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Description: As war looms, the ninth recorded generation of Blacks is given the chance to correct their ancestors’ mistakes. Prophesies are made, but where do we draw the lines? Is the world really divided into black and white? Perhaps the solution is really just a dark shade of grey…or perhaps a bleeding rainbow.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsDraco Malfoy/Other(s) Harry Potter/Ginny WeasleyHelvetica Black Draco Malfoy Harry Potter Regulus Black Black Family (Harry Potter)Shorts (2009) – Freeform Minor Character Death The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black Harry Potter was Raised by Other(s) Depression Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD Draco Malfoy is a Brat Hurt/Comfort Obscurials (Harry Potter) Slytherin Politics Slytherin Harry Potter Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence Implied Sexual Content Tarot Prophetic Visions Divination lots of card references in my chapter titles Family

Summary: Summary:

As war looms, the ninth recorded generation of Blacks is given the chance to correct their ancestors’ mistakes. Prophesies are made, but where do we draw the lines? Is the world really divided into black and white? Perhaps the solution is really just a dark shade of grey…or perhaps a bleeding rainbow. Her eyes see porcelain dolls, magic rocks, and a house of cards as her mind spins.

Notes: Notes:

This story is rated teen for complicated themes (such as grief and trauma), but there is little to no explicit language, and no explicit sexual content. This story is about children, therefore it will mostly be entirely appropriate for a teen.Now.I hope you are ready for a monster of a story. No, seriously. The planning for this story alone is over 80 pages. I started writing this when I was in 8th grade. It started out as a “Regulus lives” story and then morphed into a “child is raised by the Blacks story.” I forgot about it for a while, but a few years ago I came back and began working on re-vamping it. Some of the material in the beginning is a bit rough, as I tried to integrate what I had and what I wanted, but I would say the quality of my writing improves vastly starting at chapter three. Regardless of however happy or not happy I am with this chapter, I hope you enjoy my first installment of House of Cards.,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

I strove very hard to make sure this story wasn’t simply repeating canon, so as a result there are quite a few…noticeable changes. This ranges from character development, to each years’ teachers, to prophesies, to a bit of backstory worldbuilding. I’m sure you’ve noticed the first big change (being that Regulus actually survives).Let me know if you enjoyed it! I will probably go ahead and at least post the act summary (the story is divided into three acts, each one getting their own chapter as a marker) before the day is out. I will try to post a chapter a week at least for the forseeable future, but I am notoriously bad with keeping up with these things during the school year (college during a pandemic is evil, ok?).

