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One line Oneshots! I’ve written a wedding, a honeymoon, two smut scenes, and I’m thinking about a few things, like when Remus was with Brian, some domestic stuff and maybe… maybe… after Brian gets out of prison, not as a second story or anything, but kind of as like… what happens??? Idk, I’m thinking. Also, I might post an ending to the story I almost did, but was like ehhhh maybe not. I’m keeping the smut from the main story bc I want at least one full story where there’s no real sex scenes


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One line Oneshots! I’ve written a wedding, a honeymoon, two smut scenes, and I’m thinking about a few things, like when Remus was with Brian, some domestic stuff and maybe… maybe… after Brian gets out of prison, not as a second story or anything, but kind of as like… what happens??? Idk, I’m thinking. Also, I might post an ending to the story I almost did, but was like ehhhh maybe not. I’m keeping the smut from the main story bc I want at least one full story where there’s no real sex scenes (If you have requests for this, I’ll try to take them.)


Literally posting this bc I miss posting and the comments. I’m trying with my requests, but I’m getting to the point where I’m mostly trying to finish entire stories and maybe write some oneshots. I’m literally getting so blehhhhh especially bc I have like six of my own stories in mind but don’t wanna do it yet. Imma get something one day.

Chapter 1: First Smut

Chapter Text
Remus was working in Japan and Sirius was home.  Sirius, being Sirius, was packing his bags.  His phone rang.  Sirius checked the caller ID and answered.  “Hey, Lily.”  “Hey, are you visiting Remus?”  Sirius nodded and checked his bags.  “I haven’t seen him in months, I finally have some time off.”  “Just make sure you’re back in a week, okay?”  Sirius nodded, before he realised Lily couldn’t see him.  “I know.  I’m just going to take him home.  We’ll spend the next two nights in his hotel room and then go home after a couple days.  I’ll be back in time for the game.”  Lily huffed over the phone and replied, “Let me know when you land, then when you get home.  I haven’t seen him in months either and I have filming and paperwork so I can’t see him.”  “Of course.  I’ve gotta go, I’m gonna be driving.”  “Bye, remember to call me!”  “I will!”  Sirius hung up and slung his bag over his shoulder, patting Snowball goodbye.  His water and food bowls were full, so Sirius was sure he’d be fine.  He got on the lift and rode down into the lobby, before walking through and getting on his motorbike.  As he revved it up, he checked the contents of his bag and smirked, knowing that neither would be able to control themselves when they finally saw each other again. —  Remus sighed, holding his head in his hands as he stared at the laptop in front of him through reading glasses.  He’d been working nonstop for the past six months, even though his deadline was another six months away.  Remus knew when it was due, he knew that he had all the time in the world.  However, if he didn’t do it now he wouldn’t do it at all.  He knew this, just as well as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but this project until it was done.  Remus picked up his glass of water and sat back, sipping it and regarding the screen in front of him carefully.  It shouldn’t take more than another day.  Before Remus could put his water down, there was a knock on his door.  He jumped and put his water down, wondering who it was.  Remus got up and saved the code to his computer, just in case it was something that would take long enough for the computer to shut off.  He walked to the door and unlocked it, jumping as whoever it was knocked again.  “I’m coming.”  Remus opened the door and stopped, met with the sight of a grinning Sirius who was carrying an overnight bag.  “Sirius!”  Remus launched himself at Sirius, wrapping his arms and legs around his neck and waist.  Sirius laughed and hugged Remus back, taking a peek into Remus’ hotel room.  It seemed like Remus was working more than he was focusing on himself, which was normal by now.  He knew that Remus wasn’t counting on Sirius’ surprise visit.  Sirius walked into the room, Remus on his front.  This was a normal occurrence by now, Remus clinging to Sirius’ front like a koala.  It was mostly because Remus had two moods when it came to touch, one being “no” and the other being “touch starved”.  