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Description: you have read countless variation of this story, some far less satisfying than other im sure, however perhaps this will interest ye

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHarry Potter/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger & Harry PotterHarry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasly and the entire castReading the Books you learn the story along with the characters 5th year of hogwarts seeing the books would be more accurate also ron is good not like movie ron fuck movie ron hermione also has flaws again yay harry also has flaws New Additions Titles Gods 4 great gods ron weasly is a good friend Hermione Granger is a Good Friend Slight Character Bashing nothing like “you are an awful person and we hate you now” but more like “you did something bad in the past and are now being judged fairly for it” also draco redemption arc because gosh darn it if people want to thirst over him i will make him a good person nothing for snape tho hes just gonna be an unredeemable bish we only have enough redemtion juice for one person draco just chugged it all he also saved some for the slytherins Grey Slytherins Grey Golden Trio they will do good if they can but if bad is necessary well drugged cupcaked intensifies also hedwig is most certainly badass just wait untill the the voldemort mirror scene burn – Freeform also heads up harry sees hermione as her sister it is very important Characters Reading Harry Potter Books

Summary: Summary:

you have read countless variation of this story, some far less satisfying than other im sure, however perhaps this will interest yean harry potter reacts fanfiction, but with a whole lot of au stuff,Summary:

the minister and her secretary have a plot planned


Chapter 1: the scrolls roll in

Chapter Text

Hogwarts 1995

dolores umbridges office
dolores stood in front of a fireplace, the minister and her’s talk winding down once they agreed on a plan to finally show the wizarding world how much of a liar that harry potter was?”the unspeakables shall be ordered to bring?those, however no matter how much i am pained to admit this, we are required to have dumbledore sign a contract to let this be displayed” cornelius fudge saud with slight disadain at dumbledores name”do not worry minister, he will comply, i have an idea that will make it so that he cant refuse this, dont you worry” dolores said with an evil look on her face”very well, im leaving it to you” fudge replied and his face disapeareddolores cleaned her dress up a bit and began her journey to the headmasters office, not knowing she was making him sign a contract that would change the entire international wizarding world
Headmasters office
Harry was not having a good day if he was being honest about himself (which he was rarely)it started the same as any other day really, people glaring hatefully at him at the common room and at the great hall, people tripping him, people calling him a liar, fights breaking out because of the ‘voldemort is back’ vs ‘voldemort is not back’ drama, hermione and ron squabbling more than usual, him not having enough time or energy to go to his workshop because of umbridges detention.and then dmbledores patronus came to him when he finally got the chance to relax and told him to meet him at his office with whomever harry wished to bring, which harry was slightly grateful that he called him, because they havent talked in a while, dumbledore didnt even look him in the eyes most of the time they passed by each with hermione and ron in tow (because aside from the silver trio he really doesent trust anybody) he headed to the headmasters officeonce they got in, they found Dumbledore looking very worried and distraught, which immediately set everyone else on guardthe headmaster turned to look at them and looked each of them in the eye and then took a few more moments before finally speaking”dolores and the minister have made a plan which should supposedly show you as a liar in their eyes” dumbledore said seeing the shocked expression from hermione,a dissapointed look from ron and look of indifference from harry before continuing”in this world of magic, certain spells or items or both combined can show a persons life, you must know about the pensive which is sort of like what im describing” dumbledore said, his hand pointing in the direction of the pensive in the room”there exist a set of scrolls that the unspeakables, the minister and myself, albeit recently, that can show a persons life, starting from birth and continuing on for 7 years from the day of or a few days before a persons 11th birthday, the day thier magic core begins to truly mature” dumbledore continued and stopped, hoping they would catch onthey didhermione was shocked and furious, she had already lost most of her respect for the ministry but this was the final nail in the coffin of her respect for that organisationronald was furious, he already knew the ministry was bad, but to invade a persons life just to prove that a person is supposedly lying is just too muchHarry contined to look indifferent