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December, and Christmas, is here! It’s a Holiday loved and celebrated by many. But, the question is what Christmasy things are our adored Rickman characters up to? How does Turpin feel about the holiday? What does Gruber do and with who does Brandon celebrate? Can Snape bake Christmas cookies and does the Sheriff of Nottingham sing carols?


Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsSeverus Snape/Reader Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)/Reader Sheriff of Nottingham/Reader Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd)/Reader Sheriff of Nottingham/Original Female Character(s) Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd)/Original Female Character(s)Severus Snape Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility) Sheriff of Nottingham Judge Turpin Reader You Original Female Character(s) Hans Gruber (Die Hard) OC – CharacterAngst Fluff Smut Christmas Cozy Rickmas2021 Rickmas Kissing Teasing Naughty Domestic Fluff Pining Infatuation Love Strangers to Lovers Shameless Smut Reunion Longing Kinks Explicit Sexual Content Sexual Content Secret Crush Fear Near Death Experiences Self-Sacrifice Desperation Arranged Marriage Caretaking Hurt/Comfort Emotional Hurt/Comfort Love Confessions Banter Bratting Praise Kink playful Light Dom/sub Dom/sub Undertones Christmas Party Christmas Shopping Rickmaniac – Freeform Reader-Insert Sexual Tension



✍UPDATED DAILY!✍December, and Christmas, is here! It’s a Holiday loved and celebrated by many. But, the question is what Christmasy things are our adored Rickman characters up to? How does Turpin feel about the holiday? What does Gruber do and with who does Brandon celebrate? Can Snape bake Christmas cookies and does the Sheriff of Nottingham sing carols? A/N: Last year, 2020, I created SNAPEMAS and I do believe it was quite loved by creators and consumers so I wanted to do it again this year, 2021, but I felt that Snapemas was not enough. As most of you know I’m a Rickmaniac – like many other darlings – and I’m not only a fan of Snape but many of his other characters too. I wanted to give more people a chance to join in the fun this year and to give myself a chance to explore more characters. That’s why, this year, I’ve created this RICKMAS CHALLENGE rather than a SNAPEMAS CHALLENGE like last year! IMPORTANT: The tags in the description are general tags and not applicable to each fic in this collection! Check each fic’s tags!Let’s spread some Rickman-love all around this December!WELCOME TO RICKMAS DARLINGS!


(RICKMAS CHALLENGE on tumblr!)   A/N: I hope you’ll have lots of fun this December here with me during these daily updates! There will be one chapter/part/fic each day until the 24th (Christmas Eve)! I will do my best to post as early in the day as possible so you’ll have as much time as possible to read but one fic a day is quite a lot to write and I tend to always write really long stuff (I REALLY TRY TO WRITE SHORTER FICS, BUT, NOPE ). I’m also doing weekly updates on my Turpin fic (releasing chapter 1 of part 3 tomorrow (2nd of December)) but I am in love with the opportunity Rickmas is providing, to use so many characters – and I hope you will all love it! Feel free to join in on the fun and use the tag rickmas2021 so we can all find your works! LET’S MAKE DECEMBER FANTASTIC TOGETHER!  On to the challenge list! *drumroll*  


1. Baking2. Garlands3. Joy4. Mittens & Scarves5. Bells6. Frozen Lake7. Secrets8. First Snow9. Hectic Shopping10. Pine Trees & A Sleigh11. Peppermint12. Solitude13. Flickering Candles14. Ornaments & Stockings15. Carols16. Snow Angels17. Coming Home18. Wishing19. Forgiveness20. Christmas Cards21. Naughty or Nice22. Presents23. Anticipation24. Christmas Party

 I hope December will be good for you!

Lots of love, and jolly holiday wishes, Plex ,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this my darlings. I wanted to start Rickmas off with some gentle cuteness with some naughty undertones and I hope you feel it has been a worthy start to this event! ^^Please do leave a comment if you want to, it means so much to me to hear what you’re thinking and I’m very grateful for each comment I receive ^^ ❤

Chapter 1: Baking [Snape]

Chapter Text
Prompt: 1. BakingPairing: Snape x ReaderPOV: Second, ReaderSetting: Spinner’s End, December firstA/N: We’ll kick off this RICKMAS with our beloved Severus Snape in a committed relationship with you and you have just moved into Spinner’s End after almost a year of dating. You decide to surprise him with some Christmas cookies, but in the end, you’re the one surprised by his baking skills.Tags/TW’s: Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Kissing, Teasing, Naughty UndertonesAbbr.: Y/N – Your NameWord Count: 1.3k 

