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Description: After the death of her godfather Sirius Black in the Department of Mysteries, Harriet Potter (Fem!Harry) make many wishes while mourning him. She hope with all of her heart that she knew how to handle a fight and protect those she loves. And, she wish she can have someone who would love her and never leave her. Unbeknownst to her, someone hear her wishes and throw her back in time to Rome, Italy, in the hope she will be able to fufill her wishes. And, when she meet a nice man named Ezio Auditore who save her from a horrible situation at his own risks, her wishes might just end up being answered.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Rape/Non-ConHarry Potter/Ezio AuditoreEzio Auditore da Firenze Female Harry Potter – Character Niccol¨° Machiavelli Claudia Auditore da Firenze Bartolomeo d’Alviano Original Characters Margherita dei CampiTime Travel Renaissance Assassin Harry Potter Female Harry Potter Crossover Harry Potter x Assassin’s Creed Assassin Brotherhood Witch Hunters The Templar Order (Assassin’s Creed)

Summary: Summary:

After the death of her godfather Sirius Black in the Department of Mysteries, Harriet Potter (Fem!Harry) make many wishes while mourning him. She hope with all of her heart that she knew how to handle a fight and protect those she loves. And, she wish she can have someone who would love her and never leave her. Unbeknownst to her, someone hear her wishes and throw her back in time to Rome, Italy, in the hope she will be able to fufill her wishes. And, when she meet a nice man named Ezio Auditore who save her from a horrible situation at his own risks, her wishes might just end up being answered.In which Harriet Potter join the Assassin Brotherhood during the events of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and fall in love along the way.

Notes: Notes:

This is a full crossover between the Harry Potter and Assassin’s Creed franchises.Begin in the summer of 1996, between Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince.Main pairing: Female Harry Potter/Ezio AuditoreStory will be divided in two main parts. The first half will feature Harriet Potter be sent to the 1500s where she join the Italian Assassin Brotherhood during the events of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The second half will take place in the 1990s and feature a fully-fledged Assassin Harriet Potter build her own Brotherhood in the British Magical World to fight against Voldemort.

Chapter 1

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A black haired girl lay in bed staring at the ceiling of her bedroom, though she did not see it. Her eyes, which were usually very green and full with life, were trimmed red and full of tears as the teenage girl quietly wept. The girl, Harriet Lily Potter, had just woken up from a horrible nightmare ¨C a nightmare when she saw her godfather Sirius Black fall through the Veil of Death.The nightmare was not born out of her imagination. It was born out of a memory. Only a week ago, Harriet had gone through a terrific ordeal in the Department of Mysteries where she fought Death Eaters to acquire a prophecy linking both her and Voldemort. But, she hadn’t known that at the beginning. The only reason she and her friends had been there in the first place was because Voldemort had tricked her into thinking her godfather was tortured at his hands. Thus, she had ran to save him, not realizing it was a trap until it was too late.Harriet and her friends had fought the Death Eaters. She had seen Ron injured by a giant brain, Ginny break her ankle, Neville tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange and her best friend Hermione Granger nearly die when she was hit with a nasty curse. Only Luna and Harriet herself had walked out uninjured. The others made it out alive without lasting injuries, thankfully.Unfortunately, she could not say the same for her godfather. Sirius had come with other members of the Order of the Phoenix to rescue them. While fighting his deranged cousin, Sirius was hit by a spell and fell down the Veil of Death. Like the name implied, it was a one way trip to Death.Harriet had cried and screamed. She had attempted to use the Cruciatus on Lestrange and even trashed Dumbledore’s office. But, her anger at the others could not distract her of who she felt the most loathing for. Herself.Harriet blamed herself for what happened to her friends and Sirius. Hermione had warned her it could be a trap but, in her panic, Harriet had not listened to her. It had nearly cost her best friend her life. It had cost Sirius’ his.It was why Harriet was crying quietly in her bed at four in the morning. She had dreamed of that night once more. It hunted her, knowing it was her fault the man she had loved like her own father had ended up dead.She turned to look at the wall, not that she saw it either.?’Why, Sirius? Why did you have to die? Why do everyone I love have to die?’