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Description: Hermione Granger comes back to Hogwarts for her eighth year. She has no idea how she ends up on the radar of Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott but once she does, she realizes her life quite possibly will never be the same. +++

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Theodore Nott Pansy Parkinson/Blaise Zabini Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger/Theodore Nott Draco Malfoy/Theodore NottHermione Granger Draco Malfoy Theodore Nott Ginny Weasley Harry Potter Blaise Zabini Pansy Parkinson Luna Lovegood Neville LongbottomTheo is a Little Shit Hermione Granger is So Done Draco Malfoy is Bad at Feelings theo nott is pure chaos Draco Malfoy Has a Large Cock Out of Character Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy is trash boi Theo Nott is a terrible flirt Hermione Granger is perpetually confused Praise Kink Daddy Dom Draco Malfoy Theo just wants to fuck Blushing Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy is So Whipped Hermione just wants someone to avada her Theo is hot and he knows it Pansy has the whiskey Blaise has the aux this is pure chaos forgive me no beta we die like men Hermione is here for a fun time not a long time Porn With Plot Angst and Feels

Summary: Summary:

Hermione Granger comes back to Hogwarts for her eighth year. She has no idea how she ends up on the radar of Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott but once she does, she realizes her life quite possibly will never be the same. +++¡°Draco.¡± She whispered. A small smile, cold impassive grey eyes looked up. ¡°Cheers, Hermione.¡± Then the door slammed close in her face, the sound reverberating throughout the empty corridor. She just stood there, completely stock-still. And she knew for absolute certain that he had cast a silencio. Because right before it went into effect, she heard the beginning of a yell that rattled her bones, doused her in the pain that she heard in the chords. Hermoine stood there, outside of the room, watching over the door as Draco silently fell apart.


Chapter 1: Recognition

Chapter Text
Hermione had no idea why she cared. Why her gaze kept straying over towards the blonde on the other side of the Great Hall. Maybe it was because he looked exhausted, his face resting in the palm of his hand, his gaze unseeing. Or maybe it was the way that he held himself, his tall frame almost bent over as if keeping upright was taking more energy than he cared to exert. She hadn¡¯t seen him like this since sixth year when he was wasting away because Voldemort had saddled him with a death wish. And with slight annoyance at herself, she remembered how Harry had stalked him day and night, obsessed with the very idea of Draco Malfoy. And now here she was, almost two years later doing the same thing. Although obsessed might be too harsh of a word. Concerned? No, that was too…familiar. But as Hermione¡¯s honeyed eyes drifted over to him again she wondered if maybe that was it. It felt weird having him at the table amongst his Slytherin peers, their laughs and jeers carrying over the din of the Hall when he was just merely sitting there. Not engaging, not holding court, not harassing the second year that bumped into him, sending his tea scattering on the table before him. Even then he had just cleaned up the mess with a flick of his wand and went back to staring at the table as if wishing it would swallow him up whole. The entire scene had splintered something in Hermione.She sighed and peeled her gaze from him to focus on her friends before her. When Harry and Ron had told her that they weren¡¯t coming back to Hogwarts for their eighth year and were instead going to start Auror Training early, she had felt a mixture of anger and relief. Anger at the way that they had left her behind without another thought and yet relief that for at least a few months, she wouldn¡¯t have to pretend. The constant keeping up of appearances was the most taxing thing that had come out of the war. Having to pretend that she was fine. That she still gave a shit about their noble cause. That she was completely okay with the fact that they had all just got through a fucking war. That she didn¡¯t spend her eighteenth birthday having a panic attack in her room at Grimmauld Place while her friends drank and laughed in the living room, completely oblivious to her turmoil. The relief was winning out in droves these days. Hermione shook her head slightly, pulling her attention back to the table full of red and gold, her friends laughing about something Ginny Weasley had said. The youngest Weasely was almost standing on the bench, her arms flailing wildly around her as she recounted a story of how Harry had almost collapsed off his Firebolt when he was pissed drunk the other night. Hermione rolled her eyes surreptitiously, picking at her food. They had invited her to come this past weekend but she had already come up with an excuse as to why she couldn¡¯t.
¡°But ¡®Mione it¡¯s the first week of classes, how do you even have work to do?¡± Ron had asked in that somewhat whiny voice that made her nerves boil with irritation.
