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Description: Rose Weasley is terrified of her boyfriend’s overprotective father. When she asks for Hermione’s help deterring him, Hermione finds that Mr. Malfoy has come a long way from the boy she knew twenty years ago.

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Summary: Summary:

Rose Weasley is terrified of her boyfriend’s overprotective father. When she asks for Hermione’s help deterring him, Hermione finds that Mr. Malfoy has come a long way from the boy she knew twenty years ago.

Notes: Notes:

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Hermione Granger never imagined herself spending a Saturday afternoon at Diagon Alley with Draco Malfoy. Yet, she found herself walking towards a small caf¨¦ near Flourish and Blotts, where he and his son waited for her and Rose.
Her daughter had come back from her fourth year at Hogwarts with the news that she was dating Scorpius Malfoy. The sight had almost given Ron a heart attack when they jumped down from the Hogwarts Express with hands intertwined. It hadn¡¯t been an easy summer for either of the young lovebirds since.
¡°Remember, don¡¯t be weird,¡± Rose warned as they turned a corner and caught sight of two blond haired figures down the street.
Hermione rolled her eyes, having heard the same warning before.
¡°I¡¯m your mum, you¡¯ll always think I¡¯m weird.¡±
Rose groaned.
¡°Don¡¯t be weird about Mr. Malfoy, mum.¡±
They walked into the garden area of the caf¨¦, just as Scorpius shifted to look at them.
¡°Rose!¡± He walked towards her and took her into a tight embrace, he kissed her lightly on the cheek. Rose¡¯s cheeks burned red and she stepped back from Scorpius¡¯ hug. He turned to look at Hermione and offered her his hand and pressed a quick kiss to her knuckles. ¡°Good afternoon, Mrs. Granger.¡±
Hermione couldn¡¯t help but smile at the boy¡¯s manners. He always was quite charming, she understood why Rose was so infatuated with him.
¡°Good afternoon, Scorpius.¡± Hermione¡¯s eyes flicked up towards the man walking in her direction and she gave him a curt nod. ¡°Malfoy.¡±
The older Malfoy responded by way of a curt nod, before turning to look at Rose. ¡°How are you today, Miss Weasley?¡±
¡°I¡¯m well, thank you, Mr. Malfoy,¡± Rose answered quietly.
Hermione glanced at her daughter questioningly, surprised by Rose¡¯s subdued tone. Her daughter, however, paid her no mind, as Scorpius quickly grabbed Rose¡¯s hand and pulled her towards the door.
¡°Excuse us, we¡¯re going to sit inside,¡± he chimed. ?
¡°Scorp,¡± Scorpius paused at his father¡¯s voice, ¡°sit in my line of vision.¡±
Scorpius nodded and headed inside, while Draco and Hermione took a table in the garden near the window.
¡°You didn¡¯t have to come,¡± Draco offered as he sat down across from Hermione.
¡°Oh, I did. Rose insisted,¡± Hermione replied with a small smile. She swatted away his words with her hand. ¡°Apparently she¡¯s terrified of Mr. Malfoy. She thinks you¡¯re extremely frightening and you¡¯re always looking at her.¡±
Draco clenched his jaw at her words.
¡°I don¡¯t like Scorp being out alone.¡± He paused as if measuring his words. ¡°There have been incidents.¡±
¡°I understand.¡± Hermione watched Scorpius pull the chair for Rose, whose cheeks burned increasingly crimson as she broke into a wide grin before sitting down. ¡°Your son does know how to treat a lady.¡±
¡°Thank you, he¡¯s quite smitten with your daughter.¡±
Draco waved over the server and placed in their order before speaking again.
¡°He came home for Christmas holiday and all he could talk about was Weasley this, Weasley that. In the beginning, I didn¡¯t know which one because there¡¯s so many of you Weasleys arou¡ª¡±
¡°I¡¯m not,¡± Hermione interrupted quickly.
¡°Pardon?¡± He met her gaze.
His gray eyes made Hermione feel unsettled. Thankfully, the server came up with their tea just then and broke the uncomfortable moment.
She nursed her teacup and cleared her throat. ¡°I¡¯m not a Weasley.¡±
It was quite infantile to many, but Hermione believed she¡¯d spent enough years of her life making a name for herself to not use it. Particularly now, when she was truly, no longer a Weasley.