?she thought, stifling a sob.?’Why!? Why am I forced to fight Voldemort to the end but see all my loved ones die?along the way?’?She wiped her tears angrily.?’I just wish I knew how to handle a fight so nobody would be in danger because of me. I wish I had the skills to kill Voldemort so the prophecy wouldn’t be so terrifying. I wish…’?She closed her eyes, letting out a sob.?’I wish I had someone who would love me and never leave me alone again.’?Harriet turned again to stare at the other wall. She closed her eyes and attempted to return to sleep, her mind hunted by the ghosts of her parents and Sirius.Unbeknownst to her, someone out there heard her mental pleas. Just as Harriet fell asleep, a powerful magical force transported her through time and space, hoping it could fulfill her wishes.Harriet woke up the next morning, sad. She felt she only wanted to go back to sleep and forget. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn’t. She expected her Aunt or Uncle to show up soon to bring her down to cook them breakfast. Reluctantly, Harriet opened her eyes. She let out a small gasp as she took her first glance of her environment.She was not in her room at Privet Drive. Not at all. For once, wood planks formed the ceiling over her while the walls surrounding her were built in large bricks. Second, the room was not much of a room. Rather, it looked like the entire inside of a small house. Facing the bed was two barrels and a small table where two candles were placed. Further in the house was a small fireplace, another table and a few, empty plates. Right to her left was a small table with clothes, which was towered by a small window. Harriet also noticed her wand on the small table and grabbed it.She was just about to raise from the foreign bed when a middle-aged woman with brown, curly hair entered the house. From what she could see, the woman wore tattered clothes that seemed even more outdated that what witches and wizards wore.”Ah! Tu sei sveglio!” exclaimed the woman with a small smile.”What?” asked Harriet. She raised her wand. “Who are you?”She raised her hands in shock. “Tu non parli… Tu sei inglese? Dall’Inghilterra?”The girl blinked. “Sorry, have no idea what you’re saying.” she said. She watched as the woman seemed to have an internal battle. One side must have won as she took on a determined look. She pulled out a wand, which sent Harriet into panic.”Pace! Pace!” cried the woman, raising her hands once again. “Traduzione! Magia!”Harriet recognized those words, despite spoken in another language. The first one meant ‘translate’ while the second was ‘magic’. The woman wanted to use magic to make them understand one another. She lowered her wand and nodded. An air of relief appeared on the woman’s face before she cast a spell. Harriet did not catch the incantation.”Can you understand me better?” she asked.”I can.” answered Harriet, awed. “I didn’t know such magic existed.””Really? It is rather surprising considering the world we live in.””What do you mean?” the raven haired girl asked, confused. She then shook her head, remembering she had more important to know. “Where am I? And who are you?””My name is Margherita dei Campi, and you are in my small villa.” she said. “May I inquire what your name is?””Harriet Potter.” she answered. She was surprised to see no recognition in the witch’s eyes. “How… how did I end up here?””I found you down the road earlier this morning.”?’Down?the road?’?Harriet thought in shock. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in her room after crying over Sirius’ death. What had she been doing lying outside on the street? “I brought you here before someone…?questionable?found you.””What do you mean?””I noticed you were a witch. I feared someone else would notice and cause you harm. That is, if someone praying on young women did not find you first.” Margherita answered. Harriet stared back in shock.”Why would someone do that?” she gasped. She simply couldn’t comprehend it. Most people in Privet Drive might not be very friendly with her, but no one would ever abduct a teenage girl. At worse, they would simply leave her there and walk away. Then again, she was not at Privet Drive. From the state of the house, it was obviously small and lacking. There wasn’t even a bathroom, as far as she could tell. Only a chamber pot next to the bed. If the woman had indeed found her laying on the road, then it probably meant she had been found in a less than reputable neighbourhood. And, if she was magical, she had probably been found in…”Are we in Knockturn Alley?” she asked fearfully.”Knockturn Alley?” repeated the woman, confused. “I do not know a place with such a name.””You don’t know of Knockturn Alley? It’s the adjacent alley connected to Diagon Alley.” Still, the confused look did not vanish. “Diagon Alley, in London?” she tried.”London?” blinked Margherita. “Is that where you think we are?””We’re not in London?” exclaimed Harriet. Margherita shook her head.”Miss Potter, we are in Rome.” said the woman.Harriet felt her entire body become stiff at her words. “In Italy?” she blurted. The