Fanfic: Muggles in Hogwarts by Lillian_Willow_Potter (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: “Dad said there were whispers of a change this year.” Ron said. “What kind of change?” Harry asked. They sat down in the Great Hall. Along with every other student at Hogwarts they starred at a fifth table. “As you know the muggle world has become aware of our existence.” Said Professor McGonagall. “I would like you to join me in welcoming our muggle guests from Surrey High School.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHarry Potter/Ginny Weasley Hermione Granger/Ron WeasleyHarry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Ginny Weasley Dudley Dursley Neville Longbottom Luna Lovegood

Summary: Summary:

“Dad said there were whispers of a change this year.” Ron said. “What kind of change?” Harry asked. They sat down in the Great Hall. Along with every other student at Hogwarts they starred at a fifth table. “As you know the muggle world has become aware of our existence.” Said Professor McGonagall. “I would like you to join me in welcoming our muggle guests from Surrey High School.


Chapter 1: Surprise Feast

Chapter Text
*1* Surprise FeastHarry Potter sat in a compartment on the Hogwarts Express. He sat leaning against the window looking out to the dark stormy sky. The cold glass made his cheek and forehead feel nice. In the distance he could barely make out the lights of Hogwarts, the one place besides the Burrow he called home. He had not returned to Private Drive since the war and did not plan too. He had nothing left there. The Dursleys never acted like his family. Family didn¡¯t hurt you, or shame you, or make you feel worthless. To them he was a waste of space. The Weasleys were his true family.Harry had decided to return for his seventh year. After the war, Kinsley had offered him a position as an Auror, no degree needed. He had thought about it all summer and had gone to Mr. Weasley for advice. He helped him see a few options he had. One, to attend Hogwarts and finish his schooling. Two, to start auror training at the end of the summer. Or three, take a year off of everything and to take a vacation away from everything, which he had highly considered. But eventually decided he truly wanted to return to Hogwarts. It was his home after all and Harry wasn¡¯t alone with the decision to return. Hermione had always planned to return to graduate from Hogwarts. Without Harry and Hermione, Ron probably would not have returned, but decided to join his best mate and girlfriend. Ron and Hermione sat across from Harry. Ron was snoring, his face pressed against the window, which was fogging up with his breath, his mouth wide open. Next to him was Hermione with a book in front of her. Harry had noticed earlier that she had snuck a glance at Ron as he slept. A smile had crept on her lips before she returned to her book. Harry looked back at Ron, who sat in a very unattractive position. He was thrilled his two best friends had gotten together. Harry then turned to Hermione¡¯s right, where Luna Lovegood sat, reading the Quibbler upside down. Harry couldn¡¯t make out her thoughts as her long blonde hair covered her face. She had mentioned only once what had happened to her at the Lestrange Manor. Across from Luna was Neville Longbottom, rereading a book on underwater plants. After fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts Neville gained some confidence and decided that when Professor Sprout retired, he would take her place. He had already spoken to her about possibly assisting with the younger students this year. Last, but not least, was Ginny Weasley. The red head lay down curled in a ball, her head resting in Harry¡¯s lap. She had fallen asleep an hour ago. Harry turned his attention to the red head and slowly shook her awake as the Hogwarts lights brightened.”Wwhaaattt?¡± She whined refusing to open her eyes.¡°We¡¯re almost there.¡± Harry whispered leaning towards her and pulling the strains of hair that had fallen over her face away. ¡°But we¡¯re not there yet.¡± Ginny rolled over so her back faced Hermione and Ron.¡°Fine enter Hogwarts without your uniform, but at least let me change.¡± Harry said stroking Ginny¡¯s auburn hair.¡°No.¡± Ginny snaked her arms around Harry¡¯s waist as Ron¡¯s face slid off the window waking him up with a jolt.¡°What goin¡¯ on?¡± He asked in a stammer. Harry noted that his hand was trying to go for his wand. ¡°We’re almost to Hogwarts Ron.¡± Hermione stated as she put her book down. After a few moments the group silently decided they need to get dressed into their uniforms. The teenagers changed together in the compartment. Harry tried not to look over at Ginny, especially being within punching range of Ron. But he couldn¡¯t help but catch a glance of her lower back. Ginny plopped back down next to Harry, crossing her legs. She quickly noticed Harry looking at her bare legs. ¡°See something you like.