Fanfic: Mr and Mrs Potter by red_initials (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: James and Lily Potter, and everything about them. Even the mundane tasks are better when they are together.

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Summary: Summary:

James and Lily Potter, and everything about them. Even the mundane tasks are better when they are together.

Notes: Notes:

(See the end of the work for notes.)

Chapter 1: Lazy Mornings

Chapter Text
Lily woke up draped in an oversized comforter to the distinct lack of warmth provided by her boyfriend. In recent weeks, she had become used to falling asleep and waking up next to him that his abstinence had become foreign. The distant sound of the shower running told her where he was. Eventually, she found the strength to pull herself out of his bed, quickly grabbing a shirt that had been flung across the floor carelessly in the passions of the night before she quickly put it on to avoid the cool temperature of the November morning. Noticing it almost went to her knees, she knew it must have been James¡¯, but she felt almost comforted by that fact. She quickly walked down the stairs into the common space of their dorm she thought of how being head girl and boy did have some perks. A space for just her and James. A place where for a while, they could just be together. After curling up on the couch she flipped through one of her books, not truly paying attention to what she was reading. Eventually, the water stopped and James came downstairs, his hair still partially wet as he walked over to her. He took a moment to take her in fully before kissing her slowly as if they had all the time in the world. ¡°You¡¯re beautiful,¡± he whispered with his morning voice as he rested his forehead against hers. ¡°I don¡¯t tell you that enough.¡± He did tell her all of the time, but that never stopped the blush from rising to her face. There was something about him that made her feel like she was worth something, the only one to make her feel truly full. She hummed contently and he sat down next to her, pulling her close to him. ¡°What do you want to do today,¡± He asked, softly kissing the top of her head.¡°Would it be wrong to say I just want to stay here all day.¡±¡°No.¡± He said, ¡°I would love nothing more.¡±Lily paused a moment, allowing herself to take in the moment, ¡°Our friends will come looking,¡±¡°They will,¡± he confirmed as he started to plant small kisses down her neck, ¡°It¡¯s a good thing we changed the password last night.¡±¡°Yeah, a good thing,¡± she echoed, and James pushed her hair back, exposing her shoulder to him. Her breathing became heavy as he started to kiss her shoulders almost lazily. After a few minutes like this, James pulled Lily into his lap, kissing her properly. She would never truly get used to his power over her, the way he made her feel. James pulled back to look at her, staring into her eyes with admiration in a way that made her stomach turn. His hands, toying with the hem of her shirt. ¡°I love you,¡± he said.¡°I love you too,¡± She breathed, kissing him quickly before adding, ¡°So much.¡± He picked her up easily carrying her back up to his room. He took his time, observing every detail of her body in such an intimate way that, had it been anyone else, she would have felt exposed. But there was something about the way he looked at her, running his hands across Lily¡¯s skin, that created such passion between them. She was not shy in returning the affection. She was able to look at him in ways that made him smile or kiss him in a way that he remembered how lucky he was to have finally been able to do everything she let him. That meant more than that to him was that she trusted him, not only to touch and kiss her, but she trusted him with her heart, and that was more than he could have ever wished for. They spent the rest of the day together, not hiding from the world outside but embracing their time alone together.The next day Lily woke up in the way she had become so fond of, with James¡¯ arm wrapped around her waist pulling her close to him. They did eventually make it out of their dorm and were confronted by an angry Sirius, who felt betrayed that they locked him out. As they ate breakfast, explaining to Sirius that they would never do it again, James held Lily¡¯s hand, brushing his thumb against the back of her hand. It truly was the little things, the moments alone, the brushing of their skin, the stolen kisses between classes, that created their relationship. It was the small actions that intertwined their souls, making time slow down when they are simply together. They walked out of the great hall hand and hand, deciding to do their homework before the next day¡¯s classes. They sat together in silence on James¡¯ bed. Lily had stolen his Quittage jersey, focussing intently on copying notes from her book. Although he tried to focus, James could help but look up and smile every few moments when he saw ¡®Potter¡¯ draped across Lily¡¯s back. After a while, she noticed him staring, and deciding she had finished enough homework, she climbed across the bed and kissed him. He didn¡¯t seem to mind, also having decided that transfiguration could wait. There was nothing he would rather be doing.

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