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Description: Trying to decide sleeping arrangements at the burrow over the holidays is like one big game of musical chairs. This Christmas, Hermione finds herself sharing a bed with the hottest Weasley brother.

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Summary: Summary:

Trying to decide sleeping arrangements at the burrow over the holidays is like one big game of musical chairs. This Christmas, Hermione finds herself sharing a bed with the hottest Weasley brother.

Notes: Notes:

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Christmastime at the Burrow was always an ordeal, but in the best way. The cozy, crooked house was bursting at the seams with laughter, trifle and red hair. The family was large enough on their own but couldn¡¯t seem to help themselves and picked up chosen family on the way. With seven kids, plus spouses, plus friends and offspring, space was short.?It was a well-orchestrated dance each year trying to figure out where each person would bunk up, and then how long they had to wait for Molly and Arthur to fall asleep before sneaking across creeping floorboards to crawl into someone else¡¯s bed. Hermione had bounced around her fair share of rooms over the years. For all of her childhood, it was Ginny¡¯s room. In the cozy bed in the middle of the light and airy room, the girls would lay awake all night talking about, well, everything. The whispers of crushes and kisses gave way to war-time fears, their innocence stolen far too soon. Right after the war, they seemed to just lie there for hours, not talking or sleeping, but simply existing. Caught in their own minds about the insurmountable amount of grief and guilt they felt at such a young age.?One Christmas she broke from her traditional stead and stayed in Ron¡¯s room, but it only took them about six months to realize that their relationship was a tad too familial. She loved him ever so much, but the chemistry wasn¡¯t really there. She found him attractive, yes, he was attentive and sweet in bed, of course, but they soon found out that they we¡¯re better off as friends. Thankfully, only Molly took the breakup hard.?On years Charlie skipped Christmas, Hermione would find herself in his room so that Ginny and Harry could delude themselves into thinking they we¡¯re keeping quiet in hers. Those might have secretly been her favorite years, being able to steal one of Charlie¡¯s old shirts and snuggle into a bed that smelled like him.?Anyone who is attracted to men, is attracted to Charlie Weasley. He is just all man. Tall and broad, with tattoo¡¯s and burn marks covering his built, veiny arms. He wore his hair lose, his pants tight, and had been a star in Hermione¡¯s naughtiest dreams since the moment she met him when she was 14.?Typically, with men, the more you get to know them, the more unattractive habits you can pick up on to talk yourself down from a hormone-induced-high. But not with Charlie Weasley. The more you looked at him, the more subtle sexy things you¡¯d find out about him. The way he¡¯d lift his built arms over his head, stretching out his back, exposing the V on his lower abs. How he¡¯d pop his knuckles and flex his fingers absentmindedly. Hearing him slip into perfect Romanian over emergency floo calls back to the reserve. Watching his eyes light up when he talked about the dragons he was working with. Heaven forbid you see him adjusting his gloves high in the air above, holding on to his broom with nothing but his thighs. ??Hermione felt very torn this year upon hearing he would, in fact, be able to attend Christmas. It was far easier to burrow her head in his perfect bed, allow herself to be incapsulated in his signature masculine scent, and drunkenly touch herself in his childhood bedroom while wearing his clothes when he was half a world away.?The alternative, seeing and smelling him in person, usually caused her to feel flustered, embarrassed and uncomfortably horny.?She managed to get through the first night without embarrassing herself and was safely back in bed with Ginny. After the addition of Fred¡¯s famously spiked cider, the whispers and giggles returned in full force.?¡°Ginny, stop, I¡¯m going to throw up I¡¯m laughing so hard,¡± Hermione had reached a point where she wasn¡¯t even worried about making noise because no sound could even come out of her mouth.?¡°Okay it¡¯s not that funny! I simply had a few too many glasses of wine and was trying to be adventurous. Telling someone to fuck you like they hate you isn¡¯t weird!¡±?¡°No, it¡¯s not,¡± Hermione continued as she wiped tears out of her eyes, ¡°but don¡¯t you think it¡¯s a little weird to say that to your fianc¨¦ who clearly doesn¡¯t hate you. And has never hate fucked anyone because he¡¯s only been with you.¡±?¡°Oh, please, the man shared a brain with Voldemort. He has a dark side. And honestly, if I was dating me, I¡¯d hate me most days too.¡±?¡°I so do not need to hear about my best friend¡¯s, who is practically my brother, weird dark sex side,¡± Hermione said, trying to catch her breath.?¡°I used to have to hear about you and your sexcapades with my actual brother,¡± Ginny said cheekily.?¡°Listen, I never referred to him by name, simply as my partner¡ª¡±?¡°How the hell would that help? It¡¯s not like I didn¡¯t know who we were talking about. Brightest witch of her age my ass.¡±?¡°Ginny, you spend the other 364 days of the year trying to convince me to fuck Charlie!¡±?¡°Please, I don¡¯t need to convince anyone to fuck Charlie. Especially not you, you were slipping and sliding on your chair at dinner watching him lick whip cream off his fork,¡± Ginny said with a broad grin.?¡°You are absolutely ghastly,¡± she said, shielding her eyes slightly as Ginny¡¯s phone lit up with a text message that Hermione had the unfortunate ability to read.?
¡°Okay, he¡¯s gone now. ?Why don¡¯t you come over and replace my hands with your perfect mouth.¡±