She begged off the floo call not even moments later, claiming she felt ill. It wasn¡¯t that she didn¡¯t want to see her friends, she was just ready for some time alone. Time to not have to be that fucking Golden Girl they had grown to know and love. Because if she was being honest with herself, that title had stopped applying a long time ago. She couldn¡¯t quite pinpoint when but she could feel the lack of it in her bones, the light being eaten up by that darkness that was far too comfortable residing inside of her. She poked at her food some more, the laughs of her friends ringing out around her. She glanced up at them, taking in Nevile¡¯s smile. Luna was watching them with that dreamy expression, her face in a Quiddler. Parvati was squealing with Lavender about some fit bloke in seventh year. It was normal. They were normal. They had found a way to move on, past that dark hole that had momentarily drowned them all. They were spit back out. Hermione was swallowed whole.She grabbed her bag and hoisted it onto her shoulder before standing abruptly. The laughing faltered slightly and she saw Ginny look up at her, brown eyes furrowed in concern. ¡°You okay ¡®Mione? You look a bit peaky.¡± She said, worried. Hermione gave her a watery smile. ¡°Feel a bit sick is all Gin. See you back at the dorms?¡±She didn¡¯t wait for an answer as she quickly backed away from the table and turned on her heels. She felt overrun with exhaustion from just existing. Before she exited she glanced over at the Slytherin table once more, purely out of habit at this point. But she almost stumbled over her feet when she realized that pale grey eyes were watching her every move, his gaze boring into her. Hermione sucked in a breath as Draco stared at her listlessly, no emotion on his face to give way to what he was thinking. She was used to seeing contempt, a sneer, an eye roll. This blank canvas was haunting and she felt a tremor overtake her hands as she hurried towards the doors of the Great Hall. She threw one last gaze over her shoulder. He was looking back down at the table but when she looked his way again, grey eyes flickered up once more as if he could sense, could feel her looking at him. He held her in his silvery orbit, his eyes pale moons keeping her steady. Then he turned, his attention being pulled away by his friend Theodore Nott who was sitting next to him. Hermione¡¯s breath quickened as she left the Great Hall behind, desperately wishing she could apparate so that she could get as far away as possible. It wasn¡¯t until later when she was in her bed, curtains drawn, a muffliato cast that she succumbed to that feeling that had pricked at her skin earlier. Despair. She was falling. And no one was coming to save her. ?+ + +The problem with no longer pretending is that people noticed. They noticed when she sat in the back of the classroom, forgoing her normal spot in the front. Or when she picked at her food, pushing it about on her plate but not eating. Or when she smelled of firewhiskey and it was only 10 am. That was the first thing Draco Malfoy said to her when she walked into Potions, her hair frazzled from the lack of a brush. She had thrown the curls up into a bun haphazardly and grabbed her books before running to the dungeons, arriving mere seconds before Professor Slughorn. The blonde was sitting at the table in front of her but he turned around when she entered, a pale brow slightly raised as he looked at her curiously, his tone flat. ¡°Excuse me?¡± She asked, slightly breathless as she shuffled her parchment around, trying to find the appropriate notes. She was surprised he was even speaking to her and his words hadn¡¯t quite settled into her consciousness as she tried to pull herself together. ¡°Cast a refreshing spell before class. That way no one will know.¡± There was a hint of the word duh on the end of his statement but it was as if he didn¡¯t care enough to take the piss out of her fully. The advice was given straight-faced, his gaze skirting over her as Theodore Nott entered the class. ¡°Mr. Nott! You¡¯re late!¡± Professor Slughorn boomed from the front of the class. The Slytherin placed a bag down on the table next to Draco, the word honeydukes on it as he slipped into the seat next to him. He gave the professor a dimpled smile. ¡°Apologies, I had something important occur and I needed to take care of it before arriving at class.¡± ¡°Ah, and what could possibly have been so important that it made you late to Potions?¡± Professor Slughorn asked boisterously.Theo grinned.¡°Just finishing up a satisfying fuck Professor, I couldn¡¯t possibly leave before my partner was¡­.taken care of.¡± He drawled. Hermione gasped quietly as half of the class (the green side) erupted into laughter as Professor Slughorn sputtered. ¡°Language Mr. Nott!