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Description: “They were the goodness, they were the justice. They wanted equality, and only they knew how the Wizarding community should be led.And they would never sink to the same level as the opposite side.”

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Summary: Summary:

“They were the goodness, they were the justice. They wanted equality, and only they knew how the Wizarding community should be led.And they would never sink to the same level as the opposite side.”After the Second Wizarding War, the winning side’s goodness and fairness turn into bitterness, hatred, and bottomless thirst for revenge, so the light side decides to execute every single soul that bears the Dark Mark. Obviously, Harry Potter can’t just watch and do nothing.

Notes: Notes:

So, I read a fictional but highly truth-based book series about a civil war quite recently, and I was quite shaken by how cruel the winning side was towards the losing side after the war. Then I started to think that, oh, but I don’t actually know a single war where the winning side would’ve wanted justice to the losing side and where the feelings of hatred and bitterness wouldn’t have burst out, and that inspired me to write a story where the winning side of the Wizarding War isn’t that nice to those who fought on Voldemort’s side. In other words, the light side is quite cruel, dark, and unforgiving for the most part in this story.I’ve tagged Finnish mythology, folklore and magic, but I’m actually referring to the whole Baltic Finnic culture, absolutely not just Finnish. It just happened to be the only tag that was labelled as ‘common’ on AO3.English is not my first language, so there’ll be mistakes!

