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Description: There¡¯s a lot Harry doesn¡¯t know or just doesn’t understand about the wizarding world, when he starts having dreams about a boy named Tony that lives in America he dismisses it as a thing that just happens in the wizarding world. He¡¯s not completely wrong.

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Summary: Summary:

There¡¯s a lot Harry doesn¡¯t know or just doesn’t understand about the wizarding world, when he starts having dreams about a boy named Tony that lives in America he dismisses it as a thing that just happens in the wizarding world. He¡¯s not completely wrong.¡°You often dream about your work?¡±¡°Honestly, yes.¡± Tony looked back from the table, where he was pulling a bunch of papers to work on, to throw Harry a smile. ¡°My mind is always working on a problem or project, so I guess it bleeds into my dreams.¡±¡°That sounds bloody awful.¡± Harry can barely imagine, going to sleep just to dream about studying in the library or classes again, as if any sequence with Snape teaching him how to brew could be a dream. On the other hand, it¡¯s not Voldemort and is not a nightmare.Tony turned his whole body to stare at Harry and then he was full-on laughing, eyes barely open and his head thrown back, Harry was a little bit in love already.

Notes: Notes:

This is an AU and I didn’t want to work with the age difference, so the story begins in 1995 Harry is 15 and Tony is 17, let’s go with that.If you think of a tag I should have used let me know.Please enjoy and leave a comment!,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

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Chapter 1: never think twice

Chapter Text

His nights were plagued by literal nightmares, whenever he closed his eyes to sleep chances were that Voldemort was going to send him some kind of vision. Mostly of his past, seeing flashes of his parents on battles, or Death Eater training. When there were no visions there were memories, Cedric was always a favourite protagonist for those, but also the life at the Dursley¡¯s, the feeling of inadequacy loneliness corrupting even his few good memories. Never a dull moment in Harry¡¯s life, and now not even a peaceful sleep.?

So going to bed that night he wasn¡¯t expecting much, he was tired enough as he spent the day working for his Aunt. This summer he didn¡¯t even care about the abuse, the work kept him awake and occupied during the day and too tired to think at night. Sleep came easily, even if he didn¡¯t want to, aware of what was to come.

At first, it began like every other dream, for a few moments he was just flying around the Quidditch field, he expected to fall to his death in a mockery of the game that was spoiled by the Dementors, but then he was standing in a living room. Whoever lived there had good taste and had the money to spend on it, this was the type of house Aunt Petunia dreams about. The space was open, clear and clean, in the middle of it there was a very expensive looking piano, old withered flowers sitting on top of it, Harry stared at the boy playing for a second before he sat on the maroon leather couch before the windows and tried not to disturb the other.?

The boy didn¡¯t look much older than Harry, he had deep brown hair, a complete opposite of Harry¡¯s own disarray of messy curls, the boy¡¯s hair was styled back fully combed, he was even wearing a suit, all black, the jacket was thrown on top of the piano full of wrinkles. From afar he couldn¡¯t be sure but it looked like the boy may have been crying, face reddened and slightly puffy. Harry wasn¡¯t one to judge anyway, he knew better than most that sometimes the feelings came out one way or another. The song was hauntingly beautiful, he was very skilled, his fingers flying over the keys with precision. Harry thought he had never seen such beauty. He sat on the couch all night, the boy played all night, piece after another, all of them perfect if a little gloomy.?

When it was time to wake up Harry was almost sad.

It was by far the best night of sleep he had that summer, if not ever, not even Dudley could spoil it, he also couldn¡¯t stop thinking about the boy and who or even why he dreamed about him. He thought he would recognize his face, Hermione told him once that every face on dreams belongs to someone you¡¯ve seen while awake, but Harry was certain he wouldn¡¯t have forgotten who the boy was.