 A carol rang out from the little crackling radio as you set about measuring flour. You were in the most splendid mood. December was your favourite month; the snow, the singing and twinkling lights, and the holidays looming closer as well of course.You poured up the flour, your body swayed slightly to the music as you hummed happily. “Now, where’s the whisk?” you wondered out loud.
“Second drawer-“ you jolted “-to the left.”
“Sev, you scared me,” you breathed out with a small smile. He arched a brow at you from the door that lead to the hallway.
“Sorry, love,” he murmured and stepped up to you.He looked as glorious as ever dressed in black linen trousers and a deeply purple shirt with tiny black buttons. He gave you a small smile as he reached you by the counter. His large, slightly cold hand stroked your cheek as he kissed your forehead.“Good morning,” you whispered and he chuckled.
“Good morning indeed,” he chuckled back, “What are you up to this early?”
“Oh, um,” you looked up at him as his hand sank to your hip, “I was going to bake some Christmas cookies. It’s December,” you said and he glanced towards the counter behind you.You turned around to look at the mess as well, you had never been a tidy person. Baking was a messy activity too.
“Are you baking or destroying my-, our kitchen?” he rumbled out but you heard the amusement in his tone.
“Both, cookies are a messy affair, darling.”
“So it would appear,” he chuckled out and kissed your forehead again before he meandered over to the coffee pot and pour himself a steaming black cup.You smiled to yourself and returned to your baking as he sat down by the tiny breakfast table in the cramped kitchen. You set about adding eggs and some cinnamon to the bowl as you listened to the music and Severus sipping coffee while the noise of turning newspaper pages sounded out.You whisked the batter, splattering droplets flew everywhere while you looked out the frosty windows and felt utterly content with your new life together with Severus. Lucky, lucky me, you thought as you smiled without even thinking about it.“Love, do you need help?” Severus suddenly asked and you turned around to look at him. He was tying up his hair with just a few shorter strands that framed his special but gorgeous face. Warmth bloomed in your stomach at the view and you nodded.
“Sure, we need to-”
“I know, love. I am perfectly capable of baking Christmas cookies.”
“Oh, you bake?” The thought made your body even warmer, imagining him with an apron and flour on his cheek.
“No, not like that. But following recipes and adjusting them, now that I am quite good at.” You smiled a little wider and he kissed your cheek sweetly.
“Okay, Sev.”
He smiled triumphantly. “Hand over the whisk,” he smirked out and you complied with a warm laugh.You swayed to the music, hummed and talked about what you were doing with the batter and what you were to do during the day. Severus was remarkable in the kitchen. He brushed your praise off as him being good at potions and hence could apply that knowledge to baking – as if it were the simplest thing.The house was filling with the smell of baked cookies, a second pot of coffee was brewing and Severus was putting the last of the cookies in the oven when you felt a slight jolt in your heart. It was just pure happiness that shot from your heart and out in your limbs. Domestic joy. Something small yet wondrously enormous really. As Severus straightened you couldn’t help but giggle. He had flour on his cheek and shoulder, his eyes were happy and his hair was messy in the slightly ajar ponytail that had been sinking ever lower during the morning.“What?” he grumbled out as his eyes searched yours, probably for something negative. You shook your head lightly and reached up to dust off the flour from his cheek.
“You’re so sweet, darling.” He arched a brow at you and pecked the tip of your nose after a small second of hesitation. It was the most adorable display of affection.
“If you say so,” he rumbled out and his voice made you tingle in the most inappropriate way.“I’ll take a shower, you keep an eye on the cookies?” He nodded at your request and you left the kitchen to clean up and dress in some fresh clothes. Yours were flecked by flour and batter splatter. But it didn’t matter, you had had a wonderful morning with Severus and no stains could deter you from hoping it would become a tradition.You had dressed casually and as you walked towards the kitchen you could smell the cookies and the coffee, you were eager to have a cup of the black brew and pair it with a sweet cookie. But as you stepped into the kitchen you stopped abruptly.Severus was flicking his wand about, the cookies were getting painted with frosting and decorated with little sugary silver sprinkles in the shape of snowflakes. He looked utterly focused; as if he was doing something of the utmost importance. It was, again, adorable.You wanted to hug him and kiss him and taste the flavour of the cookies from his thin lips. He was absolutely beautiful and you could not fathom how you had managed to snatch such a fine man. He feels the same about me though, perhaps we both need to work on our self-image a bit more. You shook your head and stepped up towards him. “Going good?” you asked as your arms snaked around his waist.
“I believe so,” he murmured out as he kept concentrating on the cookies. You peeked over his shoulder.
“Looks perfect to me, but, did we bake those?” you asked as you scrunched your eyebrows together.
“No,” he rumbled out, “I baked these while you showered.”
“Can I have one?”He stopped decorating the cookies and looked at you over his shoulder as you clung to him with a wide smile directed at him.
“Certainly,” he murmured but he sounded a little hesitant.
“Worried?” His lips thinned at your one little word and nodded. Oh, I’m sure they’ll taste wonderful. You reached for a cookie and in a grand display of moving it slowly towards your mouth you kept his eyes hooked with your own. His widened as yours twinkled until you bit down on the cookie.
“By Merlin!” you mumbled out in disbelief while your eyes moved to the remaining half of the cookie in your hand. “This is so good Sev!” You gulped down the rest of the cookie with eager chewing and reached for a second one hastily.Severus grabbed your wrist gently and raised a brow at you.
“What? They are really good!” you said happily, “I want another one.”
“Set the table,” Severus said and his cheeks were slowly taking on a hint of a pinkish blush, “We’ll have coffee and cookies. Not the best breakfast though.”
“Sounds like an excellent breakfast to me,” you beamed out and leaned up on your toes to kiss his thin lips softly despite the awkward position that forced you to kiss him over his shoulder with your heads twisted and tilted.“Mmh, you taste like the best cookie, love,” Severus murmured against your lips and you giggled.
“I told you, the cookies are really good.”
“No, love, you are really good. Taste really good…” Your cheeks blushed as his intense gaze bore into yours with a heated undertone.
“I love you,” you breathed out.
“As I love you,” he grumbled back, “Cookie flavoured or not.”

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