Fanfic: If I Were You by remuloopin (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: ¡°What the fuck did you do to me, Potter?¡±

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Summary: Summary:

¡°What the fuck did you do to me, Potter?¡± ¡°I don¡¯t know, I was going to ask you the same thing!¡± Draco had Harry pinned against the corridor wall, hands gripping the collar of Potter¡¯s robes tightly. ¡°Oh, so I wake up to find we¡¯ve switched bodies, and you know nothing about it?!¡± Draco was short tempered and about to explode any minute. ¡°Like I said¡± Harry harshly shoved Draco off of him. ¡°I have no idea what¡¯s going on. But you better hope we find a way to reverse it soon.¡± ¡°If we don¡¯t¡­I¡¯ll make your life such a misery, you¡¯ll wish you stayed dead in that war.¡± Draco bit out them last words before turning around and swiftly walking away.


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
It was a sunny morning when an owl carrying three letters arrived at the Burrow. As usual, it flew – rather ungracefully – into the kitchen and perched on the only arm chair not covered by Mrs Weasleys fabrics and wool. The bird sat there for a few minutes until the clocked chimed, startling the owl and causing it to hoot. Eight o¡¯clock in the morning only meant one thing – breakfast. Mrs Weasley came rushing down the tall, wooden stairs, an apron already hanging from her neck. The chalky remains of flour sat in the air confirming that Molly had already began her morning baking, and was most likely finished. The only thing missing from this common Burrow morning, was Arthur and the kids. Molly dusted off her dress after removing the apron and threw a hurried look at the clock, completely oblivious to the owl sat in her house. ¡°Kids! Breakfast! Come on, come on! Up you get!¡± She bellowed up the stairs and then returned to her busy work. She collected the dirty pots and pans, moving them from one counter to the other; she felt the need to stay busy as much as possible after Fred. The thought of her lost son would be inevitable if she was to stop moving about for more than three minutes at a time. While focusing on the cleaning, she raised her voice again. ¡°Are you all up yet? Come on or the food will get cold!¡± ¡°Mmm that smells lovely, Molly, thank you.¡± A soothing voice said. Molly, startled, turned to reveal Hermione stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking ready for the day. The young girl moved from her position and went to join Molly at the sink, but before she could reach Mrs Weasley, another pair of footsteps could be heard and soon enough Ginny had arrived downstairs too. The two girls smiled at each other and decided to go into the kitchen to take their places at the dining table. ¡°Of course it¡¯s us girls who are the first ready. Them boy¡¯s.¡± Ginny teased and her and Hermione each rolled their eyes. Suddenly, Ginny let out a squeal. ¡°Oh Merlin! Why didn¡¯t you mention the post was here, mum?¡± She rushed over to the owl, who hooted in response to finally being noticed. Hermione, shocked that she didn¡¯t realise the owl was there, walked over and retrieved the letters from the birds beak. She audible gasped as she flicked through the three letters. ¡°What is it? Anything for me?¡± Ginny eagerly bounced next to Hermione. ¡°No, It¡¯s letters for Ron, Harry and I¡­from Hogwarts! I wonder what it¡¯s about?¡± ¡°Alright! Some food. Thank Merlin, I¡¯m starving!¡± Ron barged through the door and quickly took a seat, immediately picking up a muffin and taking a large bite from it. ¡°This is great, mum, thanks.¡± Ron finished his muffin before he was even aware that Hermione and Ginny were in the room. ¡°What are you two all giddy about?¡± He huffed and took some bacon to put in a bread roll. Hermione skipped over to Ron, her face beaming after having read her own letter. She handed Ron his, and waited for him to open it. Ron looked at her skeptically and slowly handled his letter. ¡°Hogwarts? What do they want?¡± As Ron was just about to read his letter, more footsteps fluttered down the stairs. ¡°What¡¯s everyone fussing about?¡± A tired Harry Potter grumbled as he joined them around the table. ¡°Oh Harry! Here you go.¡± Hermione gave him his letter and by this point she could barley contain her excitement. ¡°Come on you two, open it!¡± She bounced up and down, twirling her finger in her hair as she awaited the boy¡¯s reactions. To Hermione, they were taking years to read the letter but in reality it had only been a few seconds since either boy had been given their post. Ron finished reading first. ¡°Oh Merlin.¡± He sighed and dipped his head into his hands. ¡°They want us to go back? I thought I was finally free of education!¡± Ron complained and Hermione whacked him on the arm. Molly came over and Ron handed the letter to her for her to read. As soon as she started, a large grin painted her features and she ruffled Ron¡¯s hair up. ¡°This is great news, I was a little worried about you all missing so much school time last year. Of course there was a whole war going on, but I can¡¯t help being concerned about the future of my children.