with only a raised eyebrow showing that he had minimal interestseeing their reactions Dumbledore continued on “dolores came to me so that i could sign a contract that would allow them to show the scrolls to hogwarts, that i how i came to know about this plan of theirs, and before you ask why i didnt outright decline them permission and put a stop to their plan, dolores had been dropping hints that the press would find out about the scrolls and my refusal of their viewing, and i belive we all know what would happen from there” dumbledore finished offhermione and ron had the same expression and feelings only they went far deeper nowthe only notable change was harry finally looking worried”so everything will be shown, the entire truth about the past 4 years, this year, and the next 2 years if i heard what you said correctly” harry asked”yes my boy, it will indeed show all those years, every important moment, from the start to the end, no matter if you were in school or not” Dumbledore replied”what an interesting piece of magic, if only i could get? my hands on one” harry mumbled to himself before speaking aloud”then aside from the less than legal stuff we’ve done, this can only benefit us, although i would only like the bare minimum no of people I suppose having Hogwarts as the witness to the ministry’s incompetency isn’t all that bad” harry said, finishing with a smug smirkdumbledore looked at harry with worry, but saw the deadpan stares from ron and hermione and deduced that this was a normal occurrence within the trio”i will be making the announcement about the scrolls tomorrow morning to the students, the teachers will be knowing this tonight, I suggest you all rest up since the reading is tomorrow after classes are done, also the order shall be summoned.” dumbledore said, he then waved his hand in a dismissing mannerthe golden trio shared a collective look of agreement and headed to their dormitories to rest up for tomorrow.**************************************************the next day ******************************harry woke up with energy that he lacked this entire year and had a strange sense of anticipationeveryone in the dorm and common room was unnerved by how much energy harry had, even ron ad hermione did a head turn once he saw himthen after the usual stuff (bathroom stuff, getting ready, etc etc) it was time for breakfast in the great hall, and for the announcementbreakfast in the great hall was unnerving because of the heavy aura exuding out of the teachers and if one looked at them, all of them save snape were shooting death glares at umbridge, who seemed largely unaffectedone breakfast was closing up dumbledore stood up and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention”dear students, i know a lot of you have been unsettled by the reappearance of Voldemort and the ministry’s denial of this, however today is the day we put all those rumors to rest and see the truth for our own eyes” Dumbledore spoke then stopped to catch a bit of breath, within those few moments however, there was pindrop silence, slightly baffled looks and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.”the ministry has decided that to end all these rumors they would bring out some ancient artifact that i had not known about until yesterday, a set of scrolls that will show 7 years of a persons life, start from the year they turn 11, to the year they turn 17, they plan to use these scrolls to show what all has happened and to show whether or not Voldemort has really been ressurected” Dumbledore said,but right as he finished umbridge chimed in”they are also being shown at the leaky cauldron, madam rosemertas, hogs head as well as numerous other places, i also assure on behalf of the ministry that these books are completely true” she said, with a sickly sweet smilethe faces of the students and teachers could be described as the shock of seeing a bomb explode and kill someone without the dreada few notable expressions were-Minerva’s mouth moving as though she were a fishDumbledore expression being nearly the same as minervashemiones humorously wide eyesRon balancing himself in his seat after nearly falling out of it in shockHarrys look of indifferenceonce Dumbledore and a vast majority of the students and teachers recovered from the shock he simply said ” the readings will begin 3 hours after classes end, please wear some comfortable clothes when you are coming for the viewing” he said then leftafter a few more minutes of silent shock, people began to leave for classesthis was pointless however as no material could be learned due to schools rumor mill going into overdrive, afterall each year there were rumors about the golden trio which were never answered, so to finally get the answers, well the excitement in school could only be said to be out of this worldthe golden trio themselves were pulled out of the great hall by minerva herself and told to not attend classes due to the commotion their presence would causeso they were just chilling in rons dorm, untill they heard some commotion in the common room, then they began to get readyonce all was said and done the golden trio