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A murder unfolds during the Marauder’s last year at Hogwarts, and it’s up to them to solve it. Naturally, they decide to investigate in the form of a “publish as we go”, magical, true-crime podcast. Throughout their search for the killer, they find themselves continuously asking, “Who was Gilderoy Lockhart?” and what unsavory secrets will they unleash while finding out why he died?


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A murder unfolds during the Marauder’s last year at Hogwarts, and it’s up to them to solve it. Naturally, they decide to investigate in the form of a “publish as we go”, magical, true-crime podcast. Throughout their search for the killer, they find themselves continuously asking, “Who was Gilderoy Lockhart?” and what unsavory secrets will they unleash while finding out why he died? Based on Only Murders in the Building, and takes place in a modern-day, Marauders-Era Hogwarts.


(See the end of the work for notes.),Notes:
hoping to update as often as i can, but it’s my first time putting one of my ideas out there so please be gentle and patient with me lol this is just the setup, please stick with it i promise it gets betterlet me know what you think!!

Chapter 1: Suicide or Murder?

Chapter Text
Alarms blared throughout the castle and teachers used Sonorus to tell students to stay calm as aurors rushed the corridors. First years screamed and clung to their older siblings in fear as they were led out of the way so their common rooms, dorms, and classrooms could be searched.Meanwhile, in a seventh-floor corridor, James, Sirius, and Remus sprinted towards a door that appeared as if from nowhere. Their heads pounded from the alarms and their legs ached from the running and climbing of the stairs.The door opened by itself, and the three marauders jammed their way through, unprepared for the sight they would find.Their fourth marauder Peter, sat on his knees, his hands and shirt stained with blood, staring at the body lying on the ground in front of him. The person lay still, making it clear to the three boys that they were dead, though their back was to them. Peter whipped his head up, his eyes wide.“It’s not what you think!”
Eight Months Earlier…
James Potter stood side by side with his fellow Gryffindor best mates, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The four of them had all arrived at the platform for the Hogwarts Express within mere moments of each other and were in the process of saying goodbye to their parents.James and Sirius hugged the Potters, Sirius trying hard not to trail his eye to where his parents were speaking lowly to his younger brother, Regulus. He hadn’t had any communication with his parents since he ran away a year prior and was still in the process of repairing his relationship with his brother because of it. He turned his head back to the Potters, stepping aside to avoid bumping into his boyfriend, Remus.Remus kissed his mum on the cheek and gave his dad a hug before walking turning to do the same to the Potters, Peter following suit.As James stepped back to give the other boys room to hug his parents, his eye caught Lily Evans’ across the platform and he gave her a warm smile. He’d been given the title of Head Boy over the summer holidays and he and Lily had been in cordial correspondence ever since. One might even say they were friends.“You’ll be good this year, right James? I don’t want any more letters from Professor McGonagall about the ruckus you boys have caused,” Mrs. Potter playfully scolded as she hugged her sons one last time.James laughed and squeezed his mum tight.“No promises,” he said as he kissed her cheek.Sirius just laughed and kissed Mrs. Potter’s other cheek, making her smile broadly through her teary eyes.“Study hard, boys. It’s your NEWTs this year!” Mr. Potter added jovially, knowing the boys would be fine.The Potters hugged each of the boys one last time, making them each promise to behave themselves, before waving them off to board the train.Peeling themselves away, the marauders climbed aboard and made their way to the compartment they’ve shared since they met in first year. After waving to their parents as the train pulled away, they immediately began a rather vicious game of Exploding Snap, trading stories they hadn’t already shared over the holidays.Eventually, Remus pulled out a muggle novel he had begun the day before, intent on finishing it before arriving to the castle. Finding an opportunity, Sirius laid his head down in Remus’ lap to take a nice long nap, hating that he had to wake up so early to catch the train. One of his favorite places to be, was Remus’ lap after all.There was a light knock at the door and the boys turned their heads to find Lily Evans poking her head inside the marauders’ compartment.“Potter, they need us to begin the prefects’ meeting,” she said, nodding to the other boys, with a smile directed at Remus. He returned the smile and went back to reading his book—they would catch up at the feast.  