Fanfic: Son of the Dead Kingdom by MusicalSurge (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry always finds a way to get into trouble, even when he isn’t trying. Well, he was certainly not trying to do anything but take his NEWTs and become a productive member of society after the war with Voldemort was won. But what is this about a Necromancy NEWT and how did he come to take it? Better yet why is there a dead cat now sleeping in his bed. Only Death knows.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character DeathHarry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Death (Harry Potter)Necromancer Harry Potter Necromancy Post-War mostly canon Slash Harry Potter is a Little Shit Harry Potter is oblivious more tags to come Not Beta Read Morally Grey Harry Potter

Summary: Summary:

Harry always finds a way to get into trouble, even when he isn’t trying. Well, he was certainly not trying to do anything but take his NEWTs and become a productive member of society after the war with Voldemort was won. But what is this about a Necromancy NEWT and how did he come to take it? Better yet why is there a dead cat now sleeping in his bed. Only Death knows.

Notes: Notes:

I know I shouldn’t be writing another story, but I swear this plot bunny viscously attacked me. This will be slash although I do not have anyone particular in mind yet. I did a poll on FB and the current top three choices to be paired with Harry are Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, and Death himself. Leave a comment if you have an opinion on who you want Harry to be paired with!Thank you for reading this and I would welcome any feedback always.No beta as usual.