A headache-free day was good, but as his life dictates it didn¡¯t last, a couple of days later he was attacked by dementors forcing him to use magic in front of muggles, or as it was a muggle, his cousin¡­ who already knew about magic anyway. And as if his life wasn¡¯t bad enough, he was also about to be expelled from Hogwarts for his improper use of magic. A day after the attack he was ready to have a nightmare about green lights and cold monsters. So he was very surprised when he noticed he was in some well-lit muggle laboratory, he was expecting Voldemort to appear from somewhere with some doctor talking about experiments and torture methods. It would be very much on theme with the man.

He was even more surprised when the boy from before came in, he was even more breathtaking from this close, there was something different and new about how Harry¡¯s body and mind reacted to the boy, and Harry was not ready nor had the time for this type of questioning. The boy was surprised by his presence, he did a double-take to check if Harry was really there before smirking. ¡°And who are you supposed to be?¡±?

Harry could be more insulted, as it was a dream he only shrugged, besides it was nice not to be recognized. For once, inside his dreams at least, he could be anyone, this boy wasn¡¯t an actual person, was just created by his own mind and apparently, his mind was giving him a rest. ¡°I¡¯m Harry Potter, and who are you?¡±

The boy smiled and sat on a bench. ¡°Tony Stark.¡± Harry would need to look the name up, just in case, this is some kind of magical thing that nobody thought of explaining to him as usual.?

¡°Pleasure.¡± Harry sat on a sofa behind the work table as Tony started scribbling on something on top of the table. ¡°So¡­ you work here?¡± He asked finally when it was clear that the other wasn¡¯t going to say anything, as he was already concentrating on whatever it was he did on this workshop.

¡°Sometimes, I have several labs, this one is for my personal use.¡±

¡°You often dream about your work?¡±

¡°Honestly, yes.¡± Tony looked back from the table where he was pulling a bunch of papers to work on, to throw Harry a smile. ¡°My mind is always working on a problem or project, so I guess it bleeds into my dreams.¡±

¡°That sounds bloody awful.¡± Harry can barely imagine, going to sleep just to dream about studying in the library or classes again, as if any sequence with Snape teaching him how to brew could be a dream. On the other hand, it¡¯s not Voldemort and is not a nightmare.?

Tony turned his whole body to stare at Harry and then he was full-on laughing, eyes barely open and his head was thrown back, Harry was a little bit in love already.

Tony didn¡¯t fully understand what Harry was, he imagined his subconscious was trying to say something, he just didn¡¯t know what. Dreaming of Harry did feel different from other dreams, he couldn¡¯t explain it fully, it was clearer. But after the night he met Harry even Jarvis noticed that he was more relaxed, his fingers worked faster on his projects, even his mind was sharper, the numbers running through with almost no distraction.?

That first encounter was a surprise, Harry was sassy and curious but he didn¡¯t disturb Tony, he asked a couple of questions about the things around the lab, what was this or that, what was he building, but mostly he stayed quiet when Tony was tinkering with his schemes. He stayed on the sofa the whole night watching Tony, it was both scary and flattering, anyhow it did put an easy smile on his face, narcissistic? Maybe, but he was Tony Stark, and it gave him leeway to be a bit egocentric.

The second time he dreamed with Harry they were on a beach, the one he used to go to with his mother a long time ago, behind them the Malibu house they used for vacations, the sun was out but he couldn’t feel the heat and the sound of the waves was muted somehow, not as loud as it should be. Harry appeared closer to the water than him, looked around confused for a second and smiled when he saw Tony standing there. Tony remembers thinking that it was a beautiful smile, but again Harry was a creation of his subconscious, so it made sense for him to be appealing to Tony.

