Fanfic: The Life that Never Lived- Harry Potter and the ??????? (Deathly Hallows) by bookhater95 (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


One year is all that is left. One more time to delve into Harry’s memory’s, for him to relearn all he can. One choice left, for the life that never lived. Complete, email me for details.


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One year is all that is left. One more time to delve into Harry’s memory’s, for him to relearn all he can. One choice left, for the life that never lived. Complete, email me for details.,Summary:

This fic is complete! You have two options of reading this with book context now while I reupload them. One is a full PDF version of all seven, the other is a google doc I will link to you.


Chapter Text
 Welcome, to the beginning of the end! I’ve got to say my dearly beloveds, even with my heart, mind, certainly a few souls, and basically life set on reaching this book and completing it, it’s a pretty surreal moment to have finally come.Hey look, we actually aren’t starting with James getting the someone dies chapter! Off to a great start!HPHPHPHPHPHPHP”I can handle it!” Harry insisted. “It’s only one more year, surely I can remember all that without doing anything to myself-“”Too risky,” James said flatly.”Not worth it,” Lily agreed.The three had been having this argument on and off for the whole of last night and all of this morning. Clearly remembering Dumbledore’s death had been Harry’s final straw, he didn’t want to keep pushing them to learn about his past like this, but somehow he actually thought hurting himself by remembering these things all at once would make it easier on them?None of them agreed.Remus seemed to have decided he’d let the parents handle it and had tried to excuse himself from any conversation by checking on baby Harry, even though James had already put him down in his room for the day. That had been twenty minutes ago, and they’d never be able to get Harry to agree to just start the next, and last, book until they got Moony down here, so Sirius took it upon himself to go fetch him already.He was where he’d said he’d be, looking sleepy as he rocked the infant in the chair but at least content, rather than the distant friend he’d had for the majority of the last day.”Do you think Quirrell was a horcrux?”Remus had to blink a few times to get his mind to focus on Sirius even being here, and then again upon such a random question. He hadn’t even begun to articulate a response when Sirius kept going with his train of thought.”I’ve been trying to come up with other ideas for these horcruxes, you know, in case Harry doesn’t find them all in a year at the age of seventeen, and Quirrell really stuck out to me. If Nagini can be one, what if he’s got them in other people!”Remus swallowed uncomfortably where he thought Sirius’ mind was really at, and gently talked out, “I can’t imagine it. Snakes, and animals in general, are more primitive than us in the mind, and can be easily controlled. As Dumbledore said, Voldemort cared for no one, I doubt he’d care about them long enough to allow them to hold a piece of his soul.””But he gave that diary to Malfoy,” Sirius insisted, a light shining in the back of his eyes he was trying hard not to let through. “What if he trusted other Death Eaters even more!”Remus wished Sirius would just come right out and say it, but he’d keep this up so long as Sirius kept beating around it. “I find that very hard to believe. The diary was meant to be used, it had a purpose. These other Horcruxes were meant to be put away from the world, and those who found out about them.”Sirius didn’t look particularly convinced, but he nodded anyways. “Right, well, I’m out of ideas for the day then. Would you come back downstairs already so we can get Harry’s last year over with, poor kid deserves to have his head put back intact.”Despite his worry, Sirius had been pleased to see Moony interacting with him normally during this. Now he had to watch Remus close himself right back off and drag himself to his feet, his hands lingering on the infant even as he set him back in his crib.”You really want your own, don’t you?”Remus turned abruptly away and walked past him. “I can’t.””That’s not what I asked.”He continued to ignore him and Sirius trailed after him now studying the back of his head. There were far too many things going through Remus’ mind he wasn’t talking about, and that was going to drive Sirius nuts sooner than the fate of others in Harry’s time.They entered to find Harry getting quite as frustrated as his parents, holding the book hostage to his chest and eyeing the door with frustration. “-isn’t just about you lot anymore! Snape could go out and do that to Dumbledore any moment now, Merlin knows what my presence here is causing-“”Harry, you’re panicking,” Lily tried to insist.”Whatever is going on out there can wait two more days,” James said firmly. “Come on Harry, you’ve gotten this far, you’ve lasted fourteen bloody days without killing yourself! I won’t let you now with only one year left to remember, it won’t take us that long for your memories to come back in a much safer, gradual way.”Harry turned on the two entering, turned to Remus in support. “You must see it’s pointless to wait!””I don’t see being able to get out of here at the expense of your life as pointless,” Remus sniffed.Harry groaned but finally slammed down onto a seat in defeat, thrusting