¡± Although Ginny and Ron were the only Weasley¡¯s going back to Hogwarts, Molly meant – and always does when talking about her family – Hermione and Harry too. She took Harry under her wing since he was eleven, and Hermione when she had to obliviate her parents during the dreadful war. She treated them and considered them as her own. ¡°Oh Ron, you may not want to go back now, but just wait until we get there and all our other friends and there too! You¡¯ll love it! It will be so great. Not to mention that we¡¯re eighth years so we¡¯ll have a load more free time.¡± Hermione seemed unearthly happy. ¡°Which you¡¯ll spend revising no doubt.¡± Rom sniggered and Harry joined in. ¡°What about you, Harry? What do you think?¡± Hermione pressed. Harry looked put on the spot for a second. He fiddled with his letter, spinning it one way, then spinning it the other. ¡°Harry?¡± Hermione spoke again. ¡°I don¡¯t know, Hermione. There¡¯s a lot of¡­ bad memories there. What if it¡¯s too soon?¡± ¡°We¡¯ll all be there with you, Harry. Won¡¯t we, Ron?¡± She pointedly looked at Ron who was quick to pick up on the cue. ¡°Yeah, mate. If you go, I¡¯ll go. We can get through this. Besides, it may be good to get our mind off of everything, you know?¡± Ron got the words out before stuffing another bite of the bacon roll and taking a sip of his juice. ¡°See Harry? At least try? I swear, if you don¡¯t like it you can leave and that¡¯s perfectly fine.¡± Harry sat in silence for a few minutes as he looked down at his letter. His fingers traced the Hogwarts wax stamp and he took a deep breath. ¡°We¡¯ll be with you every step of the way, Harry.¡± Hermione reminded him. The raven haired boy moved his head before he even realised what he was doing. Hermione gasped in joy and engulfed Harry in a bear hug. He scrunched his face up as her curls tickled his nose, but he welcomed the hug anyway. ¡°I guess we start school at the beginning of September?¡± Harry combed a hand through his wild hair and sat back in his chair. Hermione stood up straight and rummaged for her letter. Once she retrieved it, she gazed up and down the parchment. ¡°It says that eighth years are to begin school on the 1st. This is a day before everyone else arrives so that they can sort out our dormitories and living area.¡± Hermione read out the small paragraph at the bottom of her letter before folding it closed again. Behind her, Molly grabbed a muffin on the go and danced around sweeping and putting things away. She stopped for a brief second. ¡°Okay, well I expect all three of you to be fully packed by the end of tonight. Got it? No diddle dallying, and no messing around. We only have two days before you¡¯re going to have to get the train.¡± Molly hurried them upstairs and flicked her wand to transport their trunks up after them. When they were upstairs, they ran about collecting their things. They dispersed like little ants, sprinting from one room to the next, picking up odd items they¡¯d left scattered around. ¡°RON DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY SNITCH SOCKS ARE?¡± ¡°ARE THEY UNDER YOUR BED, HARRY?¡± ¡°¡­AH, THANKS, ¡®MIONE!¡± ¡°YOU¡¯RE WELCOME. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PINK CARDIGAN?¡± ¡°It¡¯s over here!¡± Ginny came rushing out of her bedroom and into the spare one where the three were packing. Harry¡¯s clothes were strewn out all over the place, like Rons. Hermione on the other hand, had her trunk neatly packed, garments on the side folded and waiting to be packed. She looked over at the boy¡¯s and tutted at their untidiness – she wished she could just use magic and whisk their clothes away, but she had made a promise to herself when she retrieved her parents from Australia. She would not use magic for any unjustified, lazy reason anymore. ¡°Okay, I think I¡¯m done. What about you two?¡± She sighed and looked over at Ron and Harry. Harry was nearly done, but Ron was trailing behind a little. Hermione stood and joined Ron on the other side of the bedroom. ¡°Move over, I¡¯ll help.¡±Another hour ticked by and finally all three were done packing. They took this time now to sit and have a drink of juice while reminiscing over their favourite Hogwarts moments. Hermione told her story about buying her dress for the yule ball, Ron excitedly recited the joy he got from every Halloween feast, and Harry, after a long think, said he was grateful for everything at Hogwarts. It was his home, it was where he found his best friends, it was where he found himself. They all agreed that Hogwarts was way more than just a school. ¡°Well, I think we should go get dinner and get to bed. Tomorrow I presume we¡¯ll go to Diagon Alley and stock up on stationary and books, so we¡¯ll want to be well rested.¡± Hermione sighed and stood up, Ron and Harry following. ¡°DINNER EVERYBODY!¡± Mrs Weasley yelled from the Kitchen. The three broke into soft laughter and made their way downstairs.

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