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Five years after the war, Harry lives a perfectly normal life, all things considered. Happy (somewhat) with what he has, He doesn’t think he needs a change, not sure what he can, should and would change anyway.That’s until Draco Bloody Malfoy shows up out of thin air and says he might be able to help change a very, very important thing: the fate of Harry’s godfather, sirius black.


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Five years after the war, Harry lives a perfectly normal life, all things considered. Happy (somewhat) with what he has, He doesn’t think he needs a change, not sure what he can, should and would change anyway.That’s until Draco Bloody Malfoy shows up out of thin air and says he might be able to help change a very, very important thing: the fate of Harry’s godfather, sirius black.


So i kind of started this hahaGot a solid story in mind, hope i can transfer it as well as i plotted itEnjoy.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
It was an unremarkable sunny day towards the end of April. A Tuesday too, no less, which for unknown reasons had proven to be the slowest day of the week, even with the sheer unpredictability of Harry’s job taken into notice. Everyone were pretty much desked, save perhaps from the unit that were sent to take care of a minor wand fight behind Horizont alley.He would excuse himself early today to take a shower and maybe steal a short nap before meeting up at Ron and Hermione’s, Harry decided, tossing a file he was holding aside and watching it land on a messy pile of file work he never could bring himself to tidy up, even if all it took was a small swish of his wand. He could still be summoned if he was needed anyway. He glanced over Ron’s empty desk and rose from his rather uncomfortable chair, grabbed his robes from the hanger and headed out.Quickly nodding over for others that did lift their heads from their stuffy rooms, he paced across the department, calculating which lift would be less crowded this time of the day. Robards welcomed him with a nasty glare as he passed, which was responded immediately with Harry’s practiced cheeky grin that pissed Robards off to a very satisfactory level.Ron also did this thing where he would intentionally call him by different wrong variations of his name. Very amusing indeed.But the glory didn’t last much longer, because the moment he took the turn for the elevators, he heard footsteps emerging in a run. He heard it of course, but too late and too close as he was, he got it full force, sending himself and the person flying down to the ground with series of heavy thuds.Harry righted himself sooner and almost fell back down again, because right in front of him, laid in a mess of Robes and books, was Draco Sodding Malfoy, groaning and breathing fast.Harry could only stand there and stare.Malfoy then, did something that sent Harry further into complete daze: he opened his eyes, spotted Harry, stared right into his eyes, and relaxed, sighing with relief. Relief. He rested a palm on his face, taking his time, regrouping, breathing deep.“uh,” Blurted Harry, watching the entire thing with raised eyebrows. “you comfortable there?”Malfoy drops his hand. “mm, not so sure,” he provides with a voice Harry had not heard in a very long time. “ ‘least the tiles are cold. It’s a pretty hot day.”A passing ministry employee gave them an accusing stare.Malfoy sighed. “what were you doing there, lurking in the corners anyway?”“me?!” Harry scoffed, nerves flaring. “YOU ran into Me, quiet literally. What were YOU doing, running like that?”Malfoy sat slowly. His stupid blond hair fell into his eyes and he tossed it away with a careless little flip.“ looking for you, actually.”“what?! Why?”Malfoy starts gathering his books. There’s four in total. They all look heavy, and none of them have titles, as far as Harry sees. He piles them up, lifts them, then stands upright in a rather admiring balance without using his hands. ( Harry knows he’d fall three times over if he was to ever try to do that, but apparently Malfoy could, the tosser).After what seems like an hour of Malfoy very calmly sorting himself and his Robes and hair and books (for which Harry does not know why he waited ), the git finally meets Harry’s gaze again. Harry stares at the nervous seriousness in the lines of his face.“may we discuss this elsewhere? I’m … this place isn’t exactly the best choice of option.”His gaze slips past Harry’s shoulder towards something behind him.Harry spins in place automatically. Robards is standing there, apparently freezing mid-step on his way to the owlery. His face us pinched with so much hate and disgust Harry does a double take, following his line of sight right back to Malfoy. There’s a tense silence for a minute. Robards doesn’t move, probably thinking it not safe to turn his back on Malfoy (or Harry. Or both, harry just isn’t sure at this point), which leaves Harry no choice but to evacuate the scene.“come on then, I was already leaving anyway.” He grits out as he stomps towards the lifts.Malfoy narrowly slithered in mere moments before the bars on the lift closed, tightly clutching his books to his chest.“ whoa there, cowboy. Merlin, could have at least waited…” He muttered under his breath with a touch of annoyance to his voice, which is doing nothing in Harry’s favor. He feels his own nerves perk.“oh, piss off. Where’d you come from anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be in France?”Those Teal robes did kind of look French, didn’t they?Malfoy frowned, the corner of his lip lifting the tiniest bit in a visible effort to contain himself.“ that, I will shortly discuss as well.”