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This is a collection of one-shots and short stories that come from my brain. I’ll update as and when I write, which is hopefully quite often 🙂


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This is a collection of one-shots and short stories that come from my brain. I’ll update as and when I write, which is hopefully quite often 🙂 I hope you all enjoy. Follow me on Tumblr for good times: @moonysloony ( )

Chapter 1: The Whomping Willow

Chapter Text
The Whomping Willow
Remus shifts easily as he leans his back against the crooked trunk of the whomping willow. He hastily lifts his gaze from the book in his lap, and it lands on the dark haired boy splayed out on the grass in front of him. Sirius basks in the golden glow of the evening sun, his jet black hair shining in the light. He holds a cigarette loosely between his lips as he lazily brings up his wand to light it. Remus feels a light blush spread across his cheeks and he immediately looks back down to his book. He trains his eyes on the page, praying that Sirius doesn’t notice. Remus has come to realise that he shouldn’t be left alone with Sirius, otherwise his brain loses all logical and coherent thought – instead being entirely consumed by the other boy.
“You do realise you’ve been staring at the same page for twenty minutes, don’t you?” Sirius smirks, snapping Remus from his thoughts. Shit. “Oh, erm. Yeah it’s- it’s a difficult subject” Remus starts. “You’re also holding it upside down”. Oh. Remus feels the redness creeping across his face again. Sirius’ gaze travels to meet Remus, chuckling lightly at the mortified look on his face. “So what’s up?” Sirius enquires, rolling onto his side so he faces Remus directly. He puffs smoke as he stubs out the cigarette beside him. Sirius can see the familiar Remus fluster beginning before him. “Oh nothing – I was just thinking.” Remus sighs. “A penny for them?” Sirius presses, sitting up now. Remus wants to speak but no words come out. He couldn’t just say ‘Sirius I am totally and utterly in love with you, you idiot’. No, that wouldn’t do. 
Sirius seemed to notice his silence. Remus found his breath catching in his throat when Sirius shuffled over so he was sitting directly in front of him, staring intently at Remus with those icy blue eyes. Slightly panicked, Remus looks at his watch, “Won’t James and Peter be coming back soon?” he asks, diverting the conversation elsewhere. “I think you know very well that James has Quidditch practice until seven, and Pete’s got double detention tonight, Moony” Sirius reasons, that frustrating Sirius Black grin etched onto his features. Remus rubs the back of his neck with his sweaty palm. He doesn’t know what to say to this. Of course, he did in fact know this, and he doesn’t know why he had hoped Sirius didn’t. Then, things happened faster than Remus’ lovesick mind can comprehend.
Sirius placed his hand on Remus’ knee. He felt the heat of Sirius’ skin through his trousers. Remus glanced at the hand clasping his knee and stared up at Sirius in disbelief. “Moony-” Sirius started, looking suddenly sad at Remus’ reaction. Of course, Remus should have known that pesky lack of logic would crack eventually. He found himself leaning forward to meet Sirius’ lips with his own. He felt Sirius’ mouth twist into a smile, and that was all he needed to know.

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