¡°I’ve never been to the beach.¡± Harry sat down and proceeded to bury his hands and feet on the sand trying to feel what it was like. ¡°These dreams could have a little more realism.¡±

Tony agreed with a nod sitting by his side. ¡°My mom used to take me here whenever we were in town, father mostly stayed inside the house, so this was kind of our thing. Makes sense I¡¯m dreaming about it.¡±

Tony was more thinking aloud than talking to him but Harry turned to him anyway. ¡°What do you mean?¡±

¡°I took control of my father¡¯s industries today,¡± He wasn¡¯t taking full control, he didn¡¯t even want full control, he would be designing the weapons, better ones than Howard too. But for now, he would gladly let Obie take care of the boring part of the job. ¡°I was thinking about the day they died.¡± About the day his life went from simple playboy life, to trust fund playboy with tragic past, maybe with time, it would at least be a good pickup line.

¡°I¡¯m sorry.¡± Harry tapped his hand softly, going back to playing with the sand before Tony could analyze what he was not feeling from the phantom touch. ¡°If it¡¯s any consolation my parents are also dead.¡±?

Tony laughed, at least his subconscious had a sense of humour. ¡°It is, after all, two orphans are better than one.¡±

¡°How did your parents die? Mine were murdered by a psychopath when I was one.¡± Harry said it flippantly but Tony could guess it was a touchy subject by the way his smile subdued.

¡°Mine died in a car crash after Howard… my father had a few too many. At least I was seventeen already.¡±

After that they talked little about the heavy stuff, Tony talked about his favourite bands and Harry admitted never listening to any of them between laughs as Tony performed the most famous ones.

The third time he saw Harry they were in his living room, Tony smiled at him.?

By now falling asleep and seeing Harry is a treat, he can¡¯t find a pattern for how or why it happens, he is aware that these happen for a reason. There is no other explanation as to why he remembers everything so vividly after waking up, it doesn¡¯t happen with other dreams. This time Harry seemed to be in a mood, his jaw was set and he had a frown. Tony could respect that, his subconscious was testing his ability to comfort people apparently, so he went to the piano and started playing.

At the end of a piece or another Harry got up from the sofa where he is perched watching Tony and sat by him on the bench, his head resting on Tony¡¯s shoulder as if it meant nothing. And again Tony pays half a mind to how indescribable it is that his mind knows what he should be feeling on the point of contact but there¡¯s no feeling, this time he even thought that he somehow compensated the missing sensations with some fabricated ones.

¡°You play wonderfully.¡± Was said eventually, softly, from his side.

¡°Why, thank you, Harry.¡± Harry laughed and Tony considered it for the victory that it was.?

¡°I wish I could play something.¡± His voice was small like he was telling Tony a secret or asking for something forbidden.?

¡°I can teach you.¡± Tony said without thinking, he was about to make light of it when he saw the smile Harry was giving him.

He refused to have a crush on his imaginary friend.

Harry was still smiling when he woke up, dreaming of Tony was becoming his favourite time of the day. He still had nightmares most nights and his mood swings were still affecting his day to day life.

He knew he should talk to someone about it, by now he could guess what was considered normal in the wizarding world and although he didn¡¯t want to believe it, his dreams with Tony weren¡¯t completely normal. But he really didn¡¯t want it to end, and he could see it already, he would tell someone about it they would discuss and someone would tell Dumbledore and he would sit being reprimanded about something he couldn¡¯t really control, but he would be forbidden of ever doing it again.?

How Dumbledore would control his dreams, he doesn¡¯t know, but he knows nothing good will last forever, especially not when he was concerned. So he would keep his mouth shut about Tony and keep this one secret close to his heart.

¡°Come on, mate, or we won¡¯t have any food left, the house is always so full now.¡± Ron passed him, and Harry had to force himself from smiling so hard. ¡°You could ask for a later birthday party, maybe mum will make a cake.¡±

¡°If she bakes a cake, what makes you believe that you¡¯ll get a piece?¡±

¡°Harry! You¡¯re supposed to be my best mate, that¡¯s betrayal!¡± Harry laughed and skipped down in front of Ron who followed him to the kitchen with a satisfied smile on his face.?

