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Changes are inevitable. But are they predestined? Perhaps.But in this instance, it wasn’t.


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Changes are inevitable. But are they predestined? Perhaps.But in this instance, it wasn’t. Sirius Black knew he was innocent. That one thought became his salvation in the darkest pit of the earth. What happens when that one truth is exposed spectacularly? How will he adjust to normal life after spending over a decade in Azkaban? How will he react in knowing whom his godson had spent the last eleven years with? What will be his reaction on knowing Harry’s meeting with Voldemort in his first year?Harry Potter had never thought his long forgotten childhood wish of being taken away by some unknown caring relatives would make itself known in such a manner.Will he finally gain the kind of familial love and acceptance like he had seen within Ron’s family? Is that wish finally coming true?How will he react when he realizes that even the people whom he idolizes could make mistakes? What would his reaction be when he stumbles upon sudden truths? Above all, what changes would it bring in his life?In the end, who was the person that bought ripples in this ocean of magic?


Hello!This piece of work….well, I don’t know what to call it! Drabble? One-shot?God knows!Though if I get a good response perhaps I will continue this thread.Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading it.I am still editing the Tags ….so don’t mind them please.

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Cold. So, so, cold. It was freezing outside as black cloak-like figures, named Dementors, passed in front of his gates.He has gotten used to it for the past twelve years. The only reason he remained sane was the knowledge of his innocence. A look of slight insanity crossed his eyes, before it cleared quickly. “No, I wouldn’t think of that Rat!” He mumbled under his breath. His hoarse voice was barely heard by the approaching guards. Lord Sirius Orion Black did not pay heed to the footsteps clanking against the stones of the Prison of Britain – Azkaban.   “Black,” called a neutral voice, a guard coming to stand in front of his cell as he started to open it, two Patronuses – a cat and a frog swarming around him, “Come out, you’re being released.”“What!?” Sirius’s voice had a sense of coherence in the most depressed prison of the world, “How?”His voice was scruffy and hoarse from the lack of warm water. He was clad in grey rags which were torn at the torso. Once well-built figure of a powerful Auror had been reduced to a near skeleton. The only thing unchanged were the piercing grey eyes which still glowed with intelligence and suppressed power, barely in control. “Orders from above,” said the guard, barely hiding his derision, “Now walk!”Sirius did not speak anything further, though confusion and slight hope shone in his eyes. He was escorted, barely protected by the patronuses, towards the upper floors of Azkaban. He squinted a bit, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden light in the upper layer of Azkaban, though the lighting was rather low in the dreary prison. Over the years, his eyes had adjusted to a zero amount of lighting. “Merlin knows why this murderer is being allowed to run free,” murmured the guard from behind him, but Sirius ignored him to take note of three unknown figures standing in the main floor of Azkaban, which also served as Reception room. Two of them were clad in simple black robes with a hood covering their faces. Only their eyes can be seen. The only detail he noticed was the insignia of ICW on them. “Things above your level should not be crowding your thoughts either,” came a cold female voice. The middle figure was apparently a woman. Sirius’s eyes swept over her just as curiously. She was completely covered by a cloak. Like her companions, her face was hidden as well. Only a hint of Mediterranean skin flashed as she moved her face while speaking. “Who are you?” asked Sirius, his intelligent eyes taking in how the two figures stood two meters behind the cloak-clad woman.“Everything will be revealed soon, Lord Black,” responded the woman again, gesturing to the people behind her, “These two will be able to answer all your questions. Kindly cooperate.” Before Sirius could ask any other questions, the woman spun on her heel and left the room.   “Mr Potter, kindly follow me. You have been summoned to the Headmaster’s office.”Startled emerald green eyes looked at the kind yet stern gaze of the Head of House Gryffindor.  “Professor?”