woman nodded.She was in Rome? How had she ended up here. Shit! What was she doing so far away from home? Why did she not remember? Why did she leave her friends behind? She suddenly jumped to her feet, startling Margherita. Harriet did not pay her any mind. She needed confirmation. She ran to the door and walked out.Harriet gaped as she took in her first sight of Rome. She knew right away something was?very?wrong. It was Rome indeed, something she could confirm when she sighed various world famous monuments far away such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Vatican. However, there was something very important missing here. Modern buildings. Everything she could see looked like it had come straight out of the Renaissance.’Renaissance…’?The word bounced in her mind.”What’s the date?” she asked weakly.”27th of December 1498.” answered Margherita. Harriet’s knees buckled, unable to take the shock.”I don’t get it.” she whispered, looking at the cup of water in her hand. “How could I go from London, 1996 to Rome, 1498?” She looked up at Margherita, who only looked back with compassion. “How could I travel five hundred years in the past?””A mystery, I believe.” said the woman. Harriet snorted. It was one word for it.After the shock had reduced, Margherita had brought her back inside to lay on the bed. Right there, Harriet had blurted she was from the future, which had shocked the woman. She had explained how she had no idea why she was here, nor how she could get back. She had then burst into tears, realizing she might never meet her friends again. Worse, that she had left them alone without the prophecy child to get rid of Voldemort and, thus, offer them a safe future. Margherita let her vent out as she consoled her. When her tears had dried, Harriet had fallen asleep, exhausted from the emotional shock. She had woken up a few hours later and her host had immediately given her a cup of water.”How am I supposed to go back? I can’t leave my friends alone! We’re in the middle of a war and I’m here in Rome!” she panicked.”Harriet… calm down.” pleaded the woman. Harriet looked around herself to see object vibrating. Accidental magic.Something she was forced to remember was that the Statue of Secrecy did not yet exist. Magic was known all around the world. And, in the capital of christendom, displaying any type of magic was very, very dangerous. It could easily lead to being burned at the stake. The young witch had literally been sent back to the witch hunts.”Sorry.” she said once she calmed herself.”It is of no worry.” dismissed Margherita. “Just be careful when you are in public. If it was ever found that a young lady like you was magical…” she trailed off. Harriet understood.If a muggle ever found out she was magical in her time, the muggle would either believe they hallucinated or react according to their own feelings about magic. Even if they loathed magic (like her relatives), it was very unlikely they would do anything to her other than distance themselves from her. It was different in this time period. While there was a possibility the muggles might think they imagined something, it was far more likely they would acknowledge magic as what it was. And, with how widespread catholisism and witch hunts were, it was almost a certainty they would try to kill her.Another thing she had to remember was that the notion between right and wrong was a lot different from her time period. While most people in the modern era believed in the mottos?’Live and let live.’?and?’Don’t hurt anyone.’, it was not the case in this time. In this time, most people did not care what they did as long as it was not considered a sin by the church. And, even then, they would try to get away with it as long as they weren’t seen. Being discovered as a witch would be like discarding her human rights. Anything could be done to her. Nobody would see it as wrong, as she was a witch. It could lead to things much worse than death, such as slavery, torture or rape…Trying not to think at the situations she could end up with if her magic was ever discovered, Harriet decided to change the subject. “Where is the closest magical district?”Margherita snorted. “I’m sorry, but there is no such thing here in Rome. The closest district or all-wizard village would be in France.””France? How can I travel there?””Well, there is muggle means, of course.” said the older woman. “Otherwise, you would need a portkey.””Can you make one?” asked Harriet with hope. If she could reach a magical district, she could possibly talk to fellow witches and wizards who could help her with her problem. Maybe even send her back directly. Unfortunately, her hopes came crashing down with Margherita’s answer.”Sorry, but I do not know how.””Apparition?” she asked weakly.”It is not a term I am familiar with, sorry.” she shook her head.Harriet brought her knees to her chest and burrowed her face in them. She had no idea what to do and had a hard time stopping herself from crying again. She was a teenage witch lost away from home and