Fanfic: Percy’s Happy Place by Alextakagi (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


The story of Percy Weasley’s life.


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The story of Percy Weasley’s life.


(See the end of the work for notes.)

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Two weeks of throwing up his stomach content every morning, finally took a toll on him. Percy felling weak and seeing double. He had no choice but to go see a healer in St. Mungo first thing in the morning.  He managed to be the first patient of the day shift. A young healer run a diagnostic charm on Percy twice. He looked concern about something, excuse himself, and fetched his senior. After running another diagnosis charm, the senior also excuse himself, and came back with more senior healer. “Good morning, I’m specialist Healer Green… allow me for a sec.” Another diagnosis charm  then the witch gave Percy a motherly smile. “Mr. Weasley, currently you’re dehydrated and slightly malnourished. Healer Lee, please get the large rehydrated patch…and also medium nutrition patch.” The younger healer went out, came back with blue and brown sticker. He attached it to Percy’s inner arm with efficient move. In a second he felt much better and his mouth not so dry anymore. “And… the reason you’re throwing up every morning is because you are pregnant.”   An hour later Percy stepped out of one ministry’s fire place, Apparation were not recommended for him anymore. The prenatal potion in briefcase made noises as he walk to his office ten minutes early which was considered late for him. He very much wanted to just curl on his bed to process the whole thing. But he couldn’t afford to take day off, that Triwizard nightmare was still on, his boss was still missing, and Percy was still under observation because of it. After going through week long of investigation, they said they didn’t blame him. But those week was very stressful for Percy, that must be made him not careful when sleeping around. Sleeping around, free sex, whatever it called had became his habit since he started working at the ministry. He’s always taking morning after potion every time because when wizard laid with another wizard it’s possible for the receiving party to become with child, even statistically only less than ten percent. He must be forgot to once or twice. So he didn’t have anyone to blame but himself.   “I went to see a healer this morning.” Percy laid his head on board smooth chest that he had became so familiar with. Said chest still moving up and down after one mind blowing sex, it was save, Healer Green had assured him. “Oh… Everything okay?” Grey eyes looked at him tenderly, made Percy wanted to believe in love. His own eyes watered there’s possibility that tonight he would lose it. He rose to sit cross leg on the bed, the blanket pool around him. “I’m… I’m pregnant, Lucius.” His eyes grew cold as Lucius Malfoy wasn’t sleepy anymore. “But you are careful…” “I am… I must be forget it once… or twice…” Now the eyes looked condescending but not unkind. Lucius had also sat across. “You are not going to convince me that I’m the father, are you? I know, I’m not your only partner.  I’ve told you, we are not in monogamous relationship.” “Well… I’m with you the most… So, you have the biggest chance…” “Unfortunately It’s simply not possible. The thing I haven’t told you is that… I’m infertile. After Draco, me and Narcissa tried for another but nothing.  I didn’t want to believe it was my fault, so I tried it with another woman, my first affair, also nothing. Apparently Draco is my one lucky shot.” He couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, tried to not make a sound but sobs forced its way out of his lung, shook his skinny frame. Lucius, sweet Lucius, pulled him into a hug. “Don’t cry… Shh… It’s going to be okay.” “I’m… I’m sorry… I better go home…” Percy made a weak attempt to pull himself from the comfort of the arms. “No… No… You stay here tonight just send a message to your home.” “But… It’s not your baby, it’s not your problem.” “The baby is not my problem but you are… I will help you… I will help you figure it out…” “Oh, Lucius…”

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