the book to his mother. “Can’t we at least hurry along with this then?”Lily tisked and swatted him lightly as she took it. “Excuse me if I’m still going to enjoy what I can hearing about your life.”Harry gave her a look as if fearing for her health, only Sirius hearing his mutters about what there was to enjoy. He elbowed Harry hard in the side, the only gesture he needed to tell his godson to cool it as James took his other side.The book weighed like the solid gold color it was in Lily’s hands, the scarlet red seven on the spine unneeded. Lily cracked it open with one last careful look at her son before starting. Lily had to take a deep, very careful breath not to fly into a fury over her once best friend being the first presented name. The only thing restraining her was that Harry was not anywhere around this, these books had done this before. She could hardly bear to look at any of the others, knowing their venomous reactions would be no better than her own, let alone something to draw comfort from. This was going to be a long two days.”Oh, good, here I was worried he was going to brag about the next person he had in line to murder,” Sirius said with such a vicious growl in his voice Harry had to double check and make sure he hadn’t changed into Padfoot.Remus scowled in disgust as they all again recognized some Death Eater only entrance. It was quite the miracle they’d never come across such a thing in their own time, Voldemort must have invented it recently in Harry’s.”The white peacock is the Malfoy housecrest,” James told with a torn expression in place. “Makes sense, all show and nothing else.” He couldn’t help but picture that sixteen year old lowering his wand away from Dumbledore, and the man who was in Azkaban after nearly murdering Ginny. Narcissa floated somewhere between the two. The whole family needed to stay far away from his son, instead it seemed they were hosting some Death Eater soiree in celebration.Harry wasn’t the only one who shivered in remembrance of the last time such a spell had been used, the night of Dumbledore’s death. The others were at least grateful whatever this bout of magic washad never made an appearance in their time, yet.Lily had to take a long breath before she could keep going. It was different now, the idea of Snape being in the presence of Death Eaters on Dumbledore’s orders and now being there because he was a part of all this.Sirius felt a scream building in the back of his throat, one of pure disgust and loathing for such an act. It was all to real in his mind’s eye that could be a person, likely a Muggle or at least a Muggleborn. What he wouldn’t give to go storming into this place and cut down every one of these despicable excuses for people!”Malfoy.” It came out more as a statement than a question, though James’ tone pleaded with someone to tell him he was wrong. It was just all too easy to pity that child more than anything, evenconsidering his roll last year in nearly getting Ron and Katie Bell killed. It wasn’t a situation he’d wish on anyone.”Draco Malfoy,” Harry agreed, twisting his hands in front of him. The name, as always, struck something deep inside Harry, which he was honestly still surprised for. He would have thought thatthe most significant part his school rival could play was in the downfall of his headmaster, but still Harry felt Malfoy would be lingering in his memory’s yet returned for now.”As if we needed further description of him,” Remus muttered, his lip curling up in pure disgust.Lily couldn’t quite say that without spitting in disgust.”How would he know that?” James demanded of nothing, fists tightening with the urge to shoot a spell and knock that greasy head clean off its shoulders. “No way there’s another traitor in the Order who would still tell him!””Easy Prongs,” Sirius tried to soothe, laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder even as his attention stayed focused on Harry with worry, his face already screwed up tightly with pain. “Can’t be much of a secret, his birthday would be coming up again.”It was all the reminder James needed, they all vividly recalled that more than the Trace would vanish on this particular seventeenth year.”As if I didn’t have enough nightmares,” Harry fidgeted in disgust, he didn’t need Voldemort’s grimaces passing for pleasure at the thought of his death.”Well of course be as vague as you bloody possibly can,” Lily scowled under her breath, still on edge just like her husband. No matter how closely Harry would be watched by the opposition as well as those they would trust, it still wasn’t sitting right with anyone the Death Eaters were as well informed as ever.Remus licked his lips with nerves as he debated this for a few moments. The idea of leaving him where he was safe until the last possible moment just didn’t hold though, but to move him too early also had drawbacks. Either way, the feeling of already being torn up on the inside over Harry’s safety had them all breathless without answers.”That is never going to mean anything good,” Sirius muttered in disgust.”Considering that was all but confirmed back in your fourth year, I’m not surprised,” Lily sighed, though it still rankled her deeply a place she trusted and longed to work for in all the rights ways could still be so corrupted by a few coins or spells.”Ugh,” James grumbled in disgust, at some rate willing to give up his wand if he could just punch someone in the face in retribution for laughing