stuck in possibly the worse time period in history for magical beings.”What am I going to do?” she wailed.Margherita sat next to her. She began rubbing slow circles in the young witch’s back. “You are not alone, Harriet. You can stay here as long as you need to.”The raven haired girl looked at the older woman with eyes rimmed with tears but full of hope. “Really?” she whispered.”Of course.” she said with a small smile. “Us witches have to stick together.” Harriet let out a wet chuckle at her words.”These clothes are very strange.” muttered Harriet as she adjusted her skirt mid-walk. Margherita chuckled.”You will have to get used to it.” said the woman.”I prefer pants.” the girl returned. She then whispered “Remind me, why are we going to the church again?”It had been a few days since Harriet had come back in time. These few days had been spent in the villa coming to the realization she was indeed in the past and stuck there. It was hard to adjust to her new reality. Margherita had been very helpful, teaching her how to live in the time period (and without magic). It included the basics like how to use a chamber pot (which she found very uncomfortable), how to cook without appliances, how to start a fire, how to use the local currency, etc.Earlier that morning, the woman decided it was time for her to get out of the house, which is why she had brought the young Englishwoman to the church. Not that Harriet understood why as neither of them were believers of God.”Not going to the mass will make us look suspicious. Standing out is the last thing we need.” Margherita whispered.Harriet sighed. She had no doubts ‘we’ meant witches and wizards. “I guess you are right.” she murmured as they passed next to a patrol of guards.Blending in was something Harriet very much wanted to follow. If she was honest with herself, she was completely and utterly terrified of the witch hunts. She feared what would happen to her if it was ever discovered she was a witch. She would be treated as badly as Voldemort and his Death Eaters treated the muggles they captured. Maybe even worse.The mass went well. While Harriet had felt uncomfortable and lost, she did not show it. After, a few neighbours of Margherita came to ask who she was. Margherita followed the small story they had imagined and introduced her as Harriet Potter da Londra (from London), her niece who came all the way from England to live with her, being her only living relative. A few welcomed her with genuine smiles. To her amusement, others privately and quietly told her she had chosen the worse time possible to move to Rome. As for some men, they straight up made her feel uncomfortable with the way they looked at her.”They were looking at me like I was a piece of fresh meet.” she said to Margherita with a shudder after left back home. Margherita could only smile bitterly.”Unfortunately, it is a pretty accurate description of how we are seen in this world.” she said. “We’re nothing more to them than something to pleasure them and give them children.””It’s so wrong.””It is the way it is.” sighed the older woman. “Thankfully, not everyone think like that.””No, just the majority.” said the teenager bitterly. She was suddenly deeply grateful for the women’s rights movements that happened before she was born. While equality between men and women was not perfect in her time, it was centuries ahead of when she now was ¨C pun intended.As they reached the villa, the two women overheard a shout come from further down the road. Harriet looked in shock as she saw a boy about her age fight five guards. The boy wore tattered clothes and held a small, rusty sword in his hands. “Help!” cried the boy, very much struggling against the assault of the five guards ¨C who all had murderous looks in their eyes.”What are they doing?” Harriet gasped, taking a step forward to help him.”Harriet, don’t!” said Margherita, grabbing the girl’s arm.”Why not? They’re going to kill him!” she cried.”And what are you going to do once you are here? You won’t be able to talk them down and you don’t have a weapon to fight them with.””I have my-“”They are never going to leave you alone if you use magic in front of them!” hissed Margherita quietly.”But…” she started. The words froze in her mouth as she saw the boy get disarmed. A second later, one of the guards his sword in his stomach. “No!” she gasped, tears leaking out the corner of her eyes. She saw the boy’s eyes widen as life quickly left him. He fell to the ground, dead. The guard retook his sword before he spat on the boy’s body. Unable to look any longer, Harriet let out a sob and ran inside the villa.Margherita sighed and followed her young charge inside. She found Harriet hiding under the covers and crying. She softly sat next to her.”W-Why did they d-do it?” she asked tearfully from under the covers.”There could be many reasons.””How m-many of them g-good?””Not many.” she admitted. “Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can’t do about it. Not many are willing to fight against the rule of the