behind. He simply didn’t want to hurt anyone any more and above all he didn’t want to drag anyone into this life. Sighing, he signed the report, closed the file and reached for the next one when the door opened. “Malfoy, handsome as ever.” Mika Fox said. The red-haired healer, with the two different eye colours, grinned and closed the door. “Good morning, Fox.” Draco said, looking up briefly. The young woman was the only one he could call a friend of sorts. They had studied together and since Mika had not attended Hogwarts but Beauxbatons, she was impartial towards Draco. Mika Fox wasn’t interested in Draco’s Death Eater past, only the gossip surrounding him and the many newspaper articles in which he was still the subject somehow fascinated her. It was only thanks to Mika’s good contacts that Draco had found a small flat, because he simply couldn’t stand it in his parents’ house any more. His bitter father made the place a cold prison full of self-pity. Draco’s mother had also fled from it and now lived in a flat in the middle of London. She had been Draco’s only support in the last few years. They both had it hard and yet it comforted them that they still had each other. “So, how are you?” She now wanted to know and sat down opposite the young man. Draco looked up. “Quite well.” He said.”You know, I’ve been thinking …””Did you?”, Mika rolled her eyes and skipped the sentence. “There’s this Quidditch game on Saturday, Holyhead Harpies against Puddlemere United.” Now Draco rolled his eyes and turned back to his reports. Mika leaned closer to him.”A little birdie told me you were an excellent Seeker at school.” She said, but all that came from Draco was a contemptuous snort.”Besides, it will do you good to let some sunshine on your pale face! You’re allowed in direct sunlight, aren’t you?””Another vampire joke, really?” Asked Draco, looking indifferently at Fox. But the latter only grinned.”It’s decided, you’re coming with me.” She then said firmly, while Draco shook his head with a sigh. He knew he had lost, but maybe Mika was right. He needed to get out and be around people again, people who might not see him as his father.   “Mate, you’ve got to watch the game on Saturday, Ginny’s expecting it! And Mum too, she’s already asked me what kind of sandwich you’d like.” Ron Weasley had a cup of coffee in his hand and looked across his desk at Harry who was rubbing his eyes. It was early noon and they had already been on two missions. Before the young Auror could say anything back, the door opened and the Head-Auror, Gawain Robards, entered the office. Immediately Ron put his cup on the side and sat up straight. The man seemed to be in a state of stress and didn’t really pay attention to the two of them, merely giving a short order, “Potter, Weasley! You’ll have to work late. I have received several reports of strange night-time activity in Knockturn Alley.” He said and was already about to leave, but Harry stopped him. “What kind of activities?” He wanted to know. His boss turned to him and shrugged his shoulders.”All I know is that people are scared, especially when it comes to this place.” He said.”You’re not sending some Hit Wizards there, are you?” asked Ron, who was fascinated by the Auror Department’s special unit. These wizards were only used when there was great danger, they were fast, silent and above all merciless. Not that Ron was considering joining this unit, but he was definitely curious when it came to the Hit Wizards. “No, I want a thorough investigation, Weasley. I will give you the details within the hour.” Robards said.”Of course, sir.” Ron said quickly and the Head-Auror left the office. “What was that about?” said Ron, putting his feet up on the desk and folding his arms behind his head. “Ron! Get your feet off the table.” Hermione stood in the room and looked sternly at her husband.” Blimey! Darling, how do you always do it?” Gasped Ron, almost falling off his chair. Hermione was heavily pregnant by now, but still working as an assistant for Kingsley. She had some files under her arm and now looked at Harry, who was rubbing his face sleepily. “Good morning, Harry. Sleep well?” She asked. The young man startled, as if he had just become aware of Hermione’s presence. “Mhm …. what? Yes! Yes.” he said quickly and his best friend narrowed her eyes. He knew she saw right through the lie. He didn’t sleep, in fact he hadn’t since the battle. He didn’t not sleep at all, but his sleep was never restful and was dominated by nightmares. Hermione had been urging him to go to a mental healer for ages, but Harry pushed it away. He threw himself into work, took care of Teddy and just wanted to forget, but it was anything but easy.  