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Description: KC, American 8th year, top of class at Ilvermorny, comes to Hogwarts after the war. Helping where she can to help rebuild Hogwarts and be an ambassador to students new and returning. Her family and her past are hidden to keep them safe. With the rumors of Sympathizers joining forces, it is for the best. Draco returns as required in his sentence. McGonagall appoints him Head Boy because of his rank as 2nd in class along side Hermione Granger. “Keep your head down and make it through the year.” Granger hears the rumors of the Sympathizers and is immediately on edge. She knows she has to keep an eye on Malfoy, and after seeing the American with him, there is no question she is on the top of the list as well. An 8th year of learning who you are and where you might go in life, while learning from your past.Mostly Cannon-compliant. A few characters never died during the battle.

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KC, American 8th year, top of class at Ilvermorny, comes to Hogwarts after the war. Helping where she can to help rebuild Hogwarts and be an ambassador to students new and returning. Her family and her past are hidden to keep them safe. With the rumors of Sympathizers joining forces, it is for the best. Draco returns as required in his sentence. McGonagall appoints him Head Boy because of his rank as 2nd in class along side Hermione Granger. “Keep your head down and make it through the year.” Granger hears the rumors of the Sympathizers and is immediately on edge. She knows she has to keep an eye on Malfoy, and after seeing the American with him, there is no question she is on the top of the list as well. An 8th year of learning who you are and where you might go in life, while learning from your past.Mostly Cannon-compliant. A few characters never died during the battle.

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(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Thank you for reading! This is my first fic. Long time reader and I have such high hopes for this story. No update schedule as of now but I hope to make this wonderful.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Chapter Text
The summer had come and gone all too quickly. Recovery efforts from the wizarding war in the UK was taking a toll even over here with the community in America. Ilvermorny was doing what could be done to help, and that would include sending one of their most qualified students to help aid in welcoming new students and being an advocate for young students who needed help with the change of school and aftermath of the war. One who was not a stranger to that struggle, was Kara Celine. ¡°Please Professor Mason, you¡¯ve known me long enough to know that I go by KC. I don¡¯t want to go somewhere new and pretend to be someone I¡¯m not¡±Professor Mason just looked at her and smiled. ¡°Be that as it may, KC. I know that the war wasn¡¯t easy for you, given your past. You are by far our most qualified student to go. Are your parents approving of you going abroad for an extra year of schooling?¡± ¡°I¡¯m of age now, I do not need their consent to further my education,¡± KC said as she looked down and folded her hands into her lap. ¡°If this is something that will help me secure a better future for myself within MACUSA, I¡¯m going to do so.¡± KC¡¯s parents had been supportive of her magical education, but not without their reservations. Her family had a twisted history when it comes to magic. According to Ilvermorny¡¯s records, she comes from a family of No-maj. KC¡¯s secret when it comes to her family is a little bit deeper than that. Her parents were born as ¡®squibs¡¯ as they are so called. Born into ¡°Pureblood¡± families in Britain. Those families, no matter how much they wanted heirs, didn¡¯t want their names to be tarnished in the eye of the wizarding world and erased their names from the family trees. They moved to America in hopes to start over, leaving the magic world behind. They married and when KC arrived, they thought they would finally have a normal life. But around KC¡¯s 7th birthday, there was an incident at her elementary school, and their hopes of staying away from the wizarding world vanished. They were supportive of their daughter; pushed her to succeed in everything she wanted. KC not only was the top of her class, but also quidditch captain for 3 out of her 5 years on the team. Her parents truly thought that they had hidden what they were, but there were only so many late night arguments that could be silenced. So many records that could only be hidden for so long. They may not know that she knows, but she does. She knows everything. Enough to know that if anyone knew the truth, her life, her parent¡¯s lives, would be in danger. ¡°I¡¯m sad to see you go, KC, but we both know that Hogwarts will be welcoming one of the brightest witches I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You are going to change the world and it won¡¯t even see it coming,¡± Mason said, coming to the other side of the desk to shake KC¡¯s hand.KC laughed. ¡°I¡¯ll settle for passing all of my NEWTs. I¡¯ve heard those are extremely difficult.¡± ¡°You¡¯ll set records I¡¯m sure. Just have some fun. Don¡¯t be like me. Make friends and memories. That is what you¡¯ll remember.¡± While KC had been successful in classes and quidditch, she never made close friends. She had those acquaintances that you have in proximity, but when it came to writing to people over the summer, Professor Mason was the only one she could talk to. She was used to being independent and it would likely stay that way. ¡°And I know you¡¯re used to doing things alone, KC. Just try, for me. Here is your international portkey. It is set to leave tomorrow. Here is your list of supplies you¡¯ll need to get when you get to Diagon Alley. I have set up a small account for you at the bank of Gringotts. Just stop by and hand them this note and they will have it set up for you. It¡¯s not a lot, but it¡¯s enough to get you started. And also, your ticket for the train to school. Just try to make a friend. Just one. I¡¯ll see you when you get back.