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Description: Arya Stark begins her life at Hogwarts with a shock. No Stark has ever been sorted into Slytherin House – that is, until the Sorting Hat pronounces her fate.

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Summary: Summary:

Arya Stark begins her life at Hogwarts with a shock. No Stark has ever been sorted into Slytherin House – that is, until the Sorting Hat pronounces her fate.What follows is the story of a girl that tries to make a name of herself as the first non-Gryffindor Stark. Political conflicts between her family and her head of house and the dark rumours circulating in the school make it difficult for her to find greatness as a snake, but with determination and vehemence she fights on. On her way, she finds support from surprising people and learns what true friends do: Stick to your side until the very end.For all that, she can’t fight on when a much darker side joins her story. Houses become irrelevant as she has to ask herself if she is a Stark at all.

Notes: Notes:

I own nothing. Characters all belong to George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire and the show Game of Thrones. The Universe and setting belong to J.K. Rowling.This is my first real attempt at this, but I decided that there are not enough Tywin and Arya fics out there. I have this planned out until the end, I hope that I will be able to update frequently. Enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1: Becoming a Snake

Chapter Text
Arya had never been a fearful child. At home, she had always given her parents heart attacks by climbing the highest trees in the Godswood or by approaching the pack of wolves that lived nearby.
Still, right now she was nervous. She couldn¡®t explain to herself why, after all, it was clear which house she was going to be in. Starks had been Gryffindors for ages. There hadn¡®t been a single Stark in Hogwarts that wasn¡®t a Gryffindor since the founding of the school. Even Theon, who wasn¡®t even a Stark and whose family usually ended up in Slytherin, got sorted into Gryffindor because he had lived with the Starks. So, Arya told herself to stay calm, she had nothing to worry about. She would soon be joining her siblings at the long table at the right of the hall, with a red and gold tie. Everybody always told her that she was the only child of Ned Stark that had the Stark look. Her siblings looked more like her mother, with red hair or blue eyes, none of them had the sleek, dark brown hair and the silver-grey eyes that she and her father had. Only her cousin, Jon looked like that, and he had been sorted into Gryffindor before the hat even touched his head.
?Stark, Arya!¡°
She was thrown out of her thoughts when the tall, blonde woman who had brought them in called her name.She went forward and sat down on the stool and the woman placed the hat on her hair.
?Another Stark! You really are a whole lot, eh? Usually I know what to do with you, but you¡®re an interesting case… Plenty of courage, yes… and also quite intelligent, lots of talent, hmm…¡°
They wouldn¡®t put her in Ravenclaw now, would they?
?Not Ravenclaw, no? No, I don¡®t think so either… nor Hufflepuff… maybe I should just do what I did with the others…¡°
Yes, please! She wanted nothing more than to join her siblings at the Gryffindor table.
?But then, I really don¡®t think that your future lies there. No, better not. Better put you in… SLYTHERIN!¡°
Arya couldn¡®t believe it. Gasps were heard from the crowd of students in the hall. No cheers erupted, the hall was completely silent. How had she messed that up? And in Slytherin no less! The house that Gryffindor traditionally didn¡¯t get along well with… she stood up, put the hat back on the stool and slowly went over to the Slytherin table. Some of the Slytherin students fell out of their shock and started clapping a little bit. She felt like in a trance when she sat down. All the looks had followed her through the hall and she could hear their whispers.
?Stark? But aren¡®t they famous for never being something else than Gryffindors?¡° ?Maybe she isn¡®t one of THE Starks?¡°?What do you think her parents will say?¡°
Oh, seven hells. Her parents despised all the things Slytherin stood for. How would she tell them? Maybe Robb would and she wouldn¡¯t have to. She looked over to Robb, who was seated next to Theon and Jon, his prefect badge shining on his robe. He was talking fast with Theon, his brows furrowed. He didn¡®t look at her, but Jon did. He smiled sadly at her, and somehow his pitying expression was the worst. She turned away, glaring at him and looked back at the front, where the hat was put away. She had been one of the last to be sorted and it seemed that the ceremony was done.
?Dear students¡°, roared the voice of Robert Baratheon, the headmaster and an old friend of her father, ?welcome back! Words can wait, I am hungry myself. Tuck in!¡°
Food appeared on the plates before her. It looked delicious, but she wasn¡®t hungry anymore.
?You have to eat something, you know¡°, said a girl with dark skin and black hair next to her. She looked young, maybe she was also new. ?I¡®m Arianne Martell. I¡®m also a first year.¡°?Arya Stark. I¡®m not that hungry.¡°?Yes you are, you¡®re just afraid what your family will say.¡°
How did she know that?
?How do you know that?¡°?Oh please, everyone knows your father hates the Lannisters and Tywin especially.¡°?Oh, seven hells. I hadn¡®t even thought about Tywin Lannister. My dad will kill me. Or him. I don¡®t know.¡°?Don¡®t worry, my family hates the Lannisters too, you know, and there were still many Martells in Slytherin, and they were fine. I guessed I would be in Slytherin, too. Your family will accept it if they love you. Besides, you¡®ve been given a chance as well.¡°?A chance?¡°?Well yes. In Gryffindor, you would have to fight hard for being recognized as you and not just another Stark. Here, you get the chance to build your own reputation.¡°
Though Arya knew that Arianne only wanted to build her up, she appreciated the effort. And she hadn¡®t seen the chance before. Also, she would need friends in her house, and she sure as hell wouldn¡®t befriend Joffrey. She couldn¡®t remember any business fights the Starks had with the Martells and Arianne seemed nice, so she figured, she would give it a try.
?Thanks. Is it warm in Dorne?¡°
After a few awkward questions a comfortable conversation ensued and Arya found she really liked Arianne. She had started eating and felt that with a friend, the whole Slytherin thing wasn¡®t as horrible as it seemed at first.
After Robert Baratheon had given a few words on the forbidden forest, they were led by a prefect to the Slytherin common room. It was a big room, with dark furniture and a greenish light.
?The common room is under the lake, that¡®s why the light is like this. It is really pretty in the morning, when the sun comes through. Girls dormitories are right, always two girls in a room, your names are on the doors. Boys, to the left, it¡®s usually two as well, but since you are five, there will be two and three. Curfew¡®s at ten, and you should remember that, Professor Lannister is very strict with detentions and points. He doesn¡®t favour us like Baelish does with the Ravenclaws, so we will have to be good to win the Cup. Understood?¡°
The first years nodded and Arya and Arianne followed the two other first-year girls in their rooms.
?Look, we¡®re roomies, Arya!¡°, Arianne exclaimed happily when she saw the sign on the door. Arya was glad about that. Wylla had seemed nice enough, but Jeyne reminded her way too much of Sansa and she liked Arianne a lot more.
Both girls changed into their pyjamas that were put into the room already, brushed their teeth and sank into the four poster beds with green duvets.
Before she fell asleep, Arya decided that she would make the best of her situation. She liked the colour green, after all.

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