Fanfic: Misconception by anniessugarbaby (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Remus owns a bookstore. Sirius owns a tattoo parlor. They are dragged apart after their first night together. Both confused and missing each other, they decide to meet up.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsSirius Black/Remus Lupin Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes James Potter/Lily Evans PotterSirius Black James Potter Remus Lupin Marlene McKinnon Dorcas Meadowes Mary Macdonald Lily Evans PotterMarauders Era (Harry Potter) Modern Marauders (Harry Potter)

Summary: Summary:

Remus owns a bookstore. Sirius owns a tattoo parlor. They are dragged apart after their first night together. Both confused and missing each other, they decide to meet up. ?I am using (mostly) Taylor Swift lyrics as my chapter titles


Chapter 1: Didn’t Read The Note on the Polaroid Picture

Chapter Text
CHAPTER 1Sirius felt relieved when James showed up. It was the opening of his tattoo parlor and his best friend had to be there. Sirius looked over at James angrily and before he could explain James started pouring his heart out.
¡°I¡¯m so sorry, it¡¯s just that there was a really pretty girl across the street. She had pretty green eyes and reddest hair and I was mesmerized so I went over to talk to her and immediately regretted it and came here¡± James inhaled as his eyes scanned across the room. Sirius saw the look of subtle disappointment in his eyes. No customers. Anyone would be upset over this, but Sirius isn¡¯t
¡°No,¡± James said.
¡°You promised James, get on the chair¡±
He sighed and gave in. As much as he resented the idea of getting a permanent tattoo, he¡¯s glad he was making Sirius feel better. As soon as he felt the sharp needle pierce his skin, he squirmed in his seat, unable to keep himself still. Setting his focus on the redhead across the street, who had come back into his view. Her hair burnt from the beautiful fires it presented itself as. Her verdant eyes expressing their curiosity as she explored the street. A sea of freckles popping on her pale skin. Her smile capable of distracting James from the pain of the tattoo momentarily. Moments pass however and the pain from before was as real as ever and Sirius wasn¡¯t holding back.
James¡¯ bug eyes stood out from behind his glasses which were now slipping off his nose. Sirius noticed how his eyes darted back and forth between the tattoo and the bookstore across the street. It was a cute place. The lights at a constant dim and dust in every corner from the old age of those books. A young man worked there. Sirius was never quick enough to catch a glimpse. He always wore a dark colored jumper and jeans which are also darkly colored. His brown hair was a mess and he never seemed to be able to get his posture right. Always has his back arched over a book. He seems like a weird guy, but Sirius couldn¡¯t help but be intrigued. After all, this mystery man seemed to be just his type. Now that he had moved in across the street, maybe he could make a move. He was safe from his homophobic parents, god knows what they would do to him if something happened with the mystery guy. His high school boyfriend had ended in him almost getting disowned and a couple of hospital visits. Sirius shook these thoughts away, it wasn¡¯t a pleasant memory and tattooing James was not about to get ruined by reliving sleepless night, praying to be normal, praying to feel his parents love, his mom’s soft touch and his fathers gentle words, instead of his dads aggression stinging against his fragile skin, and his mother¡¯s words lacerating into his heart. Sirius felt his cheeks heating up as he tried to maneuver around these thoughts, and to his advantage, someone had walked into the store, it was him. The mystery man from across the street. He was even more beautiful up close. His hair equally messed up from the front as it was from the back. He had a rather large nose but it managed to look cute on him. The thing that stood out the most was a scar, stretching from one side of his face to the other. The scar was colored a pale white, standing out on his face. He flashed Sirius a smile before walking over. His smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear, lasting hours.
¡°Hey! I¡¯m Remus, Remus Lupin. I know, an awful name isn¡¯t it. Well, I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. I own the bookstore across the street.¡±
Sirius panicked, he was so overwhelmed, he didn¡¯t wanna screw this up.
¡°Hello! I¡¯m Sirius, Sirius Black. Looks like we both win weirdest names. I¡¯ve seen you around but it is so lovely to finally meet you. I¡¯ll definitely stop by once I¡¯m properly settled in.¡±
¡°No need to rush Sirius, a pleasure¡± He winked before turning around and promptly leaving Sirius there stunned. What had just happened? Well there¡¯s nothing left to do but consult James. Before he could tell his best friend what was going on, Sirius was beat.