Chapter 1: A Man is a Wolf to Another Man

Chapter Text
It all began gradually.When the Second Wizarding War was still going on, the world seemed to be divided into two parties: there were good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong. There was no grey area or middle ground, everybody had to choose their side. One side of the War was the dark side, represented by people whose souls were so black they would never be able to see or do anything good in their lives. And then there was the light side that practically bathed in goodness and justice. They overflowed with faith in fairness, human rights, peace, and democracy. They chanted empty phrases that were meant to strengthen the light side¡¯s faith in their cause. They were the goodness, they were the justice. They wanted equality, and only they knew how the Wizarding community should be led.??And they would never sink to the same level as the opposite side.But when the War ended, nothing was that simple anymore. The word ¡®justice¡¯ began slowly change its meaning when the winning side started discussing the Death Eater trials they had planned already during the War. Even though they were happy and relieved they had won, they still couldn¡¯t forget the cruelty and the injustices the opponent side had done. Instead of mercy, fairness, and forgiveness, the end of the War brought to the surface feelings of bitterness and bottomless thirst for revenge. If you tortured and killed my loved ones, I have the right to torture and kill you. Talks about justice and equality started to turn into thoughts about eliminating evil, once and for all. Actually, the light side wanted to forget the War and the evilness completely by destroying the haunting memories and remnants of them and wiping them out from the world, pretending they had never even existed.?Besides, why would people on the dark side even need trials? There was not even a hint of light in them. They couldn¡¯t be cured.?When the War ended, all the surviving Death Eaters were locked in Azkaban to wait for the trials. The trials, that never came. It was only a week since the War had ended when the Wizengamot decided, both on its members¡¯ as well as almost the whole light side¡¯s behalf, that every single person who bore the Dark Mark would be sentenced straight to death without trials as? we can get rid of the evil in the world only by eliminating? all ?the evil from the world ?and? a prison sentence in Azkaban without Dementors wouldn¡¯t be a punishment cruel enough .?At first, Harry couldn¡¯t believe Wizengamot¡¯s decision to be true. It had to be only a joke as it was completely against all the ideas and values the light side had fought for. But when Harry read from the Daily Prophet about the first Death Eaters to be executed, the Carrow siblings, only a couple of weeks after the War had ended, he felt like someone would have abruptly pushed him headfirst into the cold water. This couldn¡¯t be true. This didn¡¯t make any sense. Harry hadn¡¯t been ready to die for the Wizarding world so that they could dirty their hands with the opposite side¡¯s blood after the War.?When the first executions were over, the executions started to be held once a week, and every time either one or two Death Eaters were killed at the same time. First, there were the Carrows, then Antonin Dolohov, after him Augustus Rookwood, and right at the end of June Walden Macnair and Corban Yaxley. Before every single execution, Harry, Ron, and Hermione tried to plead the new Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, to stop the executions, but they always got the same answer: Kingsley was utterly handless when it came to trying to persuade the Wizengamot to reconsider its decisions. Whereas the mere idea of Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to ask the Wizengamot to discuss the matter again was doomed right from the start as the opinion of two wizards and one witch who were barely of age and who hadn¡¯t even finished their schooling counted simply for nothing, no matter how crucial their role had been during the War and how the Wizengamot wouldn¡¯t probably even be able to punish the Death Eaters now if it wasn¡¯t for them.On the fifth of July, Harry sat at the kitchen table at Grimmauld Place with Ron and Hermione, all three of them waiting nervously for an owl to bring the Daily Prophet. Each Sunday, the paper announced who would be executed next week and who they should therefore go and try to save by repeating the worn phrases of wrongness, cruelty, and illegality. Not that Harry had much hope left the Wizengamot would listen to them, it had just become rather a habit of sorts.¡°I still haven¡¯t found anything new to stop the executions,¡± Hermione said, frustrated, and picking nervously her nails. ¡°I think I¡¯ve gone through almost all the juridical books in the Wizarding world I¡¯ve found, and they all seem to have the same conclusion: the executions without trials are always illegal except for when there¡¯s some sort of state of emergency in the society.¡±¡°But there is? no ?state of emergency! The War¡¯s over for fuck¡¯s sake,¡± Harry cursed, feeling the anger boiling inside him.¡°I know!¡± Hermione cried, sounding at least as angry as Harry. ¡°We¡¯ve tried to tell this to the Wizengamot only Merlin knows how many times, but they don¡¯t listen to us! They think we¡¯re still in the middle of the War or at least in a partly similar situation as that.¡±¡°Dad has always said there¡¯re loopholes in the laws but in his department loopholes have probably never killed anyone,¡± Ron muttered.¡°Probably not. And it¡¯s always been possible to eventually go around or abolish the laws if they¡¯ve seemed too barbaric or inhuman,¡± Hermione said. ¡°But now I¡¯ve got no idea what we could do next. Not even Kingsley seems to have a say in the Wizengamot¡¯s decisions.¡±Harry huffed, feeling his head starting to throb slightly as it always did nowadays when he felt somehow helpless or useless. Suddenly, Harry saw movement in his peripheral vision, and he turned his gaze quickly to the window. The sight made his heart jump uncomfortably even though he had known all along this moment would come. And, after all, this was what he had been waiting for impatiently during the whole sleepless night and restless morning, but apparently, he could never get used to this sight on Sundays.?There was a small, brown owl hovering behind the window and carrying the Sunday¡¯s Daily Prophet in its claws, looking at three of them curiously and hooting at them innocently.Before Harry, who felt like he was sort of rooted to the spot, had time to even stand up, Ron had bolted to the window, opened it and snatched the paper from the owl¡¯s claws, putting simultaneously sloppily a few sickles into the small pouch that was tied to its leg. Before leaving, the owl gave Ron a rather offended look, which Ron didn¡¯t seem to notice at all as he slammed the window shut right in front of its beak. As Ron started to scan through the paper, Hermione came hurriedly to stand next to him, trying to get a peek of the paper, too. After a while, Ron¡¯s hands stopped abruptly turning the pages as he had apparently found the page he had been looking for. If the situation hadn¡¯t been serious, Harry would have probably laughed at his friends whose eyes widened comically and mouths snapped open as they stared at the paper, looking like they had just read the aliens had landed in London and were now about to conquer the Earth.