“no, honestly, I have nothing to discuss with you. I’m off. Good day.”The bars opened with a ding. Harry rushed out but to his surprise, Malfoy’s sharp footsteps don’t follow behind him. They halt, then echo in a different direction. Harry pauses and turns to look at the blonde striding away calmly.Harry frowns, confused, and calls after Malfoy, raising his voice a little. A few heads turn to look at him curiously, then Malfoy as his target. Spitefully. The blonde pauses and waits for Harry to catch up.“ yes?” he says in his own comical annoying calm, blinking very slowly. Harry bites back a very rude comment.“ didn’t you want to talk?”“ sure, but it seemed like you didn’t.”“but…”Malfoy shifted uncomfortably under the gazes and lowered his voice, hiding it from a hundred of watchful eyes and keen sharp ears.“ listen, i…” he took a deep breath in.” if you’ve changed your mind, meet me in the leaky cauldron in ten. ““what is this about?!”“I’ll explain.” Malfoy assures as he begins to walk towards the fireplaces. He doesn’t look back, slipping through the crowd, eyes following him all the way until he disappears into one of the fireplaces.Harry decided not to kill time. At least not here. He quickly walked to the fireplaces, purposefully choosing a different one from Malfoy’s and apparated to Diagon Alley.The place is pleasantly less crowded than usual in the middle of the week but with the blessing of the bright sun and gentle yet warm breeze, it didn’t seem less alive. Harry spotted the leaky Cauldron, but thought he’d go fetch himself another box of owl food since he was running dangerously low and he never quite fancied tired prissy owls peck him for it.But that took less time than he expected. He couldn’t just wander around like a fool, but didn’t also like to show up too early, didn’t want to make himself look too eager. ( which he was, in a way, and no one would blame him. Harry was just one curious man)Huffing to himself, Harry gathered his wits, tried to cool the wildfire inside him and thought , fuck it, I’ll just hear what the bastard has to say which would be the usual Malfoy-ish bullshite, then I’ll go home and never think about it again.He had proximately 11 seconds between spotting an icy blond head and reaching the table Malfoy was sitting behind on not that far of a corner, so he spent every one of those precious seconds thinking what could possibly be the topic of whatever ridiculous nonsense Malfoy was about to ‘discuss’, but by the end of it, all he could bet his money on was a high possibility of some sort of request.And it made sense, didn’t it? What did him and bloody Malfoy had to (willingly) ‘discuss’ about? ( somehow that word was suddenly very triggering, give him a break)When he finally pulled a chair back to sit down, Malfoy didn’t lift his head from his books immediately. The one he was reading right the second was written in some sort of language he could not recognize, all twisted in spirals and bent lines. He sat down, peaking over to the book.“what’s this?”Malfoy sat back with a sigh. “ you’ll know. Shortly. Do you want anything?”Harry blinked. “ do I want anything? YES, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL-“Malfoy quickly waved an alarming glance towards the only other table taken by three wizards, all looking at them with mild suspicion. Harry closed his mouth.“ I meant anything to drink of course,” Malfoy grumbled, crossing his arms. “ because that’s just how these talks are supposed to go, but it seems as though someone is eager to get this over with as soon as humanly possible.”“well, shouldn’t I be? You show up out of nowhere, at my DEPARTMENT and tell me we need to talk-““ Potter…-““- and then you proceed to drag me out of the ministry-““- you said you were leaving already!-““ – so no, Malfoy, I don’t want coffee, just spit it out so we can both finally go on our merry ways, how is that?”Malfoy gave him an unreadable look.Harry analyzed his face while his own was being analyzed. If France was, in terms of weather, similar to London, Malfoy must have spent most of his days away from the sun. He was paler than Harry remembered, but not unhealthy (he guesses). He doesn’t look all that different from when he last saw him either, only a bit more…distant? And a lot more serious? (hopefully not, because that pinched face Harry has seen far too many times never brought any good news)Malfoy eventually lowered his death stare and tapped his book thoughtfully.“ I was in such a rush to get here I didn’t exactly formulate a smooth speech. I guess I’ll just start from the beginning.”“oh, Bloody hell.”“ shove off Potter,” Malfoy snaps impatiently. “and for once just listen, alright? You apparently have somewhere more important to be, so just close that smart mouth of yours because the sooner we’re done, the sooner you can fuck off, yeah?”He takes a deep breath in and doesn’t wait for a response.“ I did go to France to study, yes, but no, I’ve already finished my studies. I was not, however, coming back until next year. It all happened the last minute which is probably why you didn’t know about it, or, well, your boss didn’t know about it.” Malfoy frowns, defensive. “ and I took a registered Portkey. It’s all very legal. You can check it all with the transportation division”“I didn’t say anything.”“ you were thinking it. Anyway, as I’m sure you know, healing for the bigger part is in very close contact with all sorts of curses-““wait, you were studying to become a healer?!”That touched a nerve for all the wrong reasons. “ what, you think I was studying to become the next dark lord or something then?” Malfoy bits out slowly, but spitefully enough to cut, the steel of his eyes blazing like hot iron.Harry sighed. “ no, I just-“That even made it worse somehow.