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Description: What would have happened if Hermione and Ron were honest with each other from the beginning? If they didn’t hide their feelings, and battled their insecurities together?

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Summary: Summary:

What would have happened if Hermione and Ron were honest with each other from the beginning? If they didn’t hide their feelings, and battled their insecurities together?Rated M for later chapters. Obviously the early chapters are K+ then T…but then you tack on Ron’s mouth and then, well…this IS Ron and Hermione we’re talking about! I’ve also added the underage tag…nothing too scandalous but they ARE teenagers in love after all, aren’t they??I do not own Harry Potter or his friends.

Notes: Notes:

This here is my baby. I’ve been dabbling at this as my daughter and I reread the series, with the question of “what if” hanging in my head! So, this is me, answering my own what if. This fic starts summer before 3rd year (POA) and major events/timelines/characters etc are canon – only difference is that we get to watch Ron and Hermione grow as a couple much sooner. So while the major events are the same (battles, Voldemort, etc), their relationship will change other things. Obviously I’m having loads of fun with the possibilities!!! My thing is, Ron and Hermione are passionate and loving and really not as daft as they’re written to be – especially not towards one another. They know and understand each other, can read each other very well, can see right through each other. So here. their love is seen in each other and grows over time and innocently as they get older. Ron’s possessiveness plays a factor as well as Hermione’s ability to really understand him. Canon Compliant AU, so you’ll see the regular major events happening throughout. Whenever I quote from the book I’ll italicize, bold and mark it accordingly! This is likely going to be long as I plan to go through each year and then post-war as well! At this time I haven’t decided where I’ll stop…after the war I’ll really just see where these two adorable little cinnamon rolls take me. Hope you all have as much fun reading as I am writing :D,Notes:
Third Year

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Hi Mione!

Guess what! ?We’re on our way to Egypt! ?We won some prize from the Daily Prophet…700 Galleons! ?And when we get back I’m getting a new wand THANK MERLIN. ?I tried to call Harry on the muggle hello-phone thing to tell him but his muggle uncle was wickedly mean. ?I know you know how to use the muggle phone thing but DO NOT CALL HARRY. ?I don’t want his git of an uncle yelling at you too. ?I’m going to talk to mum again about getting Harry away from those evil muggles. ?The burrow may be small but we have room!

Write back! ?And don’t call Harry…just write to him.

Love, Ron


Oh Merlin Ron, Egypt? ?That is so exciting! ?I was curious so I read a bit about the ancient tombs in Egypt. ?They put all kinds of curses and hexes on them so that when you enter you are immediately cursed. ?Horrible curses too, like growing an extra head or other appendage or perhaps losing body parts. ?It’s barbaric. Do be careful! ?Of course with your brother being a curse breaker, you shouldn’t have any problems.

As for us, we are heading to Paris! ?I cannot wait. ?We’ll spend the days in the many museums there, which I won’t bore you with those details. ?You must go some day though. ?You would love the food. ?Especially the pastries. ?Pain au chocolat would likely be your favorite.

When will you return? ?Harry’s birthday is next week! ?I have a present for him, but I’m not sure how I will get it to him with no owl. ?I may have to send it to you to send with Errol the next time you write. ? Will he be able to fly such a distance? ?Mum says I can get a pet this year! ?So I may have an owl of my own soon enough!

I know perfectly well how to use a TELEPHONE Ron, thank you very much. ?I know enough not to shout at someone through the receiver! ?Yes, Harry told me all about it in his last letter. ?At least this summer Harry has been able to write, thought. ?So I won’t call him. ?It would be so lovely if he was able to stay with you more. ?I do not know how he can possibly stand living with his aunt and uncle. ?They sound absolutely horrid. ?And that cousin of his! ?He makes Draco Malfoy sound like an absolute little angel!

Please be careful Ron, but do have fun! ?Can’t wait to see you.

