Fanfic: Short stories by Malrem (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: A home for any idea that pops into my head. Enjoy?

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character DeathEdward Cullen/Bella Swan Peter Parker/Wade Wilson Pepper Potts/Tony Stark James “Bucky” Barnes & Steve Rogers Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto Haruno Sakura & Uchiha Sasuke Original character/Black Widow/Dr. Strange Bruce Banner/Original Character Jasper Cullen/original character

Summary: Summary:

A home for any idea that pops into my head. Enjoy?


Chapter 1: Make it forever

Chapter Text
It was the itch that topped off her head, an indescribable annoyance.A loaded trigger that burned her body on someone else’s command and jumped spots to worm it’s way deep, too far to scratch, too close to the surface to soothe.The cocked cast iron shell of humanities destruction butted the skin and brushed it’s coldness along her spine, dancing across suddenly naked nerves that throbbed and pinched to the sudden nameless sonatas that twitched her eyes and bunched sinewy muscle.It was the light that burst forth and wove sight and sound with a interconnected familiarity that haunted her mind with it’s shape.That shape.That shape.That shape.That shape-!It was the blue-red red-blue mottled skin that hastened it’s open birth and clotted beneath freckled skin to hurt, to always hurt.It was the quiet mind knotted with exhaustion; tics gone and wiped away like some tabula rasa then churned to a stand still with all the constantly refreshing images, brainwashed into oblivion, no longer relevant.When the obsessive compulsive disorder returned to home and the pain has settled on the receptors with bouncing twirls then life is right side up and the sky’s always that white-gray on a winter’s morning that pulled her sanity closer to death’s door every night.Always thinking and never doing.Did she lock her door? Yes, were her parents kissed good night? Yes, was brother tucked away into the dream world? Possibly, has auntie and papa been called? Yes. No. Maybe? FOR GOD’S SAKES!But when she saw him the only thing she could think about were the dry leaf curls of his lashes, or the whiskered stubble that stood out hard against soft crinkled cheeks.Against crinkled cheeks.Crinkled cheeks.Cheeks….soft and crinkled.It that moment the universe smiled with whispering encouragements to talk to this specimen of leapords descent.She called his name eight times….in ten seconds.Asked for his friendship six times in twenty-threeWas accepted nine in fifteen.Said goodbye four in eleven.He had said yes after the fifth but it didn’t feel right so the question kept coming and leaving only to resurface as if she had not heard him and was merely on her way with the headphones that deafened life clamped to her ears like the blue little seashells that broke underneath her feet.On her first meeting after-she had spent more time organizing the food on her tray by color and feel than actually talking to him or eating for that matter, but he found it charming.He liked it that she hugged him twenty-three times, or thirty if it was Thursday.He liked that it took her forever to respond to a text because she would sit their mesmerized by the eloquence of his words even when only he responded with hey and hi because they’re are so many different ways to open up conversation!When the courage was finally scrabbled together and the ship carrying her blood had no longer turbulented through her arteries she had asked him nine times to come over and he waited patiently till the ninth to agree.He had said he felt safe because she puttered around the doors eighteen times to make sure they remained locked.She’d always watched his mouth when he talked.When he talked.He talked.Talked. Rrrraaaghh!Her anger would boil over and cyclone through the circus top hats that popped open like the images of some distant psychotic ward in a penitentiary.Always there.There and back.Gone and there.Returned and taken.When he said he loved her the world had cooled and fractured beyond recognition.He was him.And she was her.Her heart slowed to the thumping crescendo bass of forty-seven, with tics of eyes becoming less profound.She smiled that odd quirking of lips that none other but he alone enjoyed with the swishing of a reptilian tail as she swayed and hummed with herself without yet replying and the boy knew she was his for years to come.The lights are on, the door is open, and he kisses her on the corner of her mouth.The corner of her mouth.Corner of her mouth.Of her mouth.Her mouth.Her mouth—That love shall never be broken.

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