“ oh, okay, I get it, mister save the day thinks that requires a certain amount of goodness AND intelligence I lack, doesn’t he? Well, Jokes on you ,because I was not only the best in our year, but I was-““Malfoy, Malfoy, shut UP!” Harry says, lowering his voice again after the three wizards start murmuring accusingly. “ must you be so Dramatic? Merlin, I simply didn’t know what the hell you were up to, there. That’s it! Jesus…”Malfoy doesn’t stop frowning, eyes back to being a pair of cold, distant moonstones. “you needn’t make excuses, as I’m sure you can see bits and pieces of it, I get that all the time, but sure, whatever you say…”Something about that statement tingles something inside Harry.“moving on,” Malfoy announces pointedly, “ before you rudely interrupted, I was saying that healing as you know is in close encounters with spells and curses, so every healer passes a few courses of beginners curse breaking, which I did along with the others. But then I thought, why not take it further, learn more, be more effective and independent? So I started my own self study on curses and therefore curse breaking…”“ and why are you telling me that?”“ there now, Potter, have a little faith.”“ huh.”“ so. I’m assuming you know about basic curse breaking due to your own trainings. Well, about that,..” Malfoy pauses, pointing over to the four books splattered on the table. “ i was searching inside an ancient abandoned library one day. Don’t ask how I ended up there, because I don’t know. Me and a few other students found the thing in the middle of no where and went in. Could have caved in, and yes it was a very dangerous thing to do, but here we are. Anyways, we found books in different languages, blah blah blah, some crap you don’t need to hear, but we took some home for some reason.”Harry looked at the one Malfoy had left opened. The pages were almost falling apart, letters fading to almost nothing in some places. There were pictures too, small and unidentifiable save perhaps from one in the center of the page, which looked like a sleeping person and another one standing above it.Malfoy made sure to maintain eye contact as he continued. “as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing readable. We all just kept these because they were cool, but some of the pictures obviously showed some sort of spell damage in this book especially, like this one,” a few moments of gentle flipping. Malfoy pointed at a picture of a man with some extension on their head. It looked a lot like mushroom hair jinx. “ but of course I didn’t take things seriously at first. The book lived it’s life in a corner of my room for a really long time until a friend of mine, a French ancient history teacher came over and I showed him the book. He pointed at random letters and said some things, but the point is, this is French. Just in ancient code.”Harry stared at the spirals and tilted lines and wobbly crosses and leaf-like shapes.“he did his, erm, research,” Malfoy said, twisting the hem of his sleeve nervously now, but tone still as firm as before. “ fast forward, I cracked the code. I read the book, which took long because I’m barely okay with French and no where near fluent, and. Um.”Harry nodded, encouraging him to move on.Malfoy observed him for a moment, hesitant. Then he licked his lips, dropped his hands into his lap, drew his wand and cast a Muffliato around them.“ now this is going to sound, well, many thing, erm…”Harry frowned. “ do I need to sit down?”Malfoy let out a short nervous laugh. “ you’re already sitting down though…”Harry huffed, trying not to laugh back. “ I still don’t see how any of this has anything to do with me. Do you want me to, like, be the subject of some jinxes you picked up from that book?”Malfoy paled further, quickly looking away. He swallowed heavily.“ that’s one way to put it I guess.” He muttered to himself, glaring at the book.Harry froze. “ what.”“ no, no, it’s not what it seems,” Malfoy quickly says, blinking much faster now. “ or… it is. I… listen, this… you just need to listen. I will answer every question, or… well, as many as I can, but just hear me out, alright ?”“no, I’M NOT GOING TO BE YOUR LAB RAT!”“ no, listen-““ HONESTLY MALFOY, DID YOU THINK I’D AGREE TO THAT?”“ LET ME FUCKING TALK!” Malfoy yelled back, shocking the both of them for a moment. Harry sat back in hiz chair, speechless.“I wasn’t going to test anything on you!” Malfoy snaps, voice still a touch too loud. “or. Like that. Just… I just might have found something to help you.”“ help me? Help me with what exactly?”Malfoy opened his mouth, closed it, and considered Harry with watchful guarded eyes.“ why would you even want to…?” Harry thought out aloud, mostly to himself.Something here was terribly wrong. Could be the fact that a certain bloody ferret showed up with a story that fooled absolutely nobody, telling Harry of all people he could help, with Merlin knows what no less, like that was something that happened on any other regular Tuesday. Could be the minor detail that it was Malfoy, a slimy git that didn’t have a single right bone in his entire lanky body. Could be the way Harry didn’t see how he’d need help at all, let alone from the little son of a bitch.But suddenly, Malfoy was looking right through skin and muscle into his soul with a pair of unsettlingly open eyes.“ I might, maybe, if stars align and if we push mine and your luck together since you sure have a lot of that, and if, if my theories and calculations are correct, and if it all comes together in the end on time, and if we don’t end up doing more ruining than fixing, i…”Harry waited, holding his breath.Malfoy blinked. Once.“… then I, we, might be able to bring back your godfather, Sirius Black.”

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