Love, Mione
Hermione sighed as she signed her name on Ron’s letter. ?Mione he had started to call her. ?Typically she was not a fan of nicknames, but something about the way he said Mione made her smile. ?Even reading it in written form made her feel things she didn’t quite understand…but rather liked. ?Perhaps it was the way Mione sounded somewhat equal to mine to Hermione…she wondered if he made the same connection. ?Harry didn’t call her nicknames…and she would likely throw a hex his way if he did. ?But Ron, he was different. ?All three of them were best friends, but Hermione knew her relationship with Ron was not at all the same as her relationship with Harry. ?At first, she knew she felt that way. ? Then, when he ended up belching up slugs for her, she realized that so did he.”You shouldn’t have done that Ron,” ?Hermione had admonished him as he leaned his pale, green face on the bucket in his lap. ?She grimaced as he wretched a slug into the bucket.”Well, I did it didn’t I,” he sighed. ?”I’d do anything for you.””I’d do anything for you…”? She smiled at the memory. ?As much as she was looking forward to a few weeks in Paris with her parents, she was most looking forward to coming home. ?And seeing Ron again.And Harry…yes. ?Harry too, of course.Hermione tied the letter to Errol’s leg and sent him off.

I hope Errol finds you in Paris okay. ?I’m sending him to you first, then he’ll be off to Harry with a letter for him and his present. ?Maybe let Errol rest for a day or so before you send him off? ?But this way you can send Harry your letter and present too. ?Considering it’s not too large for the old clumsy owl to carry.

Egypt is awesome! ?I’ll tell you all about it when we get back. ?You were right though, there are all these skeletons of people with extra heads who were cursed trying to get into the tombs! ?It’s bloody brilliant! ?Mum didn’t think so though.

We’ll be back the week before term starts. ?Mum says we’ll go to Diagon Alley the day before we leave and stay. ?She says you can come too! ?And Harry. ?That way we can get our stuff for school (and my new wand!) and then we’ll already be in London to get to the train the next day. ?You’ll come right? ?Mum says you can share a room with Ginny…next to theirs of course. ?Don’t go to Diagon Alley until then!

See you soon.

Love, Ron
Ron sent Errol off with Hermione’s letter, as well as Harry’s letter and gift. ?He kept it small, a pocket sneakoscope, so Errol could handle it. ?Hopefully. ?As he watched Errol fly a bit erratically out of sight, he said a small prayer that he would make it to Paris and then to Surrey in one piece.He was enjoying his time with his family in Egypt, but he couldn’t wait to get home to his best friends either. ?He wanted to see Harry, and get him away from those evil muggles as soon as he could, but he also wanted to see Hermione.As annoying as she can sometimes be, Ron realized how much he wanted Hermione around. ?He couldn’t quite explain it, but she made him smile. ?And being away from her made him worry.It probably had to do with seeing her petrified last year. ?Something about knowing that he was unable to protect her in that moment unnerved him. ?Because of that, he borrowed Harry’s invisibility cloak almost every night she was in hospital and would sneak down to sit with her. ?Most times he wouldn’t talk…he would just watch her. ?And will her to wake up. ?A couple times he would feel tears well behind his eyes – sometimes from anger, sometimes from sadness and worry – and every time he would depart with the same message. ?”I’ll do anything for you, Mione.”Apparently he meant it. ?I mean, who knew doing anything for Hermione would mean willingly walking into the nest of a cranky old Acromantula and his millions of hungry just as over-sized and cranky spawn?But it was true. ?That girl had something over on Ron, he just didn’t know what yet.He decided, however, that he was completely okay with it. ?Whatever it was.

I’m using Hedwig for this letter. ?Harry sent her to me to keep for a couple weeks. ?Something about an evil muggle aunt visiting. ?Can you believe that? ?As if he doesn’t have enough trouble with the ones he lives with!

I’m glad he at least had a decent birthday, between the gifts from us and he says Hagrid got him something too!

Can’t wait to see you next week in Diagon Alley!

