Fanfic: The Viking’s Throne by BlueBlade77 (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Hermione Granger, Charlie Weasley and Oliver Wood lived vastly different lives. However, with the disaster that was the Battle of Hogwarts, they will find their paths crossing.Add to that a rare dragon egg and very, very ancient magics at play, their paths soon became entangled.


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Hermione Granger, Charlie Weasley and Oliver Wood lived vastly different lives. However, with the disaster that was the Battle of Hogwarts, they will find their paths crossing.Add to that a rare dragon egg and very, very ancient magics at play, their paths soon became entangled.


This is my very first fanfic. I’m very new to the site, only reading through as a guest before I decided to write. I hope you all stay tuned for this story and please comment and give feedback. It will be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Chapter 1: The Battle of Hogwarts

Chapter Text
Oliver Wood stared at the unimpressive stain on the coffee table in this shabby safe house he and his teammates from Puddlemere United hid in. His mind reeled back from the last three weeks. They were supposed to be safe in that little wizarding town in the outskirts of Godric’s Hollow, when giants – bleeding fifteen feet tall monstrosities – walked through and ransacked the village with Death bleeding Eaters flying through the air and snatchers every freaking where. They escaped by the skin of their teeth, and he knew it.A sigh escaped him and Oliver ran his hand down his face. To say that he was stressed was a gross understatement. Hell, the entire Wizarding World was stressed. The raids, the running, the corruption in the bleeding Ministry were all culminating to a battle. A battle that rested on the shoulders of one seventeen-year-old boy. Barely a man, and yet forced to the forefront of this war from the time he was old enough to attend Hogwarts.“Alright there, Wood?”Oliver looked up to see Logan Castor eyeing him worriedly before handing him a cup of tea. Logan was one of their chasers in the team, a Muggleborn and a great friend.“Am a’right,” said Oliver. “Just thinkin’.”“Dangerous, that,” Keon Donovan quipped from his seat by the fire and Oliver gave him the finger, making him laugh. Keon was another chaser, another Muggleborn, and another great friend… well, some of the time. The rest of it, the bearded, redheaded lumberjack of a man was the cheekiest of the lot.“Heard anything from the wireless?” Oliver asked instead.“Nah, Priest is still tinkering with it,” Logan said and sat at the armchair adjacent to the two, clutching his leather jacket on his lap. “Hey, er… I er… I just wanted to say thank you.”“What for?” Oliver asked. The man was turning pink before him.“For saving my life back there.” Logan scratched the back of his black, spiked up hair. “For going with us on the run, even though you didn’t need to.”“Aye, Ollie,” said Keon, suddenly sober. “I appreciate it too, man.”Oliver shook his head as he swallowed his tea. “The Woods are the biggest blood traitors there are, second only tae the Weasleys. Me father an’ grandfather used tae hide Muggleborns and snatch ‘em right under Death Eaters’ noses, even in the First War.” He smirked, a sense of pride filling his chest. “It’s what we do. It’s what’s in me blood. I surely won’t disappoint them noo.”Still, Logan smiled gratefully and gave him a nod.From the kitchen came the sound of running feet and the door was suddenly filled with the two more people – the jet black haired Damian Lazarev and the silver haired Illium Priestley.“It’s time,” Illium said, his silver eyes wide. “Lightning has struck. Dumbledore’s Army and the Order are calling everyone to arms.”Oliver stood up and so did Logan and Keon. “Potter’s arrived?”“Hell yeah,” Damian smiled lopsidedly, dimples coming into play. “At Hogwarts. That’s where the stand will be.”“Let’s go, lads!” Oliver shouted. Without a second thought, he grabbed a handful of floo powder and shouted, “The Hog’s Head Inn!”***“Where were you? I thought you’d never show up!”If it was not for the raging battle all around them, Oliver would have raised an eyebrow at the fact that his old friend, Percy bleeding Weasley was teasing him.“What? Nargle’s got your tongue?” Percy laughed.Oliver sent an Impedimenta and a body bind to the two Death Eaters he was facing and Stunned them for good measure before turning to the redhead. “What the hell is a nargle?”