Fanfic: Rise Of The Dark Lord ( Sequel To Newfound Love ) by xxxAaliyahGibsonxxx (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Started : 11 / 23 / 2021 /

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character Death Rape/Non-Con UnderageHarry Potter & Tom Riddle | Voldemort Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley Original Female Character/Original Male Character Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy Draco Malfoy/Original Female Character(s)Draco Malfoy Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Tom Riddle | Voldemort Harry Potter Petunia Evans Dursley Vernon Dursley Dudley Dursley Ginny WeasleyFemale Harry Potter Angst Fluff Smut Past Rape/Non-con Alternate Universe Blood and Gore Knifeplay Daddy Kink Anal Sex Vaginal Sex Canon-Typical Violence War Dark Lord Harry Potter Dark Harry Dark Alternate Universe – Dark Dark Draco Malfoy Killing Character Death Warnings May Change What Was I Thinking? Rough Kissing Unplanned Pregnancy Forced Pregnancy Magical Pregnancy Bottom Harry Top Tom Riddle Abused Harry Potter Revenge Sex Revenge Character Bashing Alternate Universe – Time Travel Bottom Draco Malfoy

Summary: Summary:

Started : 11 / 23 / 2021 / ?Finished?~~~After Hayley was hit with a killing curse, the spell reversed and brought back Harry Potter. Just as before, Harry is losing his will to live. But just like the first time he isn’t alone. his Mate The dark lord is by his side. and together these two would be unstoppable and the wizarding world wouldn’t know what hit them.?~~~?”How is this possible?!”.?” I have no idea “.


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
¡° if you could have one wish. What would it be?”.” To be as far away from you as possible”.???I don’t own harry, potter. J. k Rowling Does. And I make no money doing this.~oOoOoO~?The figure laying on the ground let out a groan as they sat up and look around for their mate. Panic started to come in when they couldn’t see their other half. Where was he? And why was everything so quiet?.?They didn’t know but something has happened.?As the figure fully stood up to their full height they suddenly got dizzy. Their eyesight was blurry and they had a hard time breathing.Finally, after a few minutes, their vision was clear and they saw everything. They were in some kind of dark place, they didn’t understand where they were.?All they know is that they were far from home.?So they began to walk, they didn’t stop. No matter if their feet hurt or not.Water suddenly appeared and they caught their reflection.Harry saw himself but something was wrong. Hayley was in the picture as well. They were a mixture of a boy and a girl.?But how was that possible?. They didn’t know but they will find out.Harry! In the distance, they could hear someone yelling their old name. ?Turning around they followed the voice and the eyes widen at the figure the emerge from the forest.” Hello, Darling ” the voice purrs. They let out a whimper and ran to embrace their mate.” Oh My God! I miss you so much. Where have you been?” they cried. But Marvolo only shushes them.They rocked back and forth. Taking each other in, finally, they pulled apart, and Marvolo gasp at the appearance of his mate.?” Darling, not to be rude. But what happened to you?” He asks.?They understood what he was trying to say ” I have no idea. I woke up and now I look like this. Should I be worried?” They ask their mate.” I don’t know. You look between a woman and a man. So what name will you go by?” Marvolo asks. He look around trying to see if anyone was coming.?Once the coast was clear he lean down and capture their lips in a kiss.They moaned and wrap their arms around their mate’s neck as they jump up and place their legs around his waist.Pulling away they gasp for air. They forgot what it felt like for their soul to be sucked out of their body.They look into their mate’s eyes and respond to him.” I don’t know Hayley or harry is fine. Am intersex anyway “.Marvolo couldn’t agree more.?~oOoOoOo~?This story is coming soon. Please be prepared for more drama, pregnancy. Marriage, etc.I hope you all enjoyed the first book because this book will be filled with more drama.

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