The kitchen really was full, and they really were late, there was no bacon left for Ron¡¯s dismay. He sat by Sirius as usual, trying to enjoy the most he could of his godfather, Remus had told him once that Sirius liked muggle bands so Harry tried to remember the bands Tony had told him about and asked Sirius if he had records. He spent his breakfast talking to Sirius about rock bands he never heard about, Aunt Petunia would have never let that kind of music close to her very normal home. When he was done with his food he asked Mrs Weasley when they would go to Diagon Alley to get the school supplies.

Mrs Weasley patted his head. ¡°Don¡¯t worry about it, honey, we¡¯ll get everything you need, no need for you to expose yourself to danger like so.¡±

Harry nodded and thanked her even though he felt like screaming, he was used to the unfairness of his life, he escaped a prison to another repeatedly, here at least he had food and free time. He would have to leave the house anyway for his audience, the least they could do was to let him have a little fun in Diagon Alley while doing so. He didn’t want to spoil his good humour so he kept his mouth shut for the rest of the meal.

¡°Sirius, do you know how to play piano?¡± That sounded like the kind of posh pureblood upbringing that Sirius rebelled against.

¡°Actually yes, why do you ask?¡±?

Harry shrugged. ¡°After breakfast could you teach me?¡±

¡°Of course, pup.¡± Sirius looked at him a little confused. ¡°Can I ask where this came from?¡±

¡°Boredom.¡± It felt more of an excuse than an explanation, but Sirius let it slide. Sadly he wasn¡¯t lying about the boredom, but he also wanted to surprise Tony the next time they met.

After breakfast, Sirius led him to the parlour, there was a piano in the middle of the room, it was beautiful if not well conserved, Sirius took his wand out and with a few flicks the piano was dust-free.

¡°It shouldn¡¯t be in tune after so long, but there¡¯s a spell for it.¡± Sirius fixed the piano and a few moments later he had some music sheets with him, Harry was no stranger to music sheets, knew what they were but he couldn’t understand a thing.?

Sirius was patient, and actually a really good teacher.

For the first hour or so all Harry did was to try and understand the notes, he could find them on the keys and knew what they were supposed to sound like. The next hour he was actually trying to play. It really was a beautiful instrument, he couldn’t wait to see Tony playing again. He wanted to watch Tony fingers flying through the keys, before, on that first night, he had been so distracted by his face, and smile, and hair¡­ anyway.?

He knew it would take years for him to get to be even half as proficient, but for now all he wanted was enough to surprise Tony. By hour four Sirius made no signs to stop so neither did Harry, eventually Remus came around to offer them lunch, his face sad while watching them from the door.?

They had sandwiches for lunch with some chips, Mrs.Weasley wasn¡¯t around, he guessed that was the reason for Sirius’ better mood while they ate. After they finished lunch with Remus, Harry asked Sirius to teach him at least one piece. It was sweet and short, it only took Harry Harry an hour to get the whole thing right and then a couple more for him to memorize it.?

The rest of the evening they didn’t leave the piano room, both Sirius and Remus telling Harry stories of the past, not all of them with his parents in it, he was glad to get to know them without his father being the only reason why they did talk to him. Remus was also very snarky once he got going, maybe even a match to Snape, when he said so to Sirius the man laughed.

¡°Don¡¯t let Remus lie to you, pup, he has a smart mouth, even worse than James.¡±?

¡°That¡¯s pure calumny, cub. Sirius just can¡¯t accept the fact that I had better grades than him in Defense.¡±

¡°Defense was my class and you knew it!¡±

That night Harry was beyond satisfied, he could play a song on the piano for Tony, and he had a great day overall.?

For the first time when lying in bed, he forced himself to think of Tony, to imagine where the other boy was, and how badly he wanted to see him.?

For the first time, Tony didn¡¯t know where he was, Harry was sitting on a very old sofa, his eyes closed.?

¡°Harry?¡± Those bright green eyes focused on him and Harry gave him a big smile.?

