Fanfic: More Than Enough by Firemione (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry and Hermione would be married tonight… It sounded so ironic, fate laughing at Ron for his own cowardice. But as Harry reminded him, some things are worth fighting for.

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Summary: Summary:

Harry and Hermione would be married tonight… It sounded so ironic, fate laughing at Ron for his own cowardice. But as Harry reminded him, some things are worth fighting for.A Re-written/continuation Fic with a slight story change and add more smut!!

Notes: Notes:

Inspired by

Even If This Is All There Ever Is by TMBlue.

Chapter 1: Always

Chapter Text
Few months ago as i was passing the fics written by other authors, this one caught my eye like a gem of a story ‘Even if this all is there ever is’ written by TMBlue. But I was soon disappointed that it was abandoned.I’m sure this won’t be continued anymore as it was last updated 10 years ago.If you have already read this fic before, i just wanted you guys to know. There are 14 chapters already completed, they will be alike, with only few slight changes because it was already great and I don’t want to change anything much, i just wanted to continue this fic in my own way.So if everything is clear let’s move in.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ron paced the entryway impatiently. It wasn’t like he expected things to change. He knew what was happening, what had already happened behind the door in front of him. How fair was it that all he could think of was that he never got to tell her that he fancied her, never got to kiss her? He was disgusted, sick with himself for his own thoughts. She would be married tonight. It sounded so ironic, fate laughing at him for his own cowardice.His shoved his hands forcefully into his jeans pockets, but it was too hard to keep any part of his body still, so he removed them once again as he passed the kitchen door for what felt like the millionth time. He ran a hand through his hair, fiddled with the buttons on his shirt, rubbed his eyes with his palms, happy to focus on the little stars that popped behind his eyelids from the pressure…And then he heard a click.His stomach dropped to the floor.Harry stepped out into the hallway, sliding through the door so he didn’t have to open it all the way. He closed it softly behind him. There was silence from the other side, from the kitchen beyond. Harry stood there in the hallway, staring at Ron but not really seeing him. And Ron stared back, his whole world crashing down around him at the look on Harry’s face, the defeat and the pain.With a very slight nod of his head gesturing him to follow, Harry brushed past Ron and headed up the stairs, his feet falling so softly on the wood that he could have been floating. Ron followed, unsure of what was to come, unsure if he could make it up the first flight without falling over his heart so heavy. He had to lean over slightly to block out the pain he was feeling, the physical pain in his chest and stomach… and in his heart.It was strange, but for the first time in his life, he understood heartbreak. This was like a heart attack, like what he’d imagine that would feel like. His blood was on fire, or it was moving too fast through his veins. It wouldn’t be able to keep this up. Each breath was mechanical, hard work to breathe…no longer automatic.And then they had reached his bedroom, hardly aware. Harry entered first, almost cautiously. Ron followed, his feet scuffing as they moved from the wood floor to the rug in the middle of the small room, the open window casting a sunset glow about the already orange walls.And Harry stared at him again, that same look of shame and remorse spilling from his eyes to his lips and every feature, every line across his worried forehead.”Ron…”Ron blinked furiously, unwilling to cry here in his room with Harry before him. But his name had acted as a spell breaker, pulling him from the trance that had allowed his feet to move one in front of the other up flight after flight of rickety staircases. And now he was completely lost, his chest aching as if something had been removed, a vital organ he hadn’t even realised was so important…”I want you to…” Harry trailed off and swallowed, his throat moving visibly, his eyes a mixture of nerves and defeat. “You have to kiss her first.”Ron blinked again and a single wet salty trail of his pain blazed down his freckle covered cheek, dripping silently off the edge of his jaw. He wiped it away somewhat angrily with the back of his hand, his cheek a bit rough from not shaving for two days.”No,” he said simply, hardly able to even consider what Harry was suggesting. He couldn’t allow himself to hope, to dream, or to believe anymore in possibilities…”Please,” Harry begged.”No, Harry!” Ron shouted, his voice not quite reaching the level of intensity he was obviously aiming for, as if it had been buried outside the kitchen during his hour long wait.”Why not?” Harry asked, in that same sad voice.”I can’t…” Ron whispered, his ears filling with atmosphere noise and pounding slightly from the inside in his desperate attempts to keep from sobbing.”It’s the way she’d have it…” Harry tried, but it was obvious that he knew it hadn’t been the right thing to say the moment the words had been spoken. Ron shook his head.”You want me to confuse her, to tell her why I’m going to have to find new friends next year?””Ron…” Harry’s eyes widened, but Ron ignored him and continued.”She knows nothing right now, does she¡­ I never told her. Maybe this is why, Harry. Maybe I never told her because fate wanted me to have this moment, mixed in with all the… whatever the hell this is I’m feeling – death or depression… this moment where I’m actually bloody glad I never did the brave thing. She can be…” Ron’s voice cracked… “happy with you.””You’re wrong,” Harry said, taking a step towards Ron. “While we’re up here feeling like it’s the end of the world, she’s down in the kitchen feeling