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Hermione was always mocked by her cousins because she never had a date to accompany her to the Christmas family party that their family threw.She then decides to join a dating service, to see if she can find someone to take home with to the party. Her dates wasn’t what she expected, and meeting Theo while going on dates wasn’t part of the plan. What she would do now?


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Hermione was always mocked by her cousins because she never had a date to accompany her to the Christmas family party that their family threw.She then decides to join a dating service, to see if she can find someone to take home with to the party. Her dates wasn’t what she expected, and meeting Theo while going on dates wasn’t part of the plan. What she would do now?


Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year, and my mind is full with a lot of ideas for Christmas stories. But this year I decided to do something a little different and decided to write a full multichapter for Christmas! It’s going to work like a Christmas advent calendar, a chapter a day until Christmas. I hope you enjoy this little theomione story, and as always, reviews are welcomed. Grab your hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies, and enjoy the first chapter!Here’s an edit of one I’ve been missing

Chapter 1: 1. Advice from friends

Chapter Text

 “If someone wants to kill me, now would be a good time,” Hermione groaned, dropping her head onto the files on her desk. The chair underneath her creaked at the sudden shift in weight. She tried not to whine, but she knew that it was a lost cause. “If I’m dead, I don’t need to go to my family’s Christmas party.” Draco often walked into her office at the law firm like he owned the place. He always managed to force her to take time to herself—although Hermione called it procrastinating, Draco claimed it was for relaxation purposes—and she ended up talking to him before getting back to work.  “You’re being too dramatic, Granger, and that’s me saying,” Draco replied, raising his eyebrow at her. He crossed his arms and leaned back in the comfy chair only her clients (and Draco) used. “What’s so wrong with your family’s Christmas party? I thought that you liked Christmas.” “I love Christmas, but I hate my family’s party.” Hermione sighed, not telling the entire truth, too embarrassed to tell her friend. Knowing that he would be able to realise she was lying, Hermione glanced towards the bookshelves lining the walls of her office. “My cousins always make fun of me for never showing up with anyone. They take great pleasure in reminding me of how single I am.” Hermione knew that she was being a little unreasonable, but sometimes, it was like her family didn’t understand her. The Grangers weren’t snobby, but Hermione couldn’t say the same about her cousins. It seemed to be their mission to make her life insufferable. Esme and Eloise, her aunt’s daughters, liked to make Hermione feel like she wasn’t accepted by them. They had never asked her to join them in their plays; Hermione had always ended up playing by herself in the corner of the room. Their treatment had gotten worse as they grew up. The two of them would arrive at the party with handsome boyfriends and would mock Hermione, who was always single. “You should do what Ginny suggested last year: punch them in their faces. They can’t say anything bad about you if they can’t talk,” Draco said with a straight face. Hermione couldn’t help but giggle like a little girl. “You think I’m joking, but I’m not.” “I know, and that’s what makes me laugh. I love you, Drake. Thanks for cheering me up today,” Hermione said, getting up to walk over to him,  wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tightly. “I’ll figure something out. I always do.” “Well, if you need help, you know that you can count on me, right? Ginny and Blaise will help too—well, Ginny will help. Blaise will only give you terrible advice like he always does.” Draco smirked, making Hermione laugh louder.  Blaise, whom Hermione had known since they had met during their first year at university, definitely wasn’t the best person to turn to for advice. Draco changed the subject. “Are we still meeting for drinks this Friday?” “Yes, I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Hermione replied, smiling a little easier. Going out for drinks was a tradition they had started in college, and they still followed the tradition these days. “Maybe I’ll come up with an idea for the party.” “Even if you don’t, we’ll help you.” Draco hugged Hermione once more, before standing up and left her office, leaving the brunette to her own thoughts. Hermione knew that Draco wasn’t a hugging type, but she was glad he had indulged her. Hermione wished that she could come up with something that would help her survive the Christmas party, but she had a terrible feeling that no matter what she thought, nothing would help her. She remembered the time that she tried to ask for a friend to go with her to the party, but her cousins trashed him without thinking.  At least, the prospect of getting drunk on Friday would help her survive the rest of the week. Booze always made her forget about things going wrong. Friday couldn’t come sooner.
“Why don’t you ask one of us to go with you and pose as your significant other?” Ginny asked. Hermione was trying to drown her sorrows over a martini glass. The bar where they used to go wasn’t always crowded, but it was great to see people having fun—except for Hermione. “I can be an awesome fake girlfriend.”  