¡± He yelped. Theo dipped his head in faux apology, curls tumbling over emerald eyes.Hermione noted with curiosity that Draco wasn¡¯t laughing, he was instead glaring at Theo, his pale skin slightly tinged with pink. He was…blushing. Hermione had never in her entire time at Hogwarts seen him blush. She would¡¯ve thought about it more, what the faint blush meant but she didn¡¯t have time because Neville rushed in, slipping into the seat beside her when the Professor¡¯s back was turned. ¡°What did I miss?¡± He whisper-shouted. She sighed. ¡°Nothing, class just started Nev.¡± He nodded, brown hair falling over his forehead before he sniffed and then glanced at her. ¡°¡®Mione? Are you okay? You smell like someone doused you in firewhiskey.¡± She gritted her teeth at the whisper-shout. Neville meant well but Merlin did his voice carry. ¡°I¡¯m fine Neville, I honestly have no idea what you¡¯re talking about.¡± She said, frostily. He looked at her for a beat and then shrugged before continuing to rummage in his bag. ¡°Sorry ¡®Mione, it¡¯s probably this bloody dungeon. I have it on good authority that Slughorn uses firewhiskey on the sterilization of the cauldrons.¡± Her eye twitched from trying not to roll it. So gullible. She loved Neville. And her friends. But she was beginning to grow slightly offended that they were missing all the signs of her unraveling. Of course, if they had been more astute, she would have to go back to pretending. But it was almost like even without her usual facade, they still were oblivious. She gritted her teeth, pulling parchment closer to her when she glanced up. Draco was slightly turned, his profile in her vision and she knew he had heard every word. He was frowning, his blush gone as he munched on an apple fritter. ¡°Eavesdropping, yeah?¡± She hissed. Gray eyes slid towards her fully. He didn¡¯t say anything but she felt it. It was his magic, a gentle breeze of citrus washing over her. He had cast a terego over her without saying anything. The sticky, heady smell of whiskey evaporated and left a crisp clean smell in its wake. Hermione felt her mouth drop open slightly as he turned back around without a single word, his quill working across parchment as class officially began. And if Hermione was waiting for him to say anything, do anything…acknowledge what he had done at least, she was disappointed. Because he trained his gaze to the front of the room. And he didn¡¯t look back again, not even once. + + +Hermione hated herself for caring. For giving a shit. But when she had been harassed by the pureblood Slytherin for years, there was a perverse comfort in hearing his voice dripping with contempt. In enduring his quips and snide remarks that always made her grit her teeth in annoyance. Now that she was met with silence and cool indifference, a mere shell of the poncey Draco she had grown to accept, she found herself wanting to fix it. To change it. It was for purely selfish reasons but she was okay with that.Hermione needed–craved–normalcy. And Draco¡¯s new persona was throwing her off. This was why Hermione did what she did when she walked into Potions class the next day. His halo of platinum blonde hair immediately drew her attention. She took a steadying breath as she walked over, his head bent over a piece of parchment, quill furiously working. Hermione didn¡¯t look at him as she plopped her books down on the table and slid into the empty seat next to him. He didn¡¯t look up. ¡°Don¡¯t start badgering me you insufferable tosser. I¡¯m fine.¡± Hermione¡¯s brows furrowed in confusion as she shifted in her seat, pulling her books closer to her. ¡°Excuse me?¡± Draco¡¯s scribbling paused. His pale grey eyes flitted over towards her, a flicker of surprise darting across his pale face. He looked even more tired, those shadows still blooming under his eyes. The corner of his full mouth tugged down on one corner and Hermione felt a pang of something race through her. She couldn¡¯t quite parse out what it was exactly but it left her feeling slightly empty. ¡°Thought you were someone else.¡± He said evenly, his deep voice uncharacteristically calm for the situation at hand. She had just randomly decided to sit next to him in class and he was behaving as if this was slightly strange but nothing big enough to make a fuss over. She remembered very distinctly him freaking out over much smaller transgressions.Hermione wanted to smack him. Yell at him. Anything to get him to snap out of it. Instead, she just sat there and watched as his gaze drifted over her shoulder. ¡°Granger.¡± An amused voice drawled. Hermione turned around and looked up into the eyes of Theodore Nott. He was smiling down at her, a brow raised with curiosity. He had a potions textbook in one hand and a small honeydukes bag in the other. Hermione faintly smelled the scent of apples emitting from the container. ¡°Nott.¡± She said, coolly. Emerald green eyes twinkled as he glanced past her to look at Draco. ¡°You¡¯re in my seat.