Fanfic: Ruby Potter & Her Adventures with the Visitants by MissWitchly (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: ¡°-idiot!¡± Gasping for air and flipping her wet hair back, she heard Ron yelling at her. She only giggled. ¡°You could have fallen in!¡±

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character DeathHarry Potter Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy Ron Weasley Neville Longbottom Original Characters Lily Evans Potter James Potter Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-PorpingtonMore will be added as this continues MTF Harry her name is Ruby ? doesn¡¯t follow main plot she sees dead people Ghosts are Visitants do not expect frequent updates

Summary: Summary:

¡°-idiot!¡± Gasping for air and flipping her wet hair back, she heard Ron yelling at her. She only giggled. ¡°You could have fallen in!¡±She stuck out her tongue, ¡°I wouldn¡¯t be allowed to.¡± For a second she looked at James and Nicholas and smirked, ¡°besides, the things down there are incredible.¡±Ron leaned back giving himself a double chin, ¡°the things down there?¡± Ruby nodded.


Chapter 1: 1:1

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A howling, merciless shriek had ripped through number 4 Privet Drive and the only one able to hear it was a 3 year old boy named Harry Potter. This wasn¡¯t the first time this had happened, the first time was a week ago when he woke up terrified due to a nightmare in his cupboard under the stairs and found a woman in her thirties sitting beside him stroking his hair.?
??This might have been comforting if he hadn¡¯t thought it was his Aunt the first time he looked at her, or if she hadn¡¯t been glowing, or if she hadn¡¯t had a piece of her chest missing. But Harry had thought it was Aunt Petunia at first, and the woman was glowing, and the woman had a large piece of her chest missing.

??He yelped and turned on the light in his cupboard under the stairs only to find no one was there. Harry swallowed his fear down after that, he figured it was a leftover from his nightmare, or maybe he was still just tired.

??And then next Friday came.

??The four inhabitants of number 4 Privet Drive sat at the dining room table, everyone but the 3 year old eating. The family who lived in that house, the Dursley¡¯s, weren¡¯t very fond of Harry.?

??Things started getting¡­


midway through dinner. There was the regular behavior of course, Dudley, Harry¡¯s cousin the same age as him, was whining about not having enough food even though he got the largest portion of the beef stew his mother had made and the regular fussing over him because ¡°oh dear! Our Dudders must be starving!¡±.

??When Dudley’s mother got up to refill his bowl, the shriek ripped its way through Harry¡¯s small ears and he covered them, face screwing up to keep from crying. It hurt, it



it hurt

??¡°Mummy! Mummy! Harry¡¯s ears are bleeding!¡± His cousin pointed a chubby, toddler-sized finger at him and screamed, adding to the horrible noise already filling his head.?

??Now that the child thought about it, his hands were awfully sticky.

??He looked up through watery eyes to the yelling Dudley, his cousin with greasy blonde hair and blue eyes, and the scared faces of his Aunt and Uncle, a woman who would look like the glowing woman if not for her skeletal frame and a face resembling one of a person who had just sucked on a lemon and a man that was an older, fatter version of Dudley. The shrieking wasn¡¯t stopping, making it hard to hear whatever it was his Uncle Vernon was telling him.

??And that¡¯s the moment that


happened again. From behind his Uncle, a girl about 11 years old, was standing beside the pot of stew, her mouth open wide.?

??If Harry wasn¡¯t seeing wrong, the glowing child¡¯s chin reached the floor and rows of teeth decorated her mouth. Anger rolled off of her as she swiped at Aunt Petunia and the bowl in her hands. Her shrieking was weakening now that she realized Harry was staring at her and with his head less full, the 3 year old boy saw that she was missing her right leg. The screaming gone now, he could hear Uncle Vernon yelling at him to grab napkins and place them on his ears while shouting at Petunia to call an ambulance, the woman was still unmoving.

??¡°I¡¯m sorry!¡± Harry blinked a few times, the girl was now right in front of him, a frown covering her features. ¡°I hadn¡¯t thought that you- oh, she¡¯s gonna be mad- I¡¯m sorry, Harry! Lily is going to


me!¡± She disappeared after that, the fragments of a giggle left behind along with the words: ¡°Stupid Sally, you¡¯re already dead!¡±.

??It took another month for an incident like this to happen again, and it happened the day of his fourth birthday (the only reason he knew it was his fourth birthday, let alone his


, was because the girl had told him).

??The morning of July 31st he woke up early in his cupboard under the stairs because he had fallen asleep extremely early the day before, and found the girl sitting with her head inside his cupboard door.



inside his cupboard door. Her left kneecap, her fingers and knuckles, and her entire head was poking through the door. The rest of her body, Harry guessed after getting over the initial shock of what was happening, was on the other side of the door. ¡°Happy Birthday, Harry!¡±

??The boy didn¡¯t reply. ¡°Did I frighten you again? I¡¯m sorry.¡± She held out her hand slowly and smiled softly at him, no one other than the glowing woman or the doctor at the hospital had done that. ¡°My name is Sally de Loughrey. I used to live down the road on number 18 Privet Drive. Did you know that that house smells like apple cider?¡±

??Harry shook his head, his voice box felt like it didn¡¯t work. In front of him sat a glowing girl, who sat halfway in the hallway and halfway in his cupboard, and no one could see her but him. ¡°What are you?¡± His voice was small, and his hazel eyes wide, fearful, and oddly curious.

