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Description: Hermione Granger has been the assistant librarian at Hogwarts for the last two years while studying to become a potions mistress. Her social life has been disappointing to say the least. After another bad date a chance encounter with her work colleague and former professor turns that all around. When the inexperienced young witch asks her professor to help her out what may just be the most perfect and unexpected union full of desire and passion blossoms.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHermione Granger/Severus SnapeHermione Granger Severus Snape Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Ginny WeasleyFluff Domestic Fluff Loss of Virginity Love

Summary: Summary:

Hermione Granger has been the assistant librarian at Hogwarts for the last two years while studying to become a potions mistress. Her social life has been disappointing to say the least. After another bad date a chance encounter with her work colleague and former professor turns that all around. When the inexperienced young witch asks her professor to help her out what may just be the most perfect and unexpected union full of desire and passion blossoms.

Notes: Notes:

Hello lovely readers! Just a disclaimer, I do my own editing and try my hardest so please excuse any grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy this tale and I very much appreciate all your wonderful comments, kudos, and support. ?Astrid

Chapter 1: Intoxicated

Chapter Text
Hermione grabbed her purse, stood up from the table and tipped her butterbeer into the lap of her date. She couldn’t believe this was happening again. The entire time Daniel Alconbury drilled her with questions about Harry. Sometimes being best friends with the boy who lived was nothing short of exhausting. When Hermione finally asked Daniel if they could change the subject he had the nerve to ask her why she was being so stuck up. She’d show him stuck up by leaving him to contemplate the reasons with a pair of butterbeer soaked trousers.Hermione stormed out of The Leaky Cauldron and sat down on the rickety wooden bench just outside of the pub. She blinked her eyes rapidly to keep her tears at bay. She wasn’t upset over Daniel but over the fact she felt lonely and isolated. She’d spent the last two years as the assistant librarian at Hogwarts while studying to become a potions mistress. She would soon take her final exams, which she was excited about, but her social life had been a disaster. Hermione felt stuck in a cycle of bad dates, studying, and putting up with mischievous students in the library. She was beyond frustrated. She really just wanted someone to hold her at night. She wasn’t even asking for a boyfriend, just someone that made her feel a little less alone. Her friends were all busy with their lives, as was she, but it wasn’t the same as it use to be. They did get together from time to time and her friendships were the types where you could go long stretches without seeing one another then pick up as if no time had passed at all. But, she had other needs that friendships wouldn’t fulfill. Hermione pulled a tissue from her purse and blew her nose when she realized there was someone slumped next to her grumbling. “Can you take your runny nose elsewhere Miss Granger?” A low voice said. Hermione was incensed. She pulled back to look at the great lump sitting next to her. Maybe she would unleash her frustration from her bad date on the rude man when the realization came to her.”Professor Snape?” He looked terrible. His eyes were heavy and he smelled of Fire Whiskey. He started to lean toward the young witch. “Can’t a man drink in peace.” He hissed. Hermione pushed him back upright. “I think we should get you back to your chambers Professor.””You’d like that wouldn’t you Granger.””Actually no, I’d like to go to bed and not have to deal with you ridiculous men anymore.””Boyfriend problems?” His eyes were starting to close. Hermione needed him at least somewhat lucid to apparate the two of them back to the school grounds. “Come on, I need you to stand.” He did as she said but didn’t open his eyes. Hermione helped him up as best she could and apparated the two of them to the gates of Hogwarts and walked him to his chambers. Hermione was shocked to see the state of the professors sitting room. It looked as though he went on a rampage. Papers and books were everywhere and a lamp was knocked to the floor. The professor opened his eyes wide. The pressure from the apparation momentarily made him completely alert. “The cleaning service has been lacking of late.” Snape said sarcastically.Hermione helped him to the fireside chair. She picked the lamp up off the floor. “I think we’ll get you some coffee.” She watched the professor as he started to fall forward. She quickly caught him and pushed him back in the chair. “Bed!” He shouted. Hermione rolled her eyes and shook her head. ‘Great, just what I need right now.’ She thought to herself. She wrapped the professors arm around her shoulders and put her other arm around his waist to help him stand. He towered over the petite witch, she hoped she could get him to his bed without the two of them falling face first onto the floor. She got him to his bed and helped him sit. She knelt down and took his shoes off. The professor watched her. “You’re quite pretty Miss Granger.” He said as though it was a new revelation to him. He then hooked one of her curls between his fingers.? “This is even quite nice.” He studied the curl. “Thank you.” She rolled her eyes again at the intoxicated wizard. After she got his shoes off she started to unbutton his frock coat. He slapped her hand away. “Ow!” Hermione pulled her hand back and rubbed her knuckles. “I’m just trying to help!” She barked.”I don’t need help.””Yes clearly you can do this all by yourself. I’m getting Minerva, maybe she can sober you up.”Snape caught her wrist. “No. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to smack your hand Miss Granger.” His tone had changed. He sounded almost sad. “Can you help me?” “May I have my wrist back.” He released the witch. She went back to helping him out of his coat. She left him in his dress shirt and trousers but covered him with the duvet to sleep off his fire whiskey. Hermione returned to her chambers put her hair in a bun on top of her head and soaked in a hot bath. What a strange evening she thought. She couldn’t help thinking about the professors living room. What on earth would cause him to make such a mess. Clearly something upset him. Hermione couldn’t erase it from her mind. She thought she would go clean up the room before he woke up. She didn’t know why she felt the urge to do so but he seemed sad and thought maybe someone should do something nice for the professor. That probably didn’t happen often. She got out of the tub, threw on an old T-shirt and jean shorts and went back to Professor Snapes chambers. Hermione got the room back in order. When she stood back to admire her handy work she noticed the dark haired wizard was standing in the doorway to his bedroom with his arm raised and his elbow on the frame of the door. His black eyes were piercing as he looked her up and down. He must have removed his shirt at some point because he stood there in bare feet and only wearing his trousers. She was taken back by seeing his exposed body. He was lean and fair but his muscles were clearly defined. There was a thin smattering of hair on his chest and stomach.”What are you doing?” He asked.”Well, it appeared you needed help.” “You didn’t need to do that.” His voice was sharp. “I know. I wanted too.”Snape walked over to a small table and chairs in the corner. He sat down and grabbed two glasses and a decanter that sat on a tray atop the table. He filled the glasses. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Hermione questioned. Snape didn’t reply and just shoved one of the glasses her direction. ‘Oh what the hell’ she thought to herself. Hermione took a seat at the table, grabbed the glass and downed the shot. Fire whiskey. ‘Is this the only hard liquor wizards drink?'”Why were you upset when you walked out of the Leaky Cauldron?” Snape asked as he refilled her glass.”Just another day and another jerk.” “Who was not meeting your standards Miss Granger?””I’ll have you know if my standards got any lower I’d be dating Argus Filch.”Snape snorted then made a disgusted face. “You need this more than I do in that case.” He topped off her glass. Snape took another shot as well. Before too much longer the decanter was completely empty. ‘Great, not only am I going to have to start dating Filch my silent drinking buddy is the dungeon bat.’ Hermione thought to herself. Although she didn’t really see why people referred to Professor Snape as the dungeon bat. He was actually very attractive. His black silky hair framed his face and Snape did have a large nose but it was more like one of those ancient Greek statues. It was a beautiful nose. He was very tall, statuesque really. He also had perfect Cupid’s bow lips. Hermione wondered what it would be like to kiss him. ‘Snap out of it Granger’ she told herself. “I should return to my room.””Probably a good idea.” Snape agreed. Hermione stood up to go but realized she moved way to fast and fell back towards the chair missing it all together. She banged her hip on it before landing on the floor. Snape watched as if it all happened in slow motion. His reflexes were severely impaired from the alcohol. “Granger? Are you alive?” He asked. Giggles started to escape the little witches mouth. Snape steadied himself on the table and stood. He walked toward Hermione and leaned over her. “Get up witch.” He shook his head at her. “I can’t pick you up or we’ll both be on the floor.” She continued to laugh hysterically. Snape reached his hand out and she took it. She pulled herself up his arm and he pulled her to him from around her waist with his other hand. Their body’s were against each other. Hermione couldn’t stop laughing. She placed one hand on his bare chest. The professor was looking down at her studying her face. His stare made her stop laughing. All of a sudden she felt a fire in her belly and it was not from the Fire Whiskey. She looked at those perfect Cupid’s bow lips and contemplated kissing them. His skin was warm. Hermione’s heart started to beat hard and her breathing became heavy. Snape kissed her. His lips were perfect. Soft, warm, he gently sucked her bottom lip, then she felt his warm tongue between her parted lips. Their kiss became deeper. He began pressing his hips into her. She slid her hands from his chest over his abs and around his waist. She let her hands roam his back feeling the muscles move as his hands cupped her bum pulling her up into him. She could feel his erection growing through his trousers. He wrapped one of his large hands around the back of her neck and ran his thumb over her jawline. Snape stopped kissing her just long enough to whisper…”Bed.”Hermione nodded in agreement. They made their way to Snapes bedroom and stood kissing at the side of the bed. He pulled Hermione’s T-shirt over her head getting tangled up as she was trying to unravel the bun on top of her head. He finally got past her arms and she let her long curls drop. He needed this and she looked so perfect he thought to himself. He cupped her breasts and felt her nipples harden in his palms. He ran his hands around to her backside kneading her bum. Running one of his long fingers under her waistband to the front of her shorts he undid the button and unzipped them. With both hands he pushed them down. The little witch not only wore no bra she also was missing knickers. He growled and gently moved her back into his bed. Standing in front of her he undid his trousers freeing his increasingly hard cock. Hermione couldn’t take her eyes off Snapes naked body. He was very well endowed. Who knew that the professor had been hiding such a treasure under those layers all these years. Snape moved over her pressing his warm naked flesh to hers while kissing her neck. Hermione was lost in a sea of excitement. Her head was spinning and she kept thinking to herself? ‘So this is how it happens.’ Hermione was a virgin. She hadn’t been saving herself, she just never found anyone that she wanted to give herself too. As strange as it seemed in light of the situation Professor Snape seemed sort of, well, like the perfect person. She’d know him most of her life. She trusted him for the most part, she found him extremely attractive, and he was arousing something inside of her that she’d not felt before. It was a feeling that she was maybe doing something she shouldn’t but it felt good at the same time. It’s not like she was his student any longer and she was of age. Snape began kissing her again. She felt the weight of his body press down on her, his head moved to her shoulder and he left a soft kiss there. “Professor.” She said in a small voice. “I have something I should tell you before…professor?” She tapped his shoulder then heard a snore. He had fallen asleep. Sweet Circe. As if things could get any worse tonight. She tried to wiggle out from under the large wizard but she was pinned and only managed to free her top half, her leg was trapped under him. He stirred and wrapped his arm around her pulling Hermione back to him. He was still snoring. She tried again to roll him off her but he was a dead weight and too big for her to make much difference. Hermione finally gave up the fight and supposed the best she could do was try and go to sleep. Even though the professor was passed out he did feel lovely against her.

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