Fanfic: The Door. by jeguluslovebot (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


“You know me, Sirius Black. You do.”


No Archive Warnings ApplySirius Black/Tom Riddle Orion Black/Sirius Black Sirius Black/Remus Lupin Fenrir Greyback/Remus LupinSirius Black Tom Riddle Orion Black Remus Lupin Fenrir Greyback Regulus Black Bellatrix Black Lestrange Bartemius Crouch Jr.Kidnapping Incest Father/Son Incest Parent/Child Incest Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter) Death Eaters Rape/Non-con Elements Emotional Manipulation Manipulation Background Character Death Non-Graphic Smut Blackcest (Harry Potter) Death Eater Attacks Tom Riddle is His Own Warning Manipulative Tom Riddle no reposting Hurt No Comfort No Translating stockholm syndrome kinda



“You know me, Sirius Black. You do.”Sirius stared up at them, trying to place their voice and face to a name but they couldn’t, they just couldn’t. -tw; rape / non con, kidnapping, incest


This is a vent one-shottw; rape / non con, father x son rape incest, background character death, manipulation & kidnapping.mature themes, be careful.

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:
If you want to request me anything my email is; [email protected] (Please be mindful I may decline your request and if I don’t it may take me a while to write your request!)-Wrote on; 02.12.2021.Also on my Wattpad; reguluslovebot

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