It had become evening by now and darkness lay over the city. Ron and Harry had apparated to Diagon Alley and now entered Knockturn Alley. It was quiet, nothing could be heard, as if all the residents were already in bed this early evening. “So, will you?” Asked Ron, walking next to Harry with his wand drawn.”Will I what?” The latter wanted to know without taking his eyes off the damp cobbled street.”The game! Saturday! Ginny! Holyhead Harpies! Are you in?””I’ll … I’ll try.” Harry said sheepishly. Ron nodded, but the disappointment was clear on his face.”Mate … you know you’re welcome to stay with us if you have trouble sleeping again …”, Harry rolled his eyes in annoyance, as much as he was touched by his friends’ care, he sometimes wished he had a little more space. He knew it was unfair to the others, but he never liked all the attention and that hadn’t changed after the war ended. A sudden noise snapped him out of his thoughts. The two Aurors froze and looked around. “Probably just a rat.” Ron said calmly. But Harry felt his heart begin to race, his hand clenched around his wand and his breathing quickened.”Are you all right?”, Ron wanted to know anxiously.”I-I’m fine, Ron.” Harry stuttered irritably. Another noise very close to them made them both sit up and take notice. Harry nodded to Ron and wands at the ready, they walked slowly forward. Suddenly there was a loud sound of fireworks and sparks flew. Harry staggered back and pressed himself against a wall close to him. In his mind’s eye he saw himself as a seventeen-year-old, bleeding and sweaty. Slowly his younger self turned around and so did Harry. He raised his wand and, like his younger self, fired a curse in the direction of the noise and lights. Brightly the street lit up, just for a moment, then everything was black. Harry fell to his knees, as did his younger self before his eyes. Breathing heavily, the young Auror looked paralysed at Ron, who lay unconscious on the cold ground, bleeding from the head and with burns on his neck. Draco yawned heartily and put the quill aside. This day was similarly exhausting as the last. It seemed that people tended to have more accidents once it became autumn. Mika was sitting opposite him in the common room, leafing through the Witch Weekly Magazin, when the door was yanked open. “We have at least one injured Auror in Knockturn Alley. Malfoy, take Fox with you and apparate there immediately.” The Chief Healer shouted a brief instruction. Immediately Draco and Mika jumped up and were disapparated right away.  It took Draco a few moments to get his bearings. The location was rather vague, because the Knockturn Alley was not exactly small and also very winding. Nevertheless, Mika and he found the described place faster than expected. Draco immediately spotted the lifeless body on the floor.”Weasley?” he gasped and fell to his knees. Immediately he pulled a vial from his cloak and put a few drops into the open wound on the Auror’s forehead. After a quick spell, the deep laceration looked like it was a few days old. Carefully, Draco felt Ron’s pulse and the tension fell from him a little. Only a few metres away, Harry sat leaning against a wall, breathing heavily. “Mr Potter? Sir? What happened?”, Fox now knelt beside the young man and touched him gently on the shoulder. At first glance, the latter didn’t seem to be hurt, but obviously he had suffered a shock. Draco, meanwhile, froze when he heard the name and slowly turned around. He wouldn’t have recognised Harry at first glance. Sure a few times he had seen him in the paper, but those had been old photos. Now this one sat in front of him. His hair was of a similar length to his own, his Auror uniform was a little slipped and dirty and his green eyes were gazing absently at a distant point. The three-day beard suited him, Draco thought. Why was he thinking about that now, of all things?”It was just a … fireworks. A couple of kids … Ron?” Harry stuttered now, bringing Draco back to the here and now. “Looks like he hit his head on the cobblestones, he’s got some minor burns too. What did you do, Potter? Did you lose your nerve and blow up the alley?” “Malfoy?” only now did Harry see who was squatting in front of him. “I would say they are both stable enough to apparate.” Mika now said urgently. Even if the reason for the injuries was probably harmless, she wanted to leave this uncomfortable place as soon as possible.”Yes, agreed.” Draco said, reaching for Ron’s upper arm while Fox reached for Harry. Only moments later they were gone.

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