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Description: In the events following Godric’s Hollow, Albus has come out to his dad, and things seem like they’re back to normal. Only thing that’s left for him to do is tell Scorpius…which can be done…right? Seems like the Summer holidays would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Characters: UnderageScorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus PotterAlbus Severus Potter Scorpius Malfoy Ginny Weasley Draco Malfoy Harry Potter Rose Granger Weasley Hermione Granger Ron Weasley James Sirius Potter Lily Luna Potter Hugo WeasleyEventual Romance

Summary: Summary:

In the events following Godric’s Hollow, Albus has come out to his dad, and things seem like they’re back to normal. Only thing that’s left for him to do is tell Scorpius…which can be done…right? Seems like the Summer holidays would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Notes: Notes:

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Chapter 1: A Nice Day

Chapter Text
A resounding crack bounced its way around the Front Courtyard of Hogwarts, and Albus Potter doubled over, leaning on his knees for support whilst his father, Harry, managed to contain his discomfort a little better, if only slightly.
¡°I will never get used to that,¡± Albus heaved. ¡°How do you do it, Dad?¡±
¡°I honestly don¡¯t know…I much rather flying but McGonagall only agreed if our trip was an in/out thing,¡± Harry replied. ¡°Though I will say you apparated quite well. Most people vomit the first time.¡±
¡°I wonder why,¡± Albus sarcastically remarked. After a few deep breaths, he brushed down his hoodie and stood up straight. Hogwarts was looking remarkably beautiful in the setting sun, and he could smell dinner wafting through the entrance hall of the castle. Sundays always meant Roast for dinner, and Albus¡¯ mouth watered at the thought.
¡°I guess I¡¯ll leave you to it, then,¡± Harry said. Albus shifted his feet awkwardly and nodded, glancing down.
¡°Thanks for this, Dad,¡± the boy said quietly. ¡°And…you¡¯re really okay with me being…you know?¡± Harry gently cupped his son¡¯s face and looked him directly in the eye.
¡°Albus, as long as you¡¯re happy, that¡¯s all I¡¯m concerned about. No matter what label you have, who you love, what you like…you¡¯re my son, and I will always love you, no matter what. And all you need to do is ask him, when you¡¯re ready. He¡¯s a wonderful boy and I know that whatever happens, you will undoubtedly be the most important person in his life, too.¡± Albus started to well up and he reached around his father for a hug, and Harry gently kissed his son¡¯s brow. ¡°Send an owl when you¡¯ve asked him, okay?¡± Albus nodded wordlessly and withdrew from the embrace, wiping away a few stray tears.
¡°I will. See you later, Dad,¡± Albus smiled. Harry indulged himself a little by tousling his son¡¯s messy brown hair, and with a final wave, apparated out of the courtyard, leaving Albus alone in the fading sunlight. Albus reached up to fix his hair a little and made his way into the entrance hall, which echoed with the sound of his rumbly stomach. He shook his head to himself and opened the door to the Great Hall, and found Scorpius sitting with a handful of other students, including, much to his astonishment, Rose. The small gathering seemed to be listening to Scorpius¡¯ recount of what happened in Godric¡¯s Hollow and they hung on his every word, in between mouthfuls of Roast Beef and vegetables. Albus smiled, remembering how much Scorpius liked to flaunt his storytelling abilities and made his way over to join them.
¡°…and then, Albus jumped down into the tunnel and made his way under the church where he managed to get to Harry in time, tossed him a spare wand, and then unlocked the doors when we all came in and worked together to defeat the Augurey!¡± An awed hush fell over the group, and Scorpius glanced up at Albus who was smiling warmly at his best friend.
¡°Ah! Here¡¯s the brave hero right now!¡± Scorpius theatrically proclaimed as he flashed his stunning white grin.
¡°I see you¡¯re telling them the story again,¡± Albus remarked.
¡°What can I say? It¡¯s hard to keep them away when you¡¯re as good a storyteller as I,¡± Scorpius replied. Albus just chuckled and nudged his best friend in the arm as he sat down to pile his plate high with Roast Pork and Crispy Potatoes. Everyone else got the sense that story time was over and so dispersed back to their original places, leaving Albus and Scorpius alone.
¡°So, how was the bonding thing?¡± Scorpius asked.
¡°It was…actually really nice,¡± Albus admitted. ¡°I think Dad and I are gonna be okay. We had a really good talk and he even took me to visit Cedric¡¯s grave.¡±
¡°…Wow,¡± Scorpius said quietly. ¡°…Do you ever regret us not going back to try again without Delphi?¡±
¡°It¡¯s really unfair that he had to die, but…what we all have right now, in this moment…what I have…I wouldn¡¯t trade for anything else in the world.¡± Scorpius sadly smiled as he wrapped an arm around Albus and pulled him close. The brown haired boy leaned into his best friend¡¯s touch and rested his head on his robed shoulder. They both glanced at an empty place opposite them, where Craig Bowker usually sat, and in their own private way, sent their apologies to him, wherever he was.
¡°Hey, I meant to ask you,¡± Albus started.
¡°So, once our exams are over and done with, would you-¡±
Albus was interrupted by a sudden gust of wind and a ruffle of tawny feathers as Scorpius¡¯ Eagle Owl, Hecuba, landed on the table with a letter in her beak. Scorpius withdrew his arm from around Albus and his friend reluctantly sat up straight as Scorpius took the letter and fed Hecuba an owl treat for her trouble before gently stroking her feathers.
¡°Bit late for an owl, isn¡¯t it?¡± Albus wondered aloud.
¡°Oh, it¡¯s from Dad,¡± Scorpius said upon inspecting the handwriting neatly written across the back of the envelope. Scorpius opened the letter and angled it towards Albus so they could read it together.
Dear Scorpius,
I¡¯ve been writing with Harry and Ginny, and we¡¯ve discussed the idea of you staying with the Potters for some of the summer break. I wanted to check with you of course, if you would be interested in this. In light of everything we¡¯ve been through I feel it necessary for you to be with Albus for as long as you need outside of Hogwarts. Please let me know as soon as you can so I can carry on making arrangements for your visit.
Love, Dad
Albus¡¯ heart soared at the idea of Scorpius staying with him over the summer break, and just managed to keep a lid on his excitement.
¡°Oh my goodness!¡± Scorpius squeaked. ¡°I don¡¯t understand why he¡¯d need to ask, surely he knew my answer would be yes…did you know about this?¡±
¡°Sort of,¡± Albus admitted. ¡°Dad asked me to invite you to stay with us and I was just about to before this one stole my line.¡± Albus reached across the table and scratched the top of Hecuba¡¯s head, who had cheekily started helping herself to a Yorkshire pudding.
¡°Wizzo!¡± Scorpius said as he withdrew a quill from his robes and started his reply on the back of his father¡¯s parchment.
¡°Dad¡­¡± Scorpius said to himself as he began to write. ¡°That would be wonderful. Thank you for organising this. Love, Scorpius.¡± He sealed his letter back up in the same envelope before placing it in Hecuba¡¯s beak. She hooted once in confirmation and took off from the table, disappearing out an open window high up in the ceiling. The two boys grinned at each other and charged their goblets to the holidays before carrying on with dinner.

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