Sirius pet his hair and looked around the room again, this time Remus pulled back to see what he was doing.  “It’s not as bad as it looks.”  Sirius looked down at Remus.  “Have you been eating?”  Remus shrugged and pointed at the coffee pot in the corner of his suite.  “I’ve been getting some nutrients.”  Sirius raised his eyebrows and put Remus on the bed.  “Have you been drinking water?”  Remus pointed at his water, which was by his laptop.  Sirius crawled onto the bed and leaned over Remus.  “You can’t live on coffee and water.”  Remus pointed at his laptop, which was still displaying the code he’d already written.  Sirius looked over, unimpressed.  “And when’s your deadline?”  Remus looked away.  “You know how I get.”  Sirius leaned in and nuzzled Remus’ head.  “I do know how you get, it’s why I know that you’re probably going to get that done way before your deadline no matter what I do.”  Remus looked away.  Sirius sighed and pet his hair.  “When’s the last time you slept?”  Remus shrugged, looking away.  “Couple days?”  Sirius sighed and pulled Remus back onto the bed.  “Well.  It’s a good thing I’m exhausted.”  Remus tried to squirm out of Sirius’ grip, though Sirius was used to it enough by now to know how to keep him still.  “I only have to do a few more things and then I’m done, though!”  Sirius shifted, getting more comfortable.  “How long do you have?”  Remus stilled, glaring at Sirius and looking like he was about to cry.  “I can get it done early and have nothing to do for the rest of the time.”  Sirius raised his eyebrows.  “You’ll get the same amount of time off if you wait a little bit.  I promise I’ll set aside time where you can finish that, how long do you need?”  Remus crossed his arms over his stomach.  “A day.”  Sirius ran a hand through Remus’ hair.  “Take out time to eat and at least two hours worth of breaks.”  Remus groaned.  “That cuts my time in half!”  Sirius traced patterns on Remus’ back and replied, “It’s only two days.  When is this due?”  Remus turned his head into Sirius’ shoulder, feeling a bit dumb as he mumbled, “Six months.”  Sirius fondly rolled his eyes at his husband’s efficiency and perfectionism.  “When do you need to update your bosses on your progress?”  “Tomorrow.”  Sirius made an annoyed noise in his throat.  “If you keep doing your work like this, you’re going to get more and more and you won’t be able to keep up.”  Remus turned his head, calmer now that he knew he wouldn’t get behind.  “I’ll be fine, they’ve been giving me the same workload for years.  It’s just the time that changes.”  Sirius huffed and played with Remus’ hair.  “Remember that you’ll be doing this for a long time, you can’t just live deadline to deadline.”  Remus shifted.  “I don’t.”  It sounded unconvincing, even to Remus.  Sirius sighed and turned over.  “It was nine when I landed, it took me at least an hour to get here.  Let’s go to sleep.”  Remus nodded and got close to Sirius, curling into his chest.  “I missed you.”  Sirius smiled and ghosted his fingers over Remus’ tense shoulder.  “I missed you, too.  Gonna take care of you.”  Remus smiled into Sirius’ chest.  “I’ll take care of you, too.”  Sirius lifted Remus’ chin and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips.  “Goodnight, I love you.”  Remus laid his head down, a smile playing on his lips.  “I love you, too.” —  Neither woke up until one o’clock the next day, when Sirius’ phone went off.  He groaned and rolled over as Remus blinked, lifting his head.  “Wha?”  Sirius picked up his phone and checked the caller ID.  He groaned louder.  “Crap, I forgot to call Lily.”  Remus moaned and put the pillow over his head.  Sirius could just see one of his amber eyes peeking out from under the pillow.  “Listen—”  Remus sat up as Lily’s voice rang through the phone.  He knew it was because Sirius kept forgetting to call her, this was just one too many times.  Sirius was usually irresponsible with tasks like this, that he didn’t deem “important enough”.  Remus crawled towards the end of his bed, still in his clothes from the day before, and checked the time.  “Fuck, I have to leave in fifteen minutes.”  Sirius looked up at Remus and frowned.  He mouthed, “Can’t you schedule it later,” to Remus, who shook his head.  “An hour, tops,” he mouthed back.  Sirius sighed and flopped back on the bed, watching Remus get dressed.  Remus pulled on some shoes and gave Sirius a kiss to the top of his head goodbye.  