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A series of unrelated short stories (500-1k word) set across multiple fandoms.


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A series of unrelated short stories (500-1k word) set across multiple fandoms.


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Chapter 1: Camie Claims a Cutie (My Hero Academia)

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Fandom: My Hero Academia

Summary: The real Camie makes it to the provisional license exam as planned, and meets a cute young man that she just has to have. (Camie/Izuku)

Unbeknownst to Camie Utsushimi, she’d had a near miss and was almost attacked by a villain before her exam to obtain her provisional hero license. The villain had thankfully been thwarted by a pro without her ever knowing, and she’d been able to attend the exam as planned. There she’d met Izuku Midoriya, and instantly she’d found her eyes drawn to the green-haired young man from U.A. He was just so adorable, especially when he got that look of determination on his face and rushed to the aid of one of his classmates in need.
She’d known she needed to have him, and being the straightforward and flirtatious type, had simply gone after him and made her intentions very clear. He’d blushed cutely, clearly shocked, and she’d realized that the girls at his school had probably never just come right out and made it clear that they wanted him. She knew he had to have at least one admirer there, and probably more; a guy as earnest and cute as him wouldn’t have gone completely unnoticed. But none of them had made their move, and it was obvious he was too shy to hit on anyone, so all of this was completely new to him.
“I’ve—I’ve never—“ he began, but she cut him off with a finger on his lips.
“Shh,” she whispered. She’d dragged him off to an empty room, eased him into a chair and immediately got to work undressing him. “I know. It’s okay. Just leave it to me.” She had no problem with him being inexperienced. On the contrary, she was honored to have this chance to break him in. The U.A. girls’ loss was her gain.
“Wow,” she said with a gasp, eyes widening once she got his pants off and got a look at him. He was already hard thanks to the frantic make-out session they had on their way into the room, and she whistled at the size of him. Those girls at his school didn’t know what they were missing! “I got my license, and I get to play with a cock this big? Best day ever!”
Izuku didn’t seem to know what to say to that. He hadn’t said much for the last couple of minutes now, reduced to a wide-eyed, blushing mess once she’d stripped out of her clothes. It was downright cruel that none of his classmates had ever stripped down for him, but she was pleased to offer him his first up-close view of the female form. And she knew she had quite a view to offer him; her curvaceous body turned plenty of heads.
“I wish we had more time to really savor this, but people will notice we’re missing before long,” she said. “That just means I’ll need to be quick about it.”
And so she was. She mounted him in the chair and sank down onto his cock unceremoniously. She pressed her lips against his, sealing off the overwhelmed moans that would have otherwise escaped as he experienced being inside of a woman for the first time. Once she was sure he had recovered enough to have some level of control over himself, she pulled her head away from his and went to work.
There was no teasing and no gradual buildup towards anything; they didn’t have time for that. She just rode him as fast and as hard as she could right from the beginning, driving herself up and down on his cock over and over again. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the room every time she dropped down onto him, and the chair creaked with the force of her wild ride.
Her focus was solely on Midoriya though. He watched her bounce in his lap with a wide-eyed awe that made her feel so unbelievably sexy. His hands flinched like he wanted to touch her but wasn’t sure if he should, so she smiled, took his hands in hers and guided them to her breasts. He cupped her large boobs, squeezing and playing with them experimentally while she continued to drive her hips up and down onto his cock as fast as she could manage.
It was obvious to her when Midoriya was about to cum. He grit his teeth and his strong thighs tensed beneath her. He was trying to hold on, to keep this going so he could enjoy this pleasure for as long as possible. But there was no need. She honestly was impressed he’d even held on this long, getting fucked so roughly during his first time.
“Let go,” she whispered, continuing to fuck herself down onto him. “Let go.”
He did. His hands squeezed her breasts tight and he tensed beneath her as he shot off inside of her. She’d been turned on practically all day thanks to him, and the combination of her arousal, the impressive cock she was bouncing on and the knowledge that she’d just broken this cutie in and given him a first time he’d never forget triggered her own orgasm. She kissed him again, this time to silence her own ecstatic screams.
“That was amazing,” he panted moments later, still in shock after she dismounted him.
“It’ll be even more amazing next time,” she promised, leaning down to give him a quick kiss before hurrying out of the room to meet up with the rest of her classmates.
There would definitely be a next time for her and that green-haired ball of cuteness. She would make sure of it.

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