¡°Sirius, if you and that Remus didn¡¯t have something going on before, I think you do know¡±
¡°James-¡± Sirius thought was left unspoken.
¡°Also, I think he¡¯s friends with that redhead I saw. You need to talk to him, she was pretty. I think I actually have a chance. She didn¡¯t know me before so she won¡¯t know all the weird shit we- I¡¯ve done in the part it’s perfect, plus you get him. It¡¯s really the perf-¡±
Before he had a chance to finish, someone had walked in. Mary, dressed in an envy colored top and long corduroy pants, was another one of Sirius’ best friends. She had dark skin, her hair pulled back in a bun. Accompanied by Marlene, who took pride in her steps. Although still tattooing James, he still went over to greet his best friends.
¡°Sirius, this is the coolest thing ever, we are going out for drinks tonight.¡± Mary said out of breath.
¡°And.. you can¡¯t say no because someone,¡± said Marlene, eyes shooting at Mary, ¡°already invited those people from across the street. She didn¡¯t even ask for their names.¡±
¡°Well that¡¯s something to look forward to,¡± James said with a strained voice.
¡°You big baby, I¡¯m done with the tattoo, but did you hear Marlene, you get to spend some time with that red head from across the street.¡±
¡°Well don¡¯t act like you¡¯re not benefitting from this, I saw the way you looked at Remus,¡± James looked at the girls, ¡°He owns the bookstore across the store, came in earlier to welcome us to the neighborhood, you should¡¯ve seen Sirius¡¯ face¡± He snorted.
¡°That¡¯s so not true, I..¡± Sirius¡¯ words had strayed from his mouth, feeling his face heating up. He turned away. Of course he wasn¡¯t going to admit anything before he got to know the guy. But he was thrilled to at least have the opportunity to meet him, and make a good second impression.
The day passed by hastily, not many customers came in, he was dying to get to know Remus. Sirius¡¯ thoughts didn¡¯t seem to stray far from his slender body, deranged hair sticking out all over the place, as if he hadn¡¯t brushed it in weeks, although Remus had a way of making it work. The one thing that strongly stood out were the scars that seemed almost delicately placed on his face. The largest one stretched from his inner eyebrow to the bottom of his ear. It was deep white, almost washed out grey. On the top of his nose, the scar was a bit redder. Had something happened overtop of it? Sirius made a note to ask him about that someday. Remus had two more scars. Once went from mid cheek to his chin. The scar cut through his lips, moving when he spoke. The final scar was the shortest. It was placed at the top of his nose, in between his eyebrows. He pushed these thoughts aside, getting into the front seat of his car, making note to uber to the bar later, he wasn¡¯t planning on being the designated driver. Once he arrives at his apartment, he notices he got added to a group chat.
-Marlene: Heyyy so this is everyone coming to the bar later, you all know where it is right?
-Unknown number (Maybe:Lily): Yup! I¡¯m with Remus right now, we¡¯re heading over soon.
Sirius¡¯ heart dropped. It¡¯s really him.
-Sirius: I just got to my apartment, I¡¯ll be there soon.
-Unknown Number (Maybe:Dorcas): Marlene, would you mind picking me up by my apartment? I know we just met but Lily and Remus are too far away.
Sirius thought the conversation was already getting too boring for him so he set his phone down to go pick out an outfit. He picked out a black button down. Along with black pants, and a black belt. A little weird, he thought to himself, but who¡¯s gonna care they¡¯re going to a bar anyway. After putting everything he stopped to look at himself in the mirror. His button down was buttoned too high up. He kept exposing more and more of his ink disguising his skin. He ran a hand down his abs, he hated acknowledging them because he was sure he sounded cocky, but there was no need to ignore them. He was sure no one else did. 8:37. Shit, they were meeting at 8:45. He frantically grabbed rings, it didn’t matter how many, he¡¯ll figure it out in the car. Although planning on calling an uber, he had money in the car and did not want to waste more time by looking for it, knowing that would take him a while. (Marlene POV)
Sirius still hasn¡¯t arrived and was certainly about to ruin this for everyone. Marlene however got to sit next to Dorcas, the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. Her hair was in box braids and was pulled back in a ponytail, she wore a skintight red dress that hugged her body in all the right ways. Marlene couldn¡¯t wait to get to know her. But there it was. The scent of Sirius¡¯ cologne. Marlene was quick to step up
¡°Are you kidding me. You are half an hour late. You¡¯re buying the first round of shots¡±
(Back to Sirius POV)
¡°I knew I had that coming¡±