“No bloody clue,” said Percy and shouted, “Petrificus Totalus!” before running around the corner to find more Death Eaters.Oliver had to laugh to himself before going the opposite direction. Somewhere ahead, an explosion sounded and the hallway was filled with smoke, debris and broken glass. Oliver rushed over, wanting to check for any casualties. As it were, he did not know where Keon, Illium, Damian and Logan were. Hoping to Merlin that they were safe, he pushed on and was greeted by the sight of two Death Eaters holding two girls by their throats up a wall. Non-verbally, Oliver stunned one and bound the other with ropes. As the blonde and the brunette girls fell to the floor, Oliver had a flitting recognition of the brunette as Hermione Granger. She looked at him with wide eyes filled with warning before he was thrown back against the wall. Oliver’s head pounded in pain. He was on his stomach, his wand a few feet away, and he was pretty sure he was bleeding. This was not a good day.A third and a fourth Death Eater came into view; one menacingly holding a wand towards him while the other threw a Cruciatus Curse to the blonde girl he did not know.Screams, horrible screams filled the air though they seemed dull and distant to Oliver as his world tilted on its axis.“Stop! Stop!” Granger cried, yet she founded so far away.The Death Eater backhanded her, seemingly in slow motion.“Don’t you touch her!” Oliver growled and earned himself a kick in the stomach.Footfalls. Oliver could hear footfalls. He turned his head to see four students running in. They were neither wearing ties nor robes, so he could not tell which House they belonged to. He wanted to warn them, but found his actions to be sluggish. His head was swimming. What the bloody shite?Looking up, Oliver recognized Draco Malfoy and Marcus Flint. Slytherins. He really was not having the luckiest of days.“Father!” shouted one of the other boys.The man torturing the poor girl looked over his shoulder and Oliver recognized the man. Theodore Nott Sr.“I will not have my heir besotted to a mudblood, Theo,” Nott Sr. snarled.“I am not besotted to her. I am in love with her. I am fated to be with her, Father, whether you like it or not.”“You are no son of mine.” With that, Nott Sr. faced the blonde. “Avada –”“Stupefy!” Nott Jr. eclaimed and Malfoy echoed him, aiming at the Death Eater that hovered over Oliver.“Bind them and leave them!” Malfoy shouted.Flint and the other boy, Zabini, Oliver thought his name was, immediately obeyed, but Nott Jr. ran and stepped over his father to kneel before the blonde. “Mandy? Mandy, open your eyes. Please.”Granger said something softly to him before rising up, wand in hand.Oliver tried to stand, but fell back down again. Before he knew it, he felt someone kneel beside him and magic brushed the back of his head. The pounding headache dulled instantly. He looked up and saw Granger. She reached into her beaded bag all the way down to her shoulder (What the bleedin’ shite?!) and handed him a potion.“Invigoration draught,” she said. “This should clear your head right up and give you a boost.”Oliver drank it gratefully, but before he could say his thanks, she was already running. He looked over and saw the Slytherins huddled together over the blonde. Not wasting time, he picked up his wand and looked for something else to fight, hoping he could stay standing for longer this time.In the third floor, Professors Hooch and Flitwick were dueling five Death Eaters back to back. Oliver threw in a couple of stunners as he passed them by and ran up the stairs. He hexed his way through, and jinxed and cursed anyone of the enemy he found before spotting Logan and Keon trying to repel acromantulas that were crawling through the broken windows with little headway. Damian was behind them, shielding a couple of students with his body.“Arania Exumai!” Oliver bellowed, making the gigantic spiders fly through the air and out of the castle.“Show off!” Keon called.“Dun let me have all the fun, lads,” Oliver teased and kept on running.“Why is your back covered in blood?” Logan shouted after him.“One got me!” Oliver shouted back and ran up the stairs.Further down a corridor, he saw Percy and Fred dueling against a masked Death Eater, Rookwood and the Minister of Magic, Pius Thicknesse.“Oh, and by the way, Minister,” Percy was saying as spells were cast back and forth between them, “I quit!”“Perce, did you just say a joke?” Fred grinned.Percy turned his head and once again, Oliver found himself airborne as an explosion rattled the castle.“PROTEGO TOTALUM!”Oliver hit the ground hard and became aware of the body that slammed onto him midair now perched above him, covering him protectively from dust and debris. He looked up to the scowling face of Marcus Flint.