Fanfic: His Good Little Pets by Firemione (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Ron weasley is a good guy, good brother, good son and a gentleman when it comes to others but to his pets Hermione Granger & Pansy Parkinson, he is not.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Ron Weasley Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson Gabrielle Delacour/Ron Weasley Gabrielle Delacour/Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley Draco Malfoy & Ron WeasleyPansy Parkinson Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Theodore Nott Draco Malfoy Ginny Weasley Gabrielle DelacourEventual Romance Heavy BDSM Shameless Smut Spanking Dark Ron Weasley BAMF Ron Weasley Rough Sex Rough Oral Sex Anal Sex Nipple Play Nipple Licking Nipple Clamps Multiple Orgasms Orgasm Delay/Denial Urination Cock Slapping Threesome – F/F/M Begging Clit Slapping Couch Sex Floor Sex Hardcore First Time Blow Jobs Deep Throating golden showers pissing Master/Slave Master/Pet Dom Ron Weasley Sub Hermione Granger Sub Pansy Parkinson Dom/sub Sex Toys Vibrators Genital Torture Infidelity Emotional Infidelity Forced Orgasm Verbal Humiliation Humiliation Watersports Threesome – F/F/F Foursome – F/F/F/M Harems Polyamory Polyamory Negotiations Slash Consensual Infidelity Voyeurism Public Sex Exhibitionism

Summary: Summary:

Ron weasley is a good guy, good brother, good son and a gentleman when it comes to others but to his pets Hermione Granger & Pansy Parkinson, he is not.Bad Ron weasley. Dark Lord Rules. AU fic


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
This is an AU fic, i don’t know know about all the muggle borns in harry potter. So there will be some changes irrelevant to their bloods and all as well it’s alternate universe”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”Mr. Draco, among both of your father’s who do you think will become the next minister of magic under the Dark Lords rule?” Rita skeeter asked draco with her magicked quill and parchment waiting for his answers.”I really don’t know and don’t care. Whoever wins it doesn’t change the relation between our two families” Draco said tugging ron to stand beside him with his hands around his shoulders.”Mr. Ronald, same question. What is your opinion””Well, i think Mr.lucius is high on the command and more close to the dark lord. So maybe he has a high chance, but whatever it may be like my dear friend draco said it will never change anything our families neither our friendship” Ron said beaming at Draco.”One more question mr…..” The journalist started but Draco cut them off.”Ok. Alright that’s it. Thank you for letting us go now” Draco said, walking back with dragging ron along with him ignoring their questions.”That bitch…. she intentionally tries to uplift the competition between our fathers” Draco said gritting his teeth.Ron snorted “Well, what did you expect?….you know how the skeeter women is….””Yes, i know. But that doesn’t mean she have the right to torture us every time she sees us in public” he said and ron rolled his eyes.Draco Malfoy and Ronald Weasley were good friends from their younger age, now at 21, they were best mates.The Weasley’s and Malfoy’s are the loyal families to the dark lord among the other families like notts, zabinis, goyles and Finnegan’s.The kingdom of hogs under the rule of king voldemort, gives high priority to pure bloods.It was not 18th or 19th century, it was modern age of 2021, but it is still a Kings age. 20 years ago there had been a war, between muggles and the wizards.It all started with the muggles for their entertainment kidnapped witches, forcing them to perform magic before raping them.They sort of exchanged accords of course, but that didn’t stop them still, then a brave and powerful wizard named tom riddle led a group of lifeblood wizards to defend themselves against the evil muggles, which eventually led to a war.Many lost their lives against the muggles, but it was all worth it. Wizards won the war ruling both the half bloods and muggle born under their shoes.All the high positions and jobs are allotted only for pure bloods, while half-bloods, muggles, muggle borns are destined to serve their masters as maids, servants…. even as sex slaves all their lives.Of course Draco and Ron had have some experience experience with the pure blood girls, what all with being the sons of the powerful men in the wizarding world.”Where are we going now?” Ron asked as draco took a turn out from the ministry hall towards the path, where the club he hate so much is situated.”To leaky cauldron” draco said simply grinning.”No…. Draco. No way, I’m not coming there” Ron said and started to turn around.”Ron, come on don’t be a dimwit!! Learn to enjoy your life some will you””Buying some muggle borns in an auction is not enjoying your life” Ron said disgusted with the idea.”Okay, then you don’t have to buy. We are just