Fanfic: Scorpius Malfoy and the Forbidden Forest by Random_Fangurl (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)


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Chapter 1: The Patronus Charm

Chapter Text

~Albus¡¯ POV~
I waited by the window chewing on my nail. Maybe he doesn’t know how to use a phone, he’s from an old pureblood family after all-¡°Albus! It¡¯s for you!¡± I rushed down the stairs and snatched the phone from my dad, who was laying on the sofa. ¡°Hello, Albus?¡±¡°Yeah, what¡¯s up?¡± I ran back upstairs and closed the door to my room. ¡°Um, I was actually wondering if you are going to try out for the quidditch team?¡± He asked. ¡°Of course I am! Why?¡±¡°Just wondering! Goodbye now!¡±¡°Wait! Hold on, you¡¯re hanging up already?¡± I asked. ¡°There isn¡¯t much to talk about, especially when the World Cup is in a week. I already know how much you¡¯re gonna be babbling on and on about the game for the next month.¡± I chuckled. ¡°You¡¯re not wrong¡­¡± I heard a voice in the background. ¡°Oh, well, I have to go anyway. I¡¯ll see you in a week?¡±¡°Yeah, see you in a week.¡± He then hung up. I went back downstairs to give Dad his phone back. ¡°Al, do you have your wand on you?¡± He asked as he sat up. ¡°Yeah, why?¡±¡°I want to teach you something before you go back to Hogwarts. That¡¯s cool with you, ri-¡±¡°Yes!¡±¡°Calm down, Al.¡± He said with a small smile. He then got up and stretched. ¡°I¡¯m calm! Let¡¯s go!¡± I insisted. Dad laughed again and I followed him to the back garden. ¡°So, what are you gonna teach me?¡± I asked. ¡°Well, have you heard of the Patronus charm?¡± I nodded as he opened the door. ¡°And you know what it does, right?¡± I nodded again. ¡°Yours is a deer, right?¡±¡°Stag, but yeah.¡± He then cleared his throat. ¡°Now, to cast a Patronus, you have to focus on a single happy memory, then say ¡® Expecto Patronum ¡¯. For example,¡± He held out his wand in front of him and said the incantation. A bright silvery-blue stag came from his wand and paraded around the back garden before disappearing into mist. ¡°Alright, let me try!¡± I held out my wand. ¡°Are you sure? It¡¯s a very difficult spell to master.¡± Dad asked and I nodded. ¡°Alright then.¡±I closed my eyes and tried thinking of my happiest memory. Maybe¡­when I first met Scorp? I can try that. I opened my eyes a little and said, ¡° Expecto Patronum .¡± A small mist came from my wand and I groaned. ¡°I told you, it¡¯s hard to master this charm. Don¡¯t feel down about it, you¡¯ll get it with practice.¡±And so we did, but I still didn¡¯t get it. ¡° Expecto-! ¡±¡°Dad, Albus! Mum¡¯s home!¡± James called, which interrupted my train of thought. ¡°How long have you two been out here?¡± Mum asked. ¡°I dunno, but I do feel numb,¡± Dad answered. ¡°Come on, then!¡± We went inside the house and I immediately collapsed on the sofa.

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