¡°It worked.¡±

¡°What did?¡± Tony asked, sitting by his side, for an ancient museum piece the sofa was very comfortable.

¡°I wanted to show you something so I tried to force you to appear. And here you are.¡±?

And just what does that mean for Tony? Harry also thinks he is a figment of his imagination, did his brain cooked up this place from some old memory or catalogue? ¡°Where is here?¡±?

¡°My godfather’s place, I’m staying here for the rest of the summer.¡± That was a lot of information that implied Harry was a real living human, like him, and not only an imaginary friend. Tony didn¡¯t know what to do with that information, if the other boy was real, ignoring the weird dream sharing, it meant Tony was free to crush as hard as wanted on Harry. ¡°Come on, I want to show you something.¡± Harry got up and mindlessly offered him a hand.

Tony never wished so hard to be wrong, as he took Harry¡¯s hand and followed the boy, he needed for Harry to exist in the real world. He was never so right than when he was with Harry, he was only holding his hand but he wanted. He wanted all those big grins and shiny green eyes and wanted to keep it all locked away just for him to see.?

The house was big and old, they stopped at an old fashioned tea room, the whole decor screamed ¡®I was born in old money¡¯, there was a piano by the wall. Oh, Harry wanted his lessons. But before he could say anything Harry was sitting on the bench.?

¡°Now, be nice. I only had four hours or so of lessons.¡± And he started playing. It was a short piece, and it was evident Harry had just learned how to play, but the fact that Harry learned a whole piece just to play to him made him go all weird inside. When Harry was done and looked up at Tony he was smiling cautiously. ¡°So?¡±

¡°Can I take you out?¡± He blurted out, Harry made the cutest confused face. ¡°I mean, can I have your number?… So we can talk¡­ you know while awake?¡± And now Harry was going to tell him he was imaginary and that this was all a direct consequence of the abuse of his college years.?

Harry scratched the back of his head, obviously nervous. ¡°I don¡¯t have a phone.¡± Tony must have made some kind of face because Harry was quick to explain. ¡°It’s complicated, the community I live in, we don¡¯t believe in technology.¡±

Tony laughed, that was the most creative way to say no or a clever way to say that he didn¡¯t exist, but when he looked back at Harry, the boy was red in embarrassment. ¡°Shit, really?¡±?

¡°Yeah.¡± Harry looked sheepishly. ¡°My best mate¡¯s father doesn¡¯t even understand what electricity is, can¡¯t spell it either.¡±

¡°So what, you guys use candles? How do you communicate? And how do you store food?¡±

Harry laughed and made a grand gesture with his hands and Tony now saw all the candles burning around the room, the very old and ancient-looking room. ¡°Is all very medieval honestly, fashion included. I only entered the community when I was eleven so I know some of the modern things. But, yes, candles. And we use letters to communicate, we even have our own postal service apart from the national one. And I believe our food goes into iceboxes, but I don¡¯t know how they work.¡±

Tony¡¯s mind is reeling it was a lot for just one night, first Hary may be a real boy, and if Harry really was real he was part of some backwards society that didn¡¯t believe in evolution¡­ probably. But one thing at a time. ¡°Thank you for the song, it was lovely.¡± He said finally, and Harry blushed beautifully. ¡°So, can I send you a letter?¡±?

Harry grinned relieved and nodded eagerly. ¡°Yes. Yes, please.¡± The boy took a pen that was on top of the piano. ¡°Like I said we have our own postal service so you have to be very careful when addressing it, there¡¯s a code, but it doesn¡¯t cost anything to actually post it.¡± Harry wrote something on his hand. ¡°I¡¯ll be waiting, Tony.¡±

Tony really wanted to kiss him but before he could do anything more than brush Harry¡¯s hair out of his eyes Jarvis was waking him up and telling him to go take a shower. But before he dismissed the whole encounter as wishful dreaming he saw his hand.?

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