Fanfic: Realizations (Oh, Merlin) by ssam_raven (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Harry’s return from his travels reveals hidden feelings —consciously or unconsciously— in the members of the Golden Trio. Will they be able to sort things out before it’s too late to mend their relationship?


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Harry’s return from his travels reveals hidden feelings —consciously or unconsciously— in the members of the Golden Trio. Will they be able to sort things out before it’s too late to mend their relationship?(Updates weekly!)


Hi! This will be a short multi-chapter story (~8000 words divided in probably 3-4 chapters) that will focus on the main pairing and how they get together. I already have a general outline and the first half of the second chapter, but I don’t have much time right now, so this will be uploaded weekly.There is a mention of a non-canonical character death in the first chapter and mentions of nightmares during the fic, but nothing explicit.English isn’t my first language, so any comment/suggestion/correction is welcomed.This ship isn’t common, but I wanted to write about them after I read some fics portraying it.I hope you enjoy it! :)—Concerning the first chapter:TW: Mention of non-canonical character death. This chapter will be shorter because it’s more of an introduction/explanation of what happened after the war (specifically what happened with Ron, Harry and Hermione), but it’s important to understand the setting of the story.Enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 1: The Aftermath

Chapter Text
Life after the war had been difficult, nobody could deny it. Everyone had lost someone, they all had people to mourn. Ron had been completely numb at his brother’s funeral, he hadn’t been able to process what was happening.Percy had been crushed under a chunk of stone when he saved Fred from being blasted from an explosion during the Battle of Hogwarts. He had been fighting for them, alongside them, and Ron never got the chance to tell him how much he loved him. He had spent three years almost hating him, and then he missed the chance to embrace his brother, Merlin, he couldn’t even remember the last time he’d hugged Percy.Ron barely remembered the ceremony, he could only recall Hermione’s hand interlaced with his’ and Harry gripping his shoulder, they were his support, and he was sure that if either of them had let him go, he would have crumbled into the grass.The Weasleys were a mess after that, they were all grieving and had to deal with their demons. Fred felt guilty for his brother’s death, and his state of mind didn’t help with his injury treatment. George didn’t know how to help his twin, and he felt that anytime he would lose him too. Bill and Charlie had a brother to grieve, but they also had their own lives to sort out. Arthur had drowned in his job after the Battle, trying to ignore the hole in his chest the best he could. Molly coped with busying herself, she did every chore in the house, knitted and cooked, all while brushing over the trail of tears that she couldn’t hold in. Ginny retreated to herself and tried to ignore the grief that overcame her, acting as if nothing had happened but snapping at every opportunity for minimal things. Ron couldn’t fight the dullness, he was tired of everything and couldn’t react anymore, it was like a blanket had surrounded him, leaving him numb.It finally fell apart three months after the battle, Bill and Charlie had long gone to their homes, but all the others had remained for the time being with Harry and Hermione on the Burrow.It had been a hot summer day, so they were lounging in the comfortable chairs and couches of the living room. Molly knitting what appeared to be a scarf, Hermione reading a book curled in one of the armchairs with a cup of tea in her unoccupied hand, Ron playing a quiet game of exploding snap with Fred and George.Harry had just gone to get a glass of water when Ginny had cornered him in the kitchen, they hadn’t talked about where they stand on their sort-of-relationship until then, and Ginny wanted to know when they would get back together.”I… I don’t know,” answered Harry, avoiding her gaze and looking through the window to the garden, clenching the empty glass in his hands. “I changed this last year, Gin, we both did, and I… And I don’t know if we can be together again, I’m not sure it will work out.”It wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She knew that they couldn’t get back together, she had realized the same things Harry did, and she knew they wouldn’t work out. But she wasn’t thinking clearly, she needed everything to go back to normal, she wanted things to go back, to forget that there was a room nowhere dared to enter since before the Battle, Ginny wanted to be able to glance at the familiar clock without remembering that there was a missing teaspoon in it.So, she snapped, and this time she couldn’t control herself.She yelled at Harry, she released all the accumulated frustration on the boy in front of her, on the boy she considered part of her family. Her heart was broken, but it shattered even more when she registered what she had said, the expression on Harry’s face after her words. It’s your fault.After a second of silence, she fell to the floor, she couldn’t fight back the sobs as she mumbled apologies to Harry, but she couldn’t find the strength to get up or to console him. It wasn’t needed. Soon the whole family had entered the kitchen, Ron and Hermione going directly towards Harry while Molly hugged her daughter, crying with her on the floor.Ginny regretted everything she said, and she correctly apologized to Harry. But they all got better after that, it had been the shock they needed to start healing once after all.The twins reopened the shop soon after. With the help of his friends and family Fred had finally started getting better and, even when he would never be able to walk without a limp again, he managed to improve enough to be able to do most of the things by himself with the help of a cane. Ginny returned to Hogwarts for her final year, deciding on pursuing a Quidditch career after finishing her schooling.Ron had finally managed to get out of the state he was in, seeing Harry completely devastated in the kitchen of his home was enough to drag him out of the numbness he had become used to. It was more difficult to deal with all his emotions, but he managed it through after all. Harry, Ron, and Hermione moved out of the Burrow after the school year started, Harry had wanted to restore Grimmauld Place into a suitable home, and the other two couldn’t just leave him alone in that house —Harry had constant nightmares and struggled to sleep most of the nights—, besides, it had more than enough space for the three of them to be comfortable.Besides restoring Grimmauld Place on their own —Harry had sent Kreacher to help Andromeda with little Teddy— the trio had accepted McGonagall’s offer to study long-distance to pass their NEWTS that year. Nor Harry or Ron could find in themselves to return to the castle, and Hermione couldn’t leave them alone, so they had accepted and taken the courses they wanted to finish their schooling.Hermione and Ron knew clearly what they wanted to do, they both wanted careers inside Ministry —as a member of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, respectively—, but Harry was at lost, he didn’t want to be an Auror anymore, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted. In the end, he just ended taking the courses that most interested him.A year passed like that for them, they still struggled with the aftermaths of the war, but after getting in touch with mind healers they slowly started to heal.One year after the Battle Harry left Britain, he had accepted an apprenticeship with a magizoologist alongside Luna and spent two years traveling the world and learning all about the different magical creatures. He had discovered his love for them while studying for his NEWTs, and had been lucky for Luna’s father’s connections in other countries. During that time, he also had come to accept his parseltongue ability, and it ended up being very useful with treating snake-related creatures. He had made a name of his own out there, his ability to talk with some of the creatures and his talent with animals in general praised by many experts on the field.Harry had maintained touch with his family in Britain though, and he planned on returning after getting his title. He send letters, pictures, and gifts to Andromeda and Teddy, rare magical trinkets to George and Fred, muggle items and cooking books from around the world to Molly and Arthur, books about magical herbs and plants to Neville, and even managed to get an autographed picture of a famous Quidditch chaser that he and Luna encountered in America to send Ginny. Hermione and Ron received bi-monthly letters with various souvenirs and pictures, which they replied with tales of their own.Life was good, Harry enjoyed his studies and he’d always wanted to travel the world when he had been little, locked into a dark cupboard under the stairs. He wasn’t free of nightmares or flashbacks from the war, but he was getting better. And, three years after the Battle, just a little time after Victoire —the daughter of Fleur and Bill— was born, Harry returned to Britain.

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