Fanfic: Lemon Grass and Sleep by CallMeCase (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: O.W.L.s are one type of villain, the type that steals your sanity slowly until you finally reach the end and you conquer them with unceremonious studying.

Characters: Major Character DeathFred Weasley/Original Character(s) Fred Weasley/Original Male Character(s)Fred Weasley George Weasley Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Molly Weasley Ginny Weasley Draco MalfoyHarry Potter – Freeform Hogwarts m/m – Freeform MxM – Freeform bxb – Freeform B/B – Freeform Character Death Amortentia Charms Top Fred Weasley Minor Original Character(s) Pleasure Dom

Summary: Summary:

O.W.L.s are one type of villain, the type that steals your sanity slowly until you finally reach the end and you conquer them with unceremonious studying.Voldemort is another type of villain. The type that steals your happiness and stability, everything you’ve worked toward in life–snatched away in moments. The adults have their own set of worries and concerns, but at least they can do something about it. When everyone still considers you a kid, not only can you not really do much against the Dark Lord, but nobody really wants to tell you anything either.Thomas Soot is just a kid. Not only that, a Hufflepuff kid, so nobody’s really expecting anything great.And they shouldn’t.?HP Prisoner of Azkaban -> Post-Deathly Hallows



Chapter Text
It’s a Tuesday, and nothing ever goes right on a Tuesday. Really, it’s my own fault for believing anything ever could go right on a Tuesday, simply because it has become an ingrained part of my life for everything to not go right on a Tuesday.I stumbled out of the boys’ dormitories with the back of my shoes tucked under my heels and my tie loosely thrown around my neck. Let’s not even mention how my robes were inside out and I didn’t even grab the right books for class.There she was, waiting for me like she did on every Tuesday that had gone just as horribly as this one was going to. Prim and proper, like she had woken five hours ago and spent every waking moment staring at her reflection and fixing imperfections. In reality, she’d probably gotten up about five minutes ago just looking perfect, Glinda was just that sort of person.”Your socks don’t match,” Glinda observed with a teasing smile.”It’s almost like I’m the one who put them on, do you think I don’t know I look a mess? Idiot.””Ouch, you almost hurt my feelings with that one. Maybe next week.””Whatever,” I muttered as we bustled through the hallway, getting the familiar stares of people who judged my haphazard appearance. Of course, I slowly fixed myself as we walked to class, but it was definitely a process getting dressed while walking.Thankfully both shoes were on the right feet and my tie was all made up when my left foot crossed the threshold into potions class.”Mr. Soot, timely as ever.” Professor Snape spoke as energetically as a corpse, and only recieved a polite grunt in response from me.”Good morning Professor,” Glinda smiled warmly, probably relishing in the disgusted purse of Snape’s lips.”And to you, Miss Baker.”We took our seats on the creaky metal stools that surrounded the ancient potions tables dotting the room. Snape whisked his robe around himself in an utterly dramatic fashion before briskly walking to the front of the room. The folds of fabric lightly drifted across the floor as he moved, and rustled against the corners of tables.”Turn your textbooks to page 468.”The sound of flipping bookpages filled my ears as I lazily opened my own book to information about herbology. My palm met my forhead, and I could hear Glinda’s soft giggles at my suffering.”Glinda, be a dear and let me share your textbook,” I asked, shutting my own book and tucking it in my bag before Snape could even catch a glance of it.”Oh, I’m not sure, you were awfully mean to me earlier today,” she tapped a slender finger against her chin, a taunting smirk decorating her lips.”It’s a Tuesday, and don’t act as if I have any chance to intimidate you.””Both fair points, very well,” and she slid her book between us equally. Well, not really equally, but if I tried harder I could make out that there definitely were words on the page.As our conversation died down I suddenly noticed the increase of chatter filling the room, students murmuring amongst themselves excitedly as they hid their faces in their books.”Did something happen? New couple? Breakup?” I asked Glinda.”Are you stupid?” She asked haughtily, “Read the page.”I squinted my eyes at her book, before she huffed and slid the book right in front of me. In big, gaudy letters the word ‘Amortentia’ was written across the top of the page. The way my stomach dropped almost made me clutch onto the table like I was about to keel over. Amortentia? What in