Love, Ron
Ron stood on the stairs of the Leaky Cauldron, eyes trained on the door. ?Every time it opened, he waited to see Hermione walk through with her parents. ?Every time some old witch or wizard came in the door instead, he frowned.Finally the door opened and a bushy haired girl walked in talking a mile a minute followed by her parents. ?Ron’s eyes lit up as he took the rest of the stairs down two at a time. ?Though his dad was standing closer to the door, Ron beat him to the small family and threw his arms around Hermione.”You’re here!” he said happily at the same time that a very surprised Hermione said “Ron!” ?Their hug lingered for a moment until he pulled back awkwardly, realizing that all four of their parents were standing around them.”Come on! ?Harry’s around here somewhere, haven’t found him yet,” Ron said.”You haven’t found him yet?””No, we just arrived ourselves. ?I already checked his room but he’s not there.” ?Hermione looked at him puzzled. ?”I’ll explain, come on!”Hermione took a moment to hug her parents goodbye before allowing Ron to pull her away.”So, apparently,” Ron started to explain as they rambled down the streets of Diagon Alley, “your best friend got in a bit of trouble last week.””Is he alright?!” Hermione gasped.”He’s fine. ?The silly git. ?Remember that aunt who was to visit him? ?He blew her up!” ?With that Ron stopped walking to double over in laughter.”Ronald!” Hermione said horrified. ?”That’s not funny at all!! ?He-” she lowered her voice. ?”He killed her?!””What?! ?No, Hermione, he blew her up. ?Like…inflated her. ?Like a big fat muggle balloon!” ?He leaned against the wall laughing again.Slightly relieved, Hermione thought for a moment. ?”So…he performed accidental magic. ?Oh dear…”Ron sobered himself up. ?”Don’t worry though, dad says he’s fine. ?Fudge, the Minister of Magic-“”I know who Cornelius Fudge is Ronald,” Hermione snapped rolling her eyes.”Sorry…anyway, dad says Fudge told him not to worry. ?The Department of Accidental what’s it reversed the spell and he didn’t get in trouble. ?He left the Dursleys though, been staying at the Leaky for the last couple of weeks. ?By himself! ?I mean…how lucky is he? ?Rode the Knight Bus here and everything!”Hermione shook her head. ?”It’s astonishing to me the things you find…lucky. ?Come on, he must be around here somewhere.”They checked Flourish and Botts and Madam Malkins for Harry, but found no sign of him. ?Ron had the idea to check Florean’s Ice Cream shop.”Ronald…you just want to get ice cream.””Well, if he’s not there, we can just sit outside and we’ll see him when he wanders by.”Hermione fussed, but in the end she bought a sundae as well, and found that Ron’s plan worked. ?Soon enough, a mop of messy black hair came wandering down the street. ?The trio was together once again.The following night, Hermione watched as Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey fussed over Harry in McGonagall’s office. ?He seemed fine, but Hermione was still concerned after their adventurous train ride to Hogwarts that day.It started out quiet, minus the bit where Harry filled her and Ron in that the mass murderer on the loose Sirius Black most likely escaped Azcaban in order to kill him, and a row or two with Ron about her new cat, Crookshanks, who he swore was after his rat Scabbers. ?Aside from that, everything was calm. ?That changed, however, when the Azcaban guards boarded the train and one came into their cabin, causing Harry to collapse. ?It was scary. ?And cold. ?And …depressing. ?That was the only way to describe how she felt when the hooded figure was standing in their cabin’s doorway. ?Completely and utterly depressed.Finally, Harry, convincing the two older witches that he was okay, was sent outside the office to wait for Hermione.”Now, Ms. Granger,” ?Professor McGonagall regarded her sternly over her glasses. ?”Are you absolutely sure you want to proceed with the course load mapped out as we discussed?””Absolutely sure, Professor,” she answered confidently.?”Well, alright. ?As we’ve gone over everything, there’s nothing more than to give you this.” ?Professor McGonagall pulled a necklace out of her drawer and handed it to her. ?”This, is your time turner. ?This, is how you will be able to attend classes that overlap on your schedule, as well as get yourself extra study time. ?You will use it wisely, and you will tell no one that you are in possession of this.” ?Professor McGonagall looked at her more sternly than ever as she fingered the piece of jewelry. ?”Not even Mr. Potter. ?Or Mr. Weasley.”Hermione looked up at the mention of Ron’s name. ?”Professor…while it’s likely Harry will never pick up on anything strange, I fear that Ron will absolutely figure it out.”The older witch was thoughtful for a moment. ?”Mr. Weasley is rather underestimated, is he not?” ?Hermione nodded, smiling tenderly as she thought of her best friend. ?”Well, for now let’s keep this between us. ?If he should