Borgia. Some because they don’t want to risk their lives, others because they are reluctant to go against the Pope ¨C the representative of God.”The younger witch let out a sob. Margherita sighed again. “Are you okay, Harriet?” she asked.”N-No.” the raven haired witch said. “Why do people have to live with it? Why do people have to be oppressed?””I don’t know, Harriet.””Isn’t there anyone fighting against the Borgia?””Some have tried, but they eventually disappear or are forced to stop when the lives of their loved ones are threatened.” she answered. Under the covers, she heard the weeping increase, which made her sigh again. As she sat there and comforted the teenager, she heard Harriet mutter to herself “I wish I was home.” Her heart went out for the young witch who was lost in time and away from everyone and everything she knew and loved.Harriet and Margherita woke up during the night to the sound of someone knocking on their door. “Who’s there?” asked the elder witch, her wand pointed at the door.”It’s me, Alessandro.” came the voice on the other side of the door. Margherita put away her wand and quickly opened the door. A tall and lanky man with grey hair entered the room. Harriet immediately noticed the blood slowly pouring out of the man’s stomach. She was not the only one.”What happened?” gasped Margherita.”Oh, just a run in with guards.” grinned the man. Harriet saw he had a sheathed sword attached around his waist. And, around one of his fingers was a silver ring with a red cross on it.”Again? Why must you always attract trouble?” Margherita sighed. “Take off your shirt.”The man chuckled and did as she said. As Margherita began cleaning the wound, he glanced around the room. When his eyes met Harriet’s, he gave a start. “Who’s that?” he asked.”That’s my niece, Harriet Potter. She came here all the way from England a few days ago.” answered the woman as she took out her wand. The man looked at it warily.”Are you sure it’s wise with…” he trailed off, sending a small nod toward Harriet.”She’s magical. Just like us.” said Margherita. The man sighed in relief.”Well, it’s an honour to meet you, Miss Potter. I would have bowed to you if I could.”Harriet spoke for the first time since she awoke. “It’s nice to meet you too, Mr…””Alessandro Pozzoli da Venizia.” said the man.”Da Venizia?” repeated Harriet, confused.”Of course! Best city in the world!”Margherita chuckled. “I think she wonder why you added the city you were born in.””Ah. Well, with all the independent city states in Italy, it became a custom to introduce ourselves with the one we were born at.” said Alessandro before he hissed in pain. He sent a small glare to Margherita, who continued to wipe the wound clean without glancing at him.”So, by your custom, I should introduce myself as Harriet Potter da Londra?” asked Harriet. She was unsure where she was born but she assumed it was St-Mungo, which was in London. It was also where her godfather had lived, which was more home than Privet Drive had ever been, despite the dishevelled state of Grimmauld Place.”That’s how it would work, yes. However, you will find most people ignore this custom and only give their name. You can do either, it is not a problem.” the man said. Harriet nodded in understanding.After cleaning the wound, Margherita asked “Harriet, can you bring the salve? It should be in the second barrel.””Uh ¨C yes.” she said, walking out of bed. She went where the two barrels were located and opened the second one by the top. She was surprised when she found it was a lot bigger on the inside than outside. The inside was full of different shelves all containing magical items. The top shelves were the things that could be needed in an emergency, such as potions and salves. Harriet grabbed the first salve she found and brought it to Margherita. “This one?””Yes, thank you.” she said. Harriet placed it on the table next to her before she went and closed the barrel. Margherita grabbed a bit of salve with her fingers and began rubbing it on the cut. “Now tell me, Alessandro. How did you end up with such a wound?””Borgia guards.” scowled the man. “They are everywhere. Don’t have anything better to do than bother us. I knew I couldn’t use magic ¨C or I would have the entire town on my back ¨C so I defended myself using my sword. Unfortunately, while I killed two of them, the third guard still managed to injure me.””Won’t the guards be looking for you if you killed two of them?” asked Harriet. Alessandro shook his head.”It was dark. I doubt they could see my face properly. They wouldn’t recognize me.” he said. Harriet was about to ask about cameras and witnesses until she remembered what time period she was in. There were no cameras and she doubted the guards would play detective by gathering witness testimonies and look for evidence. Instead, she sat back down in bed and observed as the woman who had taken her in took care of the injured wizard. Suddenly, an idea popped in her mind.”Can you teach me how to use a sword?” she blurted. Alessandro and Margherita looked