¡°Ah, right. The divorce, my apologies.¡± Draco studied her for a moment before leaning forwards. His voice was low when he spoke. ¡°Ron Weasley has always been spectacularly idiotic.¡±
¡°Well, that¡¯s not really fair,¡± she began, placing her tea down while fidgeting with the rim of her cup. She frowned into her tea. ¡°It was actually a very amicable divorce. We just weren¡¯t compatible. We had different views about how to keep a household, and in the end, neither one of us was really happy. Ron is still one of my¡ª¡±
¡°Granger.¡± Draco¡¯s interrupted quietly.
She looked up at him startled. There was the faintest hint of a smirk, his smirk, resting on his lips. Yet, there was no malice in it. In fact, Hermione swore it was almost¡­ playful.
¡°Weasley¡¯s a fucking idiot because he let a witch like you go,¡± he explained. ¡°You¡¯re brilliant, you¡¯re a war heroine, you have a fantastic career track, you¡¯ll probably be the next Minister for Magic, your daughter idolizes you, and with good reason, and at thirty-nine,¡± his eyes roamed over her momentarily, taking her in with a gleam in his grey orbs that she couldn¡¯t quite place. ¡°Well, you look great for thirty-nine.¡±
Hermione¡¯s cheeks burned. Blushing, she mumbled into her cup, ¡°I¡¯m actually forty.¡±
Draco straightened in his chair, clearing his throat.
?¡°I doubt there¡¯s a witch alive as brilliant as you are, and if there were, Weasley couldn¡¯t possibly score that high again.¡±
Hermione schooled her features into hiding her shock. She had half a mind to drag Draco towards St. Mungo¡¯s and demand he be examined by a mind healer. There was no way he could be speaking to her, about her, like this. How much had Draco Malfoy changed in the last twenty years?
¡°Well, he¡¯s not doing too bad; he¡¯s been with Katie Bell for a couple of years now.¡± Hermione shrugged. ¡°What about you? What¡¯s your story?¡±
Draco looked inside the coffee shop and she followed his gaze towards where their children sat. Rose was laughing at something, presumably Scorpius¡¯ blush as he patted down the table with some napkins. Hermione looked up at Draco¡¯s face. It was clouded with emotion for a moment.
She took the opportunity to take him in, truly. Draco did not look like he had when they were children. He¡¯d grown into the pointy aristocratic features that set him apart, making his face angled and handsome. He was tall, always had been, but while in his teens and his twenties he had been lanky and lean, he¡¯d managed to grow out of the seeker build, and had filled in quite well. Hermione smiled to herself, admitting silently that Draco Malfoy was fit.
¡°Scorpius is probably the only thing I have to show for myself, you know, that I ever could do anything good, anything that was right,¡± he finally spoke, his gaze met hers once again.
It hit her at that moment the profound sense of loss she could see in his eyes. Once cruel and demeaning, his gaze had turned soft. Hermione wondered if it was the unrelenting love a parent felt for their child or the circumstance with which he¡¯d live that had changed his eyes.
¡°I¡¯m sure that¡¯s not true.¡± Hermione gave him a sympathetic smile.
¡°You have heard the rumors, right?¡± He paused for a moment, and Hermione stiffened.
She had indeed heard an array of rumors revolving around the Malfoy family, rumors that ranged from Lucius Malfoy rising to be the next Dark Lord to assumptions about their finances. The most unusual and unlikely of all was that his son was Voldemort¡¯s spawn.
¡°I¡¯ll take your silence as an affirmation,¡± Draco spoke softly, gazing at his son once more. ¡°It hasn¡¯t been easy for Scorp, and it certainly hasn¡¯t been easy for me to deal with. They only got worse after Astoria died, Scorp was eight, and the Wizarding World seemed to agree that I was somehow involved.¡±
¡°Do you think that¡¯s why my daughter is afraid of you?¡± She asked, in an attempt to lighten the mood.
Draco narrowed his eyes at her, slight annoyance on his face. ¡°And not because I stare at her?¡± Draco shook his head, the annoyance fleeing his face to be replaced with worry. ¡°I don¡¯t stare at her.¡±
¡°You don¡¯t?¡± Hermione hid her smile behind her cup of tea.
Draco sighed before schooling his features back into nonchalance. He took a sip from his tea and placed his cup back on the saucer gently.
¡°I stare at both of them, their interactions.¡± Draco sneaked another glance back inside. ¡°Did she tell you about her detention?¡±
Hermione spluttered, coughing tea as she covered her mouth with her hand. She shook her head fervently.
¡°Rose doesn¡¯t get detentions.¡±
Draco¡¯s eyebrows raised to his hairline. He scoffed a very graceful scoff and quickly recovered with a smirk.