He headed out of the hotel room, writing a quick text to Sirius regarding where to get breakfast and what he could do while Remus was gone. —  The meeting went well enough, Remus’ bosses were surprised at how much he’d gotten done in less than a year.  When asked if he wanted the deadline to be earlier, Remus was able to negotiate two months earlier than planned.  He knew Sirius wouldn’t be pleased, especially because the last time this happened, Remus promised he would try to keep his working time the same.  It would be easy to change it back if he needed, Remus would just have to call and explain that he had a spouse that didn’t want him working too much.  Luckily, his bosses were understanding when it came to things like that.  Remus had to explain everything, from Brian to his ASD, when he was hired, in case it got in the way of him doing his job.  Remus sighed as his hotel came into view, already anticipating Sirius’ anger when he asked about the deadline.  He got his key out and headed to his room, ready to get this over with.  When Remus got into the room, Sirius was lounging on the bed, looking bored.  As soon as Remus was on the threshold, his head perked up like an excited dog’s.  Remus closed the door and walked over to the bed, flopping onto it face first.  “What’s wrong?”  Remus turned his head and looked up at Sirius.  “Just tired.”  Sirius laid down with Remus and asked, “How’d it go?”  Remus turned over.  “Well, they were impressed with how quickly I managed to get the code written and how quickly I felt confident enough to test the program.”  Sirius sat up, pulling Remus’ head into his lap.  “Right.”  “So, I told them about how I hadn’t eaten or slept in days.”  Sirius ran his fingers through Remus’ hair.  “Okay.”  “They were a bit shocked.  I told them that things like this usually happen when I start or when I think I’m about to finish.”  Sirius looked down at Remus.  “And?”  “They asked me to elaborate, I explained that when I work on something, I always hit a point where I’m going to get it done in one go.”  Sirius raised his eyebrows.  “Okay.”  “So, they asked about my deadline, if it was too far away or too soon.”  Sirius’ eyes narrowed.  Remus looked away, nudging his hand with his head a little.  Sirius continued to pet Remus’ head, though it was a lot more slow now.  “So, I told them again how much I have done for this particular project, then explained that how quickly I work varies.  They talked amongst themselves for a few minutes then got back to me.”  Sirius was rubbing some of Remus’ hair between his fingers.  Remus tried to get him to start petting him again, but Sirius let go of his hair.  “Continue.”  Remus turned his head.  “They asked if I was okay with the deadline being two months earlier.”  Sirius lightly glared at Remus.  “You said yes, didn’t you?”  “It’s not like I wasn’t planning on giving it to them earlier anyway!”  Sirius groaned and flopped backwards.  “It’s going to be too much!”  “Not for something I’m on the verge of finishing!”  Sirius glared at Remus and rolled over.  Remus opened his mouth to ask what he was doing, but Sirius had already walked away.  Before Remus could sit up properly, Sirius was back with a bright red paddle that had holes in it.  “Oh, come on!”  Sirius smirked and twirled his finger in the air.  “On your stomach, come on.”  Remus groaned and turned over, ignoring the fact that he was already half hard.  “Pull down your trousers and pants.”  Remus whined and unbuttoned his trousers, pulling them down with his pants.  He got on his hands and knees and lowered his chest to the mattress.   “Hm.”  Sirius first adjusted Remus, pulling his legs until he was half off the bed.  Remus felt his cock caressed by the sheets that were made of mostly silk.  Remus looked around, back at Sirius, who was regarding him with a strange look on his face.  “Stay there, I’ll be right back.”  Remus nodded and turned his head back and tried to listen for Sirius.  Unfortunately, Sirius knew that Remus tended to track him and always found a way to walk completely silently.  Remus felt Sirius get on his back and something slip over his eyes.  He whined, but didn’t complain out loud, trying to keep as still as possible.  “Good boy,” Sirius praised.  Remus felt Sirius tie the blindfold and drop his head as his cheeks burned.  “Count for me or I’ll start over.  I’m thinking… forty?”  “Forty!?”  “Forty five, keep complaining, I can do this all day.”  