Fanfic: Proeliator || Book ?~? One by orphic_wolfstar (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Some stories don’t have the perfect, happy, joyous ending. Some stories have raw, painful, emotional endings instead. And the hard truth is, these stories don’t often get told. They are often entwined into the background of a happier, less hurtful story.

Characters: Major Character Death No Archive Warnings ApplySirius Black/Remus Lupin James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Regulus Black/Original Character(s) Alice Longbottom/Frank Longbottom Marlene McKinnon/Original Female Character(s)Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Marlene McKinnon James Potter Fleamont Potter Euphemia Potter Sirius Black Regulus Black Orion Black Walburga Black Remus Lupin Lyall Lupin Hope Lupin Mary Macdonald Lily Evans Potter Petunia Evans Dursley Alice Longbottom Frank LongbottomFanfiction Marauders Era (Harry Potter) Marauders Friendship (Harry Potter) i love the Marauders Gay Sirius Black Bisexual Remus Lupin Lesbian Marlene McKinnon Bisexual Regulus Black Lesbian Original Character(s) Queer Character it¡¯s gay if you¡¯re homophobic probably go away Slow Burn Slow Building Relationships long haul – Freeform Slow Romance yall its slow Angst i love to write angst Sorry Not Sorry Fluff i love fluff but not as much as angst I don¡¯t know if I¡¯ve mentioned that it¡¯s slow y¡¯all it¡¯s the Marauders do you really expect happiness? War Alternate Universe – Harry Potter Setting it may not be AS sad as you think please don¡¯t get too attached

Summary: Summary:

Some stories don’t have the perfect, happy, joyous ending. Some stories have raw, painful, emotional endings instead. And the hard truth is, these stories don’t often get told. They are often entwined into the background of a happier, less hurtful story. ?And who’s to say this story isn’t one of those?? ********.. ~ “Thirdly, you will not go about making friends with the wrong sort. You won’t spare a second of your day for filthy Mudbloods, Halfbloods, or even Blood-Traitors.” ~… ~ “Be small. Be quiet. Don’t stand out. Listen to the professors. Be obedient. Do not make friends. Do not, under any circumstance, forget what you are.” ~.. ********..?~Proeliator | Warrior~? war¡¤ri¡¤or /?w?r¨¥?r/?~A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.~?.. ******** ~ A Marauders Era long haul fan fiction ~

Notes: Notes:

IMPORTANT I¡¯m posting the fanfiction to Ao3 well before it is even close to being finished. This is mostly for feedback and to actually post my work somewhere before the final product. I hope to post the officially on Wattpad in the future, maybe even here too eventually. That being said, this is very early in the working, and many changes will have to be made.Also, slow updates, whenever I write

Chapter 1: p r o l o g u e

Chapter Text
Early in the morning on November third, 1959, when the sky was still dark and the air still frigid, a set of twins were born into this world. Sirius Orion Black and Ascella Celeste Black, named each after a star, in true Black fashion. They were born to parents who would never truly protect them, never truly care for them, and never truly love them. Their parents themselves, Orion and Walburga Black, scarcely even cared for each other to begin with. Everything was built off of what would make them look perfect, well-bred family. In all honestly, the twins were born almost purely for the purpose of creating an heir to The Noble House of Black. A little over a year and a half later, June twenty-fifth, 1961, Regulus Arcturus Black was born, becoming their younger brother. While the Black family may not of been built off of love, the three siblings loved each other and to say otherwise would be a blatant lie. The twins from a young age had developed a strong sense of fierce protectiveness over their younger brother, and he looked up at them both immensely. And despite that as they grew, their once tight relationship fell apart slightly, (mostly due to their parents) they would forever love each other just as much. Sirius was very bad at acting the part of a “perfect” Black child. He fidgeted constantly, he complained loudly of the degree of which he hated his dress robes, he complained all through their lessons, he clearly hated formal balls, and he disobeyed their parents nearly daily. This drove a wrench through him and Regulus, because for him, it came almost naturally. He was the golden child in their parent’s eyes, no doubt. He was always mature for his age, and once he hit eight, he scarcely participated in his sibling’s shenanigan’s. He studied quietly, and followed every command he was given. He sat perfectly still, and did an exceptional job at pretending to enjoy formal balls and dinner parties. He was everything that their parents wanted Sirius, the heir, to be. Ascella on the other hand, was a much superior actor, and knew exactly what to do and say to please their company. That wasn’t her, though. She loved pulling pranks, joking around, and teasing her siblings. She loved watching and playing Quidditch, despite their parents insistence that sports just weren’t suited for young ladies. Upon viewing her in the presence of any Black’s (excluding her own siblings) you’d think she was nearer to Regulus’s portentous personality. But that just wasn’t true. Nobody would ever be aware of that, though. But the three loved each other, and that was all they needed…

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