“We have a rematch to settle, Wood,” he said. “Try to stop dying before then.”With that, the ex-Slytherin Captain stood up.Oliver was left with a smirk on his face, until he saw Percy’s panicked face. He immediately went to his friend. “Percy, what is it?”“Fred,” Percy replied, rooted on the spot. “Fred’s in there!” He was pointing at the mound of rubble that once was the wall.Feeling as though electricity jolted through his system, Oliver threw himself at the rubble and began digging. Beside him, Flint was doing the same and Percy snapped long enough to help them.Oliver forced himself not to feel grief. He pushed aside the snippets of memories that flitted through his brain of Fred and George and their Quidditch days. There was plenty of time to reminisce later. This was not it. Fred was going to be okay. He was going to –Fred came to view covered in a translucent blue bubble that Oliver knew well. Turning to see Flint looking at it too, Oliver stood and levitated the rest of the fallen rubble. Percy and George crouched beside him.“Hermione!” George called and the witch was kneeling beside Fred in an instant.Oliver focused himself on creating a shield around them so Granger could heal Fred like she did him without further incident. The castle still occasionally shook from explosions. Flint, seeing what he was doing, moved out of the dome he was creating.“I need to help the others,” he said.Oliver nodded and watched him leave.“He’s not responding,” Percy said, the panic in his voice making Oliver turn.“He’s unconscious, but he’s alive,” Granger said. Hesitation took over her features as she eyed the brothers. “I don’t want to move him. Madame Pomfrey needs to run diagnostics. I can’t – I don’t want to make it worse if I –”“You already saved him, Hermione,” George interrupted. “If you didn’t cast the spell, he wouldn’t be… He – he wouldn’t…” The twin could not go on.Percy placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder. “He’s here, Georgie. He’s here.”George nodded.“I need to find Harry and Ron,” Hermione said. “I’m sorry, but I have to go.”“Go,” Percy allowed. “If it’ll end this faster, then you need to go.”Hermione nodded and left without another word.Oliver placed a hand on the two brothers and nodded when they said their thanks before he, too, took off.The castle was in shambles. Everywhere he looked, duels were taking place. Oliver lost track of how many he stood against and whom he stood beside. All he knew was a running list of spells, counter spells, hexes, curses and jinxes were unfolding in his mind. One after another, he cast them. A dodge here, a block there, instinct was keeping him alive. Fatigue could wait. Exhaustion had no place. He had to fight to save as many as he could.Before he knew it, Oliver caught sight of Illium’s silver hair fighting beside Charlie Weasley, his big brother, Adrian, and another dragonologist he had definitely seen from his brother’s photographs from work. The reinforcements from Romania seemed to have finally arrived.“Ye could’ve at least brought us a dragon for the fight,” Oliver said in lieu of a greeting, and Adrian immediately repositioned himself behind his kid brother.“A didnae wanna have tae worry about getting yer arse barbecued before I cast me first hex at a Death Eater,” Adrian quipped back.Oliver laughed and stunned Dolohov right to the chest before he ran down a flight of stairs with the others.Before they made it to the bottom, a voice was heard throughout the castle that stopped them on their tracks. Voldemort was calling for a ceasefire, lamenting the waste of pure blood spilt on these grounds. He was calling for them to tend to their wounded and bury their dead. He was calling for Potter’s surrender. One hour.As soon as the disembodied voice ceased, Oliver found himself hugged tightly by his brother. He too clung to him. His family.“Any news of ma?” Adrian asked as soon as they let go.“Nae,” Oliver shook his head. “She’s safe though, inside the wards at home. Last a kno’, she’s still having her episodes. I couldnae visit her. We were being tracked doon.”Adrian ran his fingers through his brown hair. He was the spitting image of his brother, from the green eyes and the sharp jawline to the tall and lean frame, with only a slight few inches between them. The main difference between them was that where Oliver’s hair was wavy and short, Adrian’s was straight and almost reaching his shoulders.“Have you seen Keon, Damian and Logan?” Illium asked.“Not since much earlier,” Oliver said.