Remus pressed his forehead into the sheets and Sirius ran the paddle over his arse.   It disappeared and Remus braced himself, screwing up his face.  Nothing happened for about ten seconds, then—  SMACK  Remus yelped and tried to move forward.  Sirius grabbed his hip and brought the paddle back again, hitting him again.  “You aren’t counting.”  Remus whined and got out a small, “Two,” knowing Sirius already wanted to start over.  Sure enough, Sirius simply smirked against Remus’ neck, bent over him from trying to hold him in place.  “Are you sure it was two,” he cooed.  Remus groaned as Sirius straightened up.  “You’re the smart one who’s good at math.  I have no idea if I just hit you two or ten times.  Start over.”  Remus adjusted himself and felt Sirius disappear from his back.  He waited, but this time Sirius took longer to deliver the first strike.  “Do you need your hands tied?”  Remus turned his head towards where Sirius’ voice seemed to be coming from and made a tiny noise in his throat.  “Please.”  He imagined he could hear light footsteps going towards Sirius’ bag.  It opened and Remus tilted his head, trying to listen.  It took a second, but Sirius came back.  “Hold still.”  Remus tried his best to steady his shaking arms and felt Sirius start to wind rope around his elbows.  “We’re gonna do something after this, do you need water?”  Remus nodded, opening his mouth even as Sirius walked away.  Sirius came back a couple seconds later, uncapping a water bottle.  Remus felt cool water poured into his mouth and swallowed, not even noticing that he was completely parched.  “Good boy.  You can be good for longer, can’t you?”  Remus nodded and whined, opening his mouth again.  Sirius gave him the water and kissed his cheek.  “I’m going to start again.”  Remus nodded and settled down, a little calmer.  Sirius ran a hand down his back and traced circles around a ridge on his spine.  “Remember to count.”  Remus nodded and waited for the loud smack that he knew was coming.  He yelped loudly as it came down, jolting a little.  The sting set itself in, especially where the edges of the holes were.  “O-one.”  Remus flexed his fingers around the end of the rope around his arms.  “You know you’re not taking care of yourself, don’t you?”  Remus stayed silent, not speaking until the next strike was delivered.  “Two!  I-I know I’m not taking care of myself.”  Sirius delivered another smack, right on top of the previous one, then another.  Remus moaned, “Three, four.”  “Why not?”  Remus wasn’t given the chance to answer, Sirius hit him three more times, giving Remus time to adjust, taking in the steady burn.  “F-five, six, seven.”  Sirius leaned over Remus.  “Why can’t you care for yourself?”  Remus whined and turned his head, fruitlessly trying to see around the blindfold.  “I— I just think I can ha-ahh, eight, nine, ten, eleven!”  “You know you can’t half the time.  Your motivation, as you’ve told me, comes and goes.  You’ve said yourself you need the extra time because of it.  What the hell are you doing?”  Remus whined out, “Twelve— thir-thirteen.”  The last two hits went across the already burning and stinging ones, Remus was finding it hard to breathe, as Sirius wasn’t holding back.  “You’re only human, you can’t expect shit like this from yourself,” another hit where Remus mumbled out a number, then another on top of it.  Remus was trying to buck away from the paddle, into the silken sheets, “I keep on telling you to stop it, you’re going to burn out soon.”  Another hit from the paddle.  Remus’ arse was on fire and every time Sirius brought the paddle down again, he’d try to buck his hips into the sheets, which felt nice on his hard cock.  He could feel his chest squeezing as Sirius seemed to walk around him again, trying to find a better angle.  “If your bosses offer to make a deadline earlier, you just say no.  They won’t be mad.”  Remus whined, his eyes squeezed shut as Sirius brought the paddle down again.  He mumbled out what he hoped was the next number and Sirius continued, “You’re too much of a people pleaser for your own good.  You want to prove something to everyone even though there’s nothing to prove.  We already know you’re a genius and we definitely already know you’re competent.”  Remus felt the paddle start to crash down onto his arse in a series of hits that he tried his best to count.  Sirius didn’t stop, not until Remus was sobbing from it, trying to move away and back at the same time.  “You’re not even keeping real count anymore, are you?”  Remus didn’t reply, trying to hide the effect that Sirius’ words were having on him.  He felt Sirius lean over him, his lips brushing his shoulder.  “It’s a good thing I was.  You’re almost done.”  Remus felt Sirius disappear again and he started hitting Remus’ arse again.  “I know you don’t see yourself as anything more than you can do, but you can already do a lot without depriving yourself of sleep and starving yourself.  You’re worth more than what you’re letting yourself get.”  Remus started trying to sputter out numbers, more to hide from Sirius’ words than anything.  They both knew that if it were any other situation, Remus would deny it, say he took care of himself well enough.  “Stop trying to count, you’re getting it wrong, anyway.”  Remus whimpered and Sirius threw the paddle down next to his head.  His voice was suddenly a lot gentler than what it was before.  “You’re beautiful.  God, if you could see yourself.”  Remus let out a pitiful noise, turning his head as if he were shaking it, no.  “I wonder if I can…”  Remus heard Sirius walk away, clearly looking around the hotel room, and shifted up the bed.  Sirius walked back and smacked his arse, before tracing one of the circular welts the paddle had left.  “Stay there.  I just want to show you how I see you.  Maybe, if you see what I see, you’ll have an easier time believing you have nothing to prove.”  Remus stopped, pressing his forehead into the mattress again.  There was no mirror that Sirius could move so Remus could see, he knew, but it still made Remus nervous.  He could still simply drag Remus into the bathroom or closet.  “There’s nothing here, huh?”  Remus shook his head, a shiver running up his spine as Sirius got back behind him.  “Okay.  We’ll do it later, when we’re home.”  Remus felt himself turned over, wincing as his arse brushed the sheets and some of his weight settled on it, Sirius’ hand trailing down his shirt when he was on his back.  “Can I tear this?”  Remus nodded and Sirius wasted no time in pulling at the shirt until it ripped off, then tracing his chest with both hands.  Remus squirmed, trying to push up into Sirius’ hands, but he held him down.  “Stop, stop, we’re doing this my way.”  Sirius picked Remus’ legs up and put them on the bed, before Remus felt another length of rope pressed to his ankles.  “Okay?”  Remus nodded.  Sirius wasted no time in tying Remus’ ankles together using one half of the rope and tying them to his hands using the other half.  Remus found himself on his back, his hands tied below him and his legs folded back so his knees spread while his ankles and feet stayed together under his hands.  “Is it too painful?”  Remus shook his head, ignoring the light cramping in his legs.  Sirius got on the bed next to him and Remus realised he was completely helpless.  Sirius could do whatever he wanted.  He felt bare skin settle on his chest and blindly turned his head, right into Sirius’ hand.  “Shh, it’s okay.  I’m gonna take care of you now, is that okay?”  Remus nodded.  Sirius smiled against his shoulder and slipped a hand down to slowly stroke his cock as his voice sank down to a low purr.  “Good boy.  Just lay there and relax, okay?  I don’t want you to do anything else, you’ve been so good for me, taking your punishment like a good boy.”  Remus whined and let Sirius take over for him.  His head felt fuzzy, like it was made of cotton, and he didn’t realise his eyes were open against the blindfold.  Sirius kept a relatively steady pace, not going faster or slower.  Remus could feel heat in his gut as Sirius bent his head to nip at his collarbone.  He made a slight moaning sound, trying to get Sirius to do more, to bring his soothing voice back, and Sirius shushed him.  “Just relax.  Just lay there and look pretty, you’ve worked so hard.  You’re always off helping everyone else on top of your own work, it must be so stressful.  Let me take some of that away.”  Remus felt himself start to get dizzy, Sirius’ hand was twisting whenever it went upwards on his cock, now.  He made another noise, this time pleasured.  “Good boy.  Keep being a good puppy, I’ve got tied up just how you like, you can’t do anything but let me do what I want with you.”  Remus felt Sirius leave and twisted around, only to stop a few seconds later.  “I was just getting something.  You’re so pretty like this, but I’d bet you’d look prettier if…”  Remus felt something wrap around his neck.  