the same way.”Ron shook his head again.”Don’t,” he warned, silently pleading for Harry not to continue…”Why? Because you’re afraid you might find out that she lov-“”I said don’t, Harry!” Ron shouted, his eyes wide and glistening with what was left of the daylight.”You’re just so stubborn, Ron!” Harry shouted back. “I’m giving you a chance, I’m telling you that we can do this, we can get through this. In an hour, I have to go back downstairs and marry your soulmate, but-“”My what?” Ron said incredulously, his eyes even wider now.”Oh come off it,” Harry said dismissively. But Ron continued to stare at Harry as if he was seeing him for the first time. “You’re meant to be together, you and Hermione. Don’t tell me you aren’t already aware-“”Stop, Harry. I mean it,” Ron said, but his voice wasn’t as strong now, as if he needed to hear what Harry was saying even though his brain was reproaching his heart, warning him about his choices, that he was going down a path he wouldn’t be able to return from.”Tell me one more time that you don’t want to know what she said, and I’ll be quiet,” Harry said, but his tone was unconvincing, like he would find a way to tell Ron someday even if he refused him.Ron stared at Harry with his mouth slightly open, his desire and confusion very clear in his eyes. Harry took another step towards him.”She said something, about me?” Ron asked in a very small voice. Harry nodded.”Of course she did.”Ron looked away from Harry for the first time, his eyes focusing and unfocusing on the checked pattern of his threadbare rug.This was it, like taking that first step off the edge of a cliff that you’re told will lead you to heaven or hell…He took a long, deep breath, exhaling shakily a moment later.Was it worse to leave now and never get over the curiosity or worse to find out and be haunted with the knowledge that things could have been so very different if the world had not been so cruel?He knew that no matter what, he had to at least hear what Harry had to say. He looked up, and this time, he was certain.”I won’t interrupt you again,” he said.Harry nodded and swallowed hard again.”She loves you, Ron,” he said. “I don’t know if she wanted me to tell you or not. But she does. She said so.”It was the worst and the best thing Ron could have heard. He took a quick breath.”I love her too,” he said as his eyes swam out of focus, filling with tears.Harry nodded, accepting the words he already knew Ron would say.”But what could i do….What should I do?” Ron asked, his voice cracking painfully, so small and timid that it visibly broke Harry’s heart to hear it.”Oh, God, Ron,” Harry sobbed finally, stepping towards him and embracing him. “I’m so sorry…” he cried into Ron’s shoulder.Ron lowered his head and closed his eyes, resting his cheek against Harry’s hair. Before Ron even realised it, his cheeks were soaking wet, and he tasted salt as the tears he was unwillingly crying slid down onto his lips. Ron held Harry tightly, feeling a small amount of comfort from Harry’s warmth. But it was warmth that he knew would soon be replaced with a blizzard. He only had one more hour left.”Tell her,” Harry said, his voice muffled against Ron’s t-shirt. “Tell her yourself.”Ron snapped open his eyes and looked at harry like he heard two heads, before looking away at the wall.”She needs to know,” Harry added.Ron continued to stare over Harry’s head, his face still partially encased by Harry’s wild black hair, but his eyes focused on a random spot on his wall.”I don’t know how to stop loving her,” Ron whispered, feeling as comfortable all of a sudden with admitting this out loud as he would be if Harry wasn’t in the room at all.”Then don’t stop,” Harry said as he pulled back from Ron slightly, his red and swollen eyes looking up into Ron’s.”You are not actually suggesting…..harry!!…..It’s not going to work,” Ron said in a defeated tone, but there was a glimmer of hope that had not been there before, and Harry saw it and held onto it with all he had.”No one has to know,” Harry said “Except us”.Ron stared at him, his heart racing. Could this be? Was it possible that he had a chance here now in Harry’s words? Could they hide this and remain safe? Could he risk his life… no, that wasn’t a question. He would risk everything, every part of himself, to be with her. His life, his soul¡­ The question was could he risk hers?”It’s got to be her choice. I can’t make her risk everything…” Ron said after a long moment “And I’m not sure she would want to do that to you…. to your marriage””Exactly… which is why you have to tell her yourself,” said Harry.”You really think-“”Yes, it’ll work,” Harry interrupted, his voice wavering with very slight uncertainty, but not enough at this point to derail the possibility that Ron was now exploring…”And if someone finds out? With you two married, it’s against the law for me to… to be with…. her like….” Ron trailed off and bit his lip, thinking hard.”Like you said, it’s her choice, isn’t it,” Harry reminded Ron. “And I know what she’ll choose.”Ron and Harry stared at each other, Harry’s eyes showing Ron just how sincere he was, just how confident he was in what he knew Hermione felt.After a long moment, Harry took a tiny step back from Ron, but his eyes stayed focused on Ron’s, waiting for the moment when the communication between them would seal itself, the moment when Ron would give in to a chance…Harry didn’t have to wait long. Ron nodded. Harry smiled up at him for the first time all day. And Ron finally told his brain that even though the plan wasn’t smart, even though he had just signed away his future to the same fate that had tortured him with a pain he could never have imagined, it was over. The decision had been made. And now, the only thing left to do was the one thing he had been too cowardly to do until now.With a nod shared between them, Ron turned, breaking eye contact with Harry, and stepped out onto the landing, heading slowly down the stairs to his future…

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