Fanfic: In The Dark Bloom by k_rasque (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Those who enter the Forbidden Forest never came back out.


Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHarry Potter/Tom Riddle Harry Potter/Tom Riddle | VoldemortHarry Potter Tom Riddle | Voldemort Tom Riddle Dursley Family (Harry Potter) Tom the Barman (Harry Potter) Arabella FiggFemale Harry Potter Eventual Harry Potter/Tom Riddle Not Canon Compliant Alternate Universe Fae & Fairies fae tom riddle Tom Riddle is His Own Warning Forbidden Forest Magicals – Freeform Implied/Referenced Child Abuse Curious Harry Potter Possessive Tom Riddle Alternate Universe – Fantasy Girl-Who-Lived (Harry Potter) Girl-Who-Survived if you’re going by my fic Inspired by Hades and Persephone (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) Somewhat also inspired by Of Hellfire and Ashes by PurpleMango and Byzantine by TreacleTeacups Fairy Tale Elements Dark Fairy Tale Elements I Haven’t Read Harry Potter so don’t expect much but for all it’s worth I Will Go Down With This Ship



Those who enter the Forbidden Forest never came back out. Only once had one made it out alive. A young girl marked by the forest, a scar tracing a jagged path down her forehead. Years passed and Harry could hear it call back to her. A voice, telling her to return and finish what happened upon the night of the 31st. Driven by curiosity, she complies and enters. If only she knew the horrors that occurred inside all those years ago. For deep in the heart of the forest, a cold whisper of a promise echoed back.”This forest doesn’t leave any survivors.”


Harry hears a voice in the forest.

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:
Hello, hello! Guess who decided to write a tomarry fic while having zero knowledge of how the wizarding world works so they decided to write it in an alternate universe instead.More characters will appear the further we get in the fic but for the most part we’ll be focusing on Harry and Tom. The whole setting revolves in a sort of School for Good and Evil fashion with the small town of Surrey acting as Gavaldon and the whole of the Forbidden Forest surrounding it.Last of all, my update schedule would range from 2 to 3 weeks so I’ll see you guys until then. As always, I hope you enjoy what I wrote so far and I appreciate it if you leave any comments or kudos :DD

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