about such a thing.”Try rolling on your belly and wagging your tail, that usually gets a better reaction than begging,” Sirius sniffed.”And more posturing than even I know what to do with,” Sirius none-so-quietly mocked.”Do we know that name?” Lily asked in concern.”I, I think Scrimgeour mentioned someone called Thicknesse,” Harry offered with an uneasy frown, casting his mind back to when that could have happened.”Either way, it can’t mean anything good,” Remus groaned.”Ah,” they muttered with now aware concern. Yes, it was indeed a sad day in this world such a man could be under the influence of Voldemort. Truly no one was safe.James mimed retching in disgust while Sirius’ features were so twisted he looked more likely to actually vomit.Harry watched everyone around him open their mouths in protest, but he quickly shook his head and flattened his hair with nerves. He no more wanted to hear of his accomplishments now than whenthey had happened, and no amount of repetition on their part would convince him otherwise.James set his jaw, still convinced it would do Harry good to hear otherwise anything that Voldemort was saying, but Lily accepted what her son couldn’t handle for now and kept going with vigor just to get out of this miserable place.Sirius scoffed and placed a careless elbow on Harry’s shoulder. Harry couldn’t help the slight smile at him, at all of their confidence at such a statement never coming to pass, even as his hand brushed over his heart and his eyes tried to swim out of focus in the pain of a memory.Lily’s mouth went dry, she couldn’t swallow for a moment in shocked disgust of just what went on at this place. She’d certainly never wanted details!Just the attempt of getting the name of someone who had once been so close to all of them out had Lily tensing for a fight, every response in her and the urge to defend the boys around her from this foul name nearly had her skipping over that vile memory of a person on principle. She couldn’t, wouldn’t. They had to find some way to reconcile what he’d done, and ignoring it would not help anyone. That didn’t mean she could bring herself to look beyond the print to the faces around her as she tried to hurry on.James was grinding his teeth together so hard he’d later be surprised none came loose. There could be a few explanations for how Voldemort was aware of this, but all of them meant one thing, his son was in danger.”Wouldn’t be the first time,” Remus spat in so low a voice it was hardly human.Sirius choked on a noise that might have once been a laugh. Back when there was a time whatever Malfoy was planning with the Chamber of Secrets was their biggest fear and seeing him put downby Voldemort of all people would have been something to cheer about, now the reality was here and he just wanted nothing more than to hear of Harry’s homework.”I hear Azkaban’ll do that to you,” James managed in his own hollow sort of way, unconsciously moving closer to Sirius on instinct. Even with the Dementors deserting the place in favor ofVoldemort, he could no longer think of that place as something humane that should exist, even to someone like Lucius.”I seem to have missed the joke,” Remus muttered, his lip still curling with the need to sneer at all of this. Just the idea of being present with those people made him want to lash out with every curse he knew, he couldn’t imagine something as simple as a laugh existing.”Your bloody creepy face, all your disturbing friends you always have over, I doubt you close the toilet lid-“”Sirius!” Lily protested.”What? I do too!”Lily closed her eyes for a moment before turning back to the book, giving her boys as long a moment as they could to just smile at that man’s absurdity.Sirius’ humor at poking fun at this had dried up anyways. He didn’t like to think himself a cruel person, no matter what Harry thought at fifteen. To laugh at a man while he was down would bedoing just that. Malfoy had gotten exactly what he’d always wanted, and now he was as stuck there as he had been in Azkaban with no foreseeable way out.Lily couldn’t quite believe the words out of her mouth even as one of the most vile people that could come to mind said them. Bellatrix Lestrange ranked even with Voldemort and Snape as far as people she wouldn’t mind seeing dead, for what she’d done to Sirius just the tip. Frank and Alice were somehow still suffering an even worse fate all thanks to this sadistic woman who’d see the world burn while laughing.”Let’s string her up to the ceiling instead, she can be the center of everyone’s unwanted attention,” Lily snipped, tapping her nails in unease on the spine of the book as she forced herself to keep going in as mild a tone as she could manage, trying to refuse to show how much all this was getting to her.Put Umbridge in that room and she’d somehow managed to find every single person she’d hated in this future all in one spot.There was something inherently wrong with the idea of her being pleased about anything, let alone Voldemort being in the equation! What Harry wouldn’t give for her to never make an expression again. Even after she’d done the worst to him in being key in taking his godfather away, there was something about this woman he loathed even deeper, and had no desire to know more.The words were hardly out of Lily’s mouth before she realized what she said, and burst out giggling for the first time in days. Just the idea something so purely good could happen to Remus