visiting there to have some drinks or some whores that’s it. Besides i heard new batch of muggle borns had been hunted freshly all virgins””Whatever, I’m not interested in the stupid auction. I may come to have drinks, but that’s it””Why aren’t you interested in having some sex slaves of your now ronald””No, mum and gin hate that idea, bonding girls and treating them poorly like that…..” he spat.”Oh, yeah right you are true gentleman, i heard it from some pure blood girls” Draco teased and both burst out laughed. They both know that ron was anything but a gentleman when it comes to ladies and sex.It was not like ron was interested in buying one of these so called sex slave for himself, it just ginny and his mum are not into that idea.But that didn’t stop his brothers buying one for each of them. It was like a luxury in the wizarding world, owning a number of muggle borns as sex slaves, it is a show off.His family have a number of half bloods and muggle borns as slaves, but they wouldn’t treat them poorly as lucius…… except him. Ron never liked the idea of treating them equally, maybe it’s because he worship Lucius malfoy more than his father or because he spend so much time in draco’s manor.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They entered the bar slamming the door open, signaling their visit.All eyes were trained on them for a moment, ready to shout for opening the door this loud, but silenced as soon they realised it was the lads of the big families.”Draco….Ronald!!” Someone called them and they turned to found it was blaise zabini with Theodore nott beside him, both drinking a big cup of fire whiskey in Golden cups only allocated for their families.Draco and ron walked over to them “Hey blaise, theo” he nodded his head in greeting. His burrow furrowed when he saw theo glaring at ron beside him. Blaise rolled his eyes.It was usual, the fight between theo and ron. Theo never liked ron and his family, vice versa.He always wanted to win ron at everything, seeing everything a competition with ron. He belittled ron during their younger age, but it only got bigger and bigger. Now it had grown to the limit of where the others near them can feel the hate radiating of off them for each other.”What happened to you theo” Draco asked noting that Theo’s temple had a little blood stain, he just grumbled taking a gulp of his drink.”Oh, it’s just the muggle protestors. They got the information, that another one of their village got hunted, one of them thrown a stone at him” blaise said patting on Theo’s shoulder and ron chuckled.”Do you find something weasley” Theo spat before standing up, ready for a fight. “Oh yeah. I have….. your face” “Woah….. okay, okay there boys. We don’t want a fight here” Draco said pushing both of them back into their stool.”Madam pomfrey!!” Draco shouted and a elderly nurse, who usually work in st.mungos appeared “Did you check them””Um..y-yes mr.malfoy, young and virgin girls they are, all are healthy muggle borns and half bloods” She said not meeting their eyes.”Good then thank you. My boys here are so hungry” Draco said grinning at the others and the old nurse made a face as if she is disgusted before she walked back to the back off the stage that was setup in the middle of the pub.”So boys, i hope you are here to buy some of them here then? Just like my boy ronald weasley””Ronald?” Someone called to him from behind, the four looked at Neville long bottom, walking to them beaming.”Hey nev!!” Ron said smiling and hugging him “What are you doing here”.Neville blushed “I…I a….””Oh, i get it. It’s my first time too””Your going to buy one then?!” Neville asked amused and happy that he is not alone in this. Ron was going to answer, just then the auction started “Hello, gentleman and my leige” the commentator said greeting at them “Welcome to another auction of Beautiful muggle womens. Here you can buy some sexy and gorgeous mud bloods who will serve you for all their lifetime, you can use them as your sex slave without worrying about them getting pregnant. Now let’s start the auction!!” He shouted and all the men roared.The screens parted and the first girl was dragged by her hair by a man to the stage, with blonde hair big tits and flat stomach, wearing just a lacy inners that hid just her nipples and pussy.”The first one here is lavender brown!!….. who want her, go on ask it who want her?!” The man were going mad with lust, everyone increasing their bid to get the girl. The girl started crying, ron smirked while neville averted his eyes.”Don’t raise for it now, they’ll still keep the good stocking for the last” Draco said and ron nodded.At last after what felt like hours of bidding, someone brought the girl “Hey…. Isn’t that the finnegan guy?!” Blaise asked and to their yes, it was seamus who brought her “He was practically trying hard not to jump on and devour her from the looks of it” Ron said and they all burst out laughed except theo, still glaring at ron.”The next one…… Hannah abbot” a blonde girl with the same wear as the previous girls was dragged again by her neck, she was wriggling trying to get from the man who was dragging her.”Again the bid gone higher, the men racing between themselves. Trying to get the girl……. Come on, come on get it higher. Go on. Yes, master Neville 30,000 galleons!!” The commentator said and ron looked over to the sheepish looking neville who brought her “The final bidder is Mr.Neville long bottom, sold!!