looked fine, nothing too outstanding but not too underwhelmingthe walked to the common room to find everyone rushing out the door, the trio followed them blending into the crowdonce they reached the great hall they saw that it was different, the staff table was there, however the four house tables were replaced by comfy couches, bean bags, and other such furniture all while leaving some space in the middle for what was assumed to be the scrollsalso while looking around a certain theme about the students clothing could be linked to their housesGryffindor was one of the more fashionable houses in terms of muggle clothingRavenclaw looked as tough they had just scrounged up some stuff from their cupboards, save a few peoplehufflepuff had some of the most vibrant clothing imaginableslytherin had some of the most fashionable robes on them which would make them the icons of fashion in wizarding societyharry and hermione quickly jotted down some mental notes on the house preferences before finding a place to sitthey found a couch like this :?with a few tables put in the space in front of the couchthey decided to sit on one of the farther ends of the couch in case anyone wanted to sit therea few minutes after they were seated, ginny neville and luna (the silver trio) all came up to the couch and sat relatively close to the trio”it really is ridiculous innit, i skipped first period to write a letter to my grandmother who wholeheartedly agrees with me on how dumb this is, afterall if they are proven wrong then the entire ministry will go up in flames” neville heatedly said, with everyone else aside from harry and luna being shocked at how angry he got, harry and luna just looked at their faces and giggles before a familiar voice interrupted them”it really is isnt it, its also a waste of funds and time, afterall anyone with a brain and common sense would see the truth” malfoy said before turning to harry “unfortunately for us however there seems to be a great lack of that in most wizards, and they intend to pass that lack of common sense and knowledge to us” he finished before flicking his eyes towards the empty seats and then towards a small group of people behind him, those beingblaise,pansy,crabble and goyle,daphne greengraass and astoria greengrass and theo nottharry who got the message just raised his hand and motioned towards the seatsthe slytherins sat down causing a lot of people tto start gossiping, afterall harry potter, the defamed prince of gryffindor willingly sat with a bunch of slytherins, it was just unprecedentedeven the teachers were surprised, afterall these were 2 houses that had a history of never getting along, so to see them mingle so nonchalantly and to have their leaders be 2 people who were said to hate the other down to the last bone, well one could say that it was no shock why everyone was shockedaltough if one looked closely one could see dumbledore have a faint smileafter about 10 minutes of the students entering the great hall, even more people showed upamelia bones, followed by aurours tonks, kingsley and rufus all came into the room, followed by 3 people wearing white robes and masks, not a single inch of their body could be seen, and finally mr fudge who looked around, looking proud of himselftonks gave a big wave to harry, while kingsley only gave a small but sincere wave, then amelia and the 3 aurous all went to sit at the staff table, along with fudge who sat next to his secretarythe 3 white robed people were bringing something to the center, the scrollsafter a few moments the unspeakables were about to speak, but just as they were going to start, the doors opened once more revealing 3 peopleeveryone stared at them as they walked forward, they were wearing a black uniform with white stripes on the side and a badge on their chestthey then brought a parchment up and let it unwind, then the one in the front said, “this is an order from the rangers, currently, i michael and my subourdinates, james and kristoff will be sitting in during this showing due to a suspicion that confidential information may be leaked during this showing, as such we are here to make sure that info does not leak” the man now named Michael saidthe minister looked shocked, when it was apparent no answer was going to be gotten out of him, dumbledore spoke” as long as no students are harmed, i see no reason why not”he then conjured up some material and transfigured them into an additional table and chairs and put them off to the sidewhile dumbledore did that, Harry suddenly remebered something”ron, hermione” his whispered out wit a few clicks of his fingersthey turned to him confused”3rd year, how will everyone react to?that” he said with slight panic?hermiones and rons expressions turned a bit panicked, then thoughtful”well a lot of people are gonna watch this, so we can expect mass confusion and then panic and shock near the end, and thats not even considering sirius and what we went trough for him” hermione said, with ron noddinghermione continued” besides, not like we have a choice in whether or not it gets shown” hermione said, with harry after a bit of thought, agreeing