Fanfic: The Faith 2: A Bull’s aiding by Firemione (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Hermione Granger’s marriage life has been running into a bit of a¡­rut lately. So she invites a bull into her relationship to make it interesting.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Ron WeasleyHermione Granger Ron Weasley Draco MalfoyCuckolding Infidelity Consensual Infidelity Adultery Rough Sex Threesome – F/M/M Office Sex Bathroom Sex Orgasm Delay/Denial Multiple Orgasms Urination Marriage Law Challenge Married Couple Double Dating Love Confessions Sexual Fantasy Cheating Making Out Cuckquean Shower Sex Vacation Double Penetration Anal Sex Oral Sex Spanking Come Swallowing Dildos Strap-Ons Pegging Anal Plug Polyamory Polyamory Negotiations Hermione gets her fantasy fulfilled Dramione Last Drabble Writer Standing 2021 Romione Ficlet Fest 2021 Dom/sub Dom Ron Weasley Sub Hermione Granger Sub Draco Malfoy Wall Sex Dressing Room Sex Anal Fingering Anal Play Hardcore Food Sex Food Kink Food Porn Humiliation Verbal Humiliation Large Cock Cock Worship Cock Cages Affairs Extramarital Affairs Divorce Pregnant Sex Pregnancy Kink

Summary: Summary:

Hermione Granger’s marriage life has been running into a bit of a¡­rut lately. So she invites a bull into her relationship to make it interesting.?Dramione/Romione


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
“So let me get this straight, you think of another man when you have sex with your husband” the women muggle doctor asked rising her eyebrows, her forehead wrinkled, showing her age.Hermione, who just wanted to fix her marriage “Yes” She said firmly, but her face showing how embarrassed she is.”Well, it’s not uncommon for this things to happen when your marriage life gets bored””No, but this is not the first time I imagine of the other guy””Oh….. how long was it happening””Um…. It’s been happening for two years now” Hermione stammered not meeting the doctor’s eyes.”How many years you have been with your husband””Tw.. Two years..””So it’s happening from the start” the women asked and Hermione nodded ashamed.”Have you ever had sex before or after you marriage with this guy, who is not your husband” She asked again writing something fast on her notepad.”Yes. He is my ex. We had sex before our marriage…. so… many times”The doctor stopped her writing and looked at Hermione with a smirk “And did you enjoyed it every time”Hermione was getting steadily angry with these questions “Yes. I enjoyed it and I still remember every details of it. Is it enough. Please don’t ask questions like this anymore”The doctor smiled “I’m sorry mam. But I just had to know this details, don’t worry I wouldn’t tell all these to your spouse. But may i ask why didn’t you marry him””It’s personnel, i can’t tell””Do you love him still””I…I don’t know, maybe a bit””Do you love your husband””Yes, of course i love him. He is my husband” Hermione said and the doctor tutted.”Okay, i came to a conclusion here, can i call him in now” She asked to Hermione, who nodded somewhat uncomfortably.She called in her phone which is connected to the reception area and Draco peered into the doctor’s office.”Excuse me, may i come in” Draco asked gently.”Yes, please, Mr. Draco, take a seat”Draco took his seat beside Hermione, holding her hand.”Mr. Draco, it’s not a big matter, it’s normal to experience this kind in every couple’s life””So we don’t have any problem than””I didn’t say that. I think…. how to put it….. maybe your marriage is getting bored””Bored” Draco asked incredulously “Hermione, am i getting bored for you now”Hermione shook her head and looked at the doctor.”Mr. Draco, i didn’t say that, now if you just please listen patiently….””Oh, sorry””It’s okay, your problem is you are not boring here, your marriage is getting bored. You two need to experience some interesting things in your life””I don’t get it doctor, do you mean we should travel or something””If your life was boring i would have suggested that. But it’s your marriage what is boring, so what i am suggesting is to get on with your dark sexual fantasies”Both Hermione and Draco looked at the doctor, eyes wide and mouth agape.”The reasons your marriage is getting boring is…… maybe your random life of going to a job, weekly sex, no time for each other, will make your bond weaken.If you just be open with your spouse about your darkest sexual fantasy and acted on it, then your bond can become strong”.”But……””Your wife said she loves you draco, i believe you love her too””Of course, i love her so much””Very well, then repairing your marriage won’t be a hard task…..”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~They were now walking the path in the muggle london.They are making their way to the apparition point, from where they could apostate to their house.”I should have never suggested going to the muggle doctor, I’m sorry Draco””No, don’t be, atleast we have a solution now, besides if we have gone to a wizard healer, the news about the famous Hermione-Granger Malfoy, would have spread within minutes….””So are you okay with acting on our fantasies””I just want to be with you Hermione, for the rest of my life. I will do anything for that” Draco said smiling softly at Hermione.Her heart welled up with love for him, she smiled back.It all started two years back, three years post war, when the ministry ordered….. not requested….. order the war heroes to court the Slytherins who were young and were about to recruited into the death eaters army after the war.They even fixed their spouse and whoever stood against the new marriage law will go to azhkaban.Reluctantly everyone agreed, Harry the saviour was the first one to marry in the wizarding world. His marriage was fixed with Pansy Parkinson, poor bloke.She got Draco malfoy, at the start of their marriage, she felt sacred to sleep with him, afraid of getting killed by him in the middle of the night.But her opinion on him changed eventually, when he started showing her how much he care and love her, how much of a gratitude he have for her, how much he Cherish being with her.So she fell in love with Draco malfoy, maybe it’s not love, but she liked him… so much.But that didn’t help the fact her mind was imagining automatically of her ex boyfriend’s face and hands whenever Draco was touching or kissing her, whenever Draco fucks her she would think of *him* , How good it felt, how better he was…..Maybe the doctor was right they have to do something to fix their marriage.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It had been three days now after they went to the doctorThey both asked each other, if they thought of any fantasies they have, but none came to their mind.They had sex yesterday and all Hermione could think about was *him* , she felt so guilty about it, after sex.Because this time, her usual imagination ran wild, almost making her shout his name, fortunately she came to her senses before that.She don’t want to hurt Draco, she loves him, if he knows what she thinks about during their intercourse, he will be broken.She was munching on her pasta, so deep in her thoughts, when Draco cleared his throat, getting her attention.”So…. I was thinking….” He said wiping his mouth with a towel and sipping on his wine.”About” she asked quizzed.”About our fantasy…” He said as it is obvious”Oh…. What about it””I have a fantasy, but I don’t know if I should tell you…..””It’s okay Draco, we are going to spend our life together, i know you for two years now. I’m sure i won’t judge you z whatever it is”.Draco smiled relieved “Okay. My fantasy is….I want you to cuck me””What” Hermione asked disbelief etched in her face.Draco malfoy wants to get cucked by his wife.There was a awkward silence for about two minutes, before Hermione opened her mouth “Okay””Okay” he asked back surprised at her approval.”It will be tough, but it will be more tough for you. So if you can do that for us, then why not right” She asked smiling, which was more of a grimace.”So do you have anyone in mind or is it just a muggle””That’s the think, i don’t want it to be a muggle. I want it to be someone, who we both know and you are comfortable with””Um…. I’m not sure, who you are taking about Draco” Oh yes, she has an idea of who he was talking about and it made her heart beat wildly in her chest.Draco sighed and ran his hands through his silver locks “I want you to cuck me with Ronald weasley”Hermione almost fainted, she could be okay with his fantasy, but how could she say him, the guy she had been imagining when they have sex for the last two years was, her ex-Boyfriend, Ron weasley.

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