¡± He said.Hermione didn¡¯t know much about Theodore Nott other than that he was second in their class, his Father was a known Death Eater, and that he was also Draco¡¯s best friend. She had never been this close to him before and so it was taking everything in her not to blatantly stare. If Draco Malfoy was all pale frost, refined and aristocratic in his elegant iciness, Theodore Nott was his opposite. He was a warm ball of light with his chestnut curls spiraling around his forehead, full lips that were smirking at her, a dimple in his left cheek that made her feel slightly light-headed. And for a moment, Hermione thought that it must be a requirement to be devastatingly handsome in order to be a Sacred-Twenty Eight. There was no other way to explain why both Draco and Theo were this gorgeous. She cleared her throat awkwardly, scolding herself for her train of thought. ¡°I don¡¯t see your name anywhere.¡± She said swottily, glancing around at the wooden table as if waiting for his name to appear. Theo chuckled roughly. ¡°Granger,¡± He began but she cut him off with a hand. ¡°Class is about to begin, maybe find another seat, yeah?¡± She asked, scribbling her name across the top of her parchment with a flourish. She could feel Draco¡¯s gaze on her and she knew he was just as confused as Theo appeared to be. ¡°Yeah, okay sure,¡± Theo said, as he pulled an empty chair from the neighboring table and plopped it down on Hermione¡¯s other side. She sighed exasperatedly. ¡°That¡¯s not what I–¡± He cut her off with a pointed raised brow. ¡°Class is about to begin, stop talking, yeah?¡± Draco snorted softly and she turned to glare at him. He took an apple fritter from the honeydukes bag and bit into the pastry, his gaze firmly on hers. She watched the way the flaky bread melted in his mouth, his eyes fluttering briefly at how good it tasted. His pale eyes popped back open as his tongue darted out to slowly lick fallen crumbs off of his full bottom lip, teeth scraping over the skin indecently. Hermione sucked in a quiet breath as he gave her the first smirk she had seen from him all term. He opened his mouth to speak. Yes. Say something rude. Snap at me for staring.She felt almost giddy at the possibilities of what could fall from the Slytherin¡¯s mouth. But before he could speak, Professor Slughorn strode in, shattering the moment. Draco looked away from her and bent down over his parchment once more, dismissing her completely and she sighed before turning her attention to the front of the room. She was going to get him to crack if it was the last thing she did. But she quickly realized that maybe she was the one that was going to crack. It was a miracle that Hermione managed to get any notes down the entire period. Being bracketed with Draco Malfoy on one side of her and Theodore Nott on the other, she felt their gravitational pulls, their energy cloying and powerful in the too-small space as the three of them sat at a table only intended for two. She tried to shift away but every time she did, it seemed as though the two wizards pressed in closer. She wasn¡¯t sure if it was a coincidence or if they were taking the piss out of her, but either way, she felt intensely aware. Draco accidentally brushed his arm against hers and even though they were both wearing jumpers, it felt like her skin burned where they made contact. She jumped slightly as if she had been electrocuted. Draco looked over at her curiously, noting the movement but not doing anything more than tugging his mouth down again into a frown. She flushed as she pointedly looked away. ¡°You okay there, Granger? You seem tense.¡± Theo whispered loudly. Draco chuckled and she narrowed her eyes at the brunette. ¡°I¡¯m not tense.¡± She snapped quietly. Theo brushed his hand against hers, tanned skin touching olive and she jumped again. His dimple winked at her as he held back a laugh. ¡°Sure. Whatever you say.¡± She flushed again and resisted the urge to rub her hand, the skin still tingling from the contact. ¡°Maybe if someone had found a different seat, we wouldn¡¯t be so bloody close to each other.¡± She hissed. Theo chuckled and brushed against her hand again. ¡°Next time don¡¯t steal my seat.¡± ¡°It¡¯s not your seat, Nott.¡± Draco sighed dramatically on the side of her and she felt herself tighten with anticipation. But instead of sneering or sending out a scathing retort, he just rolled up his parchment and stood. They had to finish their essays and hand them in before leaving class and with a slight shock, Hermione realized that he was finished. Before her. He strode to the front of the class, long legs expertly clothed in tailored trousers as he handed the scroll to Professor Slughorn with a dip of his chin. ¡°Thank you, my boy!¡± Slughorn said rather exuberantly. Draco just grimaced slightly before he turned around, his eyes looking straight at Hermione and Theo but completely unseeing. He reached down to grab his satchel and shrugged it onto a broad shoulder before he finally focused his gaze onto them. ¡°Cheers.