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Description: From all the Weasley brothers, there is one that sticks out the most. With his dark, black hair, deep brown eyes and fair white skin, Tom Marvolo Weasley doesn’t look at all like the rest of the family. On top of that he was the only one that ended up in Slytherin¡­ is there more to him than meets the eye?

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Summary: Summary:

From all the Weasley brothers, there is one that sticks out the most. With his dark, black hair, deep brown eyes and fair white skin, Tom Marvolo Weasley doesn’t look at all like the rest of the family. On top of that he was the only one that ended up in Slytherin¡­ is there more to him than meets the eye?

Notes: Notes:

I post 1 chapter early to hype you all for it. 🙂 I will officially start to post it in December, so stay tooned!,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

I dedicate this piece to my older brother Tom¡­ ok, I¡¯m joking, but it¡¯s funny how my older brother’s name actually is Tom. 😛 I probably will end up with 15 chapters, with 11 already wroten. Maybe It will be a little longer if you guys like it. Also, I have no idea how my initial super dark fic turned out to have so much fluff in it. Must be the magic of Christmas.

Chapter 1: Tom Marvolo Weasley

Chapter Text
The Slytherin head boy strolled slowly through the hall of Hogwarts as he spotted one of his many brothers.- Fred! – He slightly waved at the boy.Teenage boy joined him vigorously. Being stuck in Hogwarts with only three remaining siblings was a bit annoying to Tom, he missed Percy.From the bunch, Tom liked Percy the most. He was intelligent and stuck to the rules. Of course, this was sometimes bothersome, but, as prefect himself, he did enjoy a brother who would be similar in that regard. The rest however¡­Due to the fact he spent most of the year in school he wasn’t in contact with William or Charls often so he wouldn’t call them close to him, and both George and Fred were just exhaustive to keep on track. He was used to their shenanigans by now, but at first¡­Ron on the other hand surprised him, by how smart he proved himself to be by befriending the right crowd.- Hi. – Fred said, giving himself a bit of a brushing with fingers, since Tom’s whole uniform was spotless as always.He was never too cautious about it, but with a brother like Tom¡­ Well, let’s just say, almost every girl was smitten by his handsome face. Weasley’s charm as he put it, so of course Fred wanted to copy that. He still tried to ask out a girl for a Yule Ball, himself, so Tom being a lady’s man he was, could give him advice.Thomas was kind of a black sheep in that regard, as you could never know the two boys were even related, one with pale skin full of freckles and red messy haircut, and the other with fair, smooth skin and black silky hair style supported by gel, and deep dark eyes. Fred and George sometimes would try to borrow his hair product, but neither of them ever managed to make them look as smooth and under the comb.So, in their frustration, they once added a little bit of magical pink glitter to Tom’s favorite gel that sticks like glue for weeks. Needless to say they had smooth snakes the next morning in their sheets. Tom also made his cobra, Meret, guard his most valued possessions from now on.- Do you happen to know where Ronald is? Mother sent us all new Christmas sweaters already, so I was heading to your tower. – He explained. One of the duties of Head boys and girls was to make sure all presents were delivered to student’s and as the oldest right now, it was sent to him, despite being in a different house than the rest. – Delightful woman, really. She even made sweaters for his friends. Oh, and mom asked me to give Ron his new dress robes.That would be a weird way to speak of your own mother, but Fred didn’t question that. Tom was just always a bit odd like that. And really who can blame a young man for loving his mother? Tom, whatever he was at home was like a shadow to Molly. Their mom liked his company of course but often wondered why of all of her children Tom seemed to crave motherly attention the most. After all, she didn’t play favorites amongst them.- Uh, sure, I think they have potions right now, but classes would be over in about ten minutes.So will all three be there? Oh, what a marvelous occasion for him! He smiled. But then it hit him.- And you are not with George in your class, because¡­?The red head gulped.- No reason.Tom only raised his brow. He was going to clean whatever mess Fred was preparing later that day, didn’t he?- Just don’t use the stinking potion again, Fred. Our common room was unusable for 3 days after your last “visit”. – He growled and said his farewell to Fred. He had something else in mind now.Heading to the potion classroom he spotted Ronald, Harry and Hermione, only to overhear a conversation between his brother and a girl.- So, did any of you have a Yule Ball date already? – Boy with a scar asked. There was a spark of curiosity in his green eyes behind the round glasses. – I think I know who I ask, since I can’t go alone as one of the champions of Hogwarts¡­Ron shook his head.- Nah, I just don’t know any girls so well to ask¡­Tom rolled his eyes, as smart as Ronald could be, he was also oblivious. And the comment also made the young witch coming after them from the classroom growl a bit too. Not surprisingly.- Wait, Hermione! You are a girl! – Ron clapped his hands. – We could…Before he could finish that sentence to little witch building irritation, Tom stepped between the two.- Why, of course she is. – He slightly bowed. – Beautiful, at that, don’t you agree, Ronald?He took her hand and planted a kiss on the top of it. The girl was a bit clumsy looking, that’s true, with her wild hair and baggy robe, but Tom knew with a little bit of polishing she would be a wonderful gem, he already had plans for her.Knowing he was not the only one who noticed her undeveloped charm, he already dealt with Krum, making sure that guy knew the little witch was not for taking. Even if she herself didn’t quite notice it yet, Tom saw her as a woman some time ago. His woman. Now, it was time to eliminate another rival before Ron would even catch on his own feelings.- Would you give me this pleasure and go with me to the Yule Ball?Hermione blinked, but she was not the only one shocked out of the three. Ron’s ears flushed in bright red matching his hair color perfectly.- You don’t have to answer me already, Hermione.- Tom said. – But of course, feel free to join me in the library, later this afternoon. I will be waiting for you. I think you must notice I was smitten by you during summer? I can wait for you forever.His voice was deep and he put all of his energy into sounding seductive. He knew how to court a girl, a skill that thankfully Ronald lacked. Even if he personally thought that last line in particular was cheesy as hell. Oh, and he took a slight pleasure noticing how his brother reacted. But the Weasley’s were loyal to each other. He knew he wouldn’t say a thing after Tom’s confession. How convenient for him.- Mother sent us sweaters, Ronald. – He added. – Isn’t that sweet Hermione, if you agree we could stroll down the halls in matching outfits as a couple? – He let a bit of mockery slip out of his tongue, squinting his eyes as Ron’s face paled. That was indeed hilarious.- I¡­ – Hermione stuttered. – I th-think about it.Oh, the Gryffindor student looked delicious as a peach with light pink blush on her cheeks. And on top of that, despite being a mudblood she was one of the smartest witches he knew in his entire life. She truly was the perfect fit.- Ok then, see you later, my dear.After that little bit of triumph Tom got straight to the library.

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