¡°Jesus Christ Ginny!¡± she whisper yelled, ¡°are you sexting right now?¡±?¡°You¡¯re always going on about me needing to embrace my man¡¯s muggle culture, H¡± Ginny said casually as she began to craft a reply that Hermione snapped her eyes shut to avoid reading.?¡°You cannot talk about blowing Harry while you and I are in bed together!¡±?¡°One, I referred to him as my man, so who is to say who I¡¯m talking about,¡± Ginny shot back at her as she rolled out of bed and slid her feet into socks to muffle her footsteps, ¡°and you know I¡¯d love to continue the conversation about oral sex and me and you and Harry in bed together, but my skills are needed elsewhere. Goodnight Hermione! I have already crafted a few messages in your notes app for you to send to Charlie. Ta ta!¡± ?she said back over her shoulder as she slunk across her room, dodging particularly creaky planks of flooring as she went.?Hermione immediately grabbed her phone to ensure that Ginny hadn¡¯t actually sent any messages to Charlie, something she wouldn¡¯t put past her. Thankfully they were all stored in her notes app but even having them there didn¡¯t feel safe. Some of them caused her whole body to blush:?
¡°All I want is your cock in my mouth¡±

¡°I¡¯m so wet just thinking of how thick and perfect your thighs looked in those tight pants tonight¡±

¡°I¡¯m touching myself thinking of you and wishing desperately that they we¡¯re your massive hands all over me¡±
?And others we¡¯re so classic Ginny they made her laugh out loud.?
¡°I¡¯m naked, come over¡±

¡°Do you want to fuck, Y or N?¡±
And her personal favorite: *insert nude here*?She was hovering her fingers over the screen, ready to delete them when the bedroom door opened abruptly.?¡°Charlie! What the hell are you doing in here,¡± Hermione yell whispered when her eyes adjusted, wondering how her mind managed to seemingly conjure his broad, perfect body.?¡°My room has been commandeered by one of my many horny siblings,¡± he replied with no true annoyance in his tone as he mockingly rolled his eyes and sauntered over to the bed.?¡°What do you mean?¡± she asked tentatively, trying to avoid looking directly at his naked chest, so she made herself lie flat on her back and look hard at the ceiling.?¡°Fred begged me to have his room so he could shag Angelina in private, since they¡¯re long distance and all with the Quidditch season in full swing.¡±?¡°Okay¡­¡± Hermione pondered. ¡°So, go sleep in George¡¯s room.¡±?¡°Tried that. George apparently didn¡¯t get enough to eat at dinner as I walked in on him feasting on Katie¡¯s cu¡ª¡±?¡°Charlie!¡± she admonished, knowing her libido could not handle hearing him say the word cunt. She stared fixedly above her as she sensed him walking closer and closer to the bed.?¡°What about Bill¡¯s room?¡± she blurted as she felt him finally reach his destination.?¡°While I am closest to Bill,¡± he began, moving to the bed and pulling back the covers gruffly ¡°and he definitely has the hottest wife, I do not care to watch him and Fleur fuck either,¡± she felt the mattress sag under his weight.?¡°But the girls¡ª¡± she started, still forcing her eyes straight ahead, subtly scooching to the very edge of her side of the bed, as Charlie and his humongous frame we¡¯re taking up more than their fair share. She knew she would simply combust if they managed to actually touch skin to skin.?¡°Are in Percy¡¯s room,¡± Charlie finished, ¡°And I cannot sleep in a room with Percy, Victoire, Marie and Ron.¡±?¡°Why isn¡¯t Ron in his room?¡±?¡°The same reason you and Ginny aren¡¯t in here giggling loudly like forth years. Because she is in Ron¡¯s room with Potter,¡± he laid down, dragging his hands across his face in frustration.?¡°And, did you walk in on¡­¡±?¡°Yes,¡± he answered quickly.?They lapsed into a quick silence.?¡°Did you know that Ginny wears a¡ª¡±?¡°Yes,¡± she responded at once. ¡°I unfortunately do know that. I have looked into self-obliviating methods.¡±?¡°Maybe that¡¯s something we can work on after we open presents in the morning. Some mind-altering research,¡± he joked back, and she tried to ignore the dizzying effect she felt at just having him close. Shirtless. In bed. Talking about fucking research.?¡°I can return the fireproof gloves I got you as a Christmas gift for a few sessions of extensive therapy if you¡¯d like,¡± she offered tentatively?She heard him snort and role on his side, so he was facing her. She kept her eyes on the ceiling.?¡°So, you got me a Christmas gift, did you?¡± she could hear the smirk in his voice.?¡°It¡¯s nothing big!¡± she quickly rolled over to defend herself, ¡°I¡ªI got everyone a little something, of course. I¡¯m obviously so grateful to be invited here, taking up space in the house and¡ª¡±?¡°Hermione,¡± he cut her off sharply and she finally let her eyes raise to meet his. An instant regret.?¡°I got you a gift too, darling, I¡¯m only messing with you,¡± he smirked at her, running his thick fingers through his lose red curls, bright green eyes glinting at her in the darkness.?¡°Oh,¡± she said softly, trying to peel her eyes away from him but finding herself unable to.?¡°My, my, you are fun to play with, aren¡¯t you?¡± he said flirtatiously as he let his eyes rake lazily over her body?Gods what she would do for him to play with her, for him to pull her on top of him, force her ?to straddle his face, while his tongue darted quickly across her¡ª?She heard a loud moan that broke her out of her tantalizing train of thought. Her immediate and terrifying idea was that it came from her own mouth before she followed Charlie¡¯s eyes up to the ceiling.?¡°Is that¡± she began, trying to think of whose bedroom was above them before she heard a distinctly French ¡°ah, oui, right zere!¡±?¡°Ah, yes. There is Fleur¡± Charlie answered her casually, seeming altogether unaffected by the sounds his sister-in-law was making and choosing instead to stare pointedly at Hermione.?Hermione bit her lip and squeezed her legs together while Fleurs moans got louder. She couldn¡¯t find it in herself to look away from Charlie, who was staring fixedly at her teeth worrying her bottom lip.?¡°Did you enjoy yourself this evening?¡± Charlie asked, his head tilting slightly as he hid a smirk at Hermione¡¯s clear discomfort.?¡°Erm, yes. I always love to come,¡± she said breathily, trying to tune out the obvious sounds of a headboard banging consistently against a wall.?¡°Do you now? You love coming?¡± he asked, a full smirk on display as he casually adjusted his enormous body, so it was now just a breath away from hers.?¡°Coming here, of course. I¡ªI love coming here. To your house. This house. The burrow. I love coming in¡ªI mean coming to the burrow,¡± she felt her cheeks heat brightly as she stuttered through her response, while used one hand to prop his head up and used the other to begin tracing lightly up Hermione¡¯s arm, ?drawing shapes lazily and leaving goosebumps and shivers in its wake.?A new sensual sound was coming from the wall to her right, another sibling clearly feeling more satisfied than she was.?¡°Mmm, please, please Daddy I¡¯ll be good. Just let me cum,¡± softly floated through the paper-thin wall as Hermione desperately tried not to think about whose room it was coming from or who was saying it. Without consciousness or deliberation, she felt herself lean in further towards Charlie.?Her body felt completely beyond her control, she could feel her nipples hard through her tank top and knew if she reached between her thighs, her pajama shorts would be ruined.?¡°Well it¡¯s always such a pleasure to have you here Hermione,¡± Charlie said huskily, pretending to ignore the sounds around him and she felt one of his powerful legs push in between her thighs, ¡°it simply wouldn¡¯t be the same without you. I think if you ever tried not to join us, I¡¯d have to simply beg you to come.¡±?You could practically feel the sparks going off between them, as they looked intently into each other¡¯s eyes, breathing heavily, waiting to see which would break first.?The hand that was roving across her arm moved up to her shoulder before it began its descent down her body, skating juts past her breasts, dragging down her waist and beyond.?Moans and banging and the sounds of slapping skin filled the room as they laid there, staring at each other while his massive hands fanned out, moving a calloused thumb strongly across her hip.?She knew if he moved his knee just a few inches higher he¡¯d find her clit swollen and soaking and she would finally get some semblance of relief. ?She imagined him hoisting her leg up and wrapping it around his waist, pulling her flush against him so she could grind against him with abandon.?¡°Hermione¡± he whispered desperately, his fingers digging into her waist gruffly, eyes flicking down to her mouth.?She couldn¡¯t take it anymore, feeling perfectly fine at this point to be the first to break. She leaned in, closing her eyes, determined to bring her lips to his once and for all.?¡°AH, YES, YES. ARTHUR, RIGHT THERE,¡± they heard Molly scream from downstairs and they leapt apart.?Charlie practically yelled out a muffliato charm and the scarring sound stopped at once. They each laid on their back, as far away from each other as possible and stared silently at the ceiling.?¡°I have a dreamless sleep in my bag if you want to¡±?¡°Yes,¡± Charlie cut her off before she could even finish her sentence and she summoned two vials at once.?They each knocked back their respective potions and she allowed sleep to swiftly overtake her, before her immense feelings of disappointment could take hold.

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