and she finally found a reason to smile again in all the chaos!James didn’t seem to know how to react, his face kept trying to flicker into a smile for his friend. For just a moment, he would swear Remus did the same at the idea, but it melted in moments. Now Remus just looked like someone instead sucker punched him, which wasn’t lending to the cheer this deserved. He finally settled on a half decent look of pride, someone deserved to be happy.Sirius just clucked his tongue and rolled his eyes. He’d heard nothing between Remus and Tonks that had even led him to think Moony wanted to be together with her, and then it had somehow gone even farther ahead than Fleur and Bill’s plans? He wanted to be happy for his friend, but considering Remus didn’t even look like he could muster up such a thing, Sirius refrained from saying anything.Lily scowled at the lot of her boys, scoffing and grumbling she was still the only one looking for something to shed happy light on, but took their silence for what it was and moved on anyways.”Glad to see my life’s as much a joke to them as it is to me,” Remus muttered so quietly beside her Lily wasn’t sure what he’d said for a moment. Then it clicked, and she kicked him non-so subtly in the shin.He hardly flinched, gaze still unfocused, and ignoring the protests that Sirius was the only one allowed to whack his friends and James’ questioning and suspicious looks she kept going without prompting this time.”In which the irony is, Tonks has more of a magical heritage than Voldemort does,” Sirius crudely reminded. “That Muggleborn,” he couldn’t help but correct, refusing to repeat the word even inmocking, “still has more magic than his Muggle father did.””I’ll be sure to remind him of this fact,” James rolled his eyes at Sirius’ priorities, he was still smirking triumphantly at Remus who still hadn’t allowed any real reaction to this news to cross his face.Lily jerked, temper automatically rising and wanting to curse anyone who dared referred to Remus like that. What she wouldn’t give to make it so no one could ever say such a horrendous thing again.Remus turned gray in shocked disgust, he wanted to snap that was nothing to be joked about, but there was no one in here he could. It wasn’t Lily’s fault this is what normal people made fun of on a daily basis, let alone those depraved souls in that room.All five of them couldn’t help but shiver at the implications of that! As if Remus wasn’t enough of a target already, having personal ties to two of the Death Eaters there, not to mention how assured they all still were he’d step in to help Harry without hesitation. Now he’d managed to garner the wrath of Bellatrix Lestrange without even trying! Lily had to take a careful breath for a moment just so she wouldn’t scream out in fright Remus may not even get a chance to live through this.Harry shifted restlessly in his seat, trying not to look at anyone or let something give the wrong impression. Of course he was worried about Remus, but surely that’s all it would be!”Unlike himself,” Sirius breathlessly repeated, the bite of his words no longer present. He was well aware how good Bellatrix was at pruning her family tree.Lily hated how the plea ripped from her, like the teenager inside was still pleading her friend be in there and save this woman. It wasn’t going to happen, what had once been thought to be a corpsewas as good as. Another woman’s cruelty shown because of the fate decided for her by Death Eaters and their leader.How was it possible, this was all made worse now that they had a name, face, memories, of the woman now being subjected to this. Not a lot, granted, but Sirius had loved Professor Burbage fornever growing tired of his endless questions. She had mothered James to no end, always patient with his rather particular inquiries. A teacher they hadn’t a chance to think about much when they graduated, had never even played much of a vivid part in their life even close to their head of house, but someone to them nonetheless. Another innocent person who had done nothing to deserve the fate given to her because of Voldemort.Lily longed to close her eyes and curl up in bed, to never again have to say that aloud, let alone how many times she’d thought it. How many times had she begged him to turn away from those vile friends who had turned him into what he was? It didn’t matter anymore, she’d just have to keep repeating to herself what he was now until it outweighed the pleas.Sirius couldn’t stop himself this time, moving on instinct to hurl a curse at the one who dared mock his friend. The fire roared blue for a moment in protest in its grate, sputtering and wafting smoke clear through the room before taking several long moments to sputter and die.Lily merely wafted her hand across her nose a few times before trying to finish, her face scrunched up in disgust for far more than the smell.Lily could hardly force the curse to pass her lips. She hadn’t needed too, they all knew full well what happened.She thrust the book away from her so fast it landed on the floor with a thump. No one moved to pick it up. Only one moment into this glimpse of a future life, and already things felt as hopeless as could be.HPHPHPHPHPHPHP* In which I once saw an insane fan theory about Draco being a werewolf because of this line coupled with some things from the last book. Go look it up, it’s quite interesting to consider.

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