Chapter 1: Necromantic Arts NEWT

Chapter Text
Now, Harry Potter knew he wasn¡¯t the brightest wizard around, and he should be grateful that Hermione put up with his idiocy for the past 7 years at all. But Harry feels like he would have known if he had somehow taken a NEWT on Necromancy, which he also felt wasn¡¯t a subject that had an OWL never the less a NEWT. Also, if he really had taken a Necromancy NEWT, how in the bloody hell did he receive an O+ on said NEWT. He did not know anything about the necromantic arts the last he checked.?But there it was staring at him in cold black ink on parchment. His NEWT results had arrived this morning, exactly one month from when he had finished his last NEWT. At first, he was excited because he had received better scores than he had expected, but then he had read the subjects, and instead of his history NEWT, there sat the words, Necromantic Arts NEWT – O+.¡°What the actual fuck?¡± Harry muttered finally aloud, making both Ron and Hermione looked over at him.¡°Did you get bad scores, Harry? I told you to wait till the end of the revision year with me so they wouldn¡¯t be so poor! You will have to wait a year to retake the tests and maybe this time you¡¯ll actually study with me.¡± Hermione huffed and lectured, which just caused Ron to laugh.¡°Don¡¯t worry about it mate, you know nobody is going to look at your scores anyway. I don¡¯t know why you bothered to do them at all when Kingsley offered to take you into the auror training program with me without the requirement for tests.¡± Ron shook his head in mock confusion.?¡°Both of you suck and no my scores aren¡¯t bad!¡± Harry scowled at them both. ¡°There is just a mistake on here that cannot be right.¡±¡°The tests are marked magically Harry, I doubt they made a mistake,¡± Hermione said exasperated.¡°Oh yeah? Then why does it say I took a NEWT for necromantic arts and got an O+?¡± Harry challenged, eyes flashing in annoyance. Both Hermione and Ron gaped at him. Before anyone could say anything though, Kingsley Shacklebolt, interim Minister for Magic, was stepping through Harry¡¯s floo and standing in the now remodeled Grimmauld Place kitchen.¡°Oh, Harry what have you gotten yourself into now?¡± Kingsley sighed sounding both fond and exhausted.¡°I didn¡¯t do it I swear!¡± Harry said immediately, causing Kingsley to raise an eyebrow at him doubtfully.?¡°So you aren¡¯t the first person to receive an outstanding in Necromancy in centuries?¡±¡°Um, well, my NEWT results say that but I think I would remember requesting and taking a NEWT in necromancy, and since I didn¡¯t do any of that, I believe this to all be a weird dream that I will wake up from any minute.¡± Harry insisted with a firm nod.?¡°Oh don¡¯t be delusional Harry.¡± Hermione gripped at him.?¡°How would you explain it then?¡± Harry insisted on asking.¡°Mate, I think we have come to accept that this shit just happens to you. We should probably run with it so we can prevent whatever it is that is happening from trying to kill you, again.¡± Ron said in a more relaxed and straightforward tone than anyone in the room expected.?¡°That was rather profound Mr. Weasley,¡± Kingsley said slowly.¡°Well, it¡¯s Harry innit? I love him like a brother, but the weird and deadly do seem attracted to him. Cuts out a lot of talking and arguing if we just agree that this is happening and work to circumvent Harry¡¯s death. Again.¡± Ron said with a shrug but Harry¡¯s face felt as if it was going to burst into flames. Kingsley turned back to Harry and chose to ignore the poor chosen one¡¯s embarrassment.?¡°Well Harry, did you take the Necromancy NEWT?¡± Kingsley asked simply.?¡°Not that I remember? But I did all my NEWTS in two days. I don¡¯t honestly remember much from day 2 of my testing or how I tested so well. I know I was signed up for a History NEWT and that was to be my last NEWT but instead of history I have necromantic arts on my results page.¡± Harry said with a grimace, he could feel Hermione¡¯s disapproving stare already.?¡°I¡¯ll see if I can pull your actual tests then so we can see if this was just a cruel prank or something else entirely. I have hidden your NEWTS for now, but they are eventually public record so I would stay low on the radar if I were you, Harry.¡± Kingsley said in a no-nonsense tone, already heading back to the floo.¡°Yeah okay Kingsley, I will try my best.¡±¡°See that you do, goodbye.¡± Kingsley nodded and flooed back to his office to begin his investigation and leave Harry at the mercy of Hermione and Ron.?Why was his life never peaceful??¡ª¡ª¡ª?It had been two months since receiving his NEWT results, and eight months since the final battle against Voldemort had been won. January of 1999 and the new year was already getting off to a rocky start. Kingsley¡¯s investigation had shown that someone had mixed up his History NEWT test with some old NEWT tests that were being recycled that day. The copy he received of the test was in his handwriting and while Harry didn¡¯t remember taking the test, he did know the material. Which would have been scary on its own, but weird, well weirder than normal, shit had started to happen around Harry.?A week after he had received his NEWT results, all three deathly hollows were sitting on his nightstand, whole and fully functional. Considering he and his friends distinctly remembered Harry breaking the elder wand, it sitting innocently next to his bed was terrifying. Harry tried getting rid of the wand and the stone several times by now, but the next day they would appear next to the invisibility cloak as if nothing happened at all.?A month after receiving his NEWTs, while sitting in courtroom 8, waiting for the trial of the Lestrange brothers to begin where he would then testify against them, another supremely creepy thing happened. The dementors escorting the deranged brothers into the courtroom, deciding to abandon their charges to rush at Harry. Everyone had screamed, expecting an attack, several aurors struggled to keep the brothers subdued and come to Harry¡¯s aid. But when the dementors reached Harry, they did not try to suck out his soul. In fact, Harry was surprised that he felt none of the negative energy or cold rolling off the dementors now surrounding him. For lack of a better word, the dementors seemed to be¡­¡¯cuddling¡¯ Harry, petting his head with skeleton hands, and making gasping grunting noises in what Harry could only describe as happiness, which just didn¡¯t make much sense.?The papers had raved about speculations as to what happened with the dementors, especially since they had to be forcefully pried from the boy-who-conquered and convinced to go back to their job. Thankfully no one was calling Harry a dark wizard yet and no one had found his NEWT results, though he knew that wouldn¡¯t last for much longer.?The last straw for Harry though was earlier today when he woke up to a half-rotted, half preserved cat laying in his bed. The cat looked like roadkill, but it was¡­alive, probably. If you saw the cat from just the left side, it looked like a perfectly normal gray British short-haired cat, maybe a little blind as its amber eye was a little milky looking but otherwise perfectly normal. From the right side though the cat was half decomposed and in some areas could be seen right to the very visible white bone. Harry had quite understandably panicked a lot and called Ron and Hermione over to see the not-dead-but-dead cat to make sure he wasn¡¯t imagining things. They too saw the cat, and its grotesque state, which was both comforting and alarming.?Harry didn¡¯t have the heart to kill the maybe already dead cat, although that option had been one suggested, and Harry couldn¡¯t let this zombie cat out where muggles might see him, so Harry suddenly sort of had a cat that he had no idea how it came to be or even how to care for the rotting beast but he named it Morrigan, which Hermione already took as a bad sign for his sanity, and it now haunted the house and asked for pets by anyone who stopped in.?No one had any ideas as to how Harry knew any Necromancy, but Harry blamed taking the NEWTs for turning his life upside down and inside out. Ron would stop in after auror training to tease him that only Harry Potter could go in for NEWTs and come out a necromancer without knowing it. Harry wanted to punch Ron by the third day.?Hermione on the other hand was running herself ragged between studying for her own NEWTs and researching the deathly hollows, the origins of necromancy, and the history of NEWT testing in the United Kingdom. They didn¡¯t see her often but when she did show up she wouldn¡¯t be looking much better than poor Morrigan did.?Harry didn¡¯t know what to think of this new turn in his life. He would sure as hell like to know what set it all in motion, but so many things had happened in Harry¡¯s life that going with the flow was just second nature to him by now. While Morrigan was slightly gross, Harry had been afraid to get another animal companion since Hedwig had been killed and with both Ron and Hermione busy most days, Harry found he felt quite alone. Morrigan and the search for the answers for this pop-up of unexplained necromancy was keeping Harry busy and out of falling into depression and survivor¡¯s guilt.?Although, not even the books in the Black family library could tell Harry how to prevent a zombie cat from playing/eating its own dead organs that occasionally fell out of its body.

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