“What about my brothers? Ginny? My parents?” Charlie asked.Oliver paused and Charlie paled at his hesitation. “Fred’s injured. Granger’s spell protected ‘im from a falling wall, but he was still unconscious with Percy and George the last I saw –”Charlie ran before he could finish his sentence.Oliver sighed and looked at his big brother. Adrian squeezed his shoulder before leading the way. People were already moving the injured towards the Great Hall and a bustle at the corner showed where Madame Pomfrey was busily tending to the wounded. Oliver refused to look down at those lying still on the ground. Not yet. Not now.One by one, the Wood brothers brought those who needed help back towards the castle. Over and over, they went out to the grounds and picked up a broken child to bring to the castle. They parted at some point; Oliver did not know when. All he knew was that these were kids bleeding in his arms. These were students who were fighting a war they had no business in. He saw Gryffindors with their jaws locked, pushing themselves to bring one more person in. One more body in. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws tending to the wounded, helping out the hurting. Slytherins without their ties and cloaks, afraid they’d be hexed for being in the wrong house or scaring the others into thinking they were Death Eaters, yet still helping push the debris to clear the pathways.“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m on your side,” a familiar voice said, making Oliver pause.By the corner to his right, he saw Draco Malfoy with his hands held high. A Gryffindor girl crouched before him, her body protectively shielding another on the ground. Tears made their way down her face, cutting through dirt and dust.Patil, Oliver thought her name was, had her wand aimed at Malfoy’s chest. He rushed over to them, slowing only when the girl aimed her wand on him.“Me name’s Oliver Wood,” he said, extending his hand in caution. “And a kno’ Malfoy’s telling the truth. He helped mae earlier. Stunned a Death Eater who was aiming at mae. He’s with us.”The girl nodded her head and moved aside.Oliver felt bile at the back of his throat at the sight before him. Mangled flesh. Blood everywhere. Eyes barely holding the light of life in them. A slight movement of breath on the chest.“It’s Lavender,” Patil sobbed. “Greyback’s got to her. I’m not sure if she – if she’s –”“We’ll take her to the Great Hall,” said Oliver. “See if Madame Pomfrey can help.” He nudged the frozen Malfoy and together they lifted the blonde to the Great Hall.Oliver left Malfoy and Patil to call the nurse. It was starting to be too much. He needed air.Escaping to the grounds, Oliver took a deep cleansing breath, but still, the smell of blood lingered in the air. His mind recapitulated all the faces he’d seen, all the blood, all the injuries. The bodies. He did not even dare look. How many of those were his friends? How many of those were his housemates? His teammates from the Gryffindor Quidditch team? He couldn’t. He just –A kneeling figure caught his eye and he made his way over to find Neville Longbottom in front of a boy. That’s what he was, a boy. Oliver’s heart broke. He was far too young. Without an exchange of words, the two of them carried Colin Creevey. But Oliver told Neville he’d manage alone after seeing the strain on the younger man’s features.As Oliver laid Creevey down, he saw the bodies. Children, students, mostly. He saw his old professor, Remus Lupin on the ground with his wife by his side and Oliver quickly turned around only to clash onto his brother. Adrian held him tightly, centering him. He couldn’t crack. Not here. Not yet. It was not over yet. Keon sported a sling for his left arm and a broken nose, which Damian was fixing, but otherwise looked fine. Illium was wrapping Logan’s cut arm, the latter’s leather jacket in tatters by the floor.Then came the jeering and the malicious laughter.“Harry Potter is dead!”Oliver’s eyes shot out the window to see a sea of black cloaks coming towards them as the sun rose in the horizon. At the forefront of it all was Voldemort himself.“NO!”McGonagall. That was McGonagall’s heart shattering scream that had Oliver running out of the castle. There, in Hagrid’s arms lay Potter. Dead. He quickly rushed to McGonagall as his previous head of house fell back in shock and heartache. He held her close, supporting her weight.People flooded out of the Great Hall and spilled onto the grounds. The shouts of Potter’s friends filled the silence and soon, the others on their side started shouting too.