Chapter 1: Prologue: Black is the Blood

Chapter Text

If there was one prestigious family it in the Wizarding World, it was the Blacks. As the most Ancient and Noble House, they spent years specially crafting their power within the inner workings of the Ministry. Their dynasty grew, and as it did, so did their reputation. But like all vast empires, one day theirs came tumbling down like a house of cards. It is there that we begin our story. However, not with the witches and wizards who inspired much fear, but with a house elf. The Blacks¡¯ house elf, one who was pallid and bent, whose name was Kreacher.?Kreacher had thrived under the service of his mistress Walburga. She was wife of the Heir Black, one Orion Black. They had two boys¡ªSirius and?Regulus.?Kreacher?loved these two boys as much as he loved his mistress. He loved caring for them when they were small, helping his mistress keep an eye on them as they began to toddle about the mildly dangerous townhouse. But then Master Sirius broke Mistress?Walburga¡¯s?heart by running away.??Sirius was burned off of the tapestry and?Regulus?began to be groomed to be the future Heir Black. Where Sirius was loud,?Regulus?was quiet. The boy knew when to speak and when not to speak. He knew how to please his parents and how to be the perfect heir. With only one child left in the family,?Regulus?was treated like a prince at home. At school, he was shunned by his brother. This saddened?Regulus, who loved his brother.?But then the Dark Lord breezed in.??Regulus, being the?Slytherin?that he was, was constantly under pressure from his peers¡ªsuch as his friend?Barty?and his older cousin Bellatrix¡ªand his mother. At the age of sixteen,?Regulus?joined the ranks of the Death Eaters. When Sirius heard, the budding?auror?refused to speak to his brother again.?Kreacher, however, could not be prouder¡ªhis mistress was proud after all, so he would be proud of master?Regulus.?Then, a year later,?Kreacher?met the Dark Lord.??He was such a cold man, putting off an ominous aura. After meeting him,?Kreacher?was not so sure that the Dark Lord was as good as his Mistress made him out to be, but Master?Regulus?had said that the Dark Lord needed an elf.?Kreacher was taken to a cave beside the sea where the waves splashed against the rock and the air smelled of salt. They walked into the cave. There, the Dark Lord ordered Kreacher to cut open his hand. The elf, small in stature, looked up at the towering dark form above him, but complied and placed his hand on the wall in which he was told. It was cold, and he let out a small hiss. The wizard ignored him. Then, the wall melted away to reveal a large cavern. At first, the cavern was so dark that it seemed like a pitch-colored wall. Soon after, the Dark Lord conjured a light. It hung in the air above them, casting pale silver light that drifted down among visible water in the air, and they walked along the rocky shore of a great black lake.?There was a boat. The Dark Lord conjured it from nothing and commanded the elf to get in. The two of them rode across the silky black water towards a small island. Kreacher leaned forward slightly and caught sight of a ghostly hand drifting in the water. He shuddered, and sat back. The boat drifted up onto the edge of the island and there the Dark Lord made the elf drink from a basin. It was filled with a potion that made Kreacher?relive his most horrible memories. His stomach burned. He cried out for his Mistress, for Master?Regulus, but the Dark Lord just laughed.?Kreacher?didn¡¯t think he liked this Dark Lord any longer.?When the potion was all gone, a locket was dropped into the basin and it was filled once more with the deadly liquid. Then, the Dark Lord left Kreacher there on the island. The elf was so thirsty, alone in the dark.?So,?he slowly crawled to the edge of the water and dunked his head in to take a drink. A pair of strong hands grabbed him by the ears and he was dragged under.?Down, down, down they went. The elf struggled and kicked but he could not get himself free. More and more skeletal arms grabbed him. His lungs seared and he didn¡¯t know which way was up or down. Then, Kreacher could hear Master Regulus calling him.?So,?he left.?The elf reappeared dripping, choking, and gasping for breath. Instantly,?Regulus?moved to help him. He dried?Kreacher?and summoned the water from his lungs and stomach.?Regulus?grew very worried. After coaxing the story out of the elf, he told?Kreacher?to stay hidden and not to leave the house.??After that,?Kreacher?knew that something was wrong with his master.?Regulus?always seemed very worried. He spent long hours in the library, reading up on dark magic. He would go to his Death Eater meetings and then would return home shaking and wide eyed. One such time,?Kreacher?found himself being shaken awake. It was the middle of the night. Once again,?Regulus?was shivering violently as he grabbed his elf and shook him awake.?¡°You said the Dark Lord took you to a cave?¡± he asked.?Groggily, the elf rubbed his eyes and after a moment, realized what?Regulus?was asking him and responded with a nod.??¡°Take me there.¡±?So?Kreacher?took his master to the cave. He cut his hand and opened the cave wall. He led?Regulus?down to the lake where he made the boat appear and the two of them rode across to the island.?Kreacher?offered to drink the potion, but Master?Regulus?insisted on doing it himself. He drank the potion and then handed the locket to?Kreacher.?¡°Take this back,¡±?Regulus?said. ¡°No matter what happens, you have to make sure it is destroyed. But please¡ªdon¡¯t tell my family what I¡¯ve been doing, especially my mother. She just wouldn¡¯t under¡ª¡± he broke off, taking a steadying breath and gripping his arm¡ª¡°understand.¡± He moaned and sank to his knees, clutching his arm to his chest. ¡°I need water.¡±?¡°Kreacher?will get water for Master?Regulus,¡±?Kreacher?offered.?¡°No,¡±?Regulus?pushed the elf away. He crawled to the water¡¯s edge and tried to take a sip of water.?Kreacher?watched with horror as his master was grabbed and dragged under. The elf remembered the horrible sensation of struggling, of his lungs burning and his mind churning at the lack of air. He remembered Master?Regulus¡¯s?words¡ªdestroy the locket, don¡¯t tell the family¡­don¡¯t tell the family¡­Kreacher?couldn¡¯t just leave his master to drown! But where would he take him? Marius Black had been disowned¡ªhe wasn¡¯t family, but he could help.??Urgently,?Kreacher?dove into the water, grabbed his master, and left for Marius, thinking of the disowned Black and his orders to destroy the locket. They reappeared in the middle of a sitting room. An elderly man leapt to his feet and rushed over to the two of them.?¡°Master Marius,¡±?Kreacher?croaked. ¡°Master?Regulus?needs your help.¡±?¡°Regulus?¡± Marius questioned, looking at the unconscious young man and his elf, both of which were soaked to the bone. ¡°Pollux¡¯s grandson? What happened?¡±?Quickly,?Kreacher spilled the story. Marius seemed to make up his mind and had the elf take the three of them to the nearest magical hospital. They described the situation to the Healers, who began to work on the young man. The summoned any trace of water from his lungs and tried to wake him up. Unfortunately, no matter what spell they cast, the man wouldn¡¯t wake. Eventually, they settled on determining him comatose and getting him into some dry clothes. While doing so, they noticed that he had a sickly, grey pallor and his arm was swollen. There was a black tattoo on it, and the flesh around it was red and angry looking.?¡°I¡¯ve seen this before,¡± the Healer mused. ¡°This isn¡¯t good. It¡¯s a product of a dark bondage curse. It seems that this young man has tried to break away from his bondage. The curse then encourages the defector to end their own life. This usually results in some grotesque suicides, but given the circumstances,?Regulus?would have been encouraged in reckless behavior that might get him killed, including not wanting?Kreacher?to take him out of the cave right away and instead touching the?Inferi?infested waters.¡±?¡°But he didn¡¯t drown,¡± Marius muttered. ¡°Why won’t he wake up?¡±?¡°That would be the curse,¡± the Healer replied. ¡°Once he is unconscious, the curse begins fighting to keep him from waking up. Although he doesn¡¯t want to die¡ªno human being does¡ªthe curse keeps him from waking up.¡±?¡°Can you remove it?¡± Marius asked.?¡°There is a cure,¡± said the Healer, ¡°but the chances of it working are very slim. It could take him anywhere from weeks to decades to wake up.¡±?¡°Please,¡± Marius begged. ¡°Just help my nephew. I don¡¯t care how long it takes.¡±?So,?the Healers worked to do just that. Regulus, still comatose, was relocated to Marius¡¯s home. Kreacher insisted on staying with them, so the disowned Black found himself gaining an elf. Not really needing one, Marius decided to give Kreacher a task. Along with taking care of Regulus, the elf was to keep an eye out for any descendants of Marius¡¯s that might have magic.

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