Hermione’s friends were the best; she wouldn’t find better friends anywhere. Ginny had been her best friend since they were toddlers, and Hermione couldn’t imagine her life without her. She was only trying to help her, but the redhead didn’t know how her family could be when it came to the Christmas party. No matter what Hermione would be forced to go through, she was glad to have this group of people around her. “I know that you’ll probably be an amazing fake girlfriend, Gin, but I don’t think my family would believe that we’re together.” A wave of affection for her friend washed over Hermione, and in her drunken state, she grabbed Ginny and kissed her cheek. “If I didn’t know that you were in love with someone else, I would ask you to give us a go.” Hermione couldn’t help but giggle at the blush that spread over Ginny’s face. She knew Ginny wasn’t ready to say something about her crush just yet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ginny tried to disguise her blush by taking a sip of her beer. “I’m here trying to help my friend, and she’s trying to set me up.” “Sure, whatever makes you sleep better at night.” Hermione laughed at Ginny’s expression; it was too cute! “Besides, I can’t take any of you to the party because my parents already know you and they’d never believe that we’re in a relationship.” Ginny shrugged. “It was worth a try. Don’t worry your pretty little head too much. We’ll find a solution. Between the two of us, Draco, and Blaise, we’ll come up with a good plan.” Hermione beamed at her friend, her heart full. She hoped that they could find a solution for the predicament she was in. “You two started without me? I’m hurt,” a voice from their right said, and both girls turned to see their friend looking at them. They had to tilt their heads back to look up since Blaise was taller than them. He was also the only one wearing a suit, while they all were dressed casually. “And you’re having a martini without me, Granger? I thought we were friends! Best friends!” “Shut up, Blaise. I’m her best friend and everyone knows that,” Ginny replied, making Hermione laugh at their banter. “And it’s your own fault that we started without you.” “My fault? How could it be my fault?” Blaise asked, kissing Hermione’s cheek and winking at her. “It’s Hermione here who looks like she’s had better days and intends to drink her weight in dirty martinis.” “Hey, don’t insult me! My head’s already full without having to think about how much I’m drinking.” Hermione knew Blaise wasn’t being mean to her; it was just his way of showing affection to his friends. “Yes, Blaise, don’t be mean to Hermione. She already had a hard day today.” Another person joined their table, and Hermione didn’t need to turn to see who it was. “Thank you, Draco, you’re a good friend,” Hermione replied. The blond sat down next to Ginny, who was blushing and shifting in her seat. “And you can be an even better friend if you go get me another dirty martini.” “Rough day at work? You never drink dirty martinis without a reason.” Blaise watched Hermione with concern written all over his face. “I thought you would be your happy version, seeing how Christmas is around the corner.” “That’s why she’s trying to get drunk because Christmas is around the corner,” Draco replied, signalling for a waiter. “It’s the annual Granger Pity Party before her family Christmas party.” “Excuse me? What do you mean by that?” Hermione asked, glaring at Draco, who only smiled at her in return. “Every year you complain about not having anyone to go with even though we would gladly help you out. But you don’t want to take any of us, which I don’t understand as we’re all wonderful people. So, you drink a lot in the weeks leading up to it because you don’t want to get drunk around your relatives.” Hermione stared at Draco, not knowing what to say after his little speech. The truth was that Draco was right. Hermione always did complain about the party, but she hadn’t done anything to change anything. She hated how her cousins and condescending relatives looked at her when she talked about her work or any of her friends. Hermione loved Christmas, but she was always terrified of the party. “You’re right, Drake,” Hermione said in a small voice, not looking at any of her friends. “I don’t know why I care so much, but the way they talk to me… I get that I’m not pretty like them, but they don’t need to talk to me like that.” “What are you talking about? You’re the prettiest girl I know, and that is saying something!” Ginny came to her defence immediately. “You need to stop thinking for a while and let us help you decide what to do to make your cousins shut up.” Hermione smiled at Ginny and noticed Draco and Blaise sharing a quick look, not saying anything out loud. She knew she should worry, but at that moment, her mind was too hazy to think about what the look meant. “You know, since you don’t want to take any of us with you, I know someone who—” Blaise started to say, but Hermione wasn’t listening to him anymore. Something on the wall behind him had caught her attention. Hermione stood up abruptly and walked towards the notice board. Under all the strange ads the bar always put up, a piece of paper had caught Hermione’s attention. She grabbed it without hesitation. Later, she would blame it on the martinis she had drunk. “I think I have the best idea ever,” Hermione said, stumbling back to the table. She slammed the paper down and grinned. “This is what I needed.” “What? Hermione, are you serious? Have you lost your mind or something?” Ginny asked, scanning the paper. “You can’t be in your right mind.” “I’ve never been more certain about something, Gin, and this is what I’m going to do.” Hermione nodded decisively. At that moment, she knew she wasn’t going to change her mind. “But… a dating service? Are you sure?” Ginny asked again, still trying to wrap her mind around it. “You could match up with a serial killer.” “Don’t be so dramatic, Gin. I’ll look up more information about this when I get home, but this is definitely something that I want to do.” Hermione turned to her other friends, who were looking at the exchange with raised eyebrows. “I mean, applying to go on twelve dates before Christmas, one of them could be the one, right? And in the end, I’ll have someone to take to the party.” “If you’re so certain, we can only offer our support,” Draco said, not knowing what else to say. “And if you need help, Blaise and I can always come to your rescue.” “Thank you, boys, but I won’t need that.” Hermione was certain about what she was saying. “I’ll go out with twelve people, and in the end, I’m certain that I’ll find my perfect match.” “And to that, I’ll drink,” Blaise said, raising his glass and winking in Hermione’s direction. “But if, even after all these dates, you don’t find what you need, just say the word. I know someone who’ll be perfect for you.” “You’re too kind, Blaise.” Smiling, Hermione raised her glass and toasted. “To find the one for me.” “Cheers!” Ginny, Blaise, and Draco cheered and drank their beverages. “This is going to be the best idea I’ve ever had,” Hermione murmured to herself, imagining her cousins’ faces when she arrived with someone in tow. “I can’t wait for Christmas.”

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