“You are not in trouble, Mr Potter,” said McGonagall gently. Her heart would always soften at the sight of James and Lily’s only son. Harry Potter was so much like his parents yet he maintained his individuality.Harry sighed, glancing at his friends’ worried faces reassuringly, as he got up from where he was seated. “We will wait for you Harry,” promised his bookworm best friend, Hermione Granger, a brilliant  girl of muggleborn origin. Ron Weasley, his other best friend nodded from beside her. Both of their eyes traced Harry’s silhouette till he disappeared out of the portrait hole.Harry turned towards his stern professor, wondering the reason for the sudden summon. He hoped he wasn’t being accused of something he hasn’t done, especially after all those attacks going on in the school. He had heard of the possibility of Hogwarts closing down. He eagerly prayed to any God out there that this was not true. He sincerely did not wish to go back to Little Whinging. He suppressed the shudder at the  possible reaction of both his aunt and uncle after the way he was brought to the Burrow.The Burrow was the Weasley’s family home and he loved it. It felt so homely and Ron’s parents were nice and welcoming too, though he was a bit overwhelmed at the sudden acceptance when he met them during the end of the summer vacations. He still thought that the previous year had been a dream.  The everyday sights of the lush grounds of Hogwarts, the deep Black Lake and tiring magic classes proves it to be as real as anything else. “Mr Potter, we have arrived,”  Harry jerked out of his wandering thoughts with a sheepish smile. He muttered a quick ‘sorry’ before going up the spiral staircase. “Come in Harry,” came the aged voice of the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Harry opened the door, still amazed at the ability of his headmaster to know who is there behind the door. Professor McGonagall entered behind him, as the door closed.Harry’s bewildered gaze landed on the female figure sitting on one of the chairs facing Dumbledore’s smiling face. He could not see her face but the aura she gave off was intimidating. Even Malfoy’s father did not have such a  powerful presence. “Come sit, my boy,” gestured Dumbledore towards the available chair beside the female, as he smiled reassuringly.  Harry glanced at McGonagall  nervously, who gave him a rare tiny smile. He came forward to take the seat carefully, avoiding a look at the female seated beside. “Harry, I would like you to meet the ICW Defense Council Head, Director Yasmine,” said Dumbledore, looking at Harry with  blue eyes twinkling slightly and a soft smile.Harry looked at him bewildered, before tentatively turning to face the female beside him. His green eyes met frigid sapphire orbs which softened significantly when meeting him. Harry  noticed the formal  business suit of the woman, a stark difference amongst the robes worn by the other occupants of the room. “Hello?” Harry winced as the general greeting turned out sounding like a question. His gaze immediately faltered slightly, when the female did not respond immediately. A flush stood out against his pale skin, and the embarrassment settled deeply within.“Hello Harry,” He looked startled at the soft bell-like voice, with the unexpected further statement shocking him. “My name is Yasmine Evans and I am your mother’s younger sister.”For a few moments, no one spoke.  Harry’s startled gaze and shocked look caused Minerva to place a hand on his shoulder to offer support, though she herself had been startled at the introduction.Dumbledore did not say anything else, looking contended to stay quiet and let Yasmine take the lead. McGonagall  spoke up after a few seconds, for the benefit of Harry as well as her own curiosity. “We only knew Lily had an elder sister, “ said McGonagall. Her gaze was piercing as she met the younger woman’s sharp gaze.“What makes you assume you know everything about Lily, Madame?” replied Yasmine sternly.McGonagall narrowed her gaze at the answer. Harry looked at Yasmine, crushing his own suddenly rising hope, as he asked, “How?”Yasmine raised an eyebrow in question. Harry flushed a bit, before explaining, “I mean, Aunt Petunia said nothing about you.”Yasmine glanced at the tiny twelve year old, already taking note of the malnourishment in her nephew’s body. She sighed slightly before asking, “How much do you know of your mother’s side of the family, Harry?”“Nothing mam,” replied Harry softly, resolutely meeting her frigid eyes. “An expected outcome,” murmured Yasmine to herself, before looking at Harry’s resolute face, “Do you know what ICW is Harry?”“Ah…no mam,” said Harry again, feeling foolish at not knowing anything of the Wizarding world he was supposed to be a part of.