¡±KC shook the professor¡¯s hand and left with her things. Without looking back, she apparated back home to finish packing her things and preparing for what was to come. ********International portkeys caused the worst of motion sickness. She landed outside of the Ministry of Magic in London. The amount of paperwork required for coming into a new country was astounding. She got there when the office opened so she could get it all taken care of before venturing to do her school shopping. The school uniforms were going to be tricky. The most expensive part of her shopping list. Books were something you could buy second hand, but it was very unlike wizarding communities to have thrift stores. If she was lucky, she could get by with one set for a while, even if the house elves would hate her for having to do her laundry so often. After 2 hours of waiting, she managed to get everything taken care of and she could leave the ministry. KC was stepping out of the craziest elevators she had experienced when she collided right into a hard chest. ¡°My goodness, I am so sorry. Excuse me,¡± she said as she looked up. A boy who looked to be around her age with who she presumed was his mother. ¡°This wasn¡¯t even the floor I was looking for. I¡¯m sorry, can I push a button for you?¡± The boy just looked haunted. No emotion, broken. She knew that look, personally. His hair may be bright, the suit he wore perfectly fit, but you can¡¯t hide when you¡¯re that broken. KC felt her heart sink for this boy and she didn¡¯t even know who he was. His mother smiled slightly and said, ¡°Entry level will do. Thank you.¡± KC just smiled back and stood while the elevator went again. She admired the mother. She held herself so well. Head up, Hair white blonde and black pinned with an emerald clip. Silver detailed black robes. KC knew better than to ask questions so she just looked down as they rode to the lobby. As the door opens, she lets the two leave before her. She did not expect what was waiting on the other side. There was a crowd. She couldn¡¯t make out the words that were being yelled, and couldn¡¯t see beyond the flashing lights, but there was no way anyone deserved that kind of treatment. ¡°I¡¯m not sure what you¡¯re wanting, but let them through!¡± KC yelled. She pushed her way through grabbing the boy¡¯s hand, dragging him with her. It was a fight and those who were there yelling at them started to turn their anger towards her. They were almost to the fireplaces to leave when one of the men in the crowd pushed her down, making the boy trip over her.¡°That¡¯s what you get for helping death eaters,¡± the man spat as he walked away. The boy said nothing. He just got up and left, leaving KC on the black marble tile. The mother stood in front of her and held her hand out. ¡°You didn¡¯t deserve that. They don¡¯t understand anything it seems. Thank you for your kindness and helping get my son out of here. This isn¡¯t your battle, I¡¯m sorry you got caught in the crossfire.¡±¡°From what I was told the war was over,¡± KC said as she stood with the help that was offered. ¡°It¡¯s not my battle, but it seems that some of the war will never end. No one deserves that treatment.¡±The mother smiled and walked towards the fireplace. ¡°I wish more people saw it the way you do,¡± she said as the flames turned green. She was gone seconds later. Perhaps this year was going to be harder than she originally thought.She spent a decent amount of time after the ministry, just exploring Diagon Alley. She got a room at the Leaky Cauldron and was eager to get started on the list before most of the shops closed. The goblins were quick at fixing the account which meant more time to get everything prepared. She stopped by Flourish and Blotts, and was able to gather some of the few books she needed from their ¡®Used¡¯ section. The apothecary was one shop she could spend hours in. Potions was by far an interesting subject and maybe one day there would be more ways to progress. And last was the shop she was dreading the most, uniforms. KC walked into Madam Malkins and she could already tell this was going to hurt more than anticipated. ¡°Excuse me, I was wondering if I could get fitted for a new set of Hogwarts robes?¡± KC asked the lady at the counter whose back was turned.¡°Which house?¡± said the lady, without turning around. ¡°I¡¯m not sure yet, unfortunately.¡±With that, the lady turned with a curious eye. ¡°You must be the ambassador I¡¯ve heard about. Let¡¯s get you set up over here, while I finish up here with the other client.¡±¡°Thank you. And I just want to be upfront with you. I do not have much to spend. I may just have to get one set and come back on break to get a few more,¡± KC said ashamed. She wasn¡¯t one to hide her emotions well. When it came to finances, it caused more anxiety than anything else. ¡°Make sure she has at least 5 sets, Madam. Put it on our bill,¡± a voice coming from the back of the shop said. To KC¡¯s surprise, it was the mother and the boy from earlier. ¡°She should be set for the year, do not accept a knut from her.¡±¡°I cannot accept that. You don¡¯t need to do that for me,¡¯ KC stammered. It was too much money. That was easily going to cost the woman at minimum $400, around 58 Galleons. More than she could ever hope to pay back.The boy looked at her and left the shop without a word, still no emotion on his face. KC was absolutely speechless. ¡°My dear,¡± the mother said from the counter. ¡°You have no idea what earlier meant to me and my son. Though it seems he has lost his manners. Accept this as a thank you.¡± She walked towards KC and handed her a note. ¡°Take care at Hogwarts. Keep your head held high.