Fanfic: Might of Heaven 「神威」 by GreenTea4062 (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Circumstances changed and now nothing could stop Regulus from flinging himself out of his self-made cocoon.


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Circumstances changed and now nothing could stop Regulus from flinging himself out of his self-made cocoon. Or; for his treachery, the Dark Lord Voldemort declared Regulus Black a wanted man. That would change some things, at least.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter Text
Regulus didn’t want this, truly he didn’t −well, at least not anymore now that he was starting to see through it, through what it meant to be a Death Eater, the horrible reality of being one. But this whole thing was irreversible and there was no going back. This wasn’t a mistake that he could just take back like he could select out from Ancient Runes. This was ― well, he was sure this could end him.All Regulus ever wanted in his whole life was acceptance, the sense of belonging, having the unconditional care of someone that would fill the hollow gap in his heart, the feeling of being loved. He had thought being a Death Eater would somehow help him find a purpose, of easing the loneliness − how very foolish of him. Joining the Dark Lord didn’t help him find what it was that he was looking for, no, it only helped him to see how stupid he truly was.A life of being overlooked, unnoticed, only considered as the ‘in case anything goes wrong’ backup, it was only natural that Regulus liked the comfort of being unseen, despite wanting unconditional love care from his family (and in the back of his mind it whispered this family would never change, why bother putting in hope? Even your own brother don’t care about you, you know that well, right?). Regulus didn’t ask much, and he never did unless his parents brought something up and asked him, and even then he was careful, lest he accidentally incite anger.Everyone always adored Sirius, who was brilliant and out-spoken and also the heir of the House, before he got himself Sorted in Gryffindor. Regulus had been content with that. He liked to fade into the background as much as possible anyway, he never liked attention as it always meant hexes or even meaner jinxes in the household. But then after ten years of that, Sirius went into Gryffindor and that made everyone in the family lost it, so Regulus had to change as he was pressured to, his survival instincts blaring and warning him to obey obey obey. He had to be seen as ‘proper’ and ‘worthy’ of his name. He had to be someone he wasn’t in order to survive (survive in the only way he knew of).Regulus felt lost in the process of trying to mold himself into what Sirius could have been had he went Slytherin. What pathetic about it was that he wasn’t even succeeding in his self-appointed task.Would there be an end to this? He wanted a respite from everything.

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