Fanfic: Rapidly Becoming by Ayes (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: When Draco goes missing, Harry inherits Malfoy Manor and makes it his own.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsDraco Malfoy/Harry PotterPost-War Malfoy Manor Missing Persons Magical Inheritance Slow Build Nesting Bi Harry POC Hermione Same Old Ron spooky vibes everyone has PTSD gryffindor parties tw: talk of suicide tw: minor casual drug use

Summary: Summary:

When Draco goes missing, Harry inherits Malfoy Manor and makes it his own.My love letter to Running on Air, House Proud, Stately Homes of Wiltshire, Such Great Heights, Wild, and so many others. To those authors: thank you.Title is inspired by the self-discovery of being eighteen years old, by making something your own, and of course by the famous quote “Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.”

Notes: Notes:

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text

call me morbid, call me pale

I’ve spent six years on your trail

Six long years on your trail

Half A Person – The Smiths

The war had been over a month before anyone realized Draco Malfoy was missing.The elder Malfoys were dealt with, and so no one had gone looking for him at first. Lucius had died when another Dark lackey aimed their wand sideways in the last battle, some ice-cold revenge from the long years of infighting. Narcissa had caught a cold while awaiting trial in Azkaban, which carried her off swiftly after. Harry had felt a whiff of regret when he¡¯d heard about it: she¡¯d been a mixed bag, not all evil. He spared a thought for Draco, even, feeling something like reluctant pity when he remembered Draco¡¯s pointy eleven-year-old face, mocking Harry for being an orphan.¡°War breeds orphans,¡± Hermione said darkly, when he mentioned it. Ron looked at her in alarm, but tipped back his beer without a word. They¡¯d waited ten days after the final battle to truly believe it was over, twenty before they felt brave enough to go into the Leaky. Of course well-wishers had overwhelmed them there, so now they sat in a Muggle bar, three weeks of peace behind them and a whole lot of unknowns ahead.Ron and Hermione were leaving in the morning, taking two Apparition points to Australia. Ron was hesitant to leave his family so soon after Fred¡¯s funeral, Harry could tell, but Hermione had been saying things like war breeds orphans lately and even Ron understood where his warm heart was needed most.¡°Where is Malfoy, anyway?¡± Ron was saying now, desperate for a distraction from the dread radiating off of his girlfriend.Harry could smell the bait, but he took it. ¡°No one¡¯s said. Probably fucked off to France or something, I should ask Kingsley if they¡¯ve got him.¡±¡°Oh Harry, no,¡± Hermione said, her faraway stare focusing back on him. Ron sagged a little behind her, relieved. ¡°Please don¡¯t get all wrapped up in following Draco Malfoy around again.¡±¡°Yeah, mate, war¡¯s over. You¡¯re off the clock. Sleep, go ¡®round mine, I won¡¯t even be around to get all weird about you and Gin.¡± Ron clapped him on the back in an encouraging sort of way.¡°I¡¯ll definitely go to the Burrow,¡± Harry promised, thinking with a twinge about how much harder Ginny laughed with Dean, the months they¡¯d been together while Harry was sleeping in a tent somewhere. Ron shrugged and got up to buy another round. Hermione rolled her eyes after him, but her expression softened a bit as Harry watched.¡°You¡¯ll find out if he¡¯s dead soon anyway,¡± Hermione assured him in the matter-of-fact way she had talked about school, peering into her pint glass. ¡°What with the M- the Manor and all. Saves them a trial.¡±¡°Are you okay?¡± Harry whispered, touching her hand.She clasped his hand back. ¡°None of us are,¡± she whispered back, a touch of wry, horribly adult humor in her voice.¡°Tell me the Manor thing,¡± Harry requested, voice still low.Hermione sighed. ¡°It¡¯s the property. He¡¯s the last Malfoy now, right? So if no one can find him, no one will be able to claim ownership of the house. It¡¯s a whole thing, ownership of magical homes are tied to blood if no sale is made. Actually, Harry¡­¡± she fixed him with a suddenly-keen look. ¡°You¡¯re the closest Black heir.