James nodded and stood up, stretching his muscles and ruffling Peter’s hair, who laughed and batted him away, before following Lily out of the compartment. Peter turned his head towards the window and pulled out a snack his mum had packed him for the trip. She always made him a few sandwiches to share with his friends, and he decided he’d have his before the trolley came around. After his sandwich, he dozed off with Sirius, leaving Remus to read in the blissful quiet.After the prefects meeting, James decided the marauders could do without his presence for a little while longer. He used the charmed parchment he kept in his pocket to send a letter to the one person he missed the most while away on summer holiday. He found an empty compartment and pulled the blinds shut while he waited.A few minutes later, there was a soft knock and the door slid open to reveal one Regulus Black. James couldn’t contain his smile and wrapped his arms around the Black heir before the door even had a chance to slide shut.Usually the anxious one, Regulus didn’t even have it in him to say anything as he hugged James back, comforted by his presence. It hadn’t been a good summer. Between his parents pushing him to join the Dark Lord and missing his boyfriend and his brother, he welcomed the physical comfort.They stayed locked together for a few long minutes, simply enjoying each other before Regulus pulled away with a sigh.“I don’t have that long. I told them I was going to the loo,” he said quietly.James frowned slightly and nodded, pulling Regulus into a deep kiss. Regulus eagerly returned it, his arms sliding up around James’ neck. They stood there for a few moments longer, snogging like the teenagers they were.When they pulled apart for air, they were both smiling slightly.“We can talk tonight, love,” James said softly, kissing Regulus’ forehead. “It’ll be here before you know it.”Regulus smiled softly and sighed.“See you tonight,” he said before sneaking out of the compartment.James waited a few minutes, fixing his hair. Once he deemed himself presentable, he opened the door and began making his way back to the marauders. He was nearly there when he heard arguing coming from one of the compartments and stopped.“What do you mean you don’t have it with you?” someone said crossly.“Exactly what I said! It’s in my trunk, which is on the other side of the train. I can get it to you tomorrow morning, but I’m not doing it right now simply because it’s convenient for you!” The other person spoke snottily, but equally as angry.James peeked his head through the compartment window and saw a glimpse of Gilderoy Lockhart gesturing to another person who had their back turned and a hat on. Lockhart, of course, being the snotty one in the argument.James shook his head and decided that his fellow seventh year could handle himself before continuing on his journey to the marauders, his mind already moving on to other, more important topics.The Gryffindor common room following the arrival feast was always lively, full of chatter and laughter. The marauders sat by the fireplace catching up with Marlene, Dorcas, and Lily, all discussing their summer holidays.The fat lady’s portrait swung open halfway through Marlene’s detailed description of a French wizard falling off a thesteral somewhere near the Eiffel Tower, and the common room fell silent as Professor McGonagall strode in with a fierce look on her face.“All students are to report to the Great Hall at once!” She said firmly, her voice commanding respect the way it usually did.The students looked at each other confusedly before getting to their feet and trudging out of the common room. Professor McGonagall then strode over to the marauders, James and Lily specifically.“The headmaster requires you both to keep the students calm. There’s been a situation,” she said quietly as she gestured for the two of them to follow her.James shared a look with Sirius, Remus, and Peter, one that conveyed he’d share the news once he found out and followed Lily and McGonagall hurriedly down the corridor.Once in the Great Hall, Sirius leaned into Remus and whispered in his ear, “Whatever’s happened, it must be pretty important to send the entire castle here.”Remus raised his eyebrows and nodded in agreement, taking in the aurors posted by the doors and speaking to various professors in the Entry Way. Before he could open his mouth, James came over to the group and pulled the three marauders to the side.“Dumbledore said they found someone dead. Suicide. Wouldn’t say who it was, but apparently it was a Ravenclaw,” he said, eyes wide.Peter, Remus, and Sirius’ mouths all opened, but none of them made a sound. Finally, Sirius closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes, a small smile forming.