Fanfic: The Little Master of Death by the_Lost_Wanderer (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: What if the prophecy kept in the Hall of Prophecies in the Department of Mysteries was manipulated to suit the needs of an old manipulator?

Characters: Major Character DeathHarry Potter/Tom Riddle | Voldemort James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Sirius Black/Remus Lupin Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Rodolphus LestrangeTom Riddle | Voldemort Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter Death – Character Fates – Character The Dursleys Lily Potter James Potter Severus Snape Sirius Black Peter Pettigrew Lady MagicManipulative Dumbledore Insane Voldemort later sane Tom Riddle Slow Burn soulbond Mentor Death Parseltongue Magic Sensitivity Child Neglect Child Abuse Nagini – Freeform Master of Death Harry Magically Powerful Harry Deathly Hallows Smart Harry Olde Magicks Mentions of Rituals Necromancy Soul Magic Death Magic More tags to be added Torture Blood Rituals

Summary: Summary:

What if the prophecy kept in the Hall of Prophecies in the Department of Mysteries was manipulated to suit the needs of an old manipulator?
What if the recent Dark Lord had forgotten about his original goals in his quest to gain immortality and cheat Death?
What if the Boy-Who-Lived willingly accepted his death before he even knew he was the Boy-Who-Lived?
And what if the Fates decided to intervene to start a new game of ‘chess’?

Notes: Notes:

Hello, my fellow Earthlings!
So, I have come up with this new fic which is gonna be long (yay, my first long fic!). I have a long bit of this story outlined, but have only written ten chapters so far. This story, hence, is very much a work-in-progress.
Also, the chapter length of my story would not depend on word-count. Instead, it would be on where I feel like breaking it off. So, there’s that!
And now, on with the prologue! I hope you guys will like this!

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Chapter 1: The Potential Master

Chapter Text
From the very beginning of civilization, humans have created and worshipped higher deities, made the concepts of Gods to easier understand the different wonderful phenomena that take place on Earth.
Four such beings sat on the higher realms of the world, discussing about the mortal plane.
The Fates ¨C Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos ¨C sat together, their forms glowing with feminine beauty and eyes shining with determination and controlled hardness of someone who weaves, draws out and cuts the threads of all the mortals and beings residing in the universe.
Currently, the three spotted mischievous glints in their eyes and matching smirks on their mouths like they had found the ultimate reason behind their existence (and knowing them, they might actually have) and couldn¡¯t wait to exploit it.
Death, on the other hand, had a resigned expression on his face, his skeleton shoulders slumped down, his whole body wrapped around a black cloak so dark, it seemed to consume all the shadows around him.
He opened his mouth, deciding to give arguing another go. ¡°Why can¡¯t you three just tell me who in all the living dimensions has got potential to be my Master again?!¡±, he practically whined. It really was getting frustrating on how these three could just come and drop a hypothetical supernova on him like that and skip away without any retribution.
Death had been minding his own damn business, looking at some souls and just throwing them into his realms of torture (which most mortals termed hell; there were no varieties these days in mortals¡¯ souls, it was getting extremely boring for him getting wasted away like that) and musing about bending more rules to get more varieties of hell, when those three had literally dropped on him, muttering something about ¡®manipulators¡¯, ¡®our prophecy!¡¯ and ¡®let¡¯s tweak the threads a bit¡¯ (he was starting to wonder at their sanity, but they had been living on for so long that it really wasn¡¯t questionable; all of them had their occasional bouts of insanity).
Death came out of his thoughts when the Fate sitting on the extreme left, Clotho, replied, ¡°Because, for the umpteenth time, Death, the last time we told you who could be your Master, the Peverell brothers became, well, the Peverell brothers!¡±
Death¡¯s lips twitched, ¡°I did not have anything to do with it! It¡¯s not my fault the then Lord and Lady Peverell decided to have triplets!¡±, he huffed out.
¡°They were not supposed to be triplets, Death!¡±, the Fate sitting in the middle, Lachesis, spoke, annoyed that their plans were changed because of Death. ¡°You messed with the threads and made Lady Peverell conceive at the wrong time!¡±
¡°And then¡±, the Fate on the right, Atropos, continued, ¡°you decided to give them the idea to create Hallows and imbued them with your magic, thus, increasing the number of rules to be satisfied to be your Master-¡±
Death grinned, hiding it when the Fates glared at him. That was one of his most brilliant ideas!
¡°-That also resulted in the elder two brothers¡¯ premature deaths-¡±, Lachesis continued.
¡°-and also made it near impossible for us to find a suitable Master of yours!¡±, Clotho finished. ¡°And now, when we have finally found a suitable match for all of your requirements-¡±
¡°-we do not want you messing around-¡±
¡°-and destroying our hard work-¡±
¡°-again!¡±, the three spoke it together, giving Death a look that spoke of extreme pain and torture. Death was properly chastised, sighing at the three pairs of glaring eyes. He absolutely hated the way the three completed each other¡¯s sentences.
Death did not like the idea of bounding a mortal to himself. He¡¯d have to look after them, mentor them and teach them his magic, just for them to either later use his powers to destroy the world and cause absolute chaos, all the while increasing his work load, or die from the absolute insanity that comes with having so much control over the types of magic that most mortals classify extremely dangerous. And he absolutely hated sharing control over his creatures with a mere mortal.
No, Death was not ready to grant any mortal control over some of his aspects, just because they satisfied some stupid rules. He needed to find this person and find all the reasons for them not to become his Master. He just needed to convince these three why it was such a good idea to tell him the person¡¯s name, an endeavor in which he seemed to be failing spectacularly.
Death gave a frustrated groan, ¡°Fine! Don¡¯t tell me the name, but at least give me some hints?¡±
The Fates grinned and Death regretted even opening his mouth.
¡°Oh, Death-¡±, Clotho started and Death eyed them suspiciously.
¡°-we know, you absolutely love-¡±, Lachesis continued.
¡°-Riddle!¡±, Atropos finished and the three burst into cackles.
Death just scowled. That bastard, Tom Marvolo Riddle! How could a single mortal cause so much chaos, Death had no idea. The man had the gall to cheat him of all things, wandering around making Horcruxes ¨C not one, but five of them ¨C losing his sanity and making himself some snake-hybrid, all the while increasing Death¡¯s work with all that murder and torture. Death really couldn¡¯t wait to get his hands on that particular mortal. He will show him what exactly happens when you mess around with Soul Magic like that. Death could just go himself and destroy the Horcruxes and drag Voldemort kicking and screaming, but the Fates had some unknown, weird-ass fascination with the bastard and would have him beheaded for even thinking such thing, so he really had to wait.
At last, Death sighed, ¡°At least, say that it won¡¯t be that Dumbledore bloke. He¡¯s already got the wand and the Cloak, I don¡¯t want him getting powers from me. I don¡¯t like that man.¡±
The Fates shared a look and shivered simultaneously. They gave him a horrified look.
¡°Never!¡±, Clotho proclaimed.
¡°We won¡¯t do that even in our insanity!¡±, Lachesis spoke. Death gave a relieved sigh.
Atropos shook her head, ¡°That man does not satisfy your requirements, Death. Even if we wanted to make him your Master, he won¡¯t be accepted.¡±
Death gave a nod. ¡°Indeed. Power destroys his mind and he manipulates the wizarding world to go as he wishes it to. Its bizarre how he went into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin.¡±
¡°Isn¡¯t it?¡±, Clotho muttered with a sly smirk and Death narrowed his eyes at her.
¡°Anyways¡±, Lachesis spoke up, ¡°we won¡¯t give too much information-¡±
¡°-but we assure you that you would feel your potential Master soon, here, in your domain.¡±, Atropos told him.
Clotho nodded, ¡°After all, not many who are destined to be your Master, are our Chosen and Magic¡¯s blessed-¡±, the Fates gave a teasing smile and finished together, ¡°-die from magical exhaustion!¡±
And with those ominous and downright weird and creepy words, the Fates shimmered and vanished away.

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