¡± That was all he said. One word. One syllable. Hermione couldn’t even hide her surprise, her shock. He slid his wand behind his ear and then strode from the classroom, his other hand firmly grasping the honeydukes bag. He didn¡¯t look back.Hermione blinked. She was used to seeing the blonde in bad moods, it was his default. But this. This felt…wrong. Broken. She bit her lip and hurried through her paper so she could turn it in and hopefully catch up with him. For what? She wasn¡¯t quite sure but she was starting to feel slightly desperate. She only glared slightly when Theo finished his paper, rolling up the parchment and heading to turn it in. Before her. She was losing her fucking touch. She scribbled furiously, racing to the end before she hurriedly rolled up her essay only moments after he did. Theo cocked his head to the side, a small smile tugging at his lips as she raced to the front of the class to turn in her work before hurrying back to slide her books into her bag. He walked out before her and held the door open as she walked through, her eyes already peering down the corridor for Draco. But all she saw was a dimly lit hall, the corridor empty. Her stomach sank with a bottomless feeling and she sighed quietly to herself. ¡°He does that a lot.¡± She almost forgot that Theo was beside her as she looked up to take in his frown, his eyes decidedly looking down the empty hallway as well. ¡°Does what?¡± ¡°Disappear.¡± She furrowed her brows, pulling her bag higher on her shoulder as she began a slow ascent from the dungeons. ¡°What¡¯s going on with him?¡± She asked. Hermione tried to school her features into a look of indifference but she was either an awful actor or Theo was good at sniffing out bullshit because he just peered down at her as if she was full of it.¡°Why do you care?¡± She ignored his question, her feet carrying her to the Great Hall without a second thought. Why did she care? There was the craving of normalcy that resided within her, pushing her towards the Slytherin with an almost obsessive interest. But Hermione knew it was more than that. Voldemort was dead, the war was won. And yet, she saw someone else who wasn¡¯t able to reconcile the darkness within them. It made her feel less alone. Less damaged. Draco was broken and she felt comfort in that because she was just as fractured. Little bits of her scattered and split apart, leaving her with only a husk of who she used to be. She glared down at her Mary-Janes, noting Theo¡¯s loafers in her peripheral vision as he walked beside her. ¡°Why didn¡¯t you attend your Father¡¯s trial?¡± She asked instead. His feet faltered slightly and she looked up at him, a glimpse of shock and sadness crossing his features before he hid them behind that easy dimpled smile. The teasing bedroom eyes affixed to her face. ¡°Hardly worth wasting my Friday evening on such a morose event, Granger.¡± She would¡¯ve believed his unaffected air if she hadn¡¯t seen the pain settle upon him just seconds before. ¡°He got twenty years.¡± She said, evenly. Theo raked a hand through his curls, nodding his head in acknowledgment to a few Slytherins who walked past them, their eyes curiously roving over Hermione. ¡°Some would say that isn¡¯t long enough.¡± He laughed darkly.She raised a brow. ¡°And what do you say?¡± Theo¡¯s jaw tightened and she was sure he was wondering how much to say. How much to let her in, a virtual stranger. He glanced down at her briefly, his green eyes narrowed slightly. Finally, he sighed as they rounded the corner, the Great Hall in sight. ¡°I say, a life sentence would¡¯ve been light.¡± Hermione¡¯s honeyed gaze widened in surprise but he was beaming at the students around them as if he hadn¡¯t just said he wished his father had been left to rot in Azkaban. Hermione felt like she had whiplash witnessing the duality that was Theodore Nott. ¡°Listen, Granger, I know it¡¯s pretty much a Gryffindor trait to stick your noses in things that don¡¯t involve you but I¡¯m asking you nicely to leave Draco the fuck alone.¡± Again, he was smiling, scooping up a glass of pumpkin juice and motioning towards her, asking if she was thirsty. She shook her head and he shrugged before unstopping the bottle and taking a long swig. ¡°I¡¯m not doing anything to Dra–Malfoy.¡± She whispered, her cheeks flaming at her fumble over his name. Theo smirked at her. ¡°Then what the fuck was that earlier?¡± ¡°I didn¡¯t know you permanently owned the seat next to him. Territorial, are we?¡± She asked, huffily. He leaned down and Hermione sucked in a breath as his curls brushed her forehead from their proximity. He took a step forward and she took a step back. He chuckled. She was vaguely aware of many eyes on them and she blushed under the scrutiny. ¡°Very. If you¡¯re planning on doing something to hurt Draco, I’ll be sad about it Granger as you¡¯re very cute but I will literally kill you.