continuously question you or he figures it out, then bring him to me and we will explain it together.”Hermione nodded, “yes, Professor. ?That seems more than fair.”With that, Professor McGonagall went on to explain to Hermione how to use her time turner and the rules involved before she finally joined Harry and they headed off to the Great Hall in search of Ron.How is she doing it? Ron thought to himself as he watched Hermione’s tiny ink-stained fingers scribbling furiously. ?She was taking so many classes – all of them in fact! ?But how? ?At one point on the schedule she had three classes at once! ?That’s impossible, isn’t it?They were just reaching the end of October, and Ron could already see that Hermione was running herself absolutely mental. ?She looked exhausted, and he was pretty sure that if he didn’t make sure she ate, that she wouldn’t. ?He even tried to carry some of her books for her in the corridors – sometimes she’d let him. ?Sometimes she would refuse.She’s the most stubborn witch I’ve ever met. ?Barmy too.? Ron shook his head as he continued to watch her. ?He knew there was something his best friend wasn’t telling him, but also knew that pushing her wouldn’t get her to open up – not when she was being this stubborn.No, Ron knew that all he could really do was be there for her – make sure she eats, sleeps, and doesn’t break herself.”Mmm,” Hermione winced, shaking Ron out of her thoughts. ?He looked up to see her drop her quill on her parchment and shake her hand.”Cramp?” He asked. ?Hermione nodded. ?Ron slid down to sit beside her on the floor and took her hand. ?He began to rub it as she sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. ?Satisfied that this meant she was taking a break, he kept rubbing, paying special attention to her delicate fingers. ?He couldn’t help but notice how small her hand looked in his. ?Made him feel even more like he needed to protect her. ?Even if from herself.”Harry should be back from practice soon,” Ron said. ?”Did you want to wait up for him? ?You look knackered.””I’m fine, Ron,” she sighed. ?”I want to at least get this Arithmancy essay done before I call it a night.”Ron nodded. ?”Alright…finish this essay, then go to bed.” ?Hermione rolled her eyes. ?He chuckled and kissed her hand. ?”Better?””Yes, thank you.” ?Hermione smiled wide-eyed at the redhead sitting beside her and kissed his cheek. ?”You’re amazing.”Ron felt his ears burn red and he shrugged. ?As much as he missed Harry the evenings he had Quidditch practice – three nights a week now! – he couldn’t help but enjoy the evenings he got to spend with just Hermione…as long as they weren’t in the middle of a row.And as long as her ruddy cat stayed away from Scabbers.That barmy cat, Ron thought as he glanced over at Crookshanks sitting in the corner licking his lips and glowering at him. ?He made a face back at the monster cat as Hermione returned to her work, completely unaware of the ginger stare-off happening beside her. ?Ron rolled his eyes and returned to his book without saying anything. ?They had spent the last two days not speaking after the last time Crookshanks attacked Scabbers and had just made up. ?As much as he couldn’t stand her cat, he didn’t want to mess things up with Hermione now – not with their first Hogsmeade trip the next day. ?On top of that, he also knew that Harry was upset enough about missing Hogsmeade – the added stress of his two best mates arguing was not something Harry needed.Ron glanced over at Hermione again. ?He wanted Hermione to have a good time the next day – with him. ?After all, it looked as if they would be spending a lot of Hogsmeade trips for the foreseeable future together, without Harry. ?Ron couldn’t help but smile at himself over the possibilities. ?But then shook his head slightly at the thought. ?She’s my best friend.? He looked over at her again.? But…she’s not Harry. ?She’s not a bloke. ?She’s brilliant and beautiful and…she’s Hermione. ?Bloody hell, I’m spending the whole day with her tomorrow.??Oh Merlin, Hermione thought as her and Ron began their walk from the castle the following morning. ?She glanced back at Harry left standing just inside the entrance to the Great Hall and sighed. ?Harry really can’t come. ?This is really happening.? She looked at the tall redhead walking beside her. ?”It’s just us then.””Yeah,” Ron said softly. ?Hermione didn’t even realize she spoke her thoughts out loud until he answered. ?She seriously had to work on that.They walked quietly for a moment, and Hermione noticed that their fingers kept brushing against each other. ?Hers twitched towards his as if drawn to them – long and gangly, much like the rest of him. ?If she really wanted to she could-“Oh!” ?So focused on their hands, Hermione paid no attention to her feet, and the large branch that caused her to trip. ?Ron grabbed her hand to steady her.”Y’okay?” he asked, concerned. ?She nodded and whispered her thank you as they