¡°I¡¯m going to ignore the fact that you believe that a child who was raised in a household with you and Ron Weasley wouldn¡¯t get into detentions.¡± He paused, gauging her reaction. When she didn¡¯t respond, he continued. ¡°She hexed a sixth-year last term, apparently a good bat bogey hex. A fellow Gryffindor team member, no less.¡±
Hermione glared inside at her daughter. Rose was chatting animatedly, Scorpius merely stared at her a crooked grin plastered over his face.
¡°Rose wouldn¡¯t. She¡¯s too well behaved.¡±
¡°Yes, well, the kid had opinions about Scorp and she responded by hexing him.¡±
Hermione considered the information for a moment. Memories of herself during her later years at Hogwarts flooded her mind. She thought of Rita Skeeter in her animagus form, locked inside a glass jar. She thought of Marietta Edgecombe and the blemished on her face that had lasted past her teenage years. She thought of Dolores Umbridge being swiped away by a herd of furious centaurs. All because they had somehow offended her, or Harry or Ron.
She frowned, pursing her lips into a tight line. Rose inherited much of her attitude from her mother. And Hermione wouldn¡¯t put it past her to protect those she cared about by any means possible.
Another memory flashed in her mind, this time of the man sitting across from her and her hand connecting with his face. She considered the other side of the equation.
¡°And Scorpius didn¡¯t have anything to say about this?¡± Hermione¡¯s frown was suddenly replaced by a smirk. ¡°He is Draco Malfoy¡¯s son.¡±
¡°And what is that supposed to mean?¡± Draco asked in a low drawl. His eyes were narrowed at her, but she didn¡¯t sense hostility in his face. It was almost¡­ playful.
¡°Well, the Draco Malfoy I went to school with never let anybody fight his battles,¡± she responded playfully. ¡°I remember him being particularly well vexed in the art of hexing front teeth.¡±
His face fell and he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. ¡°Granger, I-¡±
Hermione tilted her face to look at him. She waved her hand dismissively and he trailed off. ¡°It was over two decades ago, and it ended up being advantageous to me. There¡¯s no need to apologize.¡±
Draco¡¯s expression warmed at her words. His gaze softened, the lines in his forehead eased and he smiled, not the usual smirk, but a soft genuine smile.
¡°There are many other things I should have apologized for,¡± he said sheepishly. ¡°Twenty years too late, but I am sorry.¡±
He averted his gaze from hers. She felt compelled to place her hand upon his and when he met her eyes once again, she returned his warm smile. She considered her words carefully. He was no longer the Draco Malfoy she had gone to school with.
Certainly, he had lived through a lot. The war from his perspective was traumatic. The war had been hell for all of them, but nobody on her side had been trying to kill her. She knew more than a couple of Death Eaters would have given plenty to be able to dispose of any member of the Malfoy dynasty.
Then, after his trial and his years under house arrest, she heard he had reconnected with the Greengrass sisters and married the younger one, Astoria. Falling in love, marriage, parenthood had to have left their mark on the Malfoy heir¡¯s character. Losing his wife and having to raise his son alone definitely had left an impact on him.
He apologized. Never in her life had she considered Draco capable of such actions. He had taken her completely off guard, and it because she was off guard that she wondered how to proceed.
She let her Gryffindor courage flourish at that moment.
¡°The best apology you could have granted me was raising your son as you did.¡± She began, tentatively. ¡°The fact that he felt comfortable enough to date a half-blood, the daughter of a Wesley and a muggle-born and tell you about it. That¡¯s been enough. The way that he treats my daughter is beyond anything I could expect from any partner she could have.¡±
She searched his expression, expecting to see him retract. She was pleasantly surprised to see his face relax. He looked almost proud. Hermione removed her hand from his and rested back in her chair.
¡°Well, in all honestly, it hasn¡¯t really been smooth sailing,¡± Draco began, and Hermione could see the playfulness sneak itself back into his features. ¡°When he said he wanted to date the daughter of Ron Weasley I had half a mind to hex myself into oblivion.¡±
Hermione chuckled at his remark. ¡°I¡¯ll have you know, Rose is a magnificent young lady.¡±
¡°Oh, I know. It¡¯s nothing against your daughter,¡± he quickly amended smirking. ¡°I made it clear to Scorp, he can date Rose as long as I get to be at least six feet away from Weasley at all times if there ever be an occasion for us to be in the same room.¡±
Hermione chuckled. ¡°Sounds like a good rule. There¡¯s no need to be six feet away from me?¡±
Draco flashed her a smirk, ¡°well, if Weasley looked as gorgeous as you do, I wouldn¡¯t want to be six feet away from him, either.¡±
Hermione felt herself blush and instinctively bit her lip. Was Draco Malfoy flirting with her? It felt nice. Hermione didn¡¯t remember the last time someone had flirted with her. Most of the men she met were significantly intimidated by her, often tiptoeing around her in an effort to not offend the great Hermione Granger. It was the reason she hadn¡¯t gone on a second date since her divorce.