the hell were we learning about that for?”Amortentia?” I whispered incredulously, eyes scanning over the page and staring at the various diagrams of steps.”Yes, sir. Everyone’s been talking about it for the last few days, are you oblivious? Wait, you don’t need to answer that.”I rolled my eyes and nervously looked around the room. There were several people in here that I dreaded having normal class with, but having to smell a love potion and tell everyone what I smelled? I probably would never live it down.”This is horrible.””Well, it is a Tuesday.”Snape drawled on and on about the process of making Amortentia, and how it is used in the wizarding world.”It isn’t.”And then, for what seemed like at least a century, he gave us a long, detailed demonstration of how to create the potion. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to stay awake, but I could see classmates’ heads dropping throughout the lecture. Oddly enough, most of the girls were giving Snape their undivided attention, even scribbling down notes in their little journals. Weirdos.”I wonder who they’ll get sent to Madam Pomfrey first,” Glinda muttered to me, gesturing at the girls who were taking notes.”My bet’s on Potter. Whole ‘chosen one’ act has gotten him a lot of admirers,” I whispered back.”Soot, I would be taking notes instead of gossiping with Miss Baker.”My lips tightened into a thin line as everyone who was still awake glanced back at me and Glinda. I nodded and ducked my head down into Glinda’s book, pretending to pick up a pencil.”And that, is how you make a successful batch of Amortentia,” Snape paused to inhale a quick whiff of the small flask, before giving a solemn, satisfied nod. “I hope you were all paying attention and taking notes, as this will be in your assignment for tomorrow’s class.”Everyone’s heads snapped up at that, an exam over creating a potion? Such a thing was not uncommon in Snape’s class, but we were all just fifth years! We wouldn’t even be touching this process until at least next year, what was the point in all of this?”As you all know, this was listed in the curriculum due to the holiday of Valentine’s.”I groaned softly at the recognition of the stupid holiday, all because of some cheap chocolate we were being given yet another potion to memorize?”God this is stupid,” I complained as we walked down the hall, away from potions.”It’s stupid to learn about potions in potions class?” Glinda mocked, glancing over at me with a raised eyebrow.”Extra potions, there’s no need for us to even know this. We won’t even use it in the real world!””Ah, because you’re just so good looking.” She drawled, laughing.”Likewise, Baker.”My attention was stolen from Glinda by none other than the Weasley twins loudly teasing their younger brother across the hall. Their smiles stretched across their faces contagiously, and I couldn’t help but find myself cracking a small one at the sight.It still was a weird feeling, knowing I was in the same school as the Boy Who Lived, and I glanced over to Potter himself–almost like I needed to confirm he was real.”Careful, your eyes might dry out.” Glinda commented from beside me, causing me to scowl in her direction.”I’ve no idea what you mean.””Oh, stop ogling them. I’m shocked you haven’t been bullied out of the school for being that obvious.””Surely you’re talking about someone else.””More like you’re thinking of someone else,” she sang, jutting her chin toward the group.”Shut up,” I finally admitted defeat, knowing there was no way of getting out of Glinda’s teasing.”Face it, Soot. You’re an open book.””God I wish you were illiterate,” I glanced back over to the twins, “Like some other people.””Ooh, very deep. Say it again, I’ll write it in a book of poems.”Not even bothering to grace her with a response, I turned down the hall that led to the library. The laughter of the twins and the shouts of Ron echoed down the hallway, and were instead covered up by the dicussions of students.”Odd that they haven’t picked up on anything when you openly stare like a lovesick puppy in the halls.””Would you be quiet,” I shushed as we walked between tables in the library.”Oh, like you when you saw the twins shirtless running from Filch?”I felt a lump of embarrassment well up in my throat as my face warmed up at the memory.”I’ve no idea-“”Lost your memory from the time you slipped and hit your head, because you were staring at Wealsey boys?””Glinda,” I groaned, rolling my eyes and looking away from her. “Let off me, what did I do to deserve this?””Be the most hopeless romantic I’ve ever laid my eyes on, while swearing to the Ministry that you’re loveless. A true hypocrite if I’ve ever met one,” she smirked confidently, knowing I couldn’t deny any of these accusations.Of course, I did anyway.

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