¡°Well?¡± Harry asked, impatient.?Both Ron and Hermione were quiet for a moment, probably feeling unable to say a word. Hermione gulped and coughed a little to clear her throat. ¡°Malfoy,¡± she whispered finally, her voice trembling.Harry felt suddenly like an invisible hand had come to his throat to strangle him, making his breathing utterly difficult. ¡°Which one?¡± he asked hoarsely.¡°Lucius,¡± Ron said in a grim voice. ¡°Not that I¡¯d see the world losing that much by executing him ¨C? ouch !¡± he went on and winced abruptly as his girlfriend poked harshly at his side with her elbow. ¡°But as I¡¯ve said earlier, I¡¯m not in favour of executions. Not even when they¡¯re about to execute such a slimy bastard as Lucius Malfoy.¡±??¡°I don¡¯t like Lucius Malfoy either, but he has an equal right to live just like everyone else. People shouldn¡¯t play gods, it has never resulted in anything good,¡± Hermione said.¡°What happens next?¡± Harry asked, feeling horrified. The list of the Death Eaters had become terrifyingly short, actually almost non-existent, and soon there wouldn¡¯t be left anyone else but Malfoy ¨C? Draco ?Malfoy ¨C and Gregory Goyle. But the Wizengamot couldn¡¯t possibly sentence to death also those who had done their punishable deeds when they had been underage or just barely legal adults? They had both still been only students, practically just kids.Hermione looked at Harry with sad and emphatic eyes, as if she knew exactly what there was going on inside Harry¡¯s head. And knowing her, she probably? did ?know, maybe even better than Harry himself. ¡°You¡¯re thinking about Malfoy, aren¡¯t you? Draco Malfoy?¡±¡°Mm-hmm,¡± Harry mumbled, fiddling with an empty water glass in his hands. ¡°And Goyle. The Wizengamot can¡¯t just sentence them to death, too, right? They¡¯re both barely eighteen.¡±¡°It¡¯d be ridiculous. I mean, well, they were both bloody idiots and completely on their parents¡¯ leashes. But the Wizengamot can¡¯t do anything as stupid as to sentence to death a couple of brainwashed teens,¡± Ron said, looking at Hermione as if waiting for her to support his words.¡°I don¡¯t know,¡± Hermione said, biting her lip nervously. ¡°I¡¯m sorry but I believe the Wizengamot doesn¡¯t care that much about the age. Merely the Dark Mark on someone¡¯s arm seems to be enough of a reason for them to sentence someone to death, and they aren¡¯t exactly ready to budge on the rules,¡± she explained. ¡°It¡¯s not at all unusual that something like this happens after a war. Actually, it¡¯s rather common that people still feel the same as they used to during the war, you know, hatred, bitterness, thirst for revenge and so on. Those feelings don¡¯t just suddenly vanish and stop existing when the war ends. Instead, people may try to vent them, well, like this. The winning side wants to get their revenge on the losing side by oppressing them or possibly even trying to eliminate them completely.¡±Harry looked at his friend, feeling flabbergasted. ¡°But they can¡¯t¡­ This doesn¡¯t¡­ Oh, for fuck¡¯s sake, I wasn¡¯t ready to die for them so that they could start killing more people completely wantonly! The killing was supposed to end when the War ended!¡±¡°Harry, I? know ! And I still agree with you. There¡¯re many cases like this in history, and, trust me, this way won¡¯t lead to anything good. Instead, the gap between people will quite certainly become even wider, you just? can¡¯t ?end hatred with hatred,¡± Hermione said. ¡°I promise I¡¯ll go and try to talk to both Kingsley and the Wizengamot tomorrow and present them some case examples of earlier Wizarding and Muggle wars. They have to start to listen to reason at some point.¡±Harry tried to smile at Hermione, but the look on his face looked probably more like a forced grimace than a smile. ¡°Thanks.¡±¡°Would you like to come for a visit to the Burrow tomorrow?¡± Ron asked suddenly, apropos of nothing. ¡°You¡¯d have something else to think about for once, and mum and Ginny have asked a lot after you,¡± he explained, giving Harry a meaningful look.Harry felt something coiling uncomfortably in his stomach. He had a bit bad conscience for having postponed and postponed his visit to the Weasleys simply because he was afraid of Ginny wanting to talk with him about their¡­ relationship. Or about the lack of it. Or about the¡­? thing . The thing they had had before the War and that was now still in a sort of dormant state, hovering between them as a pressing, grey cloud that was just about to rain or storm. Harry just didn¡¯t feel like he was ready to even discuss that¡­? thing ?as he had absolutely no idea what he wanted or how he felt. When had he even been supposed to have time to think about something like that? ¡°Yeah, why not,¡± he grunted finally reluctantly as he couldn¡¯t come up with any reasonable excuse to say no.? It¡¯s much easier if you rip the band-aid off fast , so everybody had always told him. Whatever it happened to mean.¡°Cool, mum will be thrilled! I¡¯ll tell her to cook a bit extra so that there¡¯s enough for you, too,¡± Ron said, sounding more cheerful.?¡°No, don¡¯t, you don¡¯t have to because of me ¨C¡±¡°Bullshit. You do know mum, she¡¯s only happy when she gets to feed you,¡± Ron said, grinning. ¡°I think I should go, I promised to help George at the shop,¡± he went on, getting up from the chair. ¡°See you tomorrow!¡± he said, waving his hand as he started to walk towards the front door.¡°Don¡¯t worry, Harry. I¡¯m sure the Wizengamot has to listen to me if I provide them with a pile of proofs about how harmful their decision is in the long run. I¡¯ll show them some studies in black and white about this matter, and I won¡¯t leave before they promise me to listen properly,¡± Hermione said, trying to smile at Harry reassuringly. ¡°See you tomorrow,¡± she continued, giving Harry a hug before following her boyfriend and leaving Harry alone to ponder Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle and how utterly messed up the world could actually become.

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