He let his head fall back, knowing what it was.  “Good boy,” Sirius murmured as he strapped the collar around Remus’ neck, “Perfect.  Beautiful.”  Remus felt a blush rising on his cheeks and he turned to where he hoped Sirius wasn’t.  Sirius laughed softly and climbed back into the bed.  “There we are.  Here,” Sirius pulled Remus’ chin towards himself, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, as if testing the waters.  Remus let his mouth fall open and Sirius smiled into the kiss, knowing Remus was all his, now.  Sirius thumbed Remus’ slit, making him moan.  Remus opened his eyes against the blindfold again, trying to see.  He couldn’t see anything, his world was a black void of sensation as Sirius’ finger and thumb found his nipple.  A safe void.  He let out a loud keen that he knew his neighbours heard.  Sirius started talking again, his words not entirely reaching Remus.  “Such a good boy.  All you have to do is lay there and enjoy this, you’re doing so well.  Let’s see…”  Remus felt Sirius disappear, and with him, the security he created in Remus.  “Sirius?”  Sirius didn’t answer for a split second and Remus started to struggle before he felt a hand on his chest.  “Shh, I’m here, right here.  Relax, I wouldn’t ever leave you alone like this.”  Remus whimpered and turned his face towards Sirius’ voice, hoping for a hand on his cheek or cradling his head.  He wasn’t disappointed, Sirius slipped his hand under his head and sat on the bed.  “You’re okay.  It’s okay, I’m right here.”  Remus made a small whining noise and closed his eyes behind the blindfold again, not realising that Sirius’ hand was snaking between his legs again.  “Haah!”  Sirius pet Remus’ hair and traced his lubed finger around his rim again, moving his other hand back down to Remus’ cock.  “Shh, just lay there and feel good for me, I’m not going to hurt you.  Just relax and feel good, that’s all I want you to do, it’s your job.  Can you do that?”  Remus nodded and tried to relax his entire body, surprised at how much his muscles actually relaxed.  Sirius slipped a finger into Remus, down to his knuckle.  Remus tensed at the intrusion before he relaxed again with a bit of a helpless moan.  “There we are, there’s my good boy.  I’m gonna make you feel so good, I’m already making you feel real good, aren’t I?”  Remus nodded, letting his mouth fall open as Sirius added another finger.  He was about to speak, but Sirius put a finger over his lips.  “Shh, I just wanna hear the pretty noises you make, nothing more.”  Remus nodded again and felt another finger added.  Sirius started rubbing Remus’ cock again, instead of just putting his hand on it.  “Mmm.”  “You don’t have to answer me, either, just listen.”  Sirius started moving both of his hands faster.  Remus felt Sirius’ fingers rub at his prostate and moaned again.  “There we are, just feel good for me, don’t do anything else.  Let me hear you, too, I don’t want you to try to hide anything from me.”  Remus felt Sirius shift, his hands leaving for a second, his leg going over Remus’ hips.  Remus felt Sirius settle on his hips, his balls pressing into his lower belly.  He was facing Remus’ legs.  He didn’t know when Sirius stripped.  There was nothing for a second, then something was pressing into Remus.  Something textured and wet.  Sirius’ hand was on Remus’ cock again, rubbing it as Sirius pressed the toy into him.  Remus felt warm, everything felt slow and comfortable, almost syrupy, as Sirius started moving the toy in and out of him.  “Ohh.”  Sirius shifted.  “It feels good.”  Not something for Remus to answer, just a statement to give Remus something to hear.  “Haaah.”  Sirius pressed the toy in all the way and seemed to turn around.  “That’s good, that’s all I want.  You’re always off being so smart, being such a good boy for everyone else, it’s time to be my good boy.  And I don’t want you to think or speak, just keep making those pretty noises.  You can do that for me.”  It wasn’t a question anymore, there were none, Sirius knew.  He knew that Remus wanted to do whatever Sirius wanted, he wanted Sirius to choose what Remus wanted.  His world was nothing but the hands that were on him and the weight that seemed to be a completely unmovable force draped across his hips.  Dimly, Remus knew he could move, maybe an inch each limb, but he felt like he couldn’t, not with Sirius there.  