Sirius ordered the first round of shots before sitting down across from Remus. He was dressed similarly to Sirius. A loose button down that pressed up against his chest, and a pair of dark blue jeans that usually would¡¯ve looked awful, but Remus seemed to make them work. He was shy obviously, he kept talking in a low voice, most of the things he says are directed and the redhead, who Sirius assumes is named Lily. Things started off slow, before they had too many drinks. Since they¡¯ve never really met, everyone made small talk. Sirius hated small talk, but at least it meant Remus was talking to him.
After a couple rounds of drinks, everyones energy was up. Which meant that Sirius was flirting. Although he¡¯s not very aware of it, Sirius get very flirty when he¡¯s pissed. From the corner of his eye, he caught Marlene and Dorcas sneaking off. Sirius felt bitter, it wasn¡¯t unlike Marlene to do something like this. He couldn¡¯t help but be jealous. Sirius knew everyone was drunk, even he was. He was also smart enough to know that nothing would end up happening, but he had talked to Remus a lot tonight. Along with Mary. Sirius and Mary have been friends for years. In middle school they did date, but she was mostly a beard because Sirius isn¡¯t into girls. After a while, Mary decided to go. Sirius thought he should probably head out soon too.
¡°Hey Remus I think I might head out.¡± Remus grabbed Sirius¡¯ arm.
¡°Noooo¡± he slurred, ¡°you can¡¯t leave me here alone¡± he drunkenly rested his head onto Sirius, acting as a force holding him back.
¡°You¡¯ll have James and Lily,¡± but when Sirius looked over at them, they seemed to be in their own world.
¡°They definitely won¡¯t even notice I¡¯m there,¡± Sirius took note that Remus is lightweight and does not handle alcohol well.
¡°Well if I¡¯m not staying, you obviously can¡¯t stay by yourself,¡± Remus glanced down at his legs, checking if something was wrong with him.
¡°I obviously can¡¯t drive,¡± he laughed.
¡°Well I already had an uber ready so, you¡¯re coming with me,¡± Sirius sighed and looked at Remus, who was staring at him with big eyes.
¡°Did you hear that Lily,¡± she obviously didn¡¯t, and still continued to not listen, ¡°I get to go home with the hot guy from the tattoo parlor,¡± he squealed with delight.
Sirius felt his face crimson, he didn¡¯t know Remus had even noticed him until he opened shop this morning, ¡°Come on Remus, Lily can¡¯t hear you, she¡¯s.. busy.¡± Sirius yanked Remus off and practically carried him outside. Remus¡¯ hair was all messed up after laying on Sirius for a while. After failing to find a cigarette in his pockets, Sirius decided to look at Remus. Just take him in. The uber was taking an awfully long time.
¡°So Remus,¡± Sirius was nervous picking at his nail polish, ¡°why did you say that to Lily back at the bar?¡±
¡°Oh nooo you heard that¡± Remus¡¯ words twisted together, ¡°well it¡¯s true¡± Remus crept closer to Sirius, ¡°you know, someone like you usually would know the way they make others feel.¡± At that point Remus was drunk and too close to Sirius.
¡°Remus, oh god,¡± He was interrupted by Remus¡¯ hand, a finger on his lips which then slid down his chest, slowly, revealing a bit more of his chest. Before Sirius had the chance too put a stop to him, their uber arrived. Remus pulled away gently, sending a drunken wink his way.
After a short, yet very awkward, ride home, Remus practically leaped onto Sirius¡¯ bed, immediately falling asleep, granting Sirius with the task of taking off his shoes for him, and likely changing his clothes, they were filthy. Although just having met, he felt protective over Remus, he already knew this man was going to be someone important in his life, whether he wants him to or not. Wanting to avoid staying up anymore then he already has, Sirius quickly changed into something more comfortable, almost dreading going into his bedroom to take care of Remus. Almost. Delicately taking his shoes and socks off and placing them at the foot of his bed, knowing that theres a chance Remus will take off in the morning, hoping that his precaution is deemed unnecessary. He then very gently took off Remus¡¯ pants, looking for a pair of clean, comfortable boxers for him. Leaving him with his shirt because it looked clean enough, and he just wanted to get into bed. Sirius had a big bed, two people could easily fit on it. Of course his spot had been taken so he did what had to be done. After pulling Remus and himself under the cover, he carefully got behind Remus, and wrapped his arms around him. Lightly so as not to startle him, and dug his head into the nape of Remus¡¯ neck, falling asleep and Remus¡¯ hand settled on his. It felt right to Sirius. Not knowing or caring what was bound to happen the following morning. Sure he might wake up to an empty bed but he was willing to take the risk to be able to have such a pleasant memory of the gorgeous man laying in front of him.

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