“SILENCE!” Voldemort waved his wand and with a bang, everyone’s tongue stilled. He had Hagrid lay Harry down at his feet while his pet snake crawled on the no-man’s land between the two sides. “Harry Potter is dead! Do you understand now, deluded ones? He was nothing, ever, but a boy who relied on others to sacrifice themselves for him!”“He beat you!” Ron Weasley yelled and the charm broke. Once again, those on their side were shouting and screaming until another bang extinguished their voices once more.“He was killed while trying to escape the grounds!” Voldemort said.Oliver shook his head. There was no way. He knew Potter. He was anything but a coward.“No!” Longbottom spoke up, voicing his thoughts, even as McGonagall shook her head in his arms. “Harry didn’t leave. Harry wasn’t a coward.”“And you are?” Voldemort asked.Maniacal laughter rang out. “Neville Longbottom, my lord,” said Bellatrix Lestrange. “Son of the aurors. Remember?”“Ah, yes. Longbottom,” said Voldemort and he and his followers jeered. “Pure-blood, aren’t you? We could do with spirit and bravery like yours in the rank of my followers.”“When hell freezes over! Dumbledore’s Army!” Longbottom screamed.Those behind him screamed too.“Draco!” came as a hissing whisper.From the side of the crowd stood Lucius Malfoy. His face gaunt and severe, his pale blonde hair limp.“Draco, come here this instant,” he hissed.Oliver looked to the side. Malfoy made no move. His face was cold and impassive.“Draco,” coaxed a woman, who Oliver assumed was his mother.A look of heartbreak crossed the young man’s features.“Come here, Draco,” Lucius Malfoy said.“Come on, Draco. We are family after all.” This time it was Bellatrix Lestrange who called. “Family must stand together. Isn’t that right, Cissy?” Lestrange looked at her sister, who was beside the older Malfoy. The blonde woman stiffened and lifted her chin, hearing the threat beneath the words.“Draco,” she called her son. The ‘please’ was implied in her tone.Absolutely shattered by his mother’s silent plea, the younger Malfoy willed his feet to move.In the heavy silence that hung, one soft voice spoke.“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” said Granger. “Intolerance cannot drive out intolerance; only acceptance can do that… Family doesn’t stop with blood, Draco. You choose your family… Harry and I have.”The young Malfoy stopped and looked at her. A hand wound its way to his. Looking down at it then at its owner, he found Pansy Parkinson standing beside him with a gash on her face.“We’re family, Draco,” she said, gesturing to the handful of Slytherins behind them. Flint, Nott, Zabini, Warrington, Bulstrode, Montague, the two Greengrass sisters. “We’ll stay with you.”“Draco!” Lucius hissed further. “Get here, now!”The younger Malfoy walked and picked up a battered Sorting Hat off the ground. He carried it like it held great weight in his hand and stopped beside Granger. Gathering courage, he spoke out loud. “The House of Slytherin stands with the House of Gryffindor. And I, Draco Malfoy, stand with Harry Potter.”The Slytherins beside him stood in line, defiantly looking at the side of the Death Eaters where some of their parents stood.Oliver could not help the upward twitching of his lips. He never thought he’d be proud of a Slytherin, yet here they were. Beside him, McGonagall stood a little taller, tilted her head a little higher.“Then be it on your head,” Voldemort said scornfully.Many things happened at once. From the Forbidden Forest came the stomps of hooves and in the blink of an eye, arrows shot towards the sky. Heavy thuds shook the earth as a giant came out of the forest charging with a cry of, “HAGGAR!” and instantly, both sides were on the move.Oliver caught sight of Malfoy throwing the Sorting Hat towards Longbottom before he was engaged in yet another duel. A brief glint caught his eye and he jinxed his opponent quickly before turning to see Longbottom with a sword, a decapitated snake on his feet. Somebody was shouting something about Harry and Oliver was back into the castle dueling back to back with his brother.An explosion the strength of which knocked him off his feet came from the grounds and Oliver saw Harry Potter alive, the spell of his wand having connected to that of Voldemort’s. With one final push, Potter’s spell connected with Voldemort’s wand, making it fly high in the air. And before his very eyes, Oliver saw Voldemort’s body tear into pieces, a black smoke lifting from it, before he was yet again flown back by the strength of the spell.The last thing he heard was Bellatrix Lestrange’s maniacal laughter before everything turned black.

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