The steady friction that Sirius was providing him was turning into a heat pooling in his belly that numbed his brain.  He was climbing… climbing…  Remus must have been loud, because just as he was going to come, Sirius gripped his base and lightly pressed a finger to his slit.  Remus let out a long and drawn out moan, arching from the bed the best he could.  “You don’t wanna come yet, do you?”  Remus whined, stilling as Sirius’ hands found his over sensitive hips.  His entire body felt too sensitive, he could feel his pulse everywhere.  “Remember, you’re doing this for me.  You’re my puppy, my slave.  I get to choose when you come, when you make me come.  You get to lay there and be my good boy.”  Remus made a low whining noise in his throat, but didn’t do anything else.  Sirius knew he could safeword if he wanted, he would make it all stop if he needed to.  Just like Sirius knew that it wasn’t for himself as much as it was for Remus.  Those thoughts went acknowledged, but unsaid as Sirius continued.  Remus couldn’t see what he was doing, could only feel his weight shifting and his body lifting.  “You have no idea what’s coming next, do you?”  Remus shook his head and felt Sirius turn around again.  Sirius settled his weight down.  As soon as Sirius moaned, Remus knew what was going to happen.  “Now do you know?”  Remus nodded, feeling Sirius start to move his fingers inside himself again.  Before Remus could even think about how he could try to help, a low buzzing started from the toy inside of him.  “Hnnngh!”  Sirius leaned closer to Remus’ face, their lips barely ghosting each other.  “I can hear you overthinking this.  You have no control here, there’s nothing you can do other than sit back and enjoy.  Let me take charge.”  Remus let his breath leave him in small puffs as Sirius turned the vibrations up.  “Good puppies don’t think unless they’re told to.”  Remus whined loudly, unable to convey that he didn’t mean to, he was trying his best to be good.  The toy was nestled right on his prostate, practically attacking it.  With a small thrill going up Remus’ spine and down to his cock, Remus realised again that he couldn’t do anything about this, he was completely at Sirius’ mercy as he tried not to come without permission.  He didn’t even notice that his entire body had relaxed again, with the occasional twitch or spasm, until Sirius rewarded him with a chaste kiss to his lips.  “Good boy.  There’s nothing you can do.”  Remus made a small whimpering noise as he felt his orgasm start to build again, this time faster.  He felt the plug stop and was unable to hold back the whimper that escaped his throat again.  “Shh.  We’re just getting to the good part.  You can wait a little longer, can’t you?”  Remus nodded automatically, wanting nothing more than to agree with Sirius, to make him happy.  Sirius shifted and Remus felt him line up with his cock.  “You’re okay with us doing it like this?”  Remus nodded and felt Sirius sink down onto him.  He made a loud noise that could have been a cross between a keen and a whimper.  “Good boy.  Don’t think about anything other than how good I’m making you feel.”  Remus didn’t respond, was unable to, because Sirius was bouncing now.  He’d set a pace that was perfect, just on this side of too fast, too hard.  He could feel Sirius clenching and working around his cock, his other hand coming down to play with Remus’ balls.  Remus didn’t even hear the noises he was making over the rushing in his ears, the slap of skin on skin, and Sirius’ moans.  He felt a hand go to his chest, roughly plucking at his nipple, before switching to gently rolling it between his fingers and switching back and forth between the two.  Sirius used his other hand to push Remus’ chest down.  Remus groaned at the pressure and felt drool pool at the corner of his mouth.  Sirius leaned in for another kiss and trailed his hand down Remus’ torso.  “Are— ungh— you close,” he panted.  Remus nodded, feeling like he was going to cry as Sirius turned the plug back on.  He made another high noise and came just as Sirius did.  Sirius rode it out for both of them, turning off the plug and moving gradually slower until he nor Remus could take anymore.  He climbed off of Remus.  Remus felt a hand on his cheek and whined, feeling himself start to drop.  It honestly felt like he was falling, coming down from a high.  There was a seed of dread in his stomach that he couldn’t place and a pressure in his chest.  “I’ve got you.  I’m going to leave your hands tied and the blindfold on, okay?”  