¡± She walked out of the shop without another thought. It was a receipt from the Leaky Cauldron. She had covered the cost of the room as well. Signed, Narcissa Malfoy. Madam Malkin came towards KC with a rack of robes. ¡°That is a powerful friend to have, dear. Narcissa is one-of-a-kind. Fierce protector of her family. Shame they ended up on the wrong side of things. But she and her son have a better future ahead of them.¡±KC gave a small smile as she continued to watch Narcissa and her son through the window. They disappeared down the alley as Madam Malkin started measuring for robes. An interesting year ahead indeed. ********Finding her way through King¡¯s Cross station was trying. One does not find train stations in the middle of America. She saw there was a family walking in the direction she hoped was the right way. A band of red hair, large trunks and a small owl. Not many others would have that if they weren¡¯t a wizarding family, so may luck be on her side. It seemed that there was only one red-haired girl around her age that actually had luggage. The other was a similar aged girl with wild curly brown hair. She saw them disappear through the pillar and KC knew she had the right idea to follow them. The red train was marvelous to see. So different from what she was accustomed to. The whistle blew and she realized just how much she had been lost in thought. She rushed to give the staff her trunk, adjusted her bag over her shoulder, and boarded the passenger car. Every compartment she passed was full. KC was excited that she had caught up to the two girls she saw on the platform, but as she got to the door, saw they had joined others in a now full compartment. It was good to see so many get together and smile after the horrors they had seen. One could only imagine what it was like. The train moved out of the station before she was ready and she stumbled right into someone. ¡°I am so sorry!¡± KC said as she adjusted her bag once more. It was the blonde boy, wearing a similar black suit.¡°Perhaps you are just clumsy. Watch yourself,¡± he said and stalked off towards the back of the train. The only words she had heard from him. The annoyed look on his face, almost a sneer, but not backed by any malice. She couldn¡¯t quite read him. She watched him continue on and then continued looking to find anyone her age to sit with. It wasn¡¯t looking promising. She ran into some younger students who were overly excited, waiting for the snacks to come around. KC smiled and wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes. No worries coming into a new school. No war looming over their heads; just the thought of a new school and new friends. The innocence of what was lost. If she had anything to say about it, no one would have to struggle through that ever again. Just as she reached the last car, she knew seat options would be limited. ¡°Just sit by the next person you see,¡± KC said to herself. As she opened the door to the car, she was surprised to see it scarcely empty. It was open seated instead of compartments, but it seemed like there were only a handful of students in this car, including the quiet blonde. She took a deep breath and went to sit across from him. ¡°I¡¯m sorry that we got off on the wrong foot. I¡¯m KC,¡± she said and held out her hand.¡°Clumsy and chatty. Not off to a very good start are we?¡± he said staring out the window.¡°Look, I¡¯m sorry that I¡¯ve run into you so many times. It¡¯s not hard to see I¡¯m new. I just needed a seat and you were a familiar face. Even if I don¡¯t know your name. I¡¯ll just sit and be quiet.¡± KC reached into her bag and pulled out her advanced transfiguration book. As much as she wanted to solve the mystery of him, she knew when she was pushing past her welcome. The things one can learn from body language alone is telling. He obviously didn¡¯t want to be in her presence. ¡®If he is still this tense in 15 minutes, I¡¯ll move,¡¯ KC thought to herself. ¡®I¡¯ll get through the first chapter on Animagus and just go.¡¯ After a tense few minutes, he turns to look at her finally. ¡°I thought Granger was the only swot around here. She will be so disappointed.¡±KC nearly dropped her book, she was so shocked, but tried her best to hide it. ¡°I guess there might finally be someone in the library as much as I am then.¡± He scoffed. It almost sounded like a laugh. ¡°You could say that.¡± KC looked up to find him still looking at her. His eyes looked brighter. No longer dull and void of emotion. He looked at her with what looked like curiosity. He didn¡¯t say anything else, but he watched. She just smiled at him and continued to read her book. Hours went by in silence. The few others in the passenger car watched the two and exchanged whispers, but no one approached. After a while, they all left and it was just the two. KC had gotten through a decent amount of the information to be an Animagus. It wasn¡¯t going to be easy, but the possibilities added onto future employment with this skill were worth the time and effort. ¡°Look, KC¡­¡± ¡°There you are, Malfoy. I¡¯ve been looking everywhere for you!¡± It was the girl with the wild curly brown hair. She was furious.Malfoy just rolled his eyes. ¡°I haven¡¯t moved since we started, couldn¡¯t have been that challenging. Even for you, Granger.¡± She gave him a murderous look. ¡°We have Head duties. Unfortunately for me, that means I need you. Let¡¯s get to it.¡± With that, Granger stormed out without giving KC as much as a glance. Malfoy got up with his bag and headed towards the door. ¡°Hey, Malfoy!¡± KC yelled after him. He turned back to look at her. ¡°What were you going to say before she burst in here?¡±He just smiled and turned back towards the door. ¡°It¡¯s Draco. That¡¯s my name.¡± and he left.KC stared at the door with a grin on her face. She closed her book and grabbed her uniform to change before they arrived. Maybe, just maybe, she could actually make a friend at school.

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