¡°You¡¯re blushing like a schoolgirl, Granger,¡± he added before letting a low laugh escape him.
¡°I¡¯m sorry,¡± she said, averting her eyes from him. ¡°I¡¯m not used to that kind of attention anymore.¡±
¡°Well, we can¡¯t have that, now can we?¡±
Before Hermione responded, they were interrupted by an all too familiar voice. ¡°Mione!¡±
She turned around and entering the caf¨¦ garden was Ron, walking up to her quickly. She stood up and gave Ron a quick hug. ¡°Ron! Didn¡¯t know you were off duty today.¡±
¡°I¡¯ve been off Saturdays most of the summer because of Rosie.¡± He shrugged and looked around at Malfoy, whom he greeted with a blank stare and a nod. ¡°Where is she?¡±
Hermione fixed him a stern glare.
¡°She¡¯s inside with Scorpius and you are not allowed to walk in there and embarrass her.¡± Her voice reminded her a little too much of her own mother¡¯s at that moment.
Ron ran his hand through his hair, ¡°do you really think that¡¯s something I would do?¡±
Hermione narrowed her eyes at her ex-husband and he laughed nervously. ¡°Well, yes. I would. No matter. I was going to owl you asking if I could take Rosie with me tonight and bring her back to you on Monday.¡±
¡°Sure,¡± Hermione answered quickly. ¡°I can bring her by to Harry¡¯s after we¡¯re done here.¡±
¡°Thanks, Mione,¡± Ron said giving her a smile. ¡°Katie and I want to tell her about the engagement before the party next weekend.¡±
¡°That¡¯s fine.¡± Hermione waved him off. They finished arranging the details and quickly Ron was on his way.
Hermione took her chair next to Draco back, ¡°Sorry about that.¡±
¡°The struggles of co-parenting,¡± he said giving her a warm smile.
¡°Where were we?¡± she asked as she flattened nonexistent creases on her skirt.
¡°I was about to ask you about your job at the ministry, and you were going to include your plans to become the youngest female Minister for Magic in history,¡± he responded, flashing her a charming grin.
Hermione was glad he had switched the topic from their previous conversation. The truth was, she wasn¡¯t used to being on the receiving end of male attention. She had barely dated in the three years since her divorce.
Her job, though, was a topic she could chatter on about for hours. Malfoy was a good conversationalist and his eyes remained fixated on hers as he took in every one of her words.
She quickly learned that he spent his years after the war studying different branches of potioneering, and therefore he was very aware of the breakthroughs regarding magical creatures. He would occasionally comment on how the legislature that she passed was helpful in the acquisition of different potions ingredients, or how the regulations from animal breeding increased the quality of others.
They spent the rest of their afternoon lost in conversations regarding magical creatures, potion-making, healing, and eventually wandered off to literature, politics and she even asked him about his traditional pureblood upbringing.
He would occasionally flirt with her and make her blush, but Hermione was slowly coming to terms with his advances. Quickly she managed to reply to them swiftly and on two different occasions, she had even been the one to make him blush.
It was enough to almost forget that this wasn¡¯t a date. It was her daughter¡¯s date. A fact she was only reminded of when Rose and Scorpius stepped out to the garden area, hand in hand and giggling.
Draco and Hermione shared a knowing look with each other, both failing at stifling their smiles.
¡°Are we leaving?¡± Draco eyed his son carefully, prompting a death glare from his son for even suggesting it. Draco rolled his eyes and looked at Hermione, eyebrows raised in search of help.
She turned her eyes on her daughter who was scrunching up her nose and her brow was slightly furrowed, but her lips were closed tight in a small grimace.
¡°Rose makes that face when she wants to ask permission for something, and she thinks I¡¯ll say no,¡± Hermione told Draco without breaking eye contact with her daughter. ¡°Right, Rose?¡±
¡°Can Scorp come to Uncle Harry¡¯s and my birthday next weekend?¡± Rose blurted out quickly, apparently before she had the chance to change her mind.