Remus nodded, appreciating that Sirius didn’t ask, but still found a way to make sure Remus was okay with it.  Remus felt his legs let down and the plug taken out.  He stretched his legs with a small groan.  “I’m going to run a bath.  Lavender?”  Remus nodded, wanting to agree and feeling overwhelmed by even that simple question.  Sirius helped Remus up and led him to the bath, sitting him down on the toilet.  Remus stayed there and let himself float as Sirius got the bath ready.  Remus stretched his leg out, humming when his foot found Sirius’ thigh.  Sirius put a hand on his foot and turned off the taps.  Remus could smell the lavender bubble bath being poured into the tub, then felt Sirius get up.  “Okay.  I’ll start with the blindfold.”  Remus nodded and felt Sirius’ hands go to the back of his head.  He blinked as the darkness around him lifted and he was met with the well lit bathroom and Sirius kneeling before him.  “Turn around, I’ll untie you.”  Remus did as he was told and felt Sirius’ hands work at the ropes binding his arms.  They fell away after a minute and Remus whined in his throat.  Sirius laughed softly and got into the bath.  Remus scrambled to follow, sitting in front of Sirius.  Sirius’ hands came up his arms and chest, rubbing some of the bubble bath in.  Remus was still wearing the collar.  The comforting weight of it seemed to be keeping him calm.  Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus, who laid back against his chest and relaxed.  He trusted Sirius wholeheartedly to take care of him.  Sirius rested his head on Remus’ and got a sponge and some more soap.  Remus made a soft noise as Sirius started washing him, his hands everywhere, making sure all the dirt and come was gone.  Remus melted into Sirius, his eyes closed.  Sirius kissed his cheek and brought some of the water up to rinse him off.  “Your hair needs to be washed, too.”  Remus shook his head, feeling too tired to even lift his head.  Sirius laughed softly and sat up.  “I’m going to wash myself off, then, and we’ll take a nap and go do something.  We’ll bathe again tonight.”  Remus nodded.  “I love you.”  Sirius smiled and pressed another kiss to Remus’ head. “I love you, too.”    He felt Sirius shift a bit and propped himself up on the tub rim, always happy to watch Sirius.  When Sirius was done, he lazily picked up a sponge and put some soap on it.  “Turn around.”  Sirius complied, moving his long hair out of the way, and Remus washed his back.  He went around to Sirius’ arms and did a once over of the rest of his body.  He let his hands trail over Sirius’ muscles as he rinsed him off.  Sirius turned around and teased, “Did I not do good enough?”  Remus shook his head, a smile playing at his lips.  “Only I can do it right.”  Sirius laughed and reached over for a towel.  “Thank you for finally showing me what cleanliness is.  To think I went, what, twenty five years without it?”  Remus wrinkled his nose in play disgust.  “An entire quarter of your estimated lifespan.”  Sirius helped Remus up and wrapped a towel around him, pulling him into a hug.  “Well, thank you for setting me straight.”  Remus couldn’t hold back a snort.  Sirius lightly flicked his ear.  “Shut up, it’s not a gay joke.”  Remus put his hand over his mouth to hold in his giggles as Sirius stepped out of the tub.  Remus followed.  “If I set you straight, I’m doing a terrible job.” Sirius flopped down on the bed and Remus jumped in with him.  Sirius smiled and nuzzled Remus’ nose.  “You know nothing about me is straight.”  Remus ran his hand through Sirius’ wavy hair and laughed.  “Believe me, I know.  You need a haircut,” he added offhandedly.  Sirius shook his shaggy mane and it fell around his shoulders, glossy and perfect, even wet.  Remus found himself petting his hair more than he needed to.  It was very soft.  Sirius stuck his tongue out.  “No, it’s beautiful.”  Remus stuck his tongue out, back.  “Just a trim.”  Sirius moved forward and sucked Remus’ tongue into his mouth.  He bopped Remus’ nose with his finger and pulled away.  “No.  It’s beautiful like this and I love it.”  Remus sighed and cuddled into Sirius’ chest.  “Fine, if you’re happy with it.”  He closed his eyes and relaxed, ready to go to sleep.  Sirius drank in the image and smiled to himself, at the ring on Remus’ finger.  He was the luckiest person in the world and he knew it.

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