continued walking. ?Except…Ron never let go of her hand. ?Hermione kept her eyes straight ahead, scared that if she looked down at their intertwined fingers, that he would get shy and pull away.So, they walked on, trying not to draw attention to their hands and making shy small talk. ?The weather, the Halloween feast that night, Harry, and finally, where they wanted to go first once they reached the village.They made it to Hogsmeade and Ron dropped her hand to point to Honeydukes, where Hermione promised they could go first.”Alright, Ron. ?But then we are definitely going to Scrivenshaft’s after. ?I desperately need some new ink.””Already?” Hermione shot him a look. ?”Alright alright! ?Honeyduke’s for me, Scrivenshaft’s for you, Zonko’s for me-” Hermione scoffed. “-Tomes and Scrolls for you,” at this she smiled and nodded her approval, “then we’ll get lunch at the Three Broomsticks and figure out where else to go.””Sounds like a plan.”Hermione and Ron hit their destinations, window shopping or spending the bit of spending money they had – mostly for Harry, outside of Hermione’s ink and a new quill. ?She treated them to lunch, then they wandered the rest of the village enjoying sights like the post office and even the sporting goods store. ?By the time they were making their way back to the castle, they were both tired, but happy. ?They chattered animatedly about all they saw, and this time, Hermione noticed that Ron took her hand before she could even come across a branch to trip over. ?Not that she was looking for one…Harry and Professor Lupin were leaning against the railing of one of the towers watching the students return from Hogsmeade when Harry spotted his two best friends. ?He could just make out the fact that their hands were joined. ?Lupin apparently could too as he followed Harry’s gaze.”The three of you have a very close bond, I can tell,” Professor Lupin mused. ?”You all look out for each other.”Harry nodded. ?”Since first year,” he said. ?”Don’t know what these last couple of years would have been like without them.”Lupin looked at Harry watching his friends thoughtfully. ?”You know, Harry, there’s a possibility you may start to feel funny about…well…like you’re a, what muggles call, a third wheel-” Harry shook his head, cutting him off.”I’m not worried about that Professor. ?I feel like I have a special enough relationship with each of them, separately, that their own relationship, whatever it may become, doesn’t bother me. ?I think the three of us are solid enough for it.” ?Harry chuckled softly, “besides…I’ll take the pair of them holding hands over bickering any day.”Lupin joined in on his laughter. ?”Yes, yes, so I’ve heard. ?Quite the pair those two are, eh?” ?Harry nodded. ?”Well, I won’t keep you, Harry. ?I know you want to hear all about their day, and I’m sure they’ve brought their best friend back some treats. ?I’ll see you at the Halloween Feast in a bit.””See you there professor,” Harry nodded to Professor Lupin and began his descent down the stairs to find Ron and Hermione. ?He really did hope they brought him back something from Honeyduke’s.”Hermione,” Ron whispered from his sleeping bag, trying not to draw the attention of anyone else in the Great Hall.? “You asleep?””No,” Hermione whispered back from her own. ?”Is Harry?” ?She tried to peek over Ron without raising her head to high. ?She heard Ron whisper to the sleeping bag on his other side.”Yeah,” he said turning back to Hermione. ?”He’s asleep.””What do you make of all this? ?I mean…how did Sirius Black get in the castle? ?Do you think he was really after Harry?”Ron thought for a moment. ?”If he was, seemed silly to try to get into the tower while we were all at the Halloween feast…d’init? ?He must have known Harry wouldn’t be in the tower. ?Unless he planned to hide under his bed or something.”Hermione shuddered at the thought. ?They had such a nice day, to have it all ruined by the break in of Sirius Black. ?And the poor Fat Lady, her portrait slashed so violently. ?”Who do you think they’ll put to guard the entrance to Gryffindor Tower now? ?Surely the Fat Lady will get mended and return?””I hope so…kinda like ‘er I guess.” ?They lay on their sides facing each other but in their own thoughts. ?Hermione shuddered again and Ron placed his hand over hers, gently rubbing her knuckles. ?”He’s gone, Hermione.””He could come back,” she whispered. ?”He got in once, he can get in again.” ?Ron wasn’t sure what to say to comfort her fears, so he just continued to rub her hands lightly, hoping that would help somehow. ?”Who do you think Professor Snape thinks helped him get in? ?It sound’s as if he suspects a teacher.””A new teacher…Lupin maybe?”Hermione’s eyes opened wide. ?”Surely not! ?You don’t think he’d…I mean he wouldn’t…Right?”Ron shrugged. ?”Let’s try to get some sleep.” ?Hermione nodded. ?As they closed their eyes, neither moved their hands away.

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