Hermione looked nervously at Draco, who stared at the children in obvious shock. She bit her lip. ¡°Um, sweetheart-¡±
¡°I know he and Mr. Malfoy don¡¯t like each other, but I would really like for my boyfriend to be at my birthday, please.¡± She pouted up at her mum, her large blue eyes filled with expectation.
¡°Dad promises to behave,¡± Scorpius pipped up, earning himself a smack over the head from his father.
Rose giggled and stroked Scorpius¡¯ head, before looking up at her mother expectantly.
¡°I¡¯ll talk to Ginny, to see if she can soften your uncle up,¡± offered Hermione with a skeptical tone. ¡°But I¡¯m not making any promises.¡±
Rose and Scorpius¡¯ shoulders sagged, and they looked at each other dejectedly.
¡°I could always drop Scorp off at your house and you can take him,¡± Draco offered quickly looking at Hermione. ¡°I don¡¯t think he¡¯ll be harassed in a house full of former Order members and Aurors.¡±
Scorp grinned at his dad and Rose¡¯s eyes light up. They had both grown excited.
His statement had surprised Hermione. Draco seldom let Scorpius out of his sight. It was the reason Rose had insisted she accompany them on the date. It stirred something in Hermione that he would trust her with his son, considering how protective he was.
¡°He might be hazed by a house full of overprotective uncles and cousins, though,¡± Hermione said, placing a hand over Rose¡¯s shoulder. Draco tensed. ¡°I¡¯ll talk to Gin tonight, I¡¯m sure it will be fine. I¡¯ll owl you tomorrow.¡±
Hermione looked down at her daughter and opened her mouth to say something when he interrupted her.
¡°Actually, Granger,¡± Draco began quickly. Hermione looked at him and could see the nervousness in his eyes. ¡°Would you allow me to take you out to dinner, maybe tomorrow?¡±
¡°Dad!¡± Scorpius gaped at his father as Rose¡¯s eyes widened.
Hermione stared at him; her mouth slightly open in shock. She had caught on to Draco¡¯s flirting, but she never imaged he¡¯d go as far as asking her to dinner.
She hadn¡¯t been on a date in a while, and she had quite enjoyed her afternoon. There really was no harm in agreeing.
¡°That would be lovely,¡± she finally responded.
¡°Mum!¡± Rose gasped.
¡°Rose.¡± Hermione fixed her daughter with a stern stare and Rose¡¯s shoulders immediately shrunk.
¡°Great, then, I¡¯ll owl you the details tonight,¡± He said smiling. ¡°Thank you, Granger.¡±
Hermione flashed him a smile, before biting her lip. ¡°Thank you, Draco. I¡¯ll see you tomorrow.¡±
She surprised herself by using his given name so freely and by the way his lips had quirked when she said it, she knew it hadn¡¯t gone unnoticed.
Scorpius hugged Rose before she and Hermione retreated down the alley.
Scorpius turned to glare at his father once the receding silhouettes of Hermione and Rose had disappeared. His face was a mixture of shock and anger. He kept opening and closing his mouth as if trying to say something, but it appeared words failed the boy at that moment.
Draco put his hand on his son¡¯s shoulder and patted him lightly.
¡°Close your mouth, son, it is unbecoming,¡± he said calmly.
His words seemed to bring Scorpius out of his daze. He snapped his mouth shut and glared at his father.
¡°Why did you just ask my girlfriend¡¯s mum on a date?¡± He asked in a drawl reminiscent of his father¡¯s younger years.
Draco raised an eyebrow at his son questioningly.
¡°Is that going to be an issue?¡±
Scorpius swatted away Draco¡¯s hand from his shoulder. He crossed his arms over his chest menacingly, seizing himself up in front of his father, despite Draco being a good foot taller than him.
¡°Yes. You¡¯re not allowed to date my girlfriend¡¯s mother. It¡¯s in the father-son rules.¡±
Draco pondered for a moment while rubbing his jaw with his hand. He looked carefully at his son. ?¡°Are you sure?¡±
Scorpius¡¯ demeanor shifted in a moment, he was more relaxed, a glimmer of triumph making its way into his grey eyes.
¡°I forbid it,¡± he said simply, staring up at his father.
At his words, Draco¡¯s face broke into a vast grin. He chuckled at his son¡¯s audacity.
¡°In that case, Malfoys don¡¯t date Weasleys. You either break up with her, or I¡¯ll make myself another heir and disinherit you,¡± Draco replied casually. Scorpius¡¯ face fell at his father¡¯s words. ?¡°Either way, I¡¯m taking Granger out tomorrow.¡±

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