“ICW stands for the International Confederation of Wizards, Mr Potter,” informed Minerva kindly.Yasmine nodded, “Yes. For reference’s sake you could guess it to be an international ministry in charge of all the wizarding communities of the world, though it’s far more than that. With me, so far? “At Harry’s nod, Yasmine continued, “It has three main departments. Defence, Research and Administration. I am the head of the Defense department. I have been on a mission which lasted for thirteen years. I was deployed when I was barely sixteen and your parents were just married then. I have returned just a month back and have been catching up on the relevant news. Family has always come first for us, hence my immediate visit here.”“Oh,” said Harry, his mind numb with the  overflow of information. He gulped wondering if it changed something. “I am aware you are overwhelmed, but I must  insist that we speak alone once. It can be wherever you are comfortable, Harry,” said Yasmine, her gaze steady and kind, “You do not mind me calling you Harry, do you?”“No mam,” said Harry, almost afraid to think further of the implications, “I-I need some time.”“Of-course,” nodded Yasmine, looking content at the decision, “Then I suppose you can leave, no Dumbledore?”“Indeed Director,” nodded Dumbledore, giving Harry a gentle smile, before glancing at McGonagall, “Will you kindly escort our Mr Potter to the tower, Minerva? It is past the curfew time. We don’t want him to get in trouble, do we?”McGonagall looked indecisive before nodding grudgingly, “Of-course Headmaster. Come, Mr Potter.”Harry got up slightly shaky on his feet. Yasmine gave him a gentle smile, when he glanced at her. He left with McGonagall, his mind buzzing with thousands of thoughts. Yasmine watched the emerald-robed professor and her nephew leave. “He has grown up to be an exceptional boy,” said Dumbledore, bringing Yasmine’s attention to himself.“And at what cost, Dumbledore?” Yasmine’s voice expressed her displeasure clearly.“I did not understand, Ms Evans,” replied the wizard. His bewildered voice made Yasmine scoff slightly.“Really?” Yasmine met his eyes squarely, “Behaving as an innocent and being truly innocent has a difference.” She crossed her legs elegantly, fingers intertwining gently, “What is a squib whose loyalty is to you, doing two streets away from my sister’s house in Little Whinging?” Dumbledore looked at the younger female; the ever present twinkle missing from his eyes, “It is a mere-”“Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence,” interrupted a bored Yasmine.Albus Dumbledore kept quiet. In all his experiences gathered throughout his life, he had never thought that Lily would have a sister other than Petunia hidden away somewhere. Neither Lily nor James had said anything or given any indication about any other relatives other than Petunia’s family. The presence of Harry’s unknown aunt in the equation with a legal claim and in a powerful position would bring with it a significant amount of change in Harry’s life as well as around him.If he had known previously then perhaps, Harry’s situation would have been a bit different from the start. While the presence of Yasmine freed Harry from Petunia; it also brought various unknown variables that he could not control. He could already foresee things changing and he did not know what would be the outcome of this change. “I did not know that Lily had another sister,” said Dumbledore finally.Cold sapphire eyes judged the sincerity of the statement before Yasmine stated, “Actions have consequences, Dumbledore. If I find that your actions had caused harm to Harry, you would be paying a very heavy fine.”She got up from the seat, sliding a scroll across the mahogany table.“This is?” asked a bewildered Dumbledore, before his eyes widened as he read through the scroll. He met her eyes, his own blues grim, “Are you sure?”“What do you think?” Yasmine raised a mocking eyebrow.Dumbledore let out a regretful sigh, before signing at the end with a blood quill. “I have a favour to ask, Director,” said Dumbledore, as he stood up after handing her the scroll. He continued when Yasmine gave him her full attention, “The school has been in a frenzy. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened and two students have been petrified already. Hogwarts would be happy for your help. Though, what I say is not sanctioned by the Board of Governors. I….Hogwarts needs all the help she can get, mam.”“Petrification?” “Yes mam,” replied Dumbledore, while Yasmine gazed around the room thoughtfully, “Very well. I will be here with a team to deal with this.”“Thank you,” Yasmine nodded at him in response. She disappeared through the floo just when a knock sounded on the door.

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