at her in surprise. “It’s just… the witch hunts terrify me! I’m scared of what could happen to me if my magic was ever discovered. And I certainly don’t want to be defenceless if I get attacked by the guards like that boy earlier today. I just… I don’t want to die.” she said emotionally. Tears had formed in her eyes as she remembered the brutal murder of the teenage boy.”Well, it would certainly put my mind at ease if you knew how to defend yourself.” said Margherita. She looked at the wizard. “What do you think? Can you do it?”Alessandro shrugged. “Sure, why not. It would be good for her and I don’t mind. After all, us witches and wizards have to stick together.” he said.”Thank you.” said Harriet with a beaming smile.Alessandro ended up spending the night with them on a conjured bed. The next morning, he and Harriet walked outside. “Now, little Harriet, you have your sword?””Yes, sir.” said the witch, looking at her conjured sword. It was a conjured sword with a blunted blade. It would not cut through skin but it could easily bruise. The fact it was conjured also meant it would not last more than a few hours, but it was more than enough for teaching how to fight with one.”Good. Now, we don’t have a fighting ring so it would be best to take a small walk to a grassy area.” said the man. Harriet nodded and followed him as they walked through the Roman countryside. About ten minutes later, the found a nice, large and flat spot of grass towered by a nice looking tree. It looked like a small piece of heaven in the middle of an oppressed city.”Now, let’s begin with the basic: the stance. First, place your right feet forward and your left feet back. The left feet should be diagonal to your right one.” he said as he showed the stance. Harriet imitated him. She found it was very much similar to stances used in magical duels. “Then, you will need to crouch slightly. Not a lot but enough to lower yourself. Not only will it will help you stand your ground, but it give you a larger range of movements.”Harriet crouched. “Like that?” she asked.”Yes. Very good.” said Alessandro. “Try moving around while keeping the stance.” Harriet took a few steps to the left, then to the right. “Good.” the man said. “This is how you must place your legs and move every time you fight. Otherwise, it will be harder for you to move and easier for the enemy to unbalance you.””I understand.””Now, I will teach you a few basic guard positions…”Alessandro stayed in Rome for a month before he was forced to return to Venice. He spent half of his time in Rome teaching Harriet swordfighting. At the end of the month, the man was confident the young witch would be able to defeat a guard one on one. He also believed she could hold her own against two and maybe even three, though he’d suggested she run away and hide if it ever was the case.During that month also saw more people coming to Margherita. Harriet quickly found out the woman was the only healer in Rome, which meant she was often visited by injured or sick witches and wizards. It also allowed Harriet to better learn how a witch or wizard lived at the dawn of the fifteenth century.The months quickly flew past after Alessandro’s departure from Rome. Harriet spent those months settling in 1499 Rome. She helped Margherita heal injured witches and wizards while she continued training with a conjured sword and dummy.It was also during those months that Harriet began exploring Rome. While it was her first time there, she quickly noticed how much the city had suffered under Borgia rule. The majority of the shops she encountered where closed and some buildings looked abandoned and dilapidated. She also took notice of the strange architecture of the buildings, dilapidated or otherwise, of how no wall looked smooth and everything seemed built almost as a way to allow people to climb buildings and run across rooftops.The people walking through the streets of Rome often looked fearful, especially in the presence of guards. To Harriet’s dismay and horror, the boy she saw killed at the hands of guards was only the first of many. During those first few months, Harriet saw multiple fights against the guards. While most either escaped or got arrested, not everyone was that lucky. By the middle of the summer of 1499, Harriet had seen more than a dozen people loose their lives at the hands of the Borgia guards.That summer, Harriet decided she wanted to travel to the nearest magical district to find information on time travel. Accompanied by Margherita, the two women left Rome onboard a carriage and spent the next weeks on the road. They reached the town of Aix-en-Provence near the end of August and spent a week there researching and consulting with wizard scholars. Unfortunately, they found no information. Harriet returned to Rome heartbroken and feeling like a failure.With the feeling she was going to stay in Rome for a long time, Harriet spent the rest of the 1499 year learning about Rome. She also spent those months making a small sum of money by helping people and using her