….. will be delivered to you sir” he said at neville, who nodded with flushed face.The bid started again with several other girls Tracy davis, susan bones, padma patil and so on and on and on….”The next one…. parvathi patel, an indian muggle beauty” a brown girl dragged by the man and everyone’s eyes had gone wide. She had the biggest tits they all had ever seen and she had a amazing body “Oh, I’m getting her” Blaise said licking his lips and he did won her “Parvathi patel sold to blaise zabini!!” “The next one is…. Pansy Parkinson!!” He shouted and girl with pale skin curvy body in a black lace bra and panties was dragged in by the man. She spat at him and he raised his hands to beat her angrily, but stopped as the commentator ordered him due to selling rules, she had an athletic body, with nice tits and arse, ron raised his hands buying her. “I told you to wait, why didn’t you””I don’t want to lose this one, she was fierce” and the others chuckled.Neville next brought Luna Love good, a half blood and blaise brought Daphne green grass. Seamus again raised his hands buying cho chang.”Did you just came to watch theo. If not why aren’t you bidding?” Draco said quirking an eyebrow.”Oh, i already noted one. I’m planning to buy that one, it will the last of the line and here she comes” theo said and true to his words the next muggle born girl was getting dragged by the man.”How…..” Ron was trialed off curious as to know how he know about the girl already as they are not allowed to see anyone before auction. But the commentator beat him to it.”The next and last one is here….. Hermione Granger!!” The commentator shouted, a beautiful girl with rich brown curls and dark chocolate eyes looked scared at everyone, with tears filling her eyes. She was wearing the same inner wears as the other girls hiding nothing more than her nipples and cunt.She had the perfect body, well with necessary resource. Her perfect perky big titties firm and round, nipples pointing upwards. Her crotch hairless, flat stomach. Ron’s cock twitched heavily.”Who is going to buy her!!” Everyone of the men was eyeing her hungrily with their dark lust filled eyes, but no one dared to lift their hands.Some were turning around to look at him, then ron understood that it was already arranged. Theo lifted his hands “I’m…. I’m buying her””Ah…Mr. Mitt bid the girl, is there any another” he asked really not caring even if their is anyone, as if he know theo would be buying the girl.Then ron raised his hand too smirking, all the men looked at him shocked. Theo was gritting his teeth “Weasley, I really want that one. So don’t come in my way….. Please” theo asked as if he drank a poison.Ron eyebrows rose to his forehead, theo asking please?! He decided maybe he should lower his hands if he ever wanted to be in good terms with him.But then his wandering eyes connected with the girl they were bidding and he saw a lot of anger in her eyes, it screamed murder which fumed his ego….a lot!!”I’m bidding her” ron said, the commentator glanced once at theo before resuming the auction again.No one opened their mouth silently watching the competition going on between ron and theo. “50000 galleons, the highest bidder today, Theodore nott!!””Oh…No. Ronald weasley, bidded 70000 galleons….” and on and on it went, with them fighting over her. Theo desperately trying for the girl, while ron bidded just to irke theo and getting angry by the look ‘SHE’ was giving him.Even draco was worried with Ron’s sudden interest in bidding the girl, his both friends looked like they were going to start another war. “Ron, i think we should give her to theo. Don’t you think” draco whispered but ron ignored him.Finally the bid over after so long. “Hermione Granger sold to Mr.Ronald weasley, the highest bidder today!!” The commentator said happily signing the papers.”This is not over weasley” theodore spat before walking off the pub with blaise after him.”Why would you do that ron, he was so excited to get the girl” blaise said and ran off after him, to calm him down.”Why did you do that” Draco asked curiously “It’s nothing like there are other girls here” “I don’t know, i don’t like the way she is looking at me” Ron said and glanced at the stage where she was dragged back to her cage looking at him through angry tears.

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