with herthe silver trio and the slytherins were confused on what the golden trio were talking about but decided not to pry, afterall if any of the rumors are not baseless then they would probably go insane by listening to what they were talking about.once all was said and done and the gossip mill finally stagnated the unspeakables drew everyone’s attention”the moment we start one of the scrolls none can leave until it ends, time will stop due to some unknow magic that we have yet to understand, i implore you to get all that you need, todays seeing may not go on for too long however the rest may, also thanks to the foresight of the hogwarts staff, there are now bathrooms behind the staff table, so do not panic if you need to use the bathroom while the reading is going on, also there are kitchens as well in case we need to break for food, now then any questions” one of the unspeakables saidthere were various miscellaneous questions asked, none all that importantthe only other thing of note was harry writing in a little notebook while muttering ‘that doesn’t sound right’, ‘that should be impossible’ and, ‘that explains it’after a while, when one of the unspeakables were speaking one of the other unspeakables seemed to have remembered something”everyone i nearly forgot” said the unspeakable loudly startling everyone”firstly we are going to start from mr potters first year, secondly any people the scrolls deem fit to see their contents will be teleported here, thirdly the scrolls have some sentience so please refrain from insulting it, also please note that all other places will be under the same time stop, but they will not have the summoning part” the unspeakable said causing another wave of gossipthis is also when everyone began theorizing who all would come in, including the golden trioafter a while everything went silent, everyone waiting for the scrolls to be started so that all those that need to be summoned will be summoned and the seeing will begin, allowing everyone to see the truth once and for allafter a minute an unspeakable went up to the scrolls and muttered an incantationthe scroll began to glow with power and once the unspeakable stopped the incantation, it was too bright to look at, and then-the castle began to shakeeveryone was shocked, screaming filled the hall and some people were sobbing, some people said it was the end of the world and some called this divine punishmentthe only ones not panicked were the golden trio, due to their experience with stuff like this, and dumbledore due to his extensive experience with the worldthen the shaking died down, and then a wisp of light and energy popped outit shook itself lazily and then appeared to be looking around until it faced the scrolls, the scrolls glowed and the wisp glowed back, almost like a conversationand then after a while the glows died down, and then the wisp started to take a formit first grew a slim body with a medium chest, then clothes started to form around it and long dress, elegant but practical was formed and on the right side of the dress a badge was formedthen it landed on the ground and its form was revealed, along with what was described earlier it had all 4 house symbols stitched onto the hem of the dressshe looked around for a bit before speaking”greetings everyone, i know you all may be confused so i will just explain breifly, i am the spirit that was created by the founders to run hogwarts, i inhabited these walls untill the scrolls summoned me, so i shall act as communicator for it, as well as give it permission to summon other people here” she said drawing a lot of shocked looks and heated commentsdumbledore himself had the most shocked expression”are you truly the spirit of the castle” dumbledore asked with caution, readying his wand in case the spirit turned hostilethe spirit just chuckled and just walked to the headmaster and whispered something into his ear, which seemed to shock himonce the spirit stepped away, dumbledore himself stood up and said “i can confirm that this spirit is indeed the spirit of hogwarts”this caused all expressions to turn shocked, afterall the legends spoke of how powerful the spirit was, so to have this being not be an impersonator but the real deal, it was a true shockharry in particular looked shellshocked, then the spirit turned to him and just smiled and wavedall harrys mind could think to do was to wave back absentlyonce the gossip mill ran its course, everyone sat in anticipationand then a portal appeared, a pale bluish aura could be seen surrounding it, a few seconds later 2 people could be seen falling out of it, or rather a person and a dogthe man nearly fell on his face before lady hogwarts waved her hand and he levitatedthe dog merely just landed on the ground normallyafter a second multiple people jumped up to greet the man and the dog ran to greet harry”professor lupin” “its so good to see you” “welcome back” multiple people said in greeting the former professormeanwhile harry was petting the dog and cleaning up the dog saliva that got on his face after it licked him multiple times”good to see you pads” said with genuine joy in his