“What if we… went to go check it out…? For… academic purposes of course…” he said innocently. “You have the cloak, right Prongs?”Remus rolled his eyes and shook his head, though he couldn’t deny he kind of wanted to know more. Peter looked positively queasy, no doubt wanting to stay in the Great Hall with the rest of the students. He nodded anyway. James looked around and smirked. He pulled the invisibility cloak out of his pocket stealthily and amongst the chaos of the Hall, the boys creeped underneath it.They had perfected the art of moving without being seen the year before when Remus shot up a foot taller, so he was crouched down while Sirius and James were tucked against his sides. The cloak allowed Peter to transform into his Animagus form, a small garden rat, and settle on James’ shoulder.The boys began making their way towards Ravenclaw Tower, moving together as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. When they reached the tower, they walked through the door held open by aurors, and slowly maneuvered their way around the aurors posted in the common room.They made their way up to the dorms and as the aurors and professors moved apart, caught a glimpse of Gilderoy Lockhart splayed out on one of the beds, his wrists slit open, bloodied wand lying lax in his hand, his eyes staring up at nothing. James let out a small gasp and Remus slapped a hand over his mouth as they all held their breaths.One of the aurors turned, eyes narrowed, towards the space where they stood invisible. Upon seeing nothing, she turned back to the body on the bed and continued documenting details.“Send a Patronus to Crouch. Tell him it’s a suicide,” one of the senior aurors said gruffly to his partner.There was a nod and with the wave of a wand, a silvery dove flew through the window, towards London to deliver the message.Remus tugged on James and Sirius’ shirts, and they made their way down the stairs and out of Ravenclaw Tower. They hurriedly ran towards an empty corridor and threw the invisibility cloak off, Peter transforming back into himself.“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Peter whined, face ghostly pale.James quickly conjured a bucket as Peter began to hurl up the feast they had devoured earlier that evening. James rubbed his back, still in shock at what they’d just seen.“I’m with Wormtail,” Sirius mumbled, leaning against Remus as he took deep breaths. “I’ve never seen somebody look like that. He killed himself!”“No, he didn’t,” James replied before he could stop himself.The other marauders looked over at him, except Peter, who was still hurling sick into the conjured bucket.“Prongs… you saw him…” Remus said slowly.James shook his head.“I heard him arguing with someone this afternoon. He said he had something to give them tomorrow morning, and that he couldn’t be bothered to get it on the train. And come one! Lockhart was the biggest narcissist we know. Why would he kill himself?” he said in a rush.Remus shook his head and Sirius narrowed his eyes dubiously. They stood there in silence, processing what James had said as Peter wiped his mouth. Remus vanished the bucket and sick, though the smell lingered in the corridor.“Moony… maybe Prongs is right,” Sirius said quietly, “I mean, if anyone is suicidal, is sure as hell isn’t Mr. Where’s-my-mirror.”“Sirius! Have some respect,” Remus scolded, smacking Sirius on the arm.The four boys sat there in the corridor, continuing to process what they had seen and heard before James pointed out that his disappearance might go noticed, being Head Boy and all. So, with an exchange of rolled eyes, they made their way back to the Great Hall, settling on the old “loo” excuse if anyone mentions the fact that they were all gone and for so long.After being dismissed back to their common rooms, and eventually calling it a night, the marauders each found themselves in various positions. The dorm was quiet, as was the rest of the castle, as news of Lockhart’s death began circulating. James lay awake in his bed, curtains drawn, as he conversed with Regulus on his charmed parchment.
I don’t know if I can sleep, Reg. He was lying there with his wrists cut open and blood everywhere!

I’m sorry, love. I wish I could come up there.

I know, me too.

This does remind me of something I heard over the summer, though.


Remember how I told you about the podcasts I found on the muggle device Sirius got me for Christmas two years ago? I started listening to some true-crime ones where they investigate and try to solve murders. Some of them are cold cases that were never solved, and some were cases from decades ago that they just found interesting. This just reminds me of one I listened to a few months ago.

Interesting… Have you tried listening to them here?

Of course. The castle’s wards won’t allow the use of muggle devices, so I didn’t get very far.
James pondered that for a few minutes before picking up his quill and penning a quick goodnight to his boyfriend. He laid down on his side and closed his eyes, his mind moving rapidly. After an hour or so, his eyes sprung open, determined. He was going to make a true-crime podcast about Gilderoy Lockhart. With that, James sat up, grabbed a piece of parchment, and got to work.

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