¡± He delivered the threat with a venom that settled into Hermione¡¯s bloodstream. His dimpled smile was sugary sweet. Hermione knew that he meant it and as deranged as it was, she found it slightly endearing that he was so protective over the blonde.She swallowed loudly and willed her nerves to settle as she glared up at him. But also¡­.Theodore Nott found her cute? Another entry for that folder of things she absolutely should not give a shit about. It was becoming quite heavy at this point. ¡°Does Narcissa know you¡¯re in competition with her to be Malfoy¡¯s new Mother Hen?¡± She quipped, brushing past him to grab a bagel from the table before them. Theo reached out quickly and stopped her, long fingers gently curling around her wrist. She gasped softly as he looked at her wrist, his finger drawing a small circle over her skin. She felt that burning sensation again with force. ¡°Try and stay out of trouble this year, yeah?¡± He asked this softly, his pouty mouth quirked up on one side as he watched golden skin touch her olive. He tugged slightly and she gasped as he pulled her down so that she was sitting in his lap. Murmurs raced around them and Hermione felt like she¡¯d be okay if she died at that exact point. Like an Avada could come flying at her and she¡¯d say thank you. Because not only was she mortified but she was also very much aware of how fucking nice it felt to be sitting in the lap of Theodore Nott. He felt nice. A scent of cedar washed over her and she fought the urge to shiver.He chuckled, the sound reverberating through her as he took his other hand to stroke her jaw. Hermione froze. He slowly worked his finger down to her chin before he took strong fingers and gripped her. Eyes widened, she watched as his face got closer to hers, his hand tugging down her chin to look at him fully. She felt like she was getting scorched, his aura was that fucking bright. ¡°Can you be a good girl for me, Granger? I¡¯d hate to have to kill you for fucking with my Draco.¡± He murmured this softly, sweetly, his words being whispered to only her. She couldn¡¯t breathe. She couldn’t move. Not just because she was sitting in his lap and enjoying it but because of his possessiveness. His Draco. She just felt her eyes blinking in response. ¡°I need an audible response, Granger.¡± His gaze bore into hers, his hand still wrapped around her wrist, applying a nice grasp. Hermione¡¯s brain short-circuited. She nodded. ¡°Yes.¡± He smirked. ¡°Yes, what?¡± A flicker of anger zapped through her and she narrowed her eyes. ¡°Bite me, Nott.¡± ¡°In front of everyone? I didn¡¯t peg you as an exhibitionist but I find yet again, I¡¯m surprised by the formidable Golden Girl.¡± He said the nickname with pure sarcasm and she briefly thought about sending a wandless bogey hex his way. His smile got wider. Merlin, he was gorgeous. ¡°Answer the question or I¡¯ll bite it out of you.¡± He said, his voice low, a caress over her skin. Hermione felt a warmth deepen inside of her and a flush crept up over her neck. She needed this to end or she was going to either die of embarrassment or strip him bare. Both were equally viable options at this point. ¡°Yes, I will stay out of trouble this year and leave Draco the fuck alone.¡± She hissed. Theo beamed at her and ran a thumb over her bottom lip. Hermione whimpered and she heard snickers behind her, Slytherins who were watching the entire thing. She turned bright red and slapped his hand away before pushing off of him. ¡°I hate you.¡± She snapped. Theo gave her a half-lidded look and took another long drag of pumpkin juice. ¡°If only that were true.¡± He mused. Hermoine saw a slight red tinge her vision and it was the reason why she snatched his pumpkin juice out of his hand and upended the bottle on top of his head, chestnut curls elongating by the liquid. Laughs and shocked gasps erupted around them and Hermione smirked as Theo lifted a hand to feel his hair, pulling away once it connected with a chunk of pumpkin. His mouth was flattened into a straight line. And then slowly, a smile dragged across his face, his dimple prominently displayed. He looked up at her, eyes twinkling as he shook his hair wildly, juice and chunks flopping around. She yelped and backed away as a spray of pumpkin hit her jumper. Theo laughed as she quickly scourgified herself with a glare. ¡°You¡¯re insufferable.¡± She snapped, bending down to grab the bagel before turning on her heels. ¡°Nice chat, love,¡± Theo called after her as she stormed away, avoiding the gaze of everyone in the Great Hall. It wasn¡¯t until she had walked through those doors, her heart pounding out her chest, that she realized with abject curiosity that this was the first time in a while that her hands weren¡¯t trembling with those fucking tremors. She opened up her folder, flipping through the files until she landed on the one titled what the fuck was that. She added the note, buried the folder back down into the recesses of her mind, and then hurried to Charms.

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