voice, something which gave hermione and ron elated heartsmeanwhile lupin who finally managed to separate himself from the students was being explained what was going ononce the explanation was done, he merely nodded and headed towards harrys group”your life is too weird” lupin said, with a slight snicker”touche” harry said without a moments delayafter a second both sniggered, lupin as well as “snuffles” decided to sit in an adjacent table”a few more portals later, mad eye, the weasly family and percy weasly, as well as agusta longbottom all came trough the portal, all of them having the situation being explained to themmad eye lived up to his name and didnt trust anything untill harry stepped while also making some weird hand gestures in at which point he gave up his paranoia and sat at the staff table, amelia who was bewildered by this asked” how come you trust harry potter more than ministry officials?” afterall while he was an aurour under her he never took her word for anything”kid is tough as heck, no one here could hope to even try to beat him, even albus would have some trouble with him, and his victory wouldnt be guaranteed, bbesides we have our own way of communicating”amelia was shocked by the praise mad eye was giving, after even with sirius black, the most talented aurour when he wasnt a traitor who was trained by mad eye, he never received such praises”and before ye ask, no i never trained him” mad eye said, then he took a swig from his flaskthose words gave amelia a greater shock, after all someone who mad eye never even trained and he was already considered as great as albus, well those words told her to keep an eye on the enigma that was revealing itself to be harry pottermeanwhile ms weasly was worrying over harry and ranting about how stupid this entire thing weasly on the other hand was checking in on ron, and the twins who were seated with the rest of the quidditch team along with lee, and charlie and bill who elected to share a table with their parentsthe longbottom matriarch was checking on nevile and only stopped for a second to respectfully greet harry, something which confused a lot of people, afterall her reputation was basically formed on the basis that she never hesitated to show her true feelings about someoneno one except for a few of the die hard ministry supporters, a few prefects and the minister bothered to talk to percy, so he just sat at one of the far edgesafter a while, the spirit closed her eyes, going into a deep concentration, making everyone hold their breaththen a new portal with a blue boundary appeared and from it a combination of screams, and after a few moments 2 people nearly fell face first on the groundthey were levitated just a few inches off the ground, their eyes were closed as if bracing for impact and after a few seconds they opened their eyes, no one could tell who they were and after a few moments they were levitated back to their feet and finally everyone could get a good look at their faces and after a second of pure silence everyone went into shock”they can bring back the dead!?”,”this defies all the laws of magic and sience,how?!”,”what…”,”if she can do that then perhaps…”everyone who wasn’t screaming was just shell shocked or worried about the person next to themRemus was holding a hand to his mouth and snuffles looked as though his world came crashing downthe Weasley family were all freaking out and sending worried glances to harryRon and Hermione were trying to shake harry out of his shell shocked state which occurred thanks to these twoand harry, the star of the show, the one who has gone trough hell and come back, finally got to see them in the flesh, the people he saw only as either ghosts or a far off dream in a mirrorfor once harry saw his parentsafter a few minutes of pandemonium Dumbledore let out a loud bang from his wand and after a few moments everyone quieted down and stared at the couple in front of themjames was in robes befiting those of high status, altough the effect was somewhat ruined by the faint smell of diapers and other baby productslily was dressed similarly but with a bit of muggle undertone to her dress with a stronger stench of baby productsthey both just looked confused and were just holding their ears due to the huge commotion a few seconds ago, now they looked upon the great hall with curiousity with a hint of preparedness expressed by them reaching for their wand holsters strapped to their waists”i am hereby suspending this viewing untill further notice, the viewing may take place in an hour or 2 or it may be postponed untill the next day, you will be notified, everyone here is dismissed” dumbledore said while waving his hand towards the couple in the center to follow himeveryone left the great hall, the students(including the golden trio) all left to their common rooms with varying states of hock leftoverharry had to basically be dragged back by ron and hermionewhile the adults all went towards the staff room to discuss what had just happenedone thing was on everyones mind, no matter who it wasthings have gotten more complicated

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