¡± She whispered. Harry felt his face grow hot, he knew he was blushing. Ginny winked at him before turning to Luna. The brakes squeaked as the train slowed down. The compartment doors were pushed open and everyone entered the hallway. Luna and Neville were the first to leave followed quickly by Hermione dragging Ron out. A few students passed before Ginny and Harry left the compartment. They left hand in hand with Ginny leading Harry down the corridor. Harry could feel his stomach knotting from the attention, he kept his eyes low to avoid everyone’s glaze. He kept his eyes fixed on his and Ginny¡¯s hands together. He felt her small hand squeeze his reassuringly. Harry smiled, even without looking back to him, she knew what he needed. Once off the train Harry and Ginny joined their friends waiting for a carriage. All of them of them, including most of the school, could see the thestrals now. So many students pointed at the black, winged horses in confusion. Not many could see them before. Harry noticed a few third years staring up at the horse like creatures in fright.”They’re called thestrals.” He said as he walked up to them. One turned to face him. Harry stretched out his hand and petted the creature¡¯s muzzle. “They weren’t here last year.” A boy said, looking back at the thestral with wide eyes. “They were, you just couldn’t see them. They can only be seen by those who have seen death.” Harry said grimly. The boy nodded, still looking at the creatures hesitantly.”But don’t worry despite their appearance, they are actually gentle creatures.” Luna said as she approached the thestral, offering it an apple from her bag. The third years got in the carriage still watching the thestrals. Harry turned around to see other students watching the thestrals timidly, before getting into a carriage. He understood how they felt. It was the same feeling he had when he saw them for the first time. He only now liked the creatures because of Luna. One of his favorite memories of her was when they fed the thestrals together on the edge of the forest. Their carriage bumped along the path. The closer to Hogwarts they got the more wreckage Harry saw. The battle had destroyed parts of the castle and its grounds. To prepare for the new school year the focus had been on the castle itself. According to the Daily Prophet, the school was nearly complete, and work was beginning on the Quidditch field. Harry looked around the path as they rode on. There were still trees down. Some had been pulled away from the road. Some were broken, some in half and some black from some unknown curse. There were craters throughout the wooded area. After a few minutes, Harry couldn’t look anymore. Maybe it was a mistake to return. He looked around the carriage at his friends who were also looking around sadly. No one spoke until Ron couldn’t stand the silence anymore.”I hear they are fixing the Quidditch field. Shouldn’t take long. Hopefully it’ll be ready for the season.” He said smiling. Ginny looked back to her brother.”McGonagall sent me a letter this year saying that until it’s fixed we can hold try outs in the field near Hagrid’s, but it should be done enough by the season.” Ginny leaned back on Harry as the carriage kept moving. The castle slowly came into focus with its twinkling lights. “I am very much looking forward to the feast. I hope there will be pudding.” Luna said as they neared the castle. Neville and Luna discussed what they were most looking forward to during the opening feast as the trio looked at the castle.”Dad said there were whispers of a huge change this year.” Ron said as they approached the doors.”What kind of change?” Harry asked as they jumped from the carriage. Before the carriage took off Luna gave one more apple to the thestral, who tapped her lovingly with its nose.”Don’t know. I don’t think he even knew. Just said there were some rumors floating around.” Ron said leading the group to the double doors. “Maybe we’ll have to practice air raids.” Hermione said.”Air raids?” Neville asked as he looked into a cage that held Trevor, his toad.”A plan of action in case the muggles decided to attack from the air.” Hermione stated as they entered the large oak doors. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks of the war, the Ministry was unable to keep the Wizarding World a secret. More battles with more muggle witnesses took place. There were just too many muggles to obliviate them all. Harry stayed quiet. He doubted they would have to practice air raids. If the muggles did decide to attack, they could just make a magical burier around the castle. Luckily, so far, the muggles had not attacked. A few incidents had occurred where small groups went after ¡°witches¡±, but only one had been an actually wizard. “How would they attack from the air?” Neville asked, looking concerned. “Probably from those airplanes. Dad has been reading about them. Says muggles have things they can drop from them.” Ron said as they entered the mob of students in the Great Hall. Harry looked at the stonework around the entrance of the Great Hall. There were cracks moving in every direction in the stones. But everything was in tack. He felt a twinge of guilt as he remembered he was not one of the ones who had volunteered to help fix Hogwarts. He could see Ron pointing out parts of the hall to Hermione and discussing the spells he used. He at one point in the summer came every day and had mainly been stationed fixing the Great Hall. Harry believed part of the reason he helped so much was to distract himself after his brother’s death, but he now seemed very proud of his work.The group sat at their usual spot in the Great Hall. Luna sat behind them at the Ravenclaw table. Along with every other student at Hogwarts they starred at a fifth table. Students continued to talk until Headmistress McGonagall stood behind the podium in front of the teacher¡¯s table. The golden owl, plastered to the podium, opened its wings as she cleared her throat. “Welcome and welcome back. I am quite pleased that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has reopened after the many repairs done during the summer. As you will notice some parts of the castle, mainly on the first floor are still off limits due to construction. You might have seen a difference on your way in tonight. We thought it would be an excellent idea to donate a piece of our beautiful gardens here to those who died in the Battle of Hogwarts.¡± Professor McGonagall paused a moment, the Hall remained silent as McGonagall looked through the crowd of students. Harry thought that she may have paused to look at him for a minute but tried to brush off the thought as she continued.¡°The majority of our rules from last year will continue this year, but with a few exceptions. Curfew from before the Death Eaters control of Hogwarts will be reinstalled starting tonight. Curfew will be 10:30, but all students will have to be in the school by eight. Just because the war against Voldemort is done, does not mean his supporters have died with him. All students, first years to seventh years will be in the school at eight, no exceptions. Students are not allowed in or near The Forbidden Forest. It is called The Forbidden Forest for a reason.¡± McGonagall paused to make sure her point sunk into the students¡¯ heads before she continued.”Now before we begin our feast tonight, I have an announcement to make about a certain change in this school year. As many of you know the muggle world has become aware of our existence. Our Minister has made a proposal to the muggle Prime Minister to show that most wizards are not going to harm any muggles. To prove that Lord Voldemort and his followers were to be feared, not all witches and wizards are. The Minister of Magic thinks the best way is to have muggle and magic students interact with one another. So, this year and this year only we will be having muggle students join us. This year is our chance to create peace between magic and muggle. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we do not want another witch hunt or war.¡± The Great Hall remained dead silent. The blank expressions on the students’ faces showed confusion. Was McGonagall serious?¡°I want every student here to treat them equally.¡± McGonagall looked at the first table, the Slytherins.¡°How wizards and muggles relate to each other could depend on what happens here at Hogwarts. Everyone will be on their very best behavior. ¨C And on that note, I would like you to join me in welcoming our muggle visitors from Surrey High School.¡± Professor McGonagall raised her hand towards the oak doors which stood open revealing a large group of muggles. Harry¡¯s eyes grew wide, his jaw dropped. He felt as if an elephant was pushing against his chest. A group of about fifty muggle students walked into the Great Hall along with a few muggle teachers. Harry watched awestruck as he saw who was in the group. The students consisted of people he knew and people he would be in classes with now if he had not attended Hogwarts. The muggle students included his cousin Dudley Dursley and his gang.

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