Fanfic: Monkey D. Haru and the Prisoner of Azkaban by EmmaIveli (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Haru’s 3rd year gets started when an escaped inmate might be after him! But who cares about that! Ron’s rat is an Animagus! Now they have to find the rat to find out who he is! Also Hina, Maya and Tom have their 1st year! Please R&R

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsBoa Hancock/Monkey D. Luffy Kaya/Usopp (One Piece) Nami/Vinsmoke Sanji Franky/Nico RobinHarry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Ginny Weasley Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s)Adopted Harry Potter Harry Potter was Raised by Other(s) Originally Posted on FanFiction.Net Like 10 years ago Not Beta Read

Summary: Summary:

Haru’s 3rd year gets started when an escaped inmate might be after him! But who cares about that! Ron’s rat is an Animagus! Now they have to find the rat to find out who he is! Also Hina, Maya and Tom have their 1st year! Please R&R

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As promised here’s the third one…

Chapter 1: Warnings of an Escapee

Chapter Text
Monkey D Haru and the Prisoner of AzkabanBy Emma IveliChapter 1: Warnings of an EscapeeThe King of the Pirates was someone to feared. Those who knew only his name trembled in fear. Those who knew him well enough often laughed at those who trembled in fear, as he was not only one of the nicest, goofiest guys around, he really wasn’t scary unless someone pissed him off.And that name was Monkey D. Luffy.However this story isn’t about him but rather his adopted son, Monkey D. Haru¡­ but those reading should know by now as it’s the third story.Haru was bored¡­ very bored.”I’m bored!” he whined, “Why did Ron and Hermione have to go on vacation.”Haru’s two best friends went on family vacations, though he couldn’t help but fell happy for Ron as his family had won a lottery given away by the Daily Prophet, 700 Galleons was a pretty good prize, even if most of it was spent on a vacation.”Don’t worry.” Said Hina hugging her older brother, “You still have me!”Haru pushed away his younger sister, “Stop doing that! It’s weird!”Hina stuck her tongue out.”If you bored, why don’t you take out that book Hagrid got for you for your birthday?” asked Tom joining in the conversation.”Not this time.” Sighed Haru.Hagrid got Haru a book called the Monster Book of Monsters¡­ and indeed it was indeed a monstrous book. They had taken to chasing the book around when they were bored.”What about training with that new sword of yours?” asked Hina.”That might be fun¡­ I managed to control poison.” Said Haru.Haru created a portal and took out his sword from it.”Wow¡­ you’re lazy.” Said Hina.Haru began to train with his sword¡­ that was when Hina flopped down.”I’m so bored!” she whined, “I miss Ginny and Maya!””Hey! That’s the pot calling the kettle black!” yelled Haru.Hina was in the same boat as Haru (no pun intended), Maya went with her family for a week at one of Neville’s family homes so his grandmother can finally meet his mentor¡­ and Ginny¡­ well¡­ that was already explained¡­”Isn’t that the pot¡­” said Tom.Hina shot her walrus killing glare at him and he began to slink away.”Just do something¡­” said Haru.”Can I use your wand to practice spells?” asked Hina.”No.” said Haru.Hina glared at her brother.”That’s going work¡­” said Haru, “Just wait until you get your own wand.”Hina continued to glare¡­ that was until there was a large flame appeared before them. It was Fawkes.”Oh hello Fawkes.” Said Haru.The Phoenix trilled happily then gave Haru a letter. He began to read the letter.”Mom! Dad!” yelled Haru.He went to look with his parents, with the Phoenix on his shoulder and his sword in his hand.”Do you ever get the feeling that Haru’s going to grow up to the hero of all wizards?” asked Tom.”I do¡­” said Hina, “And it scares me¡­”Haru brought the letter to his mother.”Do you know where Luffy is?” asked Hancock.”No, I think he might be in the kitchen.” Said Haru.That was when the 30 year old man was kicked out of the Galley.”You might be the captain but you should show restraint!” yelled Sanji.”Found him.” Laughed Haru.The two told him that Dumbledore wanted to see the three of them in his office right away.”Ah yes, Haru, Luffy, Hancock it is go to see you again.” Said Dumbledore.”What’s going on?” asked Luffy.”It’s not often that you ask us to come.” Said Hancock.The three of them took a seat. Dumbledore sighed.”Sometime last month something happened.” Explained Dumbledore.”What?” asked Haru.”Someone escaped from Azkaban.” Explained Dumbledore, “This is the first time history that someone escaped.”Luffy whistled, “Wow¡­ it must be a stronger place than Impel Down if he’s only the first breakout.””What does this have to do with Haru?” asked Hancock.Dumbledore sighed, “The man, Sirius Black was a Death Eater, said to be the right hand man of Voldemort himself.”Both Hancock and Haru felt there was more to the story.”Um¡­ Haru¡­ can you leave for a bit?” asked Luffy.”Oh! Come on!” whined Haru.”Now!” said Hancock.”Fine¡­ I’m going to say hi to a certain someone.” Said Haru.Haru left though another portal.”What is really going on?” asked Hancock.”You see there is more to Sirius Black, he was James best friend.” Said Dumbledore.”James¡­ as in James Potter?” asked Hancock.Dumbledore nodded, he began to explain the abilities of the Fidelius Charm¡­ about how it hides some so they can’t be found. And of course the Secret Keeper.”Wait! You’re saying this Sirius Black guy was the Potter’s Secret Keeper?” asked Luffy.”That is the general consensus¡­ however personally I believe there is more to the story.” Said Dumbledore, “But for the time being I believe it would be a good idea to protect Haru, as if it true what they say then¡­ Haru will need protection.” Said Dumbledore.Luffy and Hancock exchanged looks.”What is it?” asked Dumbledore.”I don’t think Haru will take him seriously.” Said Luffy.”Are you sure?” asked Dumbledore.”To be honest¡­ Haru doesn’t take Voldemort seriously either.” Said Hancock.Dumbledore was honestly surprised to hear this, even if Luffy was the king of the pirates, he would have though that Haru would have taken Voldemort seriously.”I know that Voldemort is very evil here¡­ considering what Haru has already saw in him, he doesn’t see him as a threat.” Said Luffy.”Did something happen in Haru’s childhood? Something that would make Haru believe that Voldemort is not a threat?” asked Dumbledore.”Yes¡­” said Luffy adjusting his hat, “But¡­ it’s very personal.””I see.” Said Dumbledore, “I will make sure that other teachers will know that Haru is allowed to attend the Hogsmeade weekends.” Said Dumbledore.”So are you sure that this guy will be after Haru?” asked Luffy.”As I said before, it was the general consensus.” Said Dumbledore.Luffy and Hancock nodded¡­ both of them knew that if that man indeed after Haru, he would fight him.After getting Haru (using Fawkes), they went back home.”So¡­ the escaped convict might be after me?” asked Haru.”Yes.” Said Luffy.Haru shrugged, he honestly didn’t know what to think.”I’m hungry¡­” he said.He went to go bother Sanji for some food.”It does look like Haru doesn’t see this as a problem.” Sighed Luffy.”I don’t think we should tell him the whole story¡­ at least not yet.” Said Hancock.Haru got some meat from Sanji, he sat down on of the stairs. He took a bite and began to think.”There’s something going on with the Sirius Black guy that they’re not telling me.” He thought.However this was only the beginning¡­ and with it things would become more complicated than ever¡­

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