¡±¡°That¡¯s right,¡± Ron jumped in, coming back with three pints held close to his body. ¡°If Malfoy¡¯s dead, that house is yours. Plus you guys are cousins, right?¡±¡°Distantly,¡± Harry admitted, put out. ¡°By marriage. Of dead people. They disinherited Sirius, anyway.¡±¡°Oh, you can burn someone off a family tapestry, but you can¡¯t undo blood rights,¡± Ron asserted, seemingly pleased to know something. ¡°Let us know if you get the house, yeah? We can burn the fucker down.¡±¡°Mmm.¡± It was tempting, thinking of the Manor burning. Hermione looked far away again, and Ron bent toward her, urging her to drink her beer as though it was medicine and he were Molly Weasley.Harry sipped at his pint, but couldn¡¯t taste it. Draco Malfoy couldn¡¯t be dead. Harry would know. He felt, somehow, that he would know. Someone would have told him. Or something would have shifted in the universe, some final veil unlifting like it had when Voldemort had died. Not like Malfoy was anything like Voldemort.Quite the opposite.The last time Harry had seen Draco, he¡¯d been fleeing the battle with his parents. At the time Harry had been enraged. The Malfoys were cowards, he¡¯d thought, all of them unwilling to stand and fight even for the Lord they claimed to love. Maybe he¡¯d been staring after them angrily moments before the other Death Eater had killed Lucius ¡ª it couldn¡¯t have been long after. In the clashing, confused timeline of that final day, everything tended to get mixed up in his head. Fighting. Dying. Returning. Voldemort, dead on the ground. Hagrid, weeping tears the size of marbles. Malfoy¡¯s white-blond head, disappearing against the tides of that mass of evil.He must have made it out with Narcissa. Somewhere between their desperate flight, her capture, and her sentencing, Draco had escaped. He was probably in some Parisian apartment now, planning lavish funerals that no one would go to. Considering what Narcissa had done for Harry, what Draco had done in pretending not to recognize him, Harry didn¡¯t even begrudge him his freedom. Not after losing his parents.But he simply couldn¡¯t be dead. For whatever reason, some instinct Harry couldn¡¯t explain, he would have bet his magic on it.So the next day, when he saw Ron and Hermione off, it was a shock to see the day¡¯s headlines. The Apparition point was a newsstand on the corner of Canon Row and Bridge Street, charmed to mask the sight of anyone slipping inside from those passing back and forth to Westminster Station. Hermione let herself in, and then Ron, and they peered out at Harry from a frame of glamour magazines and tabloids.¡°You will be okay, won¡¯t you?¡± Hermione was saying, clutching her endless bag, now filled with sunscreen and her childhood photos. ¡°Harry?¡±¡°He¡¯ll be fine, Hermione, don¡¯t worry,¡± Ron said, but Harry was staring at the paper.MALFOY HEIR MISSING, the Prophet said, above a pixelated photo of Draco, his face cropped out from some gala shot with his father. Lucius¡¯ shoulder still remained half in-frame, looming up and over to the side, casting a shadow on Draco¡¯s elegant, blinking face. Elegant? Pointy, he meant.¡°Mate?¡± Ron said now, starting to peer around at the papers, which had flicked back into The Guardian as a woman passed by. ¡°What is it?¡±¡°Nothing,¡± Harry said quickly, and pressed forward to hug them over the counter.¡°Don¡¯t do anything crazy,¡± Hermione said into his ear. Her bristly hair tickled. Ron wrapped his long arms around them both.¡°Don¡¯t worry,¡± Harry assured them both, squeezing them before letting go. ¡°I just want to hang out at home for the next year.¡±¡°Hit up Ginny,¡± Ron suggested. ¡°Seriously, Harry, try to enjoy yourself. The war is over, and we¡¯re the ones still alive. Maybe try to do some living.¡± He wrapped his arm around Hermione, and she tucked herself in tight to his neck. Brilliant freckles and nut-brown skin, his two best friends.Harry blew them a kiss, and they popped into nothingness. The summer air rushed to fill the space they¡¯d been, a hot gust brushing past Harry¡¯s cheek like the touch of someone¡¯s fingers.He picked up the newspaper. Draco blinked, over and over, his face grainy and grey.

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