??The girl tilted her head and giggled, ¡°I¡¯m a Visitant.¡± Then Sally smiled at him the way a cat smiles. ¡°What¡¯re you?¡±

??¡°I¡¯m¡­ Harry? Harry Potter?¡± As it rolled off his tongue, the boy realized he never really liked his name. He couldn¡¯t get rid of it, of course, and he never often used it with how his Aunt and Uncle were, but there was just


about it that he wasn¡¯t very fond of. ¡°What do you mean?¡±

??Sally gave him another cat-like smile, her brown eyes shining wickedly wonderfully, ¡°you-¡° she tapped his nose. ¡°-are 4 years old. How¡¯s it feel?¡±

??Harry blinked at her, he didn¡¯t understand. ¡°Happy Birthday!¡±? He didn¡¯t think he had one, he knew that Dudley did, he knew that his Aunt and Uncle had one, but he¡¯d never been to a daycare like his cousin. He¡¯d never seen more than 5 people in his, now, 4 years of life and he thought that some people, people like him, just didn¡¯t


birthdays. ¡°I¡¯m 4?¡± He asked, and it was all he could say.

??¡°Yeeees?¡± She pursed her lips and tried to think of what the boy meant. Sally knew that he knew his age, he was his cousin’s age (that age being 4), but perhaps it was that¡­


. ¡°Today is your birthday, Harry James Potter. Today, July 31st you were born. Today, you turn 4.¡± She tapped her chin after the quick explanation, ¡°speaking of being born, I have a couple people who want to talk to you.¡± She smiled brightly at the new idea and started to move the rest of her body out of the cupboard door. ¡°I¡¯ll be right back!¡±

??Leaving the boy confused and alone again in his cupboard, he stood and got dressed in his cousin’s large hand-me-downs. Sitting forwards, newly dressed and his round glasses on crooked, he looked at the pocket watch he kept on the shoe book he hid his hairbrush, books, and, more often the not, glasses. ¡°6:34.¡± He placed his mouth into a thin line, opened the cupboard door and looked up the stairs, listening with all his might.?

??He heard snoring, just snoring, lots of snoring, and nothing but: snoring.

??Harry grinned to himself and crept down the hallway. Coming upon the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator door and grabbed leftovers from when the Dursley¡¯s went to Greggs a week ago. They wouldn¡¯t miss it as he heard Aunt Petunia saying she needed to throw away the remainder of the ham and cheese baguette. With the box in his small arms, Harry sat up against the closed refrigerator and started to eat his food, all of his focus on the snoring of the Dursley¡¯s and not the glowing figures in the garden.
??That day was the start of when things got just a little bit better. His birthday was spent out in the garden speaking with Sally since he¡¯d convinced Uncle Vernon to let him tend to the flowers. As for who Sally said wanted to talk to him? Harry ended up meeting a sweet lady named Lily, the woman with the hole in her chest, who showed him how to properly water and take care of his Aunt¡¯s flowers. The second was a tall, handsome man who always had a pipe in his hand. His left eye, ear, and part of his cheek bone were missing, but that didn¡¯t stop his smile from being any less comforting, and his name was James.

??Harry really liked James, he was always cracking jokes, telling him about a made-up sport called Quidditch, or telling him stories of his best friends, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. He found their names to be awfully funny, they sounded like they belonged to the Magicians in his books.

??And there was Lily, Harry liked holding Lily¡¯s hand and playing with her hair. She was so pretty and her hair was the same shade of dark red as his, so when the Dursley¡¯s went away to take Dudley to the zoo or wherever else they went, his friends would follow him to Mrs Figg¡¯s house and Lily would braid his long hair. Mrs Figg didn¡¯t pay much mind to him, she was always speaking to her cats (she often tried to talk to him about her cats, but Harry had become very good at tuning her out) or absentmindedly asking why Sugarplum always freaked out when Harry came, and the little boy knew the answer.?

??Sally liked to make faces.

??It never failed either that when the Dursley¡¯s would pick him up and see his hair, Uncle Vernon would cut out the braids and make his hair short again. And again, it never failed that by the next morning his hair was at his shoulders again, though the braids were, sadly, long gone.?

??¡°What¡¯s he got against my hair, Lily?¡± Harry asked one day after lending the woman his hairbrush. Dudley felt the need to try and tie his long hair in knots and he couldn¡¯t get them out himself. ¡°I like my hair.¡± The 8 year old smiled to himself and played with some of the dark red hair that fell into his face, ¡°it¡¯s all soft and pretty.¡± He screwed up his face, trying to think of another way to describe his hair, ¡°it¡¯s like yours, Lily.¡±

??The woman with a hole in her chest laughed good-heartedly and went on to the next knot, ¡°it is, Harry. You have very pretty hair.¡±

??¡°What about that guy James is always talking about? The one with the big, bushy beard and long hair like Dwarfs even though he¡¯s taller than tall? Sounds like he has pretty hair and he likes animals from what James said. Said he likes


. Do dragons exist, Lily?¡± His hair fell from Lily¡¯s hands as he turned his head to face her, silently begging her to answer.

??She placed her arms on her sides and gave him a miniature smile, lips curled and lips pursed, ¡°of course dragons exist! So do unicorns, and nifflers, and hippogriffs. As for that man you¡¯re talking about? His name is Rubeus Hagrid and James has lots of respect for him.¡± Harry asked why and Lily bit her lip, thinking of the right way to answer him. ¡°Because he knows what¡¯s right and will fight for it with all he has, even if he knows he won¡¯t win. It¡¯s because he¡¯s kind, he doesn¡¯t harbor grudges, and most of all?¡± The boy leaned in and Lily grabbed him round the waist, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck, ¡°he loves



??Harry giggled and Lily went back to brushing his hair, now silent, Uncle Vernon didn¡¯t like it when he mumbled into thin air or giggled at it.?

??Uncle Vernon didn¡¯t like a lot of things.

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