skills (like the fact she could read) to her advantage. With her money, Harriet bought herself a proper sword to defend herself with. She began wearing it at her hip at all time.Near the end of the year, Harriet began noticing how everyone in town became fearful and restless. It took her a few days to understand what was the cause. She was amused when she learned that people feared the arrival of the year 1500. In the minds of many, it was considered as the beginning of the end of the world. As a time traveller, Harriet knew it was complete rubbish. She was greatly amused by it, though.A year after Harriet’s arrival in the past, just a few days after New Year, Harriet and Margherita were woken up in the middle of the night by frantic banging on the door.”Who’s there?” asked Margherita.”I have someone in need of healing.” said a male voice on the other side of the door. “I heard from a friend of mine you can help. And I’d rather it not reach the Borgia…”Tentatively, Margherita opened the door, revealing two men. The first man had short hair and wore a black and red outfit. At his hip was attached a sword. “Thank you.” said the man as he entered, leading the second man in. Had she met him another day, Harriet’s first reaction would have been to note the man’s handsomeness. However, all she could see at that moment were the various injuries he had, along with the blood staining his loose clothing. And, while the second man stood on his feet, he did not look remotely conscious.Margherita helped the first man lead the second to one of the beds. They laid him down and Margherita immediately began removing his shirt, revealing all of his wounds, which included a bullet wound on the shoulder. “What happened?” gasped Harriet as she brought a small bowl of water and a wet towel.The first man answered. “This man just went through a terrible ordeal. He helped defend a town from an enemy siege. When the town fell, he travelled here to warn our allies. He fainted along the way. It was lucky I found him or he might have been captured ¨C or worse.””That’s terrible!” she exclaimed. The man hummed.”Hopefully, he will recover in your care.” he said. “Now, I must go but before I do, take this.” The man dropped a large bag she had not noticed before on the floor. “Inside are clothes and weapons for him when he will awaken.””We will give them to him.” said Harriet.”Please do so.” the man said. He turned and walked toward the door. Just before he exited the house, he added “When he awake, tell him Niccolo Machiavelli want to meet him in front of the Mausoleo di Augusto.””We will.” said Margherita, speaking for the first time since she began working on the second man.”Thank you.” said the first man. He left and closed the door behind him.”Harriet, come bring me some bandages, please.” said Margherita. Harriet went and did as she said.After she gave the bandages, the young woman took the opportunity to look at the man properly. The man had long, dark hair attached in a ponytail and a small beard. His chest looked very muscled, making the man look rather handsome. If she had to estimate her age, she would say he was in his early forties.Thinking of the man’s naked chest made her remember about the clothes. Harriet grabbed the bag and unpacked it. Inside, she found a set of white and red hooded robes, a clean shirt and pants, boots, a cape worn over a shoulder, a sword and a metal bracer. She all gently placed the objects on the table next to the bed.”Harriet, grab a second towel, will you? I believe the man is developing a small fever.” said the elder woman. Harriet nodded and did as she was told.Harriet helped Margherita as they worked all night healing the man’s various injuries. They finished as the sun began rising over the horizon when they bandaged the man’s torso.”He should be good.” sighed Margharita that morning. “He will be tired and in pain, but he will be alright.””How long do you think it will take before he wake up?” asked the younger woman. Margherita shrugged.”It could be in five minutes or five hours. We will have to wait for him to come back to us.” she said.The handsome man was still unconscious two hours later when it was time to change the bandages. Margherita let Harriet change them alone. It was a small test to see how much she had learned in a year helping her. Harriet had no problems doing so, having learned a lot about healing in that period of time. Just as she finished the final touches, she felt the man move. When she looked at his face, she saw his amber eyes wide open and stare at her in surprise. In her own surprise, she jumped back with a small ‘eep!’.”Who are you?” he asked with a slightly rasp voice. “Where have you brought me?””I’m Harriet Potter da Londra.” she answered. “And we did not bring you anywhere. A man brought you here.””You’re from London?